Core Planet - Existence is only a cycle

Mastermind's story

Mastermind is the strongest creature in existence, as well as the creator and possessor of Core Planet. He is also the only true perfect creature in every possible way: he knows everything, at every time, and is the oldest living being that ever existed. He gained the unbelievable powers that he now possesses, going even further than infinity, through a long journey, which I explain here. Directly below you will find a brief version, and the full one for the ones that are interested in details. Enjoy reading.

Mastermind was born very early in the story of the universe, only a few thousands of years after the Big Bang. The gods had created two widely evolved civilizations, which wanted to decide what was the stronger weapon in battles, a being's body or its soul. Therefore each civilization created eight beings based on their beliefs, the one named Avalon believing in souls 8intelligence, mind power, trickery) and the other named Atlantis believing in bodies (raw power, speed, physical defense). On Avalon's side, the Favorite Fighter was named Psimon, a being with psychic powers, and was trained under an Avalonian called Master Twang, while Atlantis's Favorite Fighter was named Dartz, a dark being that trained itself.

Both Favorite Fighters swept through their foes with ease, and eventually confronted each other, resulting in a draw. The tournament therefore resulted in a draw as well, but neither Psimon nor Dartz accepted that, and they secretly decided to fight each other again after some time of training. Seven years after, they escaped their masters and fought again with such destructive power that, after the three years that the battle lasted, the single planet that existed in the universe until then had been split into billions of small parts that further crashed into each other and continued breaking into pieces, until the universe had been entirely created. Psimon and Dartz were separated from each other, and met again after resting and training for many years, fighting on the planet that would later be called Earth. To avoid a disaster like the one on the first planet, they held back their powers and avoided causing unnecessary destruction. M also used a powerful Atlantic sword that he had found while looking for Dartz, that contained a legendary fire dragon whose power was contained in the sword, making it able to become sun-hot when attacking. By fighting, even if the beings held back, they caused lots of destruction and led to great historical events, like the Flood described in the bible which only Noah and the ones in his Ark survived, and the extinction of the dinosaurs due to a meteor. It was only 1.500 B.C. that Psimon and Dartz were stopped by a human pharaoh magician that turned them both into statues at the cost of his life, and his son took the sword from Psimon's statue, passing it down through the families until it fell into the hands of the elven royal family. 3.500 years later a team of archeologists found the pyramids from which Psimon and Dartz had fought, and liberated their souls that had been sealed into two puzzle-like boxes. By doing so, Psimon and Dartz managed to escape, Dartz by absorbing the archeologist's energy and breaking the seal around his body, and Psimon by taking control of one team member.

Psimon then wanted to create himself a new body like the old one, and used the DNA in a part of his old body to create a clone of himself, however that clone had a will of its own and escaped the place before Psimon could take control of its body. naming himself Atollos, the clone managed to hide himself for many years from Psimon, but eventually he found him, and Psimon defeated Atollos, taking control of the body while leaving Atollos inside. Shortly after



Mastermind was born when the universe still was young. By then, planets already existed, but life was limited to a single one, the biggest of all, being the centre of the universe itself. That planet had no Sun around which it orbited, but the beings there were used to it.

On the planet, which had no name, there existed two incredibly wide evolved civilizations: Avalon, the nation of the souls, and Atlantis, the nation of the body. Avalon thought that only the power lying within the soul and the mind was the true one, while Atlantis thought the same for a body. So, to test which nation had more power, they organised a tournament for which both Avalon and Atlantis would create and train eight creatures. The winner would be the one that would win the gigantic prize (ten magic crystals, which are so valorous that one would have to serve as a slave for the rest of his/her life just to see one of them for about ten seconds) and win the other fighter of the final match. They put up a time delay of twenty years, after which they would build the stadium (nothing hard for them) on an island in the middle of the planet's vast ocean to fight.

Avalon concentrated on speed, trickery and mind and psychic power to destroy the dumb creatures of Atlantis. Their Favourite Fighter (the one in which they put most effort and hope of all) was a being called Psimon, a roughly human-shaped being with a long tail. As his name implies, he was a master in the use of psychic arts, such as Kinesis. Avalon knew that Atlantis wouldn't create fast or truly intelligent beings, and these weaknesses were to exploit. They also had a strong teacher, called (Master) Twang, which was a Veteran of most of the fights against Atlantis, and Avalon made him teach the art of fighting to the created fighters. Twang discovered the potential of Psimon's, but didn't say anything about it.

However, Atlantis had a trick in the sleeve: during their preparation time, a meteor from an unknown planet in outer space crashed down somewhere in their continent, and it fell into a canyon which was said not to have any bottom. There, the mostly radioactive materials created a strange being made out of pure concentrated darkness, being able to change its form freely, absorbing any energy in the environment and melting into the shadows to become invisible. It also became intelligent due to a small, yet very intelligent being which had been on the meteor before. When the Atlantis found that being, they managed to catch it, after what they tamed it to become one of their arena fighters. It progressively developed such powers that it even became the favourite. Although it stayed a bit dumb (it didn't seemingly interact well with the small being), it was more intelligent than any of the other arena fighters of Atlantis, and so it could progressively understand what tasks it had, so the Atlantic scientists hadn't even got to implant the artificial wish to kill into its brain to make it attack its opponent.

Then, when the day of judgement, as it was known to the people, arrived, Avalon and Atlantis met each other again, and the tournament took place. It was a destructive battle, and the favourites, especially the dark being that had given itself the name Dartz, almost slaughtered the other candidates.

Finally, Psimon from Avalon and Dartz from Atlantis were the only ones left, and they fought in such a ferocious way that nearly everyone in the public couldn't bear its sight and had to look away, including the bravest warriors of both sides. Had it not been for the protective half-visible shield that protected the public, nearly everyone would have been killed due to the extreme powers that both beings showed.

After having viciously fought for 3 days, the kings decided to declare that no one had been the winner, and that they would respect each other more than ever before, as both had shown what powers they were able to create and control. However, neither Dartz nor Psimon accepted the result, and with the powerful telepathic abilities of Psimon they came into contact and decided to continue the battle without the permission of their respective masters. So they met again after years of intense training, and fought the morning of the seventh year after their first fight hovering far above the ocean, in front of the rising sun.

Their destructive powers, far greater than those they had had seven years before, as well as not being stopped anymore by any shield nor having their powers suppressed by the powerful devices which had been used in the arena to do so, caused large devastation on the planet. When Avalon and Atlantis saw what was happening outside, it was already too late, and they both just barely managed to escape from the planet, along with their respective main cities. Avalon escaped into another dimension, while Atlantis escaped by teleporting to the edge of the universe to another small planet. After having fought for three whole years and having casted great techniques and used up all their power, both beings fell asleep nearly at the same moment, and they both fell into the depths of the ocean below them, resting there. Neither the lack of oxygen and food nor the water pressure could affect any of them anymore, as they already had left these needs behind since long ago.

Dartz slept for nearly one million years, during which his body recovered completely. His dark powers allowed him to draw energy from the environment, without even knowing, however the rate was very low due to the huge distance of Dartz' body from dry land, where the dark power could draw the power from. But then, Dartz managed to wake up from his sleep and get ashore before his powers would get too low for him to continue. However, once he arrived there, the rate of his energy draining greatly increased, and after about half a day, he had recovered completely. After that, he decided to resume his training to beat Psimon one day, as he had realised during his recovering period that assassinating him would be impossible, as the planet had split into thousands of smaller planets, which were now dispersed within the whole universe. So he trained for millions of years, gaining access to countless abilities and techniques, most of them involving the use of dark energy. When he realised that there was a possibility of creating dark energy in a way that preserved it, he processed to creating as much dark energy as possible to shape it into a small planet made out of pure darkness, which then automatically started to absorb energy that came into the reach of it. By doing so, Dartz's power became greater and greater, while he developed even more techniques that would one day serve to utterly annihilate Psimon.

