Core Planet - Existence is only a cycle

The Aduran Commando

The Aduran Commando is the name given to the twelve beings that have been chosen by the Atollos part of M to serve directly under him. They are much more powerful than any normal being of Core Planet, and M has chosen them in a way that teamed up, thay form a literally invincible team, even if alone they are already unbelievably strong. Mastermind has got the descendants of Tsukugami, and actually he had been planning to create a team or something similar before M, but the latter had been faster and made the idea reality. He has given great powers to the twelve beings in exchange of their loyalty.

Much like the descendants of Tsukugami's coats, the members of the Aduran Commando all have the ability to cast a shapeshifting spell which changes them into animals or humanoids, depending on each one. Megatron for example is able to shapeshift into different birds, from small pigeons to big condors. Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Alexia and Eldin do not have to use this ability at all as they already have other abilities which allow them to shapeshift, or look enough like humanoids to pass unsuspected. However, Eldin still remains the one that is most used to the customs, events, and ways of humans, and looks most like a normal contemporary man, which is why he still remains the best suited for spying missions on Asgard and Earth.

Leader: Megatron Archphoenix


"If I've come here to eradicate you... then you should say your prayers and hope that someone hears them."

Megatron is the leader of the Aduran Commando. He had been given the normal rank at the start, but then he fought with Quartoxan for the leadership, and eventually won the fierce fight, taking the place of Quartoxan. Megatron looks like a phoenix with many different-coloured feathers that have got all the colours of the rainbow, and they also reflect the light when there is any, turning Megatron into a shining bird. He has got the powers of an Archangel, as he still knows the attacks that his released form Metatron does, but they are very limited, and cen't be compared to the far superior level of Metatron. Generally, Megatron acts as a powerful flying supporter, using various area-covering and mass devastation techniques to destroy any foe in his way.

Megatron basically uses the same attacks as Metatron does, but his powers are much more limited, and he has got access to fewer techniques than his true form does. Most of his techniques are also more focused on raw damage than the elegant techniques of Metatron. However, even like that his power is much greater than the other member's.

Energy Tunnel: Creates a tunnel in front of himself that reaches to his destination. Inside of the tunnel there is no air resistance and no gravity, meaning that Megatron can move faster than light once he is in that tunnel. He can also change the course of the tunnel, and constantly move around inside of it, avoiding all attacks while shooting his own with minimal risk of getting damaged. If he flies through an enemy with this technique, it has fatal results for them, while Megatron will not get harmed. The same goes for attacks, although Megatron usually avoids them.

Power Pressure: Radiates energy from his body. Megatron constantly radiates a bit of it (a far lower amount of energy than Metatron's), and can normally suppress it, but in a battle, the radiated energy creates a strong pressure that instantly faints his weaker foes, while weaker techniques will fade out or get weakened in their flight. This energy also knocks away any other forms of energy that are in the atmosphere, poison gas, and others. As Megatron can constantly radiate this energy, few foes are able to even reach Megatron, as the energy pushes them away while Megatron doesn't even have to move! If Megatron is in the air, and radiates the energy near some clouds, they will discharge their energy in the shape of giant sparks that fly towards random directions and make it seem as if Megatron was standing on a platform of sparks.

Fly: Flies freely in the air with his wings. He can also hover with his powers in case he needs his wings for some attack.

Seraph Feathers: Flaps  quickly with his wings, releasing many feathers from his wings. He controls these feathers with his mind to send them flying at his enemy to slice him up, as the feathers become extremely hard and get cutting edges like swords as soon as they are released from Megatron's wings.

Titan Beam: Blasts a giant beam of tremenduous power from his mouth. Although it can't be compared to Metatron's version, it still is very powerful.

Fire Blast: Shoots a powerful fire from his mouth that creates a fiery explosion upon impact, incinerating everything around.

Star Flame: Shapes a bluish white flame in his mouth, and then sends a stream of starfire-hot fire at his foe. There is no water that can put out such fire, that is so hot that it would actually melt wood before burning it, although the incalculable heat that is radiated by the fire already incinerates everything before the main fire can even get near! Megatron's version of the attack is a bit smaller than Metatron's, but more accurate.

Ikarus Wings: Spreads his wings after infusing a lot of fire energy into them, making them look as if they're set on fire, although they do not burn. He can use these wings for defensive purposes, or combine them with other attacks, like Seraph Feathers.

Nova: X-crosses his wings in front of himself and then suddenly spreads them, making an apocalyptic detonation of light, heat and nuclear energy happen at a place that Megatron decides with his mind. The detonation razes the surrounding environment in an instant and just leaves a big crater where it happened, although that does only happen at minimal power, as Megatron can make this technique powerful enough to erase a planet from space.

Weakening Fire: Shoots a crimson fire ball from his mouth that drastically lowers the foe's speed and drains some of their energy.

Flame Dance: Summons many flames that float around him. By looking at the selected target, he then sends the flames there, incinerating it. The flames also home on a moving target and move very quickly, evading obstacles and shields to deal their damage.

Dark Hug: Creates a ring of shadowy flames around himself. He then points his beak at the target, and the ring dissolves in the air and reappears around the foe, before closing itself, entangling, burning the target and draining its energy.

Gas Dragon: Some gases appear around the enemy's feet, before catching on fire and shaping into a dragon's head with a long neck. Before the dragon appears, the gases are not visible and can't be detected by any means other than special analysis. If the enemy doesn't avoid the gases before they catch on fire, the technique can't be escaped anymore due to the wide area that is covered. The enemy gets caught in the fire dragon's mouth, and lift up into the sky, where the dragon then explodes, hitting the enemy point-blank and heavily damaging him with the fire. Even if the foe survives the explosion, he will fall down from the sky, left wide open for any attack, and eventually will crash on the ground.

Aduran Beam: Fires a super-hot beam of highly compressed heat and solar energy whose energy comes directly from Aduran, Core Planet's sun. The beam is able to split continents in half with a single movement, and can be controlled by Megatron to destroy large parts of a planet in a matter of seconds. if the attack hits Megatron himself, his wings will reflect the light towards all sides, blinding his foes, while Megatron is unharmed.

Eruption: Points his beak into the sky, and summons a pillar of magma from the planet's core that rises up and makes the ground erupt beneath the foe's feet. If there are any volcanoes, caldeiras or deep fissures around, Megatron can summon the eruption from there instead.

Magmastorm: After having used Eruption, Megatron flaps his wings, creating a catastrophic tornado of lava, into which he infuses some Gaia power (the orange and brown energy). he can also make a thunder strike the tornado from above to make the technique even more destructive.

Demon Flame: Summons a destructive fire by looking at the targetted location. The fire engulfs everything that stood at that location the moment Megatron defined the target, meaning that if even if a foe escapes Megatron's field of vision, if he has been in that field when Metatron defined the target he will be engulfed in flames as well, while there will be an empty space with his shape where he has stood at the moment of definition. The demon flame will then burn until everything that has been defined as target is completely eradicated. Alternatively, Megatron can also send the Demon Flame as a sphere flying at his foe, and the sphere will explode upon impact, setting everything ablaze. In this case, the target is defined as everything that is touched by the fire.

Inferno: Shapes a diamond-like structure (two pyramids whose ends point at opposite directions) of hyper-compressed crimson fire in his mouth or in front of himself while closing his wings in front of himself, and sends it at the foe. The fire moves at bullet speed, and detonates upon impact, creating a terrible dome of fire that can cover the size of an island. The fire is much hotter than normal fire, and can even evaporate water before being put out by it. It looks like this.

Ice Beam: Fires a powerful icy beam at his foe, freezing him up under a thick layer of ice.

Blizzard: Summons a powerful blizzard by waving his wings that sweeps over a large area and heavily damages the ones that aren't used to cold, possibly freezing them up.

