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Core Planet - Entry

Apparently, you have entered my site. Here, I explain everything about the characters that I have created (Mastermind, Atollos and their combination M), along with his subordinates, his planet, which is Core Planet, and its inhabitants. I also write storys in which the characters appear (I still have to write them), so the site serves as a description for that as well. Enjoy your tour around.

I am also planning to turn this into a forum RPG based on the characters.Members can pick a character out of the list and start playing in the forums.

In the menu, you can see the different descriptions. Feel free to look around.

Note: The site is not finished, so it might be a bit empty around, but I work on it whenever I can. The Mastermind's story and guestbook sites are now done, but I will still add some stuff. I am still working on the explanation of the mikatsuki-tsurugi swordfighting style, some of the Basic concepts, Core Planet's and the Core Region's geography, and characters that should be noted apart of the ones that are already one.

If you have got suggestions, ideas or something else that you can't write into the guestbook, feel free to mail me on my site. For anything that is suggested and published I wil give credit to the author if he wants it.


An alle die, die Deutsch sprechen: ich werde irgendwann (nachdem die englische Fassung fertig ist) auch eine deutsche Version rausbringen, ihr könnt mir aber auch gern nachhelfen dabei. Für empfohlene und veröffentlichte Inhalte gibt es auf Wunsch auch die Angabe des Autors.