Back at Psimon's, he had slept for some years more than Dartz in a total dreamless trance, before being able to use his brain again. His psychic powers allowed him, while he was dreaming, to move his own body around with minimal effort, and eating and drinking as much as possible to recover his strength. However, he had had bad luck, contrarily to Dartz, and had landed on a planet made out of water and nothing else! His powers didn't allow him to gain energy from the water currents, but he managed one day, with great effort though, to escape the planet through space, before landing on another planet which had at least living trees and fresh water on it. By manipulating the trees with his psychic abilities, he made them give him their fruits and bring him water to let him recover enough power to awake. After arising again, he had already developed some abilities and techniques while escaping the planet, and after having his mind work again, he could do so even faster. He also knew that Dartz would be awake soon, if he wasn't already, so he had to hurry up with training. He also found an old Atlantic sword on one of the planet’s rests, which had in fact belonged to King Bolzok, the Atlantic king. He had ordered his fellow knights to kill the dragons on Atlantis, as they were causing havoc and destruction among the Atlantic folks. However the dragons’ leader, called the Nova Dragon (which back then was the Elemental Champion of Fire) was too strong for the knights to beat him, and only one of them, the golden knight Sir Siegfried, who later became known as the legendary “dragon killer”, managed to seal the dragon into an Atlantic heavy sword (actually it was a coincidence, as he had found the sword on the ground during the fight after having lost his own sword Balmung, and caught the dragon offguard with it), which he then handed over to King Bolzok. The sword itself was enhanced by the powerful creature sealed within it, and gained the ability to heat up at its wielders will to melt an enemy’s sword on touch or send heat waves. Therefore, it became known as the "Helios Sword" (Helios = Sun)

After both beings had trained for thousands of years, they met each other again, and they fought once again, but the battle ended once again in a draw, after what both beings fell asleep once again, having used up all their energy. However, they woke up much sooner than before, and attacked each other repeatedly over the millions of years.

Meanwhile, their powers also caused the planets they battled on to change: most were severely damaged, some even destroyed. But some of them were put in such a condition that there could be life on them, although they were very few, and widely spreaded out through the whole universe. After some time, both Dartz and Psimon noticed that, and they were interested in the life there, as they had never seen anything like that since Avalon and Atlantis, and additionally, they both would be able to drain power of the environment if needed, so they never left again one of those planets, which later became known as Earth.

They fought again and again on the planet, trying not to cause too much devastation in order to preserve life, but their incredible powers simply were too strong to do so, and every time that both beings fought, it resulted in a draw, along with catastrophic damaged caused by their attacks. They were in fact the causes of the greatest historic catastrophes caused on earth, such as the death of the dinosaurs, caused by a deflected meteor summoned by Dartz, or the Flood which only Noah and the beings in his Ark survived, which was a side effect of one from Psimons attacks. Needless to say, the ones affected by it but which survived were later really upset and wanted revenge, if their intelligence allowed them to think so.

One day then, it was about 1500 B.C., Dartz and Psimon fought once again, at the west of Alexandria. Their experience and wisdom had greatly increased, and they both stood each on a pyramid which contained their power reserves, and they used them as well to summon entire legions of various monsters and other beasts which they used to fight each other with all their potential. However, they had not taken the Egyptians into account, as these humans, living in Alexandria, suffered heavily under the two clashing powers, even if they suppressed it as far as possible. So, the pharaoh of Alexandria, a great man who had practised the ways of magic powers with the help of the elves from the magic woods which had been situated in the delta of the nile, although they were destroyed by some attacks. By using his powers and even sacrifying his life to do so, he managed to seal Dartz and Psimon on the top of their respective pyramids, turning their bodies into stone. However, he hadn't known that both Dartz and Psimon had already taken this possibility into account (that their body would somehow get destroyed by something), and they had each put their soul into a special box, hidden in the deepest part of their pyramid and securised by some powerful spells. Form then on, the people slowly forgot about Dartz and Psimon, and they became a legend told from father to son and from mother to daughter, while the Helios Sword was stolen from Mastermind's statue by the pharaoh’s son and passed from generation to generation as an incredibly powerful weapon which melted the ones of any enemies and was able to harness the power of the Sun.

It was only nearly 3500 years later, in the 80s, that a man who called himself Mr. X or just X ordered a team of archaeologists to search for the boxes in the pyramids that had been rediscovered recently. The leader of the team, called Doctor Arch, was a famous man, known for his incredible discoveries, and he managed to find the boxes with the help of his men. Inside were two puzzle-like stone pieces, a cube made out of 294 small blocks for the box of Psimon, and a disc with a picture-inverting illusion on it for Dartz. After about two weeks of hard work, the team managed to solve the puzzles entirely, after what they told Mr. X about it, who asked them to find a place to put the solved puzzles in. The team found out that they had to insert them into the place where they had found the box, and did so after splitting in two and inserting the puzzles into their respective holes. Shortly after, the spirits of Psimon and Dartz appeared and told them of what had happened by casting illusions on the teams which showed them their last fight from the pyramids, including the sealing fulfilled by the pharaoh. After having done this, Psimon took control over the team which had entered his pyramid, including Dr. Arch, while Dartz drained "his" team of all their energy, killing them within seconds, and used this energy along with the reserves that he had accumulated to free himself from the seal. What then happened to him is widely unknown, but he escaped the pyramid, weakened and unable to immediately resume the fight with Psimon.

Psimon himself made the archaeologists create a high-tech-laboratory with their generous salary that they had already received by Mr. X in order to create himself a new body by using the DNA code from his old body (they had taken one of his bones for this). In order for the experiment to result, he possessed a woman from the team and controlled her until he would change bodies. The only problem was that the new body had to have a soul as well, as it wouldn't be a living organism otherwise, but Psimon didn't consider  the matter as important.

When the experiment was finished - it had resulted in total success - the "new" Psimon escaped before anyone could do something. Even the "old" Psimon was unable to act, as the woman's body didn't allow him to use any of his abilities. The new being was already fully grown, and had access to Psimon's natural abilities, but he didn't know anything about the world. After escaping, he gathered information from the humans by reading their minds, and slowly became intelligent. He named itself Atollos after some time, and decided to live among the humans, as their wishes and dreams had been transferred to him. He became a genius after a short time, as he knew much more than anyone else, and his powerful brain was able to gather near-infinite amounts of information without ever forgetting anything.

However,  the old Psimon, still possessing the woman's body, hadn't given up. He searched for Atollos, and trained fighting by using the physical body while doing so in order to defeat him when they would meet. Also, Dartz was looking for him as well, as he had recovered his power and wanted to, once again, resume the fight. When Atollos then met Psimon at a place named the Mt.Peak, they battled for three days without stopping, during which the people near the mountain thought that the gods themselves were furious and therefore sending storms down on the peak of Mt. Peak. Afterwards, Psimon stood victorious and took over Atollos's body, leaving the archaeologist woman on the mountain. Shortly afterwards, Dartz encountered Psimon, and challenged him into a fight. He had found a legendary item, known as the wolven skarabeus, which granted the user near-infinite power over darkness. He used it against Psimon after some time, when the battle had been carried to a high level, completely overpowering Psimon and nearly killing him, but Psimon managed to rip it off his hands and disable it before Dartz could drain al of his energy. After that, Dartz's energy reserves were drained in a few seconds, as he had summoned a small army of beings made out of pure darkness. Although he managed to dismiss them in the last second, it was already too late, for nearly all his energy had been entirely drained. Psimon then easily disarmed and killed him with his psychic powers. However, he was very weakened as well, and when he tried to get some rest while hiding in a small town, suddenly a man appeared. He seemed to know about Psimon's true identity, despite the fact that he had disguised himself. He introduced himself as Mr. X, the man who had paid the team of archaeologists to rediscover the two ancient powers that had fought during the ancient Egypt time, before offering Psimon to join him in his goal of taking over the entire world. Psimon, not even taking the possibility into account of cooperating with a human, and even sharing powers with him, refused, after what Mr. X summoned his personal army to catch Psimon. Most weapons were infused with a destructive, slowly killing poison, which would kill any body part it comes into contact with, before spreading out on the body and killing the being. Mr. X knew the only possible antidote in the world and wanted to use it against Psimon to force him into helping him.