Hydro Pump: Shoots water at his foe with very high pressure, able to hit a hole through a mountain. Megatron can shoot this attack either from his mouth, any feather from his body or from any water source in the environment.

Water Moon Fang: One of his wings (or both) begin(s) to glow with a dark blue aura in which there are some bubbles. A circle of bluish glowing water then appears around the foe's feet and freezes their feet to the ground, immobilizing them. Then, Megatron slashes the air or does a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal chop with his wing , sending a big water fang in moon sickle shape at the foe, which glows with the bluish aura as well. The fang can cut through almost anything without even being slowed down.

Whirlpool: Stomps the ground or puts his foot into some water. Below the target or around it if it is in the water or under the ground a whirlpool then starts, and its great power sucks the target in, which then gets hit by many rocks that are picked up by the whirlpool, and possibly drowned or suffocated if they can't breathe under water or in the ground.

Tsunami: Flies up high into the air, and below him, where he has stood before, the ground starts cracking, creating a fissure that extends to the left and right below Megatron. Out of the fissure then comes a lot of water that starts heading towards the foe as a giant Tsunami. It is close to impossible to evade the attack, as Megatron will attack a foe that tries to jump over it, and since it reaches very far to the left and right, it is very hard to run around it in time. The Tsunami itself has got enough destructive power to wash an island away, and can even become stronger by carrying different materials in it, like mud or rocks.

Mud Water: Summons a wave of muddy water in the same way as he does with Tsunami. It is much weaker than Tsunami, but once it calms down, everything that it washed over is trapped in a thick layer of mud that then starts to dry, creating a very solid mass.

QuickFreeze: Quickly lowers the environment's temperature, encasing the target in a block of ice. he can then attack the block, shattering it along with the foe.

Hydro Cannon: Sends a blast of highly compressed water at the foe. It has got enough water and power to wash over an entire continent if it is decompressed. This is also the main difference that Hydro Cannon has from Hydro Pump.

Icy Rain: Summons a cold rain of water and ice. If used with low power, Megatron uses it demoralize the foe's troops, and weaken them by not allowing them to sleep or by drenching their clothes and making their limbs become numb. Just imagine yourself walking through a muddy path, drenched in seemingly endless cold and heavy rain under a clouded sky, with heavy weapons and objects in your backpack to get an impression of what the victims of that technique have to endure. At full power, the rain can flood entire countries.

Hydra Blaster: Opens his mouth, pointing it at the target, and much dark water that comes out of the air starts to gather in front of it like around an invisible stick that would come out of Megatron's mouth. The water takes the form of a Hydra's head, and takes the colours of Hydras. Eventually, the water looks like a Hydra's head with a part of its long body. This water Hydra is then sent at the enemy with such power that it can transperce a mountain range without being slowed down.

Reaper Tide: Summons a sudden cold wave of icy water that engulfs the enemy from all sides and either makes them suffer a heart attack because of the sudden cold, freezes their brain or drowns them. Even if they survive all these attacks, they can barely move in the water if they aren't a water-elemental foe, in which case Megatron would obviously not use such a technique, allowing Megatron to finish them quickly.

Thunder: Looks at a location or at the target, and then a powerful thunder strikes the foe from the skies. It is difficult to avoid due to its size and splash damage that creates a big crater, and because of its speed. As Megatron, he can also X-cross his wings in front of himself, and then spread them, shooting many hundreds of thunders from his wings to spread devastation.

White Spark: A white energy sphere appears in front of Megatron, and some white energy sparkles on it. Then a white thunderbolt in the typical zigzag shape of sparks is shot out. Apart of dealing high electric damage, the attack is actually meant to slice through the target to cause heavy physical damage with its sharp edges.

Magnet Pull: Points his beak at a target or at a place, and the pointed spot then becomes a strong magnetic field. Megatron likes to use this after summoning his sword, or when fighting an army, to pull his foes towards the sword or towards each other, making them unable to move.

Chain Lightning: Sends out a long lightning bolt that jumps from the target to every other thing that is near the target, and so on. A single Chain Lightning could easily defeat an army.

Energy Cannon: Shapes a sparkling sphere of lightning in his mouth, and aims it at the target. The sphere is then sent at the target, and can inflict heavy damage to the inner body parts without bothering with physical defense. Although, if the foe has a metal body, the Energy Cannon will inflict even higher damage, as the metal conducts electricity and spreads the electricity over the target's body.

Spark of Rainbow: X-crosses his wings in front of himself, and begins to shoot many White Sparks at the target. Every single of these sparks has got a different colour out of the rainbow spectrum, and a different effect that is casted upon the target upon contact. A red Spark for example would additionally inflict a heavy burn on the target, while a blue one has the effect of a Water Moonsickle Fang. Also, every single of these sparks is about five times as powerful as a White Spark. Alternatively, Megatron can spread his wings rapidly to blast thousands of differently colored sparks towards all directions.

Thunder of Rainbow: Summons a spheric black cloud above the target, on which sparkles a lot of bluish energy. Megatron then makes multiple thunders of different colours bombard the selected spot with continent-erasing power. The thunders have also the same effects depending on their colour as have the Spark of Rainbow attacks.

Zero Laser: Spreads his wings, facing the enemy, and sends out a titanic sea-blue beam that washes away even the toughest foes and disintegrates everything into nothingness.

Thunder Storm: With his telekinetic powers, Megatron gathers many dark clouds over the target, until there are enough. There is no limit of the clouds's number, mass, covered area, and power. Once Megatron considers the clouds to be sufficient, he stops gathering them and unleashes tremenduous devastation on the area below the clouds with a non-ending bombardment of thunders. Every thunder also has got physical power, which means that it could easily pierce through a house, even if that house is protected from electric currents.

Thunder Apocalypse: An attack that is basically the same as Shinu's Apocalypse Thunder. Megatron stomps the ground with his feet, summoning a mass of storm clouds full of electric energy above him. He also flaps some of his wings to charge the clouds with additional power of different natures, then he makes them gather and compress a bit and enlighten the surrounding environment with an explosion of light. The clouds sparkle with so much electricity that it is seen sparkling on the outside of the clouds as bluish-white energy, before sending a single giant thunder down that can turn a country into a crater. If Megatron infused any wind energy into the clouds, that energy creates a cyclone that then compresses the clouds into a single sphere of incredibly dense energy, and Megatron then releases it, making it fall down on a selected location. Upon impact, the cloud first liberates the electric energy that can't be hold inside, while the cloud descends into the ground until it is halfway in. Then it detonates, liberating the amassed energies as well as the electricity, slicing wind and enough water to flood the Earth into the environment that gets absolutely destroyed, leaving no trace behind of the location where the Cloud Bomb fell at, along with the whole planet if Megatron applies it at half its maximal power. Megatron's variation of the attack is even more powerful than Shinu's.

Nature Power: Lands on the targeted ground, in some water, or waves his wings in the air. This way, he gains absolute control over the element he got in touch of, for example he could summon a forest out of the ground, or create a lake by multiplicating the water of a single drop.

Leaves Storm: X-crosses his wings in front of himself, and summons many moonsickle-shaped leaves out of natural energy that appear on his wings' back side. He then throws the leaves at the target by spreading his wings, making them expand by letting it absorb the natural energy in the environment. The leaves also home on the target, and create a trail of slicing wind that strikes the foe once the leaf has cut through the target, inflicting extra damage that is even harder to avoid than the original leaf.

Poison Spikes: Concentrates on the ground below the target, and many poisonous thorns and vines come out of the ground, entangling the target and poisoning it badly. Even if the target was immune to that poison, it will still be entangled and wide open for incoming attacks.

Super Leaves Storm: Summons many leaves that are like the ones from the Leaves Storm technique, around him and in the environment. Then he concentrates on the target, and the leaves fly there, slicing it up multiple times. Once they cut through, the leaves make a U-Turn and fly again towards the target, until their energy is completely exhausted. They also can't cut up each other, as they are energy and not material, so a collision of leaves will simply make them fusion into a larger one.

Tornado: Summons a tornado, whose size depends on the used energy, and sends it at the target, controlling it at will.

Cyclone: Casts a powerful cyclone around himself by flapping his wings, which protects him from incoming attacks and can be used in combination with a tackle.

Aero Blast: Gathers a lot of wind energy in his mouth, and then sends out a beam-shaped absolute vacuum that has got unbelievable destructive power due to the high suction that it creates as well as the incomparable frequency of spins that the vacuum effectuates. This allows it to rip through pretty much everything that can be damaged, with the destructive power of multiple nuclear bombs.

Air Blade: Flaps one or both wings at the target, sending out a wind fang that is in fact composed out of one million super thin wind fangs that overlap each other, appearing as a single fang. On impact, the fangs begin spreading out and cut up the target from all sides as well as the environment.

White Laser: Blasts out a quick beam of purifying light from his mouth. It is very effective against dark elemental foes and undead, and has got a high radiative damage rate, illuminating the landscape around for some seconds.

Seraph Wings: Spreads his wings, which send out a bluish glow from every single feather. Then, each feather sends out a small blue light beam that travels very fast and is hard to avoid due to the sheer numbers.

Light Storm: The same as Seraph wings, but the beams that are sent out have a golden colour and are much bigger, moving much slower than the Seraph Wings beams. However, they cause much more destruction, as a single beam can destroy a city with ease.

Morning Beam: Looks at the place where the sun appears in the morning (on Earth, that would be the east, while it's the west on Core Planet), and a warm beam comes from that place, even if the sun is actually in the sky or somewhere else. The light heals Megatron's allies and blinds his foes. Also, if it is night time, the sun will immediately rise.

Blade of Judgement: Raises his head, pointing his beak at the sky, and whispers something. Then he suddenly points his beak at the target, shouting in his own language: "Gyaaaooohhh, Iiiiiiiungh!" "Fall down from the skies, purifying blade of Heaven!", and a giant white sword descends from the sky, either spinning around its axis or vertically, or straight with the tip pointing at the target. Upon impact, it releases three powerful waves of pure light before disappearing again. The waves of light can kill any undead being instantly, while the sword itself is powerful enough to kill even a Restless Soul.

Spark of Life: Smiling (Megatron can actually smile despite that he has a beak, because he can slightly deform it), Megatron waves one of his wings, making a feather fall off that is charged with a combination of Soul Energy and Light. He then controls the feather, making it fly at the foe like a dagger for a perfect-precision attack. Upon impact, the feather releases the charge of Soul Energy and Light, creating a putifying explosion, and then returns to Megatron.

Soul Flash: Like for Spark of Life, Megatron selects a feather and charges it with Soul Energy and Light. But instead of charging it normally, he gives it such an amount of power that the feather is clearly overcharged, and just about to explode. Megatron then throws the feather up into the air by using his psychic powers (the tremenduous amount of energy that is contained in the feather actually makes it become as heavy as a stone and eliminates the resistance of air), where the feather blows up in light and soul power that take the form of four golden spheres that crash into the foe, dealing damage that could be compared to a heavy burn, dealt with light. The explosion of light is alrady enough to kill undead foes.

Purification: Megatron calls down a purifying light from Heaven that crashes into the targetted location like a giant laser. Megatron can also move that beam around, cleaving entire continents in half with ease. He can also make many slightly smaller beams come from his wings by x-crossing them in front of himself and spreading them afterwards. Like this, it looks like an explosion of light happening around Megatron, before the beams start flying outwards.

Shadow Ball: Shapes a shadowy ball of ghostly and dark energy in his mouth and sends it at the enemy. Alternatively, he X-crosses his wings in front of himself, and then spreads them out, sending hundreds of Shadow Balls outwards to spread destruction.

Bloodnight Fang: Waves one or both wings, sending out a black and red energy fang that can home on a target, ignore any object except the target, become invisible and absorb other forms of energy it comes into contact with, making it a lethal weapon. Megatron can even send out a (relatively small) fang from each of his feathers, to send out thousands of fangs that tear through everything.

Black Magic: Points his beak at the foe, infusing dark energy into their bodies. That dark energy then immediately begins to absorb the foe's energy, converting it into more dark energy to increase the draining rate. When the foe's energy is completely drained and his life signals have completely stopped, the dark energy either detonates, destroying the body, or takes control of the corpse, turning it into an undead puppet. This attack is the one that Megatron uses the least, as he dislikes the effect that it takes. Although, as Megatron, he likes to use it more because he doesn't represent the opposite of Yami when in this form.

Night Shield: Creates a black shield with dark energy that absorbs the energy of everything it comes into contact with. Metatron doesn't really need this to defend himself, but Megatron does. Although, he could easily avoid any attacks.

Shadow Clone: Creates a shadowy clone of himself or someone else with dark energy. That clone is an exact copy of the being it was created from, but it doesn't lose any energy over time, as it draws energy from the environment or other beings. Megatron also will know everything that the clone does, which makes it a useful technique for spying. However, he can not clone something and give it infinite power, like himself, Yami, and M.

DarCloning: Uses dark energy to change someone or something. He can regenerate lost limbs by replacing them with dark versions of themselves, shapeshift a Shadow Clone, and even turn a harmless insect into a mutant dark insectoid dragon.

Gravitation Control: One of Megatron's most useful abilities against airborne foes, he can control gravity to pull them to the ground, although it is slightly weaker in his normal form. This even applies to techniques that his foes use, so Megatron could use this to pull a beam attack to the ground, where it would deal no damage at all. By increasing gravity, he can also immobilize his foes with ease, while he is unaffected by it.

Nightmare Counter: If Megatron gets caught in an illusion, or is about to do so, the technique instantly activates automatically, creating two special ghostly entities that act independently of Megatron. The illusion then takes effect as it would do in a normal case, trapping one of the two entities instead of Megatron. However, the being that is casting the illusion will find itself in it as well, and when it tries either to escape it or break the illusion, as is expected from an illusionist in such cases, nothing will occur, either putting the illusionist in a state of panic or making it realize that something goes wrong. A half-visible entity will then appear in the illusion at some distance from the illusionist and near Megatron, walk towards the target that finds itself unable to move, and draw a dagger in the process. Finally, the entity stabs the target with the dagger, trapping it in the illusion while Megatron can escape it. Or, to be more precisely, he will not even get caught in the illusion, instead he will see through the caught entity's eyes for a short amount of time. The illusion's manipulation also has got some side effects: the illusion will fall under Megatron's control, but it will not drain any energy from him to continue working, and it will last on for as long as Megatron doesn't willingly stop it, even if it is a limited-time illusion, in which case it will enter an infinite loop, starting over and over again. The caught being will also be stripped entirely from its abilities and powers, like a metallic body or the ability to use an illusion-escaping technique, and finally it will constantly suffer a terrible pain from the moment where it gets stabbed with the dagger as if its blood was boiling and the bones covered in spikes. Finally, it will not be able to damage itself in order to finish the illusion, which will actually never end except if Megatron wishes to do so.

Ghost Blast: Concentrates on the enemy, and an explosion of ghostly and dark energy happens then inside their body, draining half their energy. If used twice, the foe will die instantly, but Megatron can not use this on enemies that have equal or more power than himself.

Dark Matter Bomb: Shapes a tiny black sphere in his mouth or at the tip of his beak and places it on the ground. The number 100 then appears above the sphere, and begins counting down until it reaches 0. Then the sphere explodes in an absolutely soundless detonation of dark energy that engulfs everything in its range, which is equal to a planet's size.