During a while, it seemed that Psimon would win the fight, as, even if outnumbered and weakened, his powers still were incredibly big, easily deflecting the bullets shot at him, while his hand-to-hand combat skills defeated any soldier that was foolish enough to approach him. However, his weakened body allowed Atollos for some short seconds to fight for the body's control with Psimon, making him lose control over his body and giving a sniper soldier the chance to deliver two poison-infused attacks on Psimon, one in the right leg and one in the right arm. Shortly after, Psimon recovered and pulled out the bullets, but it was too late already. Knowing that he would soon die if he wouldn't do anything, he escaped after putting a seal on the city which prevented anyone from going out, and retired into a secret laboratory in which he had trained for many years. From there, he sent one of the few subordinates he had ever created, a being called Atomon, to destroy the city with his ultimate technique Nuclear Explosion. He put his body into a glass tube, which was filled with water and a special liquid which "paused" the process of life without killing the body, and let his mind take control over one of the few Robots that he had created to clean the lab. He knew that with the poison in his blood, he could never use his body again if he wouldn't do anything about it, and he didn't know about the antidote. So the only possible way left was to amputate his arm and leg and replace them with machine replica. He did so, however it took him nearly ten years of intense work, so he had the time to analyze the poison and, after having developed an antidote, create a technique which would use the poison in a much stronger form to destroy his enemies without making him risk anything. He cleaned the possibly infected blood in his body and added a few liquids which made him immune to almost all existing poisons, including the one which he had suffered under. Then, his new body was finally ready, and after re-entering it, he managed to defeat Atollos and to take him out of the body before he could do anything, regaining absolute control over the body. From then on, he called himself Metal-Psimon, and saw himself as a second-grade version of the first Psimon.

Metal-Psimons new body included an impressive amount of new possibilities: besides having a new physical advantage, Metal-Psimon could use it to store energy within it, and by developing new techniques, he managed to put his maximum power limit even higher than ever before. In fact, after heaving gone to the highest possible limits, his body could contain 100 times the energy that he had had before, as Psimon. However, even that was not enough for Metal-Psimon, so he continued searching, until he had an idea which would change him forever: the sealing technique which the pharaoh had used long ago was supposed to kill the one which it was casted on, but by changing the way it worked, Metal-Psimon created a new sealing technique which sealed the target, even multiples if desired, without using much energy, by merging the body with the soul before sealing the target away into a parallel dimension in which they would "live" on forever, until the seal is removed. Further on, Metal-Psimon opened a small part of the seal that would block the energy of the sealed being, letting it flow through. He had discovered that the sealed beings didn't become older, although they could still die, and regenerated their lost energy at a rate depending on their maximum power level from a seemingly endless source, and used the opening in the seal to absorb the energy from the beings, though he never absorbed too much in order not to kill them. Through time, he became a master in the use of this technique, and was able to draw power from multiple targets while concentrating on other things. However, he noticed that the technique still wasn't perfect: if a sealed being had reached its maximum power level, it naturally stopped generating power, and was also able to resist Metal-Psimons draining technique for some time. So he changed the technique again, and finally perfectionated it to its maximal capacity: instead of himself drawing power from every single being, he created another special dimension which stocked the accumulated energy for him to take it whenever he desired, and changed the seals in such a way that they constantly drained the power of the sealed being in order to keep their energy at half the maximum level, weakening them too much to resist the drain and also making himself gain power every second without even having to do anything.

After a long time, in which Metal-Psimon had perfectionated his techniques and his body and sealed countless beings away, he discovered that his body had reached the limits of evolution: his electronic systems weren't able to store any more information, he had included the maximum possible options and additions, but still, it wasn't enough. He knew that he could do even more, and that, in order to truly become strong, he had to evolve further, to the next grade of evolution. He concentrated for some years on getting all the energy he could put his hands on, and found a special kind of metal he had never seen or heard of before. When he tested it, he saw that even in its current state, as an unpure ore, it was very hard to even put a scratch on. He immediately took as much as possible of it, and after that, he retired into his laboratory. There, he smelted the metal ore which he had found into its purest possible state, which took him many thousands of years, and created a new arm, leg, half-platebody and helmet for himself, which he then further enhanced with his most powerful protecting techniques and infused with the most powerful souls that he had found since then, creating a metal which was indestructible. He called it, proud of himself, the Titan-Metal. After that, he used a technique called "System manipulation" to accomplish the changes on his body within a few seconds by using the stored energy. It took him nearly all of his energy, leaving him behind in the weakest state he had ever been in, but the result was perfect. A new being arose from the table on which Metal-Psimon had slept a being with Psimons soul and a new body. The first words he then said were: "Metal-Psimon is now dead, but he is reborn within a new body; my name is Mastermind, the greatest, ultimate power in the universe."

Soon, Mastermind discovered that his power level had increased to a 10.000 times the one which Metal-Psimon had had in his strongest state, and that was measured with the weak, crippled state that he was in now: he had perfectionated his body. He recovered very fast thanks to the countless souls he had sealed away, and then proceeded to his new goal: he wanted to create a planet on which only the strongest, most intelligent and overall best beings of all would live, under his command. However, he wasn't able to create a whole planet, as his powers were mainly focused on destruction and a bit of manipulation. Angry about that fact, Mastermind flew  to different planets and sealed the beings there away to gain more power, hoping to develop a new technique one day which would allow him to accomplish his goal.

After some time, he re-encountered his former teacher, Master Twang, who told him that he had observed him and knew about the great deeds he had done. Twang had teleported away from Avalon when the people there had found out that he had known about the true potential of Psimon's but kept it for himself, what in the end had led to Avalon's destruction. He then offered Mastermind to train him once again, and showed him that he too had got more power than Mastermind would ever have thought, even surpassing his combined powers of his own and the sealed souls' with his own. Knowing that this was a unique chance, Mastermind accepted, and he trained with Twang for countless years, developing and learning techniques with unbelievable power, including some which created smaller things.

Meanwhile, Twang and Mastermind travelled around the universe, and the latter learned a lot about it. One day, they also saw Earth, and Mastermind learned that a team of creatures from outer space, all of which had wings of a different colour from the rainbow from violet to red, were attacking Earth with their great powers. They were 27, and after seeing their performance in battle, he wished to add their powers to his own, however he didn't just want their energy to draw from a seal, he wanted to add their abilities, just everything from them that was strong. And it wasn't an impossible-to realize-idea, as he had gained the ability to absorb the body of a defeated enemy, along with his abilities during the harsh training with Master Twang. He challenged them, one by one, and won all the battles. He also created a new evolution form for himself, in which he combined the wings of the creatures with his body, growing them on his back and granting him great powers. However, every new pair of wings made him consume more power in order to keep the transformation up, so he couldn't keep this form up forever with his present powers if he still wanted to accumulate near-infinite energy. And, as he already was very strong in his present form, he didn't have to stay in that form anyway. After learning that the team of winged creatures called themselves the "Soul birds", he gave his Level-4 form the name "Mastermind Soulwing".

After having defeated the 27th bird, the one with dark pink wings, he asked them why they had done this (attacking Earth). The creature answered that it had been an order given to them by a powerful being which was their boss. With its last breath, it whispered his name: "The Red Condor."

Mastermind had never heard of that being, so Twang explained it to him, as he knew a bit about him. He told him an old legend of the humans: 

It was a thousand years ago, when humankind still was one of the biggest interplanetary civilizations. Earth was then their most important planet. But the humans enraged the gods by thinking that they don't exist in reality, and that it is nothing but mere imagination. In their wrath, the gods forced Cybele, the mother of Life, into creating a new being that would destroy Earth along with its inhabitants. The result was a horrible being reassembling a Condor, only that it was coloured in blood-red, which descended from the sky and attacked the humans on Earth. Nothing was able to harm it, as even bombs stopped cold near his body before falling to the ground without even exploding. However, Cybele knew of other beings that she had created innumerable years ago, in order to protect Earth. These angel-like came from the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto, and they defeated the Condor with their concentrated power, making it leave Earth, although it swore to come back one day and destroy Earth once and for all.