Death Wave: Sends out three invisible waves that cover a large area. With each wave, the foe loses some of his speed, until he is completely immobilized by the third one. As the heart can't beat anymore, the foe then dies, and after some seconds, when the wave's effect wears off, he falls to the ground.

Earth Power: The ground beneath the target's feet starts inflating, then a fissure opens and a lot of earth energy and lava comes out of it vertically upwards, blasting the enemy away and inflicting heavy damage. If the target is too heavy, the fissure continues to open and lets more energy leak out. After half a second, the energy is such that it lifts rocks from the environment as well.

Levitating Rock: Uses magical power to make a rock hover above the ground. He can use this to create a trap, a barrage, or deliver a heavy kick into the rock to send it flying towards the target.

Quicksand: Turns a part of the ground into a quicksand pit, while leaving no visual evidence of it being created or existing. An unsuspecting foe that taps on the pit instantly gets sucked into the ground and is buried at 500 meters depth.

Earthquake: Creates a powerful earthquake by stomping the ground, or by concentrating on it if he is flying, that can destroy entire cities in a matter of minutes.

Earthquake Storm: Creates many earthquakes that happen simultaneously in the same way as he creates normal Earthquakes. If something is standing directly above the epicenter or at the point where the earthquakes meet, it is unlikely to survive/endure the attack.

Rock Crush: Summons four large rocks that come out of the ground with the target in its center, and these rocks then crush the target between them.

Magic Rocks: Gives the rock the magical ability to change its weight while enabling it to think a bit. The rock always acts to Megatron's advantage, like making itself very light when Megatron kicks it and then very heavy when crashing down on the foe for maximal damage.

Meteor Storm: Summons a catastrophic rain of meteors that fall from the sky, turning it red because of the flames they get engulfed in when entering the atmosphere. After some time, Megatron can also call down a super-huge meteor that falls down like the others, but also explodes upon impact with the power of 100 A-Bombs, razing the entire continent it crashes down on in a split second.

World Funeral: Megatron raises his head and spreads his wings, and the target falls into a bottomless abyss that opens beneath its feet. After some seconds, it disappears in a swirling lava whirlpool that is in the abyss, getting mutilated and corrupted in some seconds. Megatron could even bury a planet in a swirl of lava that he summons instead of letting it fall into it.

Trump Card: Points his beak at the target, and suddenly a card with a star seal on one side and some beast creature on the other appears in front of it. Megatron then sends that card flying at the foe. The card homes on the foe, and flies by every defense with exceptional skill to deal unblockable damage at the foe's weakest spot, blowing up as it touches the targeted spot. Aside of dealing enough damage with the explosion to turn a village into a crater, the card has two additional effects from which Megatron can choose which one to apply, or both if he wishes to do so: cancel out any powering-up effect that the foe has applied, and making him forget about using it for the rest of the battle, or giving Megatron full control of the body part that the card touched, also giving him the option to destroy it.

UltiBlast: Megatron's ultimate attack. He charges a lot of energy into his mouth, and then opens it, showing a golden sphere to the target, before sending it flying towards it. As soon as the sphere leaves the mouth, it grows to Megatron's size and flies at the foe with light speed. It detonates upon impact with the target, while absorbing or letting through any obstacles, including counter attacks, creating a golden dome of light, soul energy and wind.

Vice-Leader: Neko Majin Z, The Demon Cat

"Looking for your tuna fish? I don't know where it is... Burp."

Neko Majin Z is one of the most curious beings that ever existed. Despite his size and funny looks, he is many millions of times stronger than the average being of Core Planet. Never claiming power for himself, Neko Majin contented himself with inhabiting a small island in the eastern sea of Asgard, which is known as Majin Island or Cat Island. It is known to be inhabited by different beings, some of which are very strong, while ohers are simple humans. they all share a peaceful way of living, and some are disciples of Neko Majin in fighting styles, referring to him as Master Majin Z. Neko Majin Z, which is called Master Majin/Neko Majin or simply Z by most, is like a protective deity to these inhabitants, as he protects the island from all evil influences, although he does not really try to do so. He rather leads a peaceful and calm life. M hired him and gave him the rank of an Aduran Commando member in exchange for his help on the island - and because of his power, because although Neko Majin Z may look weak, he posesses unbelievable amounts of energy, including physical supreme power that allows him to lift many tons with a single hand, magical and psychic power that he doesn't use too much though, and demonic power as well. He can even transform into a superior state, in which his body starts to glow, and radiates sparkling energy, while his hair becomes longer. He never really has to use this to overcome a foe though, as his normal power is already far more than sufficient. Also, Neko Majin Z is in charge of the Core Zone, which is partially located on Cat Island and in the islands that are around it. He leaves most of the work to Akuma and some others that work there, and limits himself to protecting the island, which includes the Core Zone in Asgard.

Neko Majin is not much of a guy that really gets into a fight. He never rejects a challenge, and likes to measure himself to the most powerful foe that he can encounter, but he is not aggressive or even lusting for blood, even if he gets serious in battles. He likes to play around with his foe, enjoying the battle, and often shouts things like "Yeah" or "Wow" in battles. He keeps on his smile even if he gets serious, except if the foe manages to catch him with some stupid trick, something along the lines of "Oh, look over there!" If other members of the Aduran Commando are watching, they usually smile as they see Neko Majin Z battling.

Cat Speed: Neko Majin Z has the agility and speed of the felines that he is a bit of, and with his incredible stamina he has no problem in keeping it up for an entire battle.

Cat Senses: Neko Majin Zs senses and reflexes are also very developed, far beyond even the perceptive abilities of cats. He has no problem in sensing a needle-big ray being shot towards him and avoiding it in time, even if he had his eyes closed. His ears, nose, and even hair allow him to notice any change in the environment, often even before a hyper-sensitive machine does.

Demon Immunity: Neko Majin Z inherited the demonic immunities, like immunity to fire and darkness. Light would normally be able to harm him, but as he is a cat as well he has no problem with stepping into the sun or taking light attacks from a close range. As he has got the properties of an aquatic demon as well, he can swim and dive in any waters unlike a cat that hates water.

Supreme Body Power: Neko Majin Z has got incredible physical power, which he also trains every day. As his bones are flexible like those of a cat, he can push himself over many limits where ordinary humans would stop, and with his demonic abilities his body regenerates much faster than other being's.

Fly: Neko Majin Zs magic power allows him to fly and hover freely in the air without any problem. Despite his clumsy appearance, he is very fast in the air as he is on the ground.

Magic Power: Neko Majin Z can access a limited move pool of offensive, defensive and miscellaneous spells and magic energy of different kinds, like mana and ki.

Cat Claws: Uses his claws to attack the enemy. They are very sharp and retractable.

Demon Punch: Punches the enemy. His punches are enhanced with a special purple dark magical energy that engulfs his foes as soon as they get in touch with it, and the physical power of his hand can send the biggest foes flying away with ease.

Ninja Kick: Delivers a kick or jump kick at the foe. Like his punches, his kicks are enhanced with magical energy, but it is electric energy instead of dark one. His kicks are even more powerful than his punches, and a single one can send a mountain into the horizon.

Neko Power Claw Blast: Charges some energy into his paw and then swings it at the foe's direction, sending a blast at them that creates a big flash upon impact. Here is a picture of that flash (and its effects) at minimal power.

Neko Wave: Sends a powerful blast or wave from one of his hands. The blast is pure energy and explodes upon impact. Neko Majin Z can also shoot these blasts at a rapid rate with both his hands. It looks like this.

Two-handed Neko Wave: Sends a powerful beam at the foe with both his hands. Despite its name, the technique is far more powerful than two single-handed Neko Waves, it can easily destroy a planet at full power. With low power, it looks like this.

Nekohameha: Neko Majin Zs most powerful attack in his normal form. he puts his hands together by his wrists, pointing his palms at the foe, and charges a lot of energy into them while shouting "Nekohameha!". A super strong Neko Wave-like blast is then sent at the target, and if in the air, Neko Majin Z can also use the recoil to blast himself into any direction. It looks like this.

Super Transform: Concentrates hard while clenching his fists, and his body begins to glow while some energy sparkles over his body. His hair also becomes a bit longer. In this form, Neko Majin Z, whose name becomes Super Neko Majin, unlocks some extra abilities, which are listed below.

Megahameha: Like for a Nekohameha, Super Neko Majin points his palms at the foe while having them put together at the wrists, but he doesn't have to say "Nekohameha" or something, meaning that, aside of being hundreds of times more powerful even than Nekohameha, it can be executed much faster. It is also much more accurate, as it can slightly home on the target, so it can't avoid the attack by barely letting it pass by.

Power Blaster: As Super Neko Majin, his body is so overcharged with different kinds of energy (which manifest in the glow and the sparkles) that every kind of physical contact instantly creates a detonation of energy around the touched body part without harming Super Neko Majin but inflicting heavy damage to whoever touches his body. This also applies to any punch, kick, divebomb, and other physical attack that Super Neko Majin uses, as well as to his attacks, which create large explosions.

Super Z Claws: If Super Neko Majin slashes the air with his claws, they leave a trail of golden magic energy that can even fly forward and slash the enemy even if Super Neko Majin is at a distance. They also have an enhancing effect on the cuts created by the claws.

Energy Body: Super Neko Majin's body is charged with energy not only to enhance his combat effectiveness and to defend him from attacks, but it also has the effect that Super Neko Majin becomes fully immune to any kind of non-physical attack thrown at him, as the energy absorbs that attack and adds it to Super Neko Majin's power. Additionally, it has the effect that energy attacks gain physical properties for Super Neko Majin at a certain degree of compression, although they can still be absorbed. For example, if an enemy were to send a highly compressed energy blast at Super Neko Majin, the latter would be able to catch it in his hand like a ball, or kick it back towards the one that sent it, or simply let it hit him to absorb the energy without being harmed. This also applies to Super Neko Majin's own techniques.

Kinetic Paws: When transforming, Super Neko Majin becomes able to emit and absorb any amount of kinetic power from or into them, meaning that he can effortlessly block any physical attacks thrown at him, like a punch or a kick. If he blocks a foe's direct attack, he also instantly drains all of their physical power that they have, making them fall to the ground, unable to move until they recover the energy, although a living being would die because their heart stops beating. Super Neko Majin can also throw things, like a stone, that are so overcharged with kinetic energy that they have the impact power of a planet in stone-size, and he can apply it to his punches as well, adding to their destructive power even more than with Power Blaster.

Power Explosion: Super Neko Majin can liberate some of the energy stored in his body whenever he wishes to create a dome-shaped blast around himself. This lasts for a few seconds, then the energy gets sucked back into him.

Golden Magic Blast: Super Neko Majin's ultimate attack. He puts his hands as if he was holding a big ball (that would be about the size of ten foot balls) and charges an immense amount of golden energy into it, in which golden stars can be seen and around of which a slightly dark aura can be noticed by a keen eye. Super Neko Majin then throws the Golden Magic Blast at the target, creating an unbelievably big explosion of golden energy and small golden particles upon impact that leaves no trace behind of the planet it has been used on.

Assassin: Alexia Nightdaughter

(Basic form, released form)

"Humans fear the night, and yet it is not evil, but it is strong. I know what I am talking about..."

Alexia is the personal disciple of Atollos, and by far the strongest scythe-wielder of Core Planet, even superior to Atollos and Mastermind that prefer sword fighting. She is one of the few descendants left of the original humanoid race that populated Earth before the humans, the angels, but she has got some human blood in her veins as well. She lived in Asgard for some time, until she had to flee after being accused of a murder. She found out the true identity of the murderer and brought him to the king to show her innocence. Later the king told M about Alexia, because the captured murderer was in fact a very dangerous demonic being, which even the royal knights hadn't been able to stop. Noticing that Alexia was abnormally strong, M took her with him to the world outside of Asgard and told her about the man that she had caught, after what he offered her a new life in conditions where her powers wouldn't be too outstanding. Alexia soon showed that she was a master in wielding the scythe, her favorite weapon, and her other powers were also very remarkable. She battles much better during the night, and has got access to many darkness and other tricky techniques, like invisibility in the shadows. Her excellent hiding skills, moving speed and huge endurance make her an ideal assassin, allowing her to kill the leader foes in their camp, spreading fear among the enemy soldiers.

Alexia uses a variety of ninja and darkness techniques, but her greatest powers come from the Yin of darkness, as she calls it, that is in fact the good side of dark energy. In opposition to the Yang side of dark energy, as it is used by Yami for example, Yin dark energy can not absorb other forms of energy, and is not very destructive, but instead it is incredibly powerful for enhancing the powers of the user. For example, Alexia infused her skin with Yin dark energy, what made her totally immune to other forms of dark energy, and made her skin as hard as diamond. As most magicians and spell casters that have access to dark energy prefer the Yang side, almost no one knows about the Yin side, and so about the power that it contains.

Moon Scythe: Alexia possesses a legendary scythe, known as the Moon Scythe, one of the most powerful weapons of Core Planet, and Alexia is certainly worthy of wielding it. Aside of being able to cut through objects that other weapons couldn't even put a scratch on, like diamond, the Moon Scythe has got the ability to control light and darkness. As Alexia relies on darkness for her attacks and techniques in general, the Moon Scythe provides her an excellent enhancing weapon. Her skill at handling the scythe is unmatched even by the Reaper himself as many say if they have ever seen Alexia wielding it. However, Alexia avoids killing if there is no need to do so, and her scythe is used either if she gets serious in battle, or if she has to kill a foe.

Ghost Trick: Alexia can become intangible, invisible, transparent, and acquire other abilities that ghosts have by simply concentrating on it. Ghosts are children of he night like her, after all.

Yin Shadow Hug: In the darkness, Alexia's power, speed, defense, agility, and overall her combat performance greatly increase. If she summons absolute darkness with her Moon Scythe, she could even rival Yami in daylight.

Yin Vanish: Uses her dark power to vanish in the form of dark particles that reform somewhere else. Alexia uses this to teleport, sneak somewhere, gather information through spying, and many others.

Night Clone: Creates a dark clone of herself that has her abilities, minus the supreme power of the Moon Scythe, although it possesses a scythe that looks just like it. She can create as much clones as she wishes.

Dark Whispers: Asks the darkness around herself to tell her different things. As darkness and night have existed even before the universe has been created, they know a lot about everything, from every mundane detail to earth-shattering news to ancient history. It can whisper information about a foe into Alexia's ears in a battle, say incomprehensible things into a foe's ears to make them lose their concentration and/or focus or make them think that they are becoming mad, ask any allies for information somewhere far away, and many others.

Yin Shade Disguise: Casts some dark energy around herself to shapeshift into someone else. It is just a disguise, however, and does not give Alexia any special abilities.