Now, apparently it had come back, and was stronger than ever before. Mastermind talked to it before fighting, and asked it why it had come back so late. The Condor told him that it wasn't the Condor from the legend in reality: it was its son. In fact, after retiring, the Condor, which was a female, had had a baby with a demon that had been expulsed from Hades, and that baby had grown up with the wish to avenge its mother for what she had gone through.

The new Red Condor was a half-demon, and his abilities were greatly enhanced by this. He had inherited a special shield from his mother that wasn't designed in such a way that it blocked attacks, but absorbed their energy instead. For example, a bullet or a fist touching the shield would instantly be drained of all its kinetic energy, which lets it speed forward, making it stop cold in the air before falling down to the ground. The same would happen with any elemental attack, even dark energy like Dartz's, which could absorb other forms of energy, or with missiles, which wouldn't only lose their kinetic energy, but also its explosive power! And all the drained energy is instantly given to the Red Condor, making him even stronger. Mastermind fought for a long time with the Condor, not touching him a single time, even in his Mastermind Soulwing form, before he had a brilliant idea and used an attack based on negative energy, which couldn't be absorbed by the shield and so went through it, catching the Red Condor offguard and severely reducing his energy level. Soon, he wasn't able to keep up his shield anymore, and had to dodge Mastermind's attacks. But, as he was used to stay at a single location, not even moving around to dodge attacks since his shield would absorb their energy, while Mastermind had trained his skills in dodging a lot, he soon got defeated. Mastermind took his powers and abilities, learning the incredibly strong technique of the Red Condor Shield. He even improved it in such a way that negative energy would be absorbed into a separate dimension for storing by a second shield, and created a link between his psychic abilities and the shield, making it automatically appear when something dangerous would be near, like a bullet, in order to save energy by keeping it deactivated while there is no threat, apart from being able to activate it whenever he wished. Seeing that the Red Condor had also some demonic abilities which couldn't be used while he was in his Level-3 form as well as incredible physic strength and - with a bit of training - endurance, Mastermind decided to create an even stronger form than Mastermind Soulwing, his Level-4 form, in which he would temporarily fuse his DNA with the one of the Red Condor, in order to reach the evolution level 5 and gain a lot of physic strength and  a wide move pool of demonic abilities, as well as the possibility to store even more energy within his body. The only problem was that all these advantages came with a great price: in order to maintain the level-5 form, Mastermind would have to spend ONE MILLION times as much energy as in his level-4 form, which was an unbelievable amount even for a single second, as the power consumption for level 4 is already 10.000 times as much as when he is in his normal form, Mastermind. But Mastermind knew that this high energy expense would be no waste, as the Red Condor could even generate his Shield around a wide area in order to drain it completely of its energy, which would at least slow down the expense, and if he used his new techniques well, along with fighting in an intelligent way instead of wasting effort into useless attacks, the loss wouldn't be unbearable. Shortly after, he was confronted with the four angel-like beings, sent by Cybele in order to eliminate the Red Condor, and they were after him, seeing him as a threat as he had absorbed the one they were after, but he defeated them as well after a long battle, after what he entirely erased the human's memory. Then, having completed his task on the Earth, he left again to meet Master Twang and continue his training.

Again, he trained for long years and accumulated more power with every second, becoming able to use the Red Condor form without having to draw extra energy from his reserves, as the power he drained from the now innumerable sealed souls was more than enough to cover the cost. During that time, Mastermind also encountered a mighty creature, called the Hydra with the hundred heads, which surpassed the Nova-Dragon in power by hundreds of times, and after defeating her, he sealed her into his new sword, which then became known as the Hydra Sword, which was a replacement of the Helios Sword for him. Being billions of times stronger than he had been as Psimon, he could harness the Hydra's powers much better than he had ever done with the Nova-Dragon, up to the point where he could even summon a small replication of her which followed the sword's movements, drastically increasing their power aside from many other advantages (more on this subject is written on the "legendary or special weapons" page). He became a great swordsman with time passing, especially as he was able to wield multiple weapons with his psychic powers at the same time, but he also had great physical strength when he used the Hydra Sword because of his left metal arm, which drastically increased his power, and that without even taking into account that Mastermind could infuse it with psychic powers in order for it to become even stronger. The training with Master Twang also paid off, as now only few beings in the universe which Mastermind had encountered until now were able to resist him, and no one had survived the encounter with his level-5 form, apart from Master Twang, who had had a training battle with him, which resulted in a draw, even though Master Twang didn't use any magic or other special techniques apart from his indestructible battle staff, while the Red Condor had used various techniques of different elements and psychic power. So, Mastermind knew that even if he was strong in his highest form, his Master still was stronger, at least as long as he wouldn't use any truly lethal techniques.

Then, something terrible happened: it was a day starting like all the others, with Master Twang and Mastermind travelling through the universe while Master Twang taught Mastermind new techniques and repeated old ones. They were absorbed by a wormhole, which sent them into a part of the universe to which neither of the two had ever been before. Soon, Mastermind sensed the disgusting smell of corruption that he had last smelled very, very long ago... the only one which had ever smelled like this had been Dartz from Atlantis, but when he realised that they were in great danger, it was already too late.

In fact, Master Twang and Mastermind had been transported to a place called the "Well of nights" due to the seemingly infinite darkness that radiated from there. It was like a black hole, but much bigger, and the aura that was around that place was much stronger and fear-inspiring than any black hole could have had. Those who had travelled to that place had never returned, and because of this the place had also earned its nickname: "The death area". The reality was that there was a being of tremendous power living there, called the Dark Creature, which destroyed aany living being that dared to enter its territory. The Dark Creature is an immortal god, the god of darkness, and due to its incredible powers, it had left behind every physical form and changed to a mass of pure darkness, which even could be separated into tiny pieces which then could form an army, or be reassembled to create a titanic creature able to crush entire planets with its mere presence. Once a day, a meteor swarm had passed through the area, and although the Dark Creature's presence had destroyed most of them, the biggest of all managed to fly through it, and took a tiny piece of the Creature's body with it, which didn't destroy the meteor thanks to a special material which was invulnerable to darkness that was inside the meteor. This piece had later become Dartz from Atlantis, the opponent of Psimon for the battle, and his rival for so many years.

Master Twang however knew about these legends, and decided to stay behind in order to allow Mastermind to flee, as the Dark Creature was already approaching to kill them. He gave him a book, in which he said were written all the techniques that he knew along with their ways of learning them, which meant that when Mastermind would master every single of these techniques, he would be even stronger than Master Twang himself. Then he turned around, drawing his battle staff to fight the great mass that was advancing towards them.

Mastermind, however, couldn't flee, as he thought of that being cowardly, and besides, he had never done this. Master Twang put up a good fight with the Dark Creature, he even evolved to some kind of ultra-muscular and fast being, but in the end, he succumbed to the Dark Creature's powers. With his last breaths, he hovered towards Mastermind, and they had a last conversation behind a shield that he had built up:

Twang: You must flee, Mastermind. You are indeed strong, but this creature has god-like powers! You can't win this fight.

Mastermind grinned: "You once said that a being like me should never flee his foe, right?"

Twang: "Fool! This has got nothing more to do with what I said! You don't stand a chance! Run!"

Mastermind: "I will save you, Master. I never really believed what you said, I just did what had to be done, ok?"

Twang: "What do you mean?"

Mastermind: "My ultimate goal is to gain the ultimate power of the universe, infinite power! And this creature has got such power, so I will get it too if I beat it."

Twang remained silent for some time, then he said: "I also am a god, with an equal power level to the one of that creature. I just lost to it because its true being, its soul, is protected by that dark energy, through which even my hits weren't able to reach it. I hope that you now understand what I mean: even with your Red Condor form, you can't possibly damage it." Shortly after, he died, leaving Mastermind alone against the Dark Creature. By now, even if he would have tried to flee, he wouldn't have been able to do so anymore. The only possibility left was to fight.

As Master Twang had said, Mastermind wasn't able to even land a scratch on the Dark Creature's body, while the latter was amusing it by toying with him. The cloud of darkness absorbed every single attack of Mastermind, and the Dark Creature didn't even bother with weak physical or with elemental attacks, knowing the abilities of Mastermind's Red Condor shield. Mastermind had got the possibility to absorb energy; however it was limited to a certain rate. By using its tremendous powers, the Dark Creature shattered it by overpowering it, and then proceeded in attacking Mastermind with draining attacks and even with a darkness sword, rapidly finishing him off. When Mastermind finally tried to protect himself with the Hydra Sword, it got shattered by the impact of the dark blade. Seeing that, Mastermind let out a deep cry of fury, which was full of hatred against the Dark Creature because of Master Twang's death and the destruction of the Hydra Sword. This fury liberated such energy, combined with his aura and radiating soul energy, that it pushed back even the Dark Creature. For some seconds, Mastermind saw himself dwelling in a place full of darkness, out of which appeared the spirit of Master Twang within a Star Seal, the strongest sealing technique that Mastermind had mastered since then. It entered his body, and then an instrument appeared in front of Mastermind, which ha never had seen before. It looked like an ocarina, but it also had some strings and some black and white buttons on it where there should be holes. He took it, and started playing a music that was incredibly wonderful, strong and soft at the same time.

Then the darkness disappeared, and Mastermind saw that he had changed his form: instead of his normal Mastermind form, he was now surrounded by a circling shield of blue energy, and all around him was an intense aura formed out of blue light and energy, forming a circling sphere in all possible nuances of blue. He also had got a normal left arm and leg, and in his hands was the strange instrument that he had seen in the vision. Knowing what to do, he raised the instrument to his lips and began to play. Immediately, the sphere around him circled faster than before, and increased the force of the music by a hundred. The Dark Creature was immediately caught in the melody, never having heard something so soft and delicate since innumerable years, and it felt reminded of the time back when it had still been a small god, simply controlling the darkness, before getting possessed by evil. The incredible power created by this music allowed Mastermind to attack the Dark Creature's soul directly, passing by all of its defences and weakening it to such a point where he could create a star seal which sealed the defenceless god into it. Then, Mastermind stopped the energy flow which drained his energy 100 Million times faster than when he was in his Red Condor form, as he later discovered, and transformed back first into the Red Condor, then into Mastermind Soulwing, and finally into Mastermind. He knew that without his former Master having given him unbelievable masses of energy through the seal, he would have died after some seconds in that form, and decided never to forget his deeds. He called his new form, level 6, Gali, the Sphere of Soul Music.

With the combined powers of the souls that he had sealed away, Master Twang's and the Dark Creature's, Mastermind recovered in few seconds from the fight that he had had with the latter of the two. He saw that the amount of energy produced and stored within the Dark Creature's body was such that, if it wasn't for the illusionary music that he had created, it would have broken free of the seal within a split second, as it constantly generated an amount of energy far superior to all the other soul's that he had sealed away, excluding Master Twang, while the stored energy was such that he could have called it infinite. He absorbed all the energy that the Dark Creature had, and as it was immortal and above that generated near-infinite energy every second, it wasn't even harmed by this. Mastermind had to adapt the seal in such a way that it constantly absorbed ALL the energy of the Creature in order to keep it enslaved forever, and he also did the same to the seal of Master Twang, although he gave him more freedom than to the Dark Creature, letting his soul live on in his (Mastermind's) body without letting him manipulate anything freely though. From then on, he trained far more and as hard as possible, trying to master all the techniques that Master Twang had given him with his book. He managed to progressively harness the power that was given to him by the Mastermind Soulwing and the Red Condor forms, but he never tried to evolve again into his level 6 form if he didn't have to, because it just was too much power. He feared that if he used it too much, he might lose control of it, and besides, it consumed far too much power to be kept up for a longer time, if he wanted to continue accumulating energy.

When Mastermind had, after much time of harsh training, finally mastered all the techniques that Master Twang had written down for him to the level of perfection, he started to think about what he would now do. He was starting to get bored with his routine, sealing souls and constantly amassing power, so he decided one day to do something else. He had noticed that on many of the planets which he had visited and that were inhabited, there were super organisms among the rest, exceptions that had been created out of coincidences, luck or a god's actions, and that these special beings were often disrespected or feared by the rest due to the powers that they had. Much people also were jealous. As for the beings themselves, seeing that they could do just about anything with their evolved bodies and abilities, often became greedy and evil monsters, destroying the ones standing in their way and amassing might on their respective planet. Mastermind quickly understood that, although they represented a threat to inferior beings, if they were to live in a society consisting of equal creatures, they would lose their speciality and again try to become the most powerful, which would result in the creation of a planet controlled by the most powerful beings, and if he was the most powerful, he naturally would be their king or something like that. And with his powers, even the most powerful beings wouldn't be able to resist him for long. So he developed his plan, and started taking landscapes and beings of planets which were good for his plans, and as a side effect, he cleaned the planets of their despots and tyrants of superior power. During numerous years he searched, and sometimes even took with him whole races such as the elves, the dragons, the taurs and the orcs. Upon his research, he also found other gods like the Dark Creature, and enslaved them as well, further increasing his power level. One day then, he used his unimaginable powers to create a whole new dimension, accessible only through the most special portals, in which he combined all the landscapes and other places that he had taken to create a new planet. As he had used landscapes from all sorts, the planet was filled with beautiful places, but also hostile and dangerous ones. It had the greatest variety imaginable, concerning the lands and also the water. Then, Mastermind put all the creatures that he had collected during his journey into the planet, having already classified them by their powers. He created the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Zones, which contained the less powerful, average, most powerful creatures, and machines, respectively. In the middle of these zones, he created another special place, which he called New Asgard, in which would live the creatures which were so weak that they couldn't be released into the other zones because they would die too quickly, even in the Spring Zone, and the humans. The latter had been taken away from their planets, mostly Earth, because either of their superior intelligence, or because they had discovered secrets that never should be revealed to ordinary humans, or because they were evil, and had plans that would involve too much destruction. He erased their memory and created by doing so new humankind, which was a bit more intelligent than ordinary humans, and which wasn't afraid of the creatures with which they would co-exist from now on. They were all reigned by a king, which would reside in the castle located in the north of the lands, which was the only city. There was also a small village in front of the mountains in the north-west, called Ka-koro, and a big farm in the south of Castle City, called Lon-koro. As the area was in the middle of four very different regions (they had characteristics in climate and landscaped according to their names, for example, the Summer zone was quite hot everywhere, and filled with deserts), it got heavily influenced by them, creating a unique landscape, which was dry and hot at the north-western part, with a volcano, some mountains also inhabited by a folk of stone-men, known as Gorons, and a desert, a thick green forest full of life in the south-west, inhabited by many different beings, including a folk of small child-like beings known as the Wood Elves, a calm big lake with a small kingdom of water elves in the south-east, and a frozen mountain in the north-east, which also was inhabited by some humans adapted to the cold. Their village, the fourth and last place mainly inhabited by humans, was called Ba-koro. The parts between two of the areas were also notable, as they were influenced by two climates instead of one, leading to a very strange land, which had a gigantic plain full of grass, rocks, hills and water in its middle, south of the great castle city laying in the northest part of the region.

Core Planet had been created, although it wasn't what it would truly become one day.