Black Coat: An item that Alexia got from the night itself after some years, when she finished her training under Atollos before becoming an Aduran Commando member, the Black Coat is one of Alexia's most valuable possessions that she never takes off. If she puts on the hood, the coat, that is very resistant to damage, even sword slashes and strong elemental attacks, will activate and stay so for as long as Alexia doesn't willingly remove it. No one can recognize her if she wears it, not even her brother would do if she had one. The coat also makes Alexia seem absolutely uninteresting. For example, even if Alexia wears her Moon Scythe on her back, which shows who she is, and someone would see her in the black coat, he would not even really notice her and forget about her the very same moment that he looks away, even if he would have seen a picture of her and was looking for her for any reasons. No one would walk into her or something if she would wear the coat in a crowd, because she doesn't turn invisible, but she would simply melt into the crowd instead, and even if she would stand on someone's head that person would simply accept that and not bother about it. Even if Alexia would put on the coat in the middle of the fight,an enemy would wonder where she has disappeared, and not notice her while she is cloaked, even if she would draw her scythe and stab him with it. This coat makes Alexia so outstanding as a spy, even if she can pass unnoticed without using it. Alexia used it on a famous occasion where she tested the coat's true potential: she had to steal some valuable documents from a heavily guarded mansion, so she put her coat on and climbed over the fence. The cameramen that were watching the mansion's environment did not even notice her. She entered through the front door, which was guarded by two grunts armed with machine guns, saying that she just wanted to steal something, and the guards just murmured something like "'kay" and nodded, simply letting her pass. As she walked through the corridors, no one took any notice of her even as she took an ID card from a patrol to pass some mechanic doors, and she knocked at the bosses office door, and he just looked at her briefly before returning to his paperwork, letting her take the documents and leave without any question. He later wondered where he had put the papers, and one guard said that it had had its ID card stolen, but no one remembered Alexia. The coat can't be stolen either, as no one except Alexia is able to touch it because it turns into dark fog as soon as someone else than Alexia touches it.

Night Touch: By touching an enemy, Alexia sends some Yin Dark energy into their bodies, making them have a total sense blackout. They can't see, hear, smell, feel, and taste anything in their environment for at least three minutes. Alexia can also use this technique to enhance her attacks with Yin dark energy to make them more effective. 

Night Shot: Sends a small black sphere at the target, which has the same effects as Night Touch, but can be used from a wide range, and applied to Alexia's wide-range techniques to enhance them with darkness.

Dark Possession: Uses her dark powers to control something in the environment or an enemy by infusing some Yin dark energy into it, making it fall under the control of the night, which then gives the ability to control the things or beings to Alexia. Alternatively, Alexia can also send a lot of yin dark energy into the ground at her feet to create a spreading field of darkness in which everything that enters or already is in the field falls under her control.

Substitution, Kawarimi-no-jutsu: Switches places with anything that she wishes, including enemies and objects that are very far away with a special ninja ability. This results very effective when creating a clone and switching places with it to escape or draw any attacks towards it, giving her some seconds to prepare a powerful attack or do something else. She can also make two things or beings change places, for example to replace a foe's heart with a simple stone, killing him instantly.

Hell Bomb: Concentrates a lot of Yin dark energy into her hand, creating a black ball in it. She can then throw it on the ground or at a selected location, and the ball blows up as it touches something, creating a big explosion of dark energy that only consumes what Alexia intends it to consume. If the attack would miss the target and hit a tree instead, the effect would just be like a black smoke bomb, confusing enemies if they get hit sometime later. The darkness will also not consume Alexia due to this effect.

Night Field: Places her scythe on her hand, and makes it turn very quickly while making it absorb the light surrounding her. After a few seconds, the spot on which Alexia is standing is a black spheric field where there is no light, giving Alexia an advantage in battles. The field can be very small, barely covering Alexia, or it can become as big as an entire island.

Morning Beam: Uses the Moon Scythe to create light, shaping a warm light beam that looks like the one of a sun in the morning when the first rays sweep the land. It has the same effect as a sunbeam would have, killing undead, turning werewolves into humans, burning vampires, and others. Although this will only apply to artificially created beings, as true vampires are the children of night and should not die.

Moonlight: Summons a beam of healing moon light by raising her Moon Scythe. It heals allies and Alexia herself, while enlightening a small area around Alexia.

Absorb: Alexia can absorb any kind of light and darkness, of any kind. This involves Yang dark energy like Yami's, which is turned into Yin dark energy, and light meant for destructive purposes, like Metatron's Soul Flash.

Witch Hunt: Alexia raises her Moon Scythe, holding it above her so that the enemy sees the flat part of it. Then, she charges the blade with incredible amounts of Yin dark energy and soul power, making the blade turn entirely white while a black aura is created around it, and some energy sparks also begin to sparkle on the blade's surface. The Moon Scythe eventually gets so overcharged with energy that it releases a bit of it in the form of energy waves that blow up dust, water, or whatever is at Alexia's feet, creating a circle around her. Then Alexia swings the Moon Scythe at the target, and as she swings it the blade becomes multiple times bigger than before, cutting through every defense and counter attack like nothing and inflicting very heavy damage, if the foe survives the attack, that is! Used against foul witches, and other beings that lurk in the shades, claiming to be children of the night, like zombies, liches, Restless, and other beings that use only Yang dark energy, this attack becomes far stronger even than it is already, because the Yin dark energy in Alexia's Moon Scythe drains the Yang from them, turning it into complete darkness which falls under Alexia's control while quickly weakening the target. The attack can also be used from a distance, in which case the Moon Scythe will send out a white fang of energy. This is Alexia's ultimate attack in her non-released form.

Golden Fang: Raises her Moon Scythe in the same way she does when using Witch Hunt, and charges it with lots of light energy and soul power, turning the Moon Scythe's blade into a shining white fang. A lot of sparks also appear on the blade's surface, the scythe's stick and even on Alexia's arms and shoulders, and they travel through Alexia's entire body into the ground, cracking it. Alexia then swings the Moon Scythe at the target, delivering a single hyper-strong light-elemental slash at it. The Moon Scythe also sends a big golden energy fang at the target, even if it is used from direct proximity or if the foe manages to block the sword, although any normal blade would already break when the Moon Scythe touches it for any normal slash attack. As opposed to the Witch Hunt, Golden Fang is Alexia's strongest light attack that can deal heavy damage

Call Forth: Children of the darkness: If a foe is too strong for Alexia, or she is confronted with any problem that she can't or doesn't want to handle for any reasons, she can call the beings of the night to battle at her side. She absorbs the light in the environment, turning the place dark as night in some seconds if it is not night already, and then summons the children of night that arise from the ground, come flying from the skies or appear in clouds of smoke. Alexia can summon owls, bats, witches, cats, spirits and deceased souls, Night Walkers, Dark magicians, Night demons, vampires, werewolves and succubi, among many others. If she uses the technique at its highest power level, this technique will additionally summon an incredibly powerful being called The Collector, a Night Walker that constantly sweeps Core Planet searching for evil deceased souls, undead, and other dark beings that live at night but aren't real children of the night. By collecting these souls, The Collector gained more power with each soul and being that he collected or defeated under the command of the darkness, and developed incredible powers whose level lies somewhere between a being on Core Planet that is stronger than the average, and the Aduran Commando. Yet he doesn't pose a threat to the beings of Core Planet, as he doesn't mess with the living world and instead helps the undead and restless souls to go to Hades and truly die once and for all. If he is summoned by Alexia however, he knows that he will have to battle against foes of the night, and use a variety of ghost and shadowy techniques that he gained by destroying souls and undead beings and absorbing their abilities and power into himself. He is even a tad stronger than Alexia in her normal form.

Release: Fallen Angel, Night Child: Alexia's Moon Scythe stores an incredible amount of energy in it that Alexia seals away to suppress her true power and form. However, if she ever needs to, she can open that seal to access the sealed energy to become stronger. If she decides to do so, a gentle wind starts to blow, and much dark energy leaks out of Alexia, darkening the air around Alexia while swirling around her and becoming more compact with each second, eventually taking the form of a seemingly solid sphere in which Alexia is completely concealed. After some time the sphere then explodes, revealing Alexia in her new released form. The Moon Scythe also turns into its ultimate form, and the planet which Alexia is on when activating the technique (if she s not in space, that is) turns dark entirely, so that everywhere there is night, and a full silver moon summoned by the Ultimate Moon Scythe also appears on the sky, even if there already is one.