Having finished his work, Mastermind used his powers to create his two personal places. One was located in the most eastern part of the Fall zone, which was a giant tower sticking out of the middle of a great castle, which in turn was located on the top of an incredibly big mountain, which even reached above the clouds. This castle and the tower were called Final City, as it was the final destination of any being living on the main zones of Core Planet to reach that place, although there were some conditions in order for someone to be allowed to go inside the cave system located inside the mountain, which was known as the "Mountain of the seven tests". No one has ever met these conditions until now, and the ones who sneaked into the place never returned. The second place was located in Asgard, north-west of Castle City. It was a big tower, looking like it was made out of granite and some other gray stone, and it is covered in canal-like carved lines, which also were carved into the metal arm and leg of Mastermind. This tower, called Core Tower, is accessible through a special passageway in the King's Castle, and forbidden to anyone but the king's family, although there are rumours that this way can be accessed by climbing on the stone walls to the east of Castle town. Some said to have tried disappeared forever since then, with only one single exception. The way to Core Tower is like a frozen path going up the mountains that lie behind Castle town, but there are no major obstacles as Mastermind wouldn't want the king to get slowed down by any means if there would be an important message or something similar for him. The fact that no one has returned is due to some stone statue guards that are along the way and attack anyone that isn't a member of the royal family or hasn't got any other special permission, as well as the environment: as everything is frozen, the ones which try to climb up the same way that they came from wouldn't be able to pierce their hooks through the ice layer, or would fall off after some time, while returning through the passage into the Castle would be punished with a life-long prison stay or execution. The only one having ever managed to get near Core Tower

and getting back without the Castle guards noticing was Shadow, the first one of the Elite 7. He had been an ordinary human before, but after having found a special item called the wolves whistle, he was able to summon wolves and keep them as partners. This allowed him to climb the mountain and get back again, as the wolves could help him when he needed it. Others may have gotten through as well, but no one with the abilities to do so ever tried.

Soon, Mastermind left the planet again, searching for more power, potential new population of Core Planet, land that he could add to it, or simply some amusing challenge. Aside from that, he found a bit more of Titan Metal ore, which he smelted and used to repair his broken Hydra Sword. After that, he enhanced it with some special runes, making it as indestructible as was his armour, and giving it new special powers (more about that on the "legendary/special weapons page). He also began thinking about how he could create his strongest possible form, and developed some new forms which he called "secondary evolutions". Three of them, Dark Mind, Aduran The Fourth Sun and Magna-Mastermind (my personally favourite form), were his level-5 secondary evolutions, being even stronger than the Red Condor, especially Magna-Mastermind, but their disadvantage was that he couldn't evolve to level 6 if he used them. He also had a secondary level-4 form, which was called Master-sealer, and its speciality was, as the name implies, sealing techniques, although he couldn't use his strongest sealing techniques with it, like when he was in his Red Condor form. He could also use a second secondary evolution if he was in that form, which transformed him into Master-sealer, level 2, which was level 5, and could use all the sealing techniques. However, all these forms were not satisfying him, he wanted to have a new form, which would be at level 7! And so he went to rest in Final City, and meditated there for a whole milliard years. When he then woke up, he had discovered a word hidden in the deepest part of his soul, which couldn't be said with the mouth. If he thought this word as Gali, he would transform into his last and final form, which he gave the name Unua, the Ultimate Aura of Soul Essence. This form was incredibly strong, making him almost completely invulnerable, and finally calmed Mastermind down. He believed that if he used this form, no one in the whole Universe could stand in his way anymore, and so, he rested and just watched the life on Core Planet go on. Sometimes he changed something, but basically, he just stayed at Final City or Core Tower.

One day then, something scandalous happened: the royal family of Asgard got ripped apart due to a secret friendship between the four princesses of Asgard and a young aristocrat who called himself "Prince Scharaku". He would normally have been worthy to marry any of the four princesses, but the king had discovered that they shared a secret friendship, which he couldn't tolerate. Just as this happened, Shadow from the Elite 7 was present at the royal castle due to political matters with the king, and he banished Prince Scharaku to Earth after erasing all of his memory. However, even that wasn't enough to keep them from meeting each other, as the princesses secretly went to Earth and created a special parallel dimension to see Scharaku and give him back his lost memories. When the king also found out about that, he wanted to kill Scharaku, but then, the parallel dimension in which they all were started to fall apart due to the strong emotions emitted by the anger and the dolour of the princesses. Prince Scharaku, however, managed to hold the dimension together long enough for everyone, including himself, to escape. Shortly after, Mastermind was informed, and he came to Earth. After erasing the memory of the humans, he decided to turn Scharaku, the princesses as well as the rest of the royal family into normal humans, as they all had deeply disappointed him: the princesses and Scharaku  because of their friendship, the rest of the royal family because they hadn't raised their Childs well, allowing this situation to happen. However, he made them become a single family, apart from Prince Scharaku, for them to stay together. Then he thought about who would become the new king, and remembered about a young elf which he had seen not long ago on Earth. That elf was in fact a descendant from the pharaoh’s family who had sealed him away long ago, and the possessor of the Helios Sword. He had already accomplished his greatest quest, in which he had destroyed an evil god, and was now the king of the elfish region on Earth, although they were just half-elves, which also was the cause that they still existed on Earth, as otherwise Mastermind would have taken them to Core Planet. So, Mastermind went to Earth, and after fighting with the elf called Links, he took him to Core Planet and changed his memory in such a way that Links would believe he always had been the king of Asgard. However, Links had written a letter to a friend of his, believing that he would never return, and he had taken it with him, as Mastermind had not given him any chance to leave it back at the castle.

And, while Links was reigning at the castle, slept a mysterious being hidden somewhere in the depths of a dark ocean full of stars. In its dreams, it was thinking, and it knew about Links. It thought: "The destiny of the boy starts to take its course..."

Someday, Links found the letter, and after reading it and seeing that he himself had written it to someone he didn't remember, he slowly discovered that Mastermind had blocked his memory. Once he knew that, he used all his power to break free of the seal, and he managed to do so only because Mastermind had taken some servants and other people from the castle to Asgard to continue serving Links, which also had lost their memories and wanted to remember. Their collective wish and power made this possible, a feat never accomplished before. After that, Links remembered, and the first thing he thought of was revenge. He researched for years, and discovered a special spell that enabled the user to break free of any seals or to free others from it. Using this spell, he freed a lot of creatures from Core Planet from their seals, and they also wanted revenge. After a hundred years of planning, Links had created an army of beings from Core Planet, and they all attacked Final City, where Mastermind was awaiting them. He knew of almost everything, and saw this as a good occasion to increase his powers even further.

Again, somewhere in the depths of the endless ocean, swam the mysterious creature. Suddenly, an eye opened, looking through the shadows into an unknown place somewhere far away. Then it started moving, changing its course through the flows to the direction it had faced...

This was the first time since the creation of Core Planet that Mastermind entered a demon-like state, in which he constantly laughed while insanely attacking anything and anyone within his wide reach. At least, this state stayed until he got confronted with Links. As he saw him, he made appear a gigantic sphere which absorbed the whole land of Core Planet, making it become nothing but Wasteland. Then, he flew into the sphere, while shouting: "Links, if you wan to finish this, you will have to come to me! Enter this sphere, and you shall pass every single place of Core Planet, before you can face me at Final City!" This being said, he created a stairway out of rocks, and disappeared into the sphere.

Somewhere far above the wastelands of Old Core Planet, the mysterious creature was observing Links with a god-like eye. It still was thinking, knowing about the boy's fate: "Young boy with the heavenly light, with every passing second you step on to the accomplishment of your destiny... time can truly not be stopped..."