Fly: As an angel, Alexia can freely fly in the air with her wings. Her widely enhanced powers also allow her to hover in the air without having to use her wings all the time.

Child of Night: As Alexia's released form always fights at night, as the planet where the Ultimate Moon Scythe is automatically has nighttime for as long as the Ultimate Moon scythe is active or present, Alexia automatically has all the advantages that she also has in her normal form during the night, and additionally her Ultimate Moon Scythe becomes able to absorb and produce light and darkness at a much higher rate than in its normal form, greatly enhancing Alexia's effectiveness in battles.

Enhanced Techniques: Alexia's abilities are widely enhanced in her released form. Her Night Touch and Night Shot attacks are able to kill foes instead of simply causing a sensual blackout, Yin Shadow Hug's effects are 1.000.000 times as high as they are in Alexia's normal form plus Alexia is fighting in maximum conditions because it's always midnight where she is), her Night Clones have got scythes that are as effective as the normal Moon Scythe, and can also take some hits before going down instead of dissolving on the first attack, Yin Shade disguise allows Alexia to gain the abilities of the copied being, the Dark Possession field spreads much faster and is almost inescapable for trapped beings, Hell Bomb's explosive radius becomes as big as a continent, Night Field, Moonlight and Absorb are automatically active and much more powerful, and her Witch Hunt and Golden Fang techniques are many times more destructive, able to split a planet in half at maximal power.

Ultimate Moon Scythe: As Alexia enters her released form, her Moon Scythe becomes much stronger and gains a new ability: it becomes able to cut through every kind of living material, no matter its resistance, as long as that material can be cut. This means that Alexia could easily cut even through a dragon's scales without any problem, even those like Dragon Alpha's, but not through M's skin. The blade of the scythe also becomes so sharp that it can cut through every existing material, with the exception of pure Titan Metal. Basically, a being that can die and doesn't wear an armor or wield a sword that is made out of Pure Titan Metal to defend itself from the sword is sure to fall to the Ultimate Moon Scythe if it doesn't avoid being slashed by it, which is very hard because of Alexia's incredible speed in the darkness. Even beings that would normally be immortal, but at a normal grade (so that they still have a death, which is everyone with the exception of M) can not survive an attack of it.

Dark Yin Control: In her released form, Alexia can fully and unconditionally control darkness of Yin kind. She can summon, absorb and manipulate it at will, use it to compensate Yang darkness of any foe, gaining control of it, and even use it to cast her techniques from a range. She could easily create a clone of herself inside a foe's body, killing them from within, and summon Night Shots somewhere far away by looking through portals and similar devices.

Endless Coat of Night: Alexia's ultimate technique. She summons incredible lots of Yin darkness, enough to cover a planet, and compresses it until a large and completely black blanket is created. Further compressing the Yin darkness and summoning more of it with each second, the blanket eventually gains solidity. Each square meter of that giant press then has one million tons of weight, enough to crush a city beneath it with the minimal force of gravity. Alexia continues to enlarge the blanket until it covers the desired area, and then lets it crash down with incomparable destructive power like a titanic press. Alexia can then either choose to absorb the energy back into her, or leave it as is, in which case the darkness will decompress, engulfing the planet and any moons it may have with a black aura that makes it impossible to live in for any kind of living being. The planet hen becomes a black dot in space that will never be inhabited anymore, as such amounts of dark energy are simply too much, even if it is of the Yin kind.

Strategists: Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu

(Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Oki and Sakuya)

(Tsukuyomi/Oki)"I am Tsukuyomi, the Moon God. My trusted blade Kuton shall destroy your body in a swirl of ice."

(Amaterasu/Sakuya)"My name is Amaterasu, the God of the Sun. May your soul descend to Hades as your body falls to the ground."

(Both)"We are the godly siblings, Sun and Moon. If we are together, no one can stand in our way. So clear the path... or die."

Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu are godly twins, although they don't look like they are. In fact, few would hesitate in saying that they one is the exact opposite of the other. Tsukuyomi (Moon Night) is a black male wolf, and Amaterasu (God of the Sun) is a white fox-like female wolf. Both of them are able to take human form, in which case their names are Oki (Tsukuyomi) and Sakuya (Amaterasu). But despite their differences, they live alongside each other in perfect unison, they share the same thoughts and desires, and although they are two different beings, someone would, after observing them, say that they could as well be a single being. They are perfectly able to separate from each other, act independently of the other one, but the close bond that binds siblings together, especially god twins, allows them to exchange their thoughts over large distances, and share the experiences of each other, which they do all the time except when one gets wounded to avoid hurting the other one as well. Both of them come from a legendary land called Nippon which is a part in the far east of Core Planet, where they grew up and occasionally visited Asgard, until they were recruited by M, who treated them as one being due to the bond that they share, which is also the reason that they occupy only one place in the Aduran Commando. Their legendary bond, as well as their abilities which they possess as individuals, make them very hard foes to face, in fact none of them ever lost a battle even to the other one as their battles always resulted in draws, but together they are so powerful that no foe has ever managed even to touch them. In wars, they usually battle at different spots while exchanging their experiences with each other, seeing through the enemy's strategy, troop force, weaknesses and developing possibilities of countering his actions. their bond is said to be just as tight and strong as the one that Atollos and Mastermind share.

Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu usually battle at the corners and sides in battles and wars, running around the foes and attacking on the flanks or from behind, forcing them to defend and change their strategy. They can easily sweep through a foe's defense with their godly powers, and have a defense themselves that can't be penetrated with normal weapons. Their power is so great that it even rivals with Megatron.

Here is a video that shows how Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi usually battle, it also demonstrates the Wolf Swordfighting Style. The cutscenes are from the game's storyline, so you may want to skip them.

Tsukuyomi's techniques:

Godly Body: As Tsukuyomi is a god, his body is not like a normal wolf's: all normal attacks are unable to affect him in any way, direct or indirect. His body is constantly surrounded by an icy blue aura that cancels out any elemental attacks and stops physical attacks cold in the air.T ere are only a few techniques and a few beings that can harm him, although he may look like his body is a normal wolf's. Also, any kind of weapon that touches Tsukuyomi's body, either because of an attack or to defend, will break instantly if it hasn't got the necessary protective enhancements. In other words, no one that has the abilities needed to fight a god can effectively attack or defend himself from Tsukuyomi and Oki.

Legendary Power: Tsukuyomi's energy level is totally incomparable even to powerful beings like the Avatars. In fact, he has got an energy level somewhere between Megatron's and Yami's: it is not totally infinite, but still very high. Therefore, Tsukuyomi is able to fight for an entire century without showing any signs of exhaust.

Wolf God: Tsukuyomi is an extremely skilled martial artist, and can applicate what he can do as a human as well when he is a wolf, if not even better. It is no problem for him to flip over an enemy, delivering five kicks at their ribs, stomach, lungs, solar plexus, and neck, before hitting them in the back of the head with his hindlegs and sending them to the ground, all in a single motion and in one second. He can as well profit from the advantages that he has as both a wolf and a god, and combining his special abilities and senses, he creates a field of perception around himself in which he immediately becomes aware of any other being's presence, and through his senses he can analyze the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of these beings and even find out about their weak points to develop strategies to beat these foes. Many times, this ability has allowed Tsukuyomi to win a battle before it even started.