Links fought his way through the maze of New Core Planet, fought and freed almost every being that was under Mastermind's control, and finally stood at the gates of the mountain of the seven tests. He fought his way alone through it, up to the very top, where Mastermind waited for him. He teleported them both to the ground, summoned a large army of half-undead creatures to take on the seal-less ones that had been freed by Links, before proceeding to the main fight against Links. Surprisingly, Links was able to hold his position pretty well against Mastermind, even in swordfighting, because he had learned the ways of true swordsmanship on Core Planet, but also, there was another reason: Mastermind simply became old! Through the uncountable years he had accumulated such power that neither a sword nor a disease could simply kill him, but only a few antidotes existed against the process of aging, and they all were out of Mastermind's reach, even though it was wide and sinuous. His amassed energy could now only be channelled at relatively low rates through his body, and his own energy reserves were drained quite quickly, making him use the ones that he had stolen from other sealed beings. There, the fight became already more favourable to Mastermind, as the near-infinite reserves of energy allowed him to fight at his full power without becoming exhausted anymore. Links started to remove the seals of the Helios Sword that sealed the Nova-Dragon, which gave him great power and managed to hold himself once again in the fight. Mastermind started to transform, and he also removed the seals from the Hydra Sword in an attempt to overpower Links. The fight went on for a long time, until Mastermind level 5 transformed himself into Gali, The Sphere of Soul Music. Its power allowed Mastermind to ignore the limits of his age, and with the strong music, he easily passed by Links' defences and threatened to destroy him. But then, all of a sudden, a shield covered Links, making him deaf to the music of Gali and therefore invulnerable to it. He didn't know where this protection came from, but immediately used it to try to catch Gali offguard and land a hit. Gali saw itself forced to use one of its strongest techniques, the Essence Manipulation, to create a Flesh Clone of Mastermind along with a sword to block the hit. Then, Gali used the clone to attack Links very viciously, as he just was a flesh replication without a mind controlled by its psychic powers, and even managed to steal the Helios Sword from Links' hands. However, Links managed to open the sixth seal, Phargar, in the last second, summoning the body of the Nova Dragon under his command. In fact, the sixth seal frees the body of the sealed being but keeps suppressing its free will. In consequence, the one who opens the seal has absolute control of the summoned body, which normally imitates the movements of him or her, unless he/she uses his/her psychic powers to control them separately. Links' psychic powers weren't developed enough, so he had the Nova Dragon imitate his movements. While Links got used to this new power, Gali transformed back into the Red Condor, who took the Helios Sword from the Flesh Clone before breaking the energy flow that kept him "alive" and so dissolving him. After that, a very fierce fight took place, having the Red Condor with the destructive Helios Sword on one side and Links/Nova Dragon on the other. They fought for nearly seven days without stopping, using all of their mastered techniques - Links even could use the ones of the Nova Dragon as he was linked to him - , and the Red Condor drew energy from the sealed beings, while Links did the same with the Nova Dragon.

After the fight, Links was deeply exhausted, and so was the Nova Dragon. They weren't able to fight anymore, and the Red Condor took advantage from this to put the six released seals of the Helios Sword back in place and so sealing the Nova Dragon's body as well as his powers again into the sword, before using a special technique called "Sealed destruction" that destroyed the seal along with the Nova Dragon, killing him and making the Helios Sword nothing more than a heavy weapon without anything special about it. Links was not able to do anything about it, as he had no energy left to fight. The Red Condor laughed at that sight, before thrusting the Broken Helios Sword forward to stab Links and kill him once and for all. But then, Links was protected again by a mysterious force field, before getting his soul sucked into another dimension. There, he encountered the mysterious creature, which manifested in a voice coming from everywhere along with an aura of strong power. However, the power wasn't evil, like the Red Condor's, but it was good, and healed every wound on Links' body. The mysterious creature explained that it had helped him the two times before and also had brought the other beings of Core Planet into a safe spot. It said that it would fight against Mastermind.

Then, Links reappeared into the real world, but there was a difference: Mastermind had just transformed into Unua, a being which had no body but instead was like an aura covering a large area, and around the place where Links was standing, the aura of the mysterious creature was covering the place. There was a small neutral zone between the two areas, some meters away from Links. Then, both beings summoned an illusive replication of them to talk to each other. Unua created a replication of Mastermind, while the mysterious creature's looked like a mix of a bird and a dragon, hovering some meters in the air. They spoke to each other, here's the dialogue:

Unua: So, we meet again...Atollos. You have changed quite a bit since I removed you from my body, isn't it?

Atollos: Indeed. While you have developed your sealing techniques, I have gone much further...

Unua: Haha! Don't you see that sealing IS the greatest power source in the universe?

Atollos: Yes, you are right... but my discoveries don't limit themselves to the universe...

Unua's replication looked unsure: What do you mean? What the hell are you talking about?

Atollos: You couldn't understand, Psimon... only he pure of mind can...

Unua: Stop using that name! Psimon is dead since long ago! But, what wre you saying about your discovery?

Atollos: Answer me this question, I already have the answer: where do your sealed slaves draw their power to live from?

Unua: From magic power, I guess...

Atollos: And where does magic energy come from?

Unua: The hell, I don't know! But it doesn't matter, as long as you know it exists!

Atollos: Yes, and this is your limit, Mastermind... I know the answer. I found out.

Unua: So?

Atollos: It comes from a place that is the source of all power in the universe. Master Twang could have taught you, he knew about this. However, I found out about the existence of this place, and now I know that it is the source where even the gods draw their power from. I was the first to ever have accessed it, and it was there where I stayed for long years.

Unua: What is it?

Atollos: It would look like an ocean, full of darkness, like the universe, and it is full of stars. The mass is like water, but it is in its purest state, totally invisible. A single drop, even an atom, of this ocean's water, already has got infinite energy. In fact, it actually is energy itself, in its final state: a combination of every single energy on Earth, even negative and creation energy.

Unua: WHAT? This... Can’t be true! You're lying!

Atollos: I am not. You know that... and that was not all, by the way: being the first one to ever have entered the place, I was allowed to give it its name, and become its possessor. Its name, its true name, is the Endless Ocean Of Calm. I locked it as well to everyone that isn't pure of heart, which means that you won't be able to enter it, never.

Unua: you mean that I am not pure of heart?

Atollos: Yes. In fact, you are the exact opposite of it. And do you know why?

Unua: Nope.

Atollos: I will tell you: when you took control of my body after adding the metal parts and threw me out, I clung to your soul in order to avoid being taken away. I tried to appeal to the good that lied within you, but the result was that when you pulled me out, I ripped your soul apart into two pieces: one that is good and half-neutral, and the other that is evil and half-neutral. As i had clung to your good part, I have taken it with me, and over time we have fused, which means that now I am the good side of you, and you are your own evil side, although you have got a bit of neutrality as well, which made you be at least not as evil as you would be if you'd only kept the evil side.

Unua: Heh. That has only helped me 'til now, 'cause I have become more powerful than you could ever do with your oceans. Don't you want to see it?

Atollos: Fine then. I have never taken a single drop of energy from the ocean, but my powers are enhanced enough to destroy you. Let the battle start then.

They both dissolved their clone at the same time, and began fighting with unbelievable strength and power, making it clear that it were two god-like beings fighting there. Atollos was indeed strong, fighting on an even level with Unua. Their attacks were mostly fired into the zone between them, where they collided, making it look like a thunderstorm going on there. Links watched for some time, not able to do anything, as this fight was something far beyond his powers. Suddenly, Atollos sent him a message saying that Mastermind would probably win in the end, as the power he drew was constantly regenerating, while Atollos had only a set amount of energy, so even if he had much, he had not got infinite, and so would lose over time. He said that the only solution would be to destroy all of the seals that Mastermind had created to interrupt the flow of energy, and sent Links to the parallel dimension which served as a store for every single being sealed away by Mastermind. There, Links destroyed one soul seal after another, freeing the beings, and there were trillions of them, enough to fill half the universe with life! He also freed the Dark Creature, Master Twang, and all the other gods like Guldo Iron-Fist. It took him what seemed millions of years, but in reality, it was just minutes, as the time flow in the parallel dimension was different. Luckily, Atollos had copied all of Links' memories, and gave them back to him as soon as he reappeared in the real world. He also had taken most of the souls with him by putting them into the broken Ruby of the Helios Sword, without forcing them though.

Shortly after, Unua had to transform back into Gali, then the Red Condor, the Mastermind Soulwing, and finally Mastermind due to the energy he was losing. Atollos had to transform back into his previous form as well, as his energy reserves were used up. In his "true" form, his previous before loosing his body, he looked like the clone that he had summoned before. When Mastermind then saw that his stored energy reserves were nearly used up, he saw that he had been betrayed. In his fury, he decided to take his revenge on the universe and on Links and Atollos especially. Evilly grinning, he used his ultimate attack while surrounding himself with the Red Condor Shield to hold Links and Atollos off: Ragnarök! The technique, being the second most destructive having ever existed, completely eradicated life in the universe, and in every single dimension in existence like a wave of energy, which let everyone fall dead to the ground as soon as it touched him or her. Only a small part New Core Planet was spared, an area around Atollos, Links, and of course Mastermind himself. However, it had taken the whole rest of Atollos' energy to do so, and he now was unable to attack anymore. Mastermind saw this, and laughed: he was also drained of his power, but he still had a last resort: taking out an instrument looking like the one that he normally used ad Gali, but of which he had managed to create a copy which hadn't got the illusional aspect but still could use a technique that killed anyone who heard a single tone of the melody if it was finished, he started to play a wonderful melody on it to kill Links and Atollos to become the very last existence of the universe. He didn't care of what would be next, as his evil mind had become totally mad. Atollos talked to Links and asked him to quickly give him the Helios Sword, what Links did. Then, Atollos spoke to Mastermind with his mind:

Atollos: You really want to eradicate all life except you, Mastermind?

Mastermind: Yes. I shall then be the most powerful being.

Atollos: No. If you are alone, you will be lonely, and when you die, others will come. But I won't allow this to go that far.

Mastermind: So, what are you gonna do?

Atollos: That technique, Ragnarök... it is the second most destructive technique in existence, isn't it?

Mastermind: Yup. It is the second most powerful technique in existence!

Atollos: You will never understand... true power isn't destruction, but creation! And I have mastered the second ultimate technique of creation... the Rebirth of Existence!

Mastermind: What? The second... ah, it doesn't matter anyways. Soon, you'll be dead, my melody is over in some seconds...

Atollos then used the power that the freed souls gave him from the Helios Sword, and began murmuring: "Great powers, born in the darkness to bring forth the light of heavens, wash over the universe and let it re-arise at the beginning of time..." Mastermind looked worried. "You... you really are doing this? No... I have to finish it. Now..." He started walking towards Atollos, drawing his sword. Atollos, however, continued his summons, saying louder and louder: "Grant my wish and create the new out of old, let the dead ones arise again from their graves, give them back their souls trapped in the darkness of death. Greatest powers from the ocean of space and time, come forth, destroy the world and let it be reborn out of its ashes! PHOENIX!" Just there, Mastermind's sword cut through Atollos's body, but it was already too late. A wave of pure power radiated from Atollos, and it began engulfing the entire universe, resetting the universe's age to zero and making it vanish to nothing but a single power atom from the Endless Ocean Of Calm, which would then create the Big Bang and re-create the universe out of nothing. As for Mastermind, the great powers having touched him from such a close distancenormally would have killed him, but the incredible energies that were liberated also fused Atollos and Mastermind together into a single being with two souls and two separate minds, and as Atollos had survived the technique in terms of not getting in touch with the energy, while mastermind had survived them in terms of life energy in his body, they both cancelled out their deaths at the same moment where they would normally have died. Both soul parts of Mastermind, good and evil, had reached their respective highest possible level, something that a normal, complete soul couldn't have done, as it would have preferred and eventually switched to one of the two sides.

But this wasn't the end: the deaths of both Mastermind and Atollos had fused together as well into a single destiny, as had done their targets. Then, that very death showed itself to Mastermind and Atollos, explaining that it was now time for them to die. It said to them that it had been everywhere where Mastermind and Atollos had been as well, and at the same moment where a weapon or something else would wound them, it would swing its scythe to inflict the damage. To avoid getting noticed, it would only use the scythe when others would attack, as a cut appearing on someone's body without any reason would immediately create chaos and fear from the gods. On the other hand, if it wasn't for death, no one could ever be wounded, as everyone had his own death lurking in its invisible form in the shadows, neither could someone become ill or even get killed, meaning that if death wasn't there, the being of which it didn't exist could never be wounded by any means. Normally, it wouldn't interfere the real world with such a direct action, but at this moment, and with Mastermind and Atollos being special cases, as they had died, but lived at the same time, the gods controlling death had decided to make an exception, and due to the insane powers that had been liberated this had become possible. Seeing that there was no other choice than fighting, Mastermind launched himself into battle.

Soon, Mastermind saw that death had got the same powers as he had, but its scythe was much more destructive than any other weapon in existence. Seeing that he would lose by just using brute force, Mastermind proceeded to tricking death - and succeded! This allowed him to kill his death and absorb its powers as well as its scythe, making him something which was even greater than being both invincible, immune to time and immortal. In fact, by having absorbed his death, Mastermind had not only gained the power to kill himself if he wished to do so (what surely would never happen), but he also had disabled the possibility of anything else to harm him. Even if his body were to be made out of soft clay, a sword would simply bounce off him even if it could cut through diamond, and beams, elemental attacks, explosives and all sorts of other lethal or wounding things in existence couldn't put a single scratch on his body. Or, if his body were to be infected by billions of bacteria and viruses, and they were dispersed into every single cell, not a single one could possibly harm him. The same would go for water that would suffocate any enemy, ice that would freeze an enemy to death, fire that would reduce something to ashes, time that would make his body older and older until he died of it, or darkness or negative energy that would drain his power: he had entered a state in which he couldn't die anymore, even if an enemy would somehow manage to possess Mastermind's mind and make him want to kill himself, as Mastermind could only do this if he concentrated his free will on it, while being totally present and completely aware of his deed. After having finished the fight with his death, Mastermind re-entered the real world. Since the universe had been destroyed and newly created out of its ashes, everything was new, primitive and overall different. Mastermind and Atollos decided that this universe wasn't ready for them, not yet. So, Mastermind entered the Endless Ocean of Calm, as his soul was purified of all evil since it had merged with Atollos', and rested there. In the ocean, his body became younger again, until he was as old as he had been in his best years: for a human these would be 20-30 years of age. Having been very different before this, he knew that his new body was an even greater gift than his immortality.

When the time came for Mastermind to leave again to influence the events in time in order to stop the universe from being recreated again and again, he had a brilliant idea: with his great intelligence and wisdom, he replaced the blood flowing through his veins with some water of the ocean, after having concentrated it to a thick blood-like mass, while giving it the same properties that had his blood. By doing so, he gave himself more than infinite power, as every single atom of this water already had infinite energy. His body contained about seven litres of blood, and by multiplying the number of atoms that are contained in seven litres of concentrated water to the thickness of blood, it resulted in an incredible amount of energy, trillions and trillions of times infinity. The last thing that he did then in the endless ocean was to baptise himself new, giving himself the name M as a memory to his former life, which he had left behind, and because his true name, which was impossible to say with a simple voice, began with the letter M, or at least it sounded like this. Then, M returned to the universe. His body had meanwhile transformed into his true ultimate form, a combination of both M and Atollos at level 7, his level 8 form. It was so special that whoever heard its true name just became mad or even died, as his or her brains would explode. It was a power word that killed anyone who heard it but M. With this body, M was like Unua or Atollos, he had lost every property of a living being, but in this form, he could extend his presence to infinite, to cover the whole universe if he wished to. For some time, M had thought that a god would be like that, but he soon knew that this was wrong: most gods had a name that could be pronounced without any risk, and they looked like something. He was even above that, he had become a being even above the perfection of a god, or the peak of existing evolution. But, having reached the perfect balance between good and evil with his soul, he neither felt proud, nor did he abuse his powers. He simply accepted it, the sign of true greatness.

When Atollos then used his phoenix, M stopped that universe and, after some time of thinking, he created a parallel universe somewhere else. From there, he ripped one planet after the other out of their repetitive cycle, and finally destroyed the existing universe. Then, he created a new Core Planet out of the remains of the old one, which looked very much like the old one, but was perfectionated in every way. Then, he populated it with the beings which had lived on the old Core Planet before, and sent his mind out to search the universe for any being or object which he might have forgotten. Once finished, he created a copy of his old Self, Mastermind, and gave it the properties that he had had as well. He then entered the body and took control of it. However, he still was the omnipresence that he had been before, but now he had a second body out of flesh.

Then, after having truly finished his work and his task to become the ultimate existence, he created Earth as it is today, as well as many other planets. He also created a region on Earth that became later known as "Core region", due to its mysterious attraction that it created for any special person, like great scientists. This attraction led to a high concentration of special humans, which resulted in a highly developped region. M then went to Final City and let his body rest there, until he would need it someday, like a puppet for special occasions that the puppet player puts into a box to keep it safe. Finally, M created many creatures that he had invented during the long years of waiting for the Phoenix technique, some of which left Core Planet to go to other planets, but some also stayed there.