Kuton of the Frozen North: Tsukuyomi has in his possession a legendary sword known as Kuton. He gained the masterpiece of smithing art in the Frozen Northlands, and killed many thousands of icy foes on the twin mountains of Ezofuji, the two highest mountain peaks of the Frozen Northlands, with it, eventually giving the blade of Kuton the ability to turn everything it touches into ice. When Tsukuyomi swings Kuton, its blade leaves behind a trail of cold, and when simply touching a foe or their defense, these get covered in ice instantly, allowing Tsukuyomi to shatter them with a second strike. In other words, there are few defenses that can endure two attacks of Kuton, as the first strike is usually enough already to shatter most swords and armor. Additionally, Tsukuyomi is a very skilled sword fighter, able to use the mikatsuki-tsurugi swordfighting style to defeat even the strongest foes with ease.

Wolf Swordfighting Style: Both Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu use a special sword fighting style as they can't wield a sword in their wolven forms with their paws. Instead, their sword is on their back, looking as if it was tied to it, and thus avoiding to raise unnecessary suspicion by travelers by travelers and other people that might see them. When they use their swords, they will move according to their wielder's body movements and mind control. This is what makes the wolf swordfighting style absolutely unique: if the wielder of the sword that he is carrying on his back concentrates on the sword while moving his body according to the attack he wants to make, the sword will move equally. For example, a slash can be made by moving the shoulders and head in a swinging motion in the direction the slash has to happen. The sword will then flip forward and slash the foe in the same way. By stepping forward, a stab can be made, a front flip in the air is to planet the sword into a foe's body to finish them or to attack from above, and a spin will trigger a whirling blade attack. Each of these attacks also have the power of a wolf inside them, making them incredibly effective and often sending the target flying even if it blocks the attack. A foe that doesn't know about that kind of fighting style is very unlikely to survive an encounter with someone as skilled as Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, as even someone that knows every trick of it will have a hard time.

God of the Moon: As Tsukuyomi is the God of the moon, he is able to use all the techniques that are related to the celestial body, like Moonlight, Moonbeam, Eclipse, and even Silvermoon, a technique that apart of him is only known to M and a few others that have been taught it. He can also summon the night at any time, decide its length, possibly even engulfing a planet in darkness forever, and use moon magic, that is only known to some elves and Seraphim apart of him.

Human Transform: Gets engulfed in a swirl of light, and transforms into a human. in this form, Tsukuyomi is known as Oki, and he still possesses the skills that he can use as a wolf, minus the Wolf Swordfighting style, and partially Wolf God as well. He still can use Kuton though.

Icicles: Tsukuyomi can summon icicles made out of frozen air anytime and everywhere he wants as long as he can see the spot he is aiming at. Each of these icicles also contains a freezing poison in its tip that freezes the target apart of greatly damaging it.

Ice Wind: Sends a freezing wind at the target, quickly freezing it.

Blizzard: Raises Kuton, pointing it at the sky, and a large blizzard then starts to happen, bombarding everyone in it with icicles and lowering the temperature to such a point that the air freezes solid. Living beings cannot survive this attack if they can't escape it in time.

Growing Moon: Waves his front paw or sword, sending a silver moonsickle-shaped energy fang at the target. When flying from Tsukuyomi's paw, the fang is very small and thin, but it progressively grows while flying, until it has the shape of a full moon, with devastating effects. If it flies for more time, the attack will grow in size, and if flying for more than one minute, it reaches maximum power, able to destroy a planet with the force of a moon-sized meteor crashing into it.

Wolf Howl: When Tsukuyomi wins a battle, he howls at the sky in victory. This howl also replenishes his energy and heals any wounds that he may have received in the battle. If he uses it before or in a battle, it will power him up and create one hundred black clones of him made out of moonlight. These clones are much weaker then Tsukuyomi, and dissolve upon being lightly hit, but they still can be a good help, especially if Tsukuyomi is fighting against foes that try to outnumber him.

Frozen Trail: As Tsukuyomi walks or runs, he leaves behind him a trail of cold. This hasn't too much effect on the environment though, only if Tsukuyomi enhances the trail with his powers, in which case he can freeze over a country simply by walking through it.

Moon Ray: Charges great amounts of silver energy in his mouth, until it is so compressed that the created sphere is dark blue. Tsukuyomi then sends an incredibly powerful beam at the target that can easily rip a mountain out of the ground and turn it into dust instantly.

Moon Blast: The same as Moon ray, but instead of sending the charged energy at the target like a beam, Tsukuyomi sends the sphere directly at the target. As soon as it is not held anymore by his mouth, the sphere grows to the size of a house and flies at the target. Due to the much higher concentration that the sphere contains in comparison to the beam, its destructive power is much higher, and it creates explosions upon connecting with the target. in exchange, it can miss more easily if an enemy avoids it, although it moves too fast for most to do so.

Yokai: Obake no Yama: Summons a ghost from the mountains that battles at his side, or to take over. The ghost always sneak attacks he foe, turning himself invisible and unexpectedly striking the foe at their blind spots when they aren't attentive. In the mountains, the ghost becomes much stronger because it's his territory. If the ghost disappears, Tsukuyomi can simply summon it again.

Yokai: Tsuchigumo: Summons a giant spider-like being that battles the foe along with Tsukuyomi, or by itself if Tsukuyomi wants it to. The spider's chitin shell is much harder to destroy than a normal insect's, enabling the spider even to tank heavy tackles and explosions without much harm. It mainly tries to entangle the foe with its spider webs, before launching powerful attacks at them. It battles much better in a light-less environment, like caverns, and especially in the Ame no Iwa Ya cavern that can be summoned by Amaterasu. Like Yokai: Obake no yama, it can be summoned again if defeated.

Yokai: Kappa: Summons a kappa, a water gnome that looks like a cross between a human and a duck. The kappa immediately hides in the water if there is any, and then proceeds to attack the target along with Tsukuyomi or by himself, usually by sneak attacking from the water, pulling the foe into it and drowning him, or blasting water at them. he is not very powerful, but hard to take down, and a real pain to beat, especially if one's in a rush. Tsukuyomi can summon as many as he wants without a limit.

Yokai: Kitsune: Summons a kitsune, which is a fox with shapeshifting abilities, either for battle purposes or for anything else, like delivering a message or spying on someone. Kitsunes are very tricky and not very powerful in a battle, but they make up for that with their shapeshifting abilities that allow them to trick their foes and progressively take them down. They battle very well alongside of kappas, especially when guarding something, as they can shapeshift into water and other things in the environment while the kappas hide themselves in the water that are some of the Kitsunes. Tsukuyomi can summon an unlimited amount of them, but usually a few are sufficient.

Yokai: Clay Demons: Summons some humanoid clay statues that have spirits in them, making them come to life. These statues are rather slow, but powerful in numbers, and they simply reform if destroyed, resulting in very hard foes to take down. Clay demons can be hovering in the air, shooting clay balls at the foe, or use swords, clubs, and even cannons to attack.

Yokai: Dogu: One of Tsukuyomi's most powerful summoning techniques. He summons up to four Dogu at once, powerful spirits in stone armor. Dogu are able to teleport around, tank even very powerful attacks with close to no damage on their bodies, and use their swords either to attack directly or by throwing them like boomerangs, controlling them with their minds, and even summon tornado-shaped mass of spinning blades to slice the enemy up.

Yokai: Oni no gunzei: Summons an army of ogers, called Oni, which are very powerful four-legged demons. Half of them are red, while the other half is blue. Both kinds wear heavy stone masks on their heads that are almost unbreakable, allowing them to form an almost undefeatable defense by grouping together into a line and then charging. The red ogres are each armed with two heavy clubs which they can wield single-handedly despite their weight, and the blue ones use longswords. Despite of being very hard to take down (an ogre has got four hearts and eight lungs, and a very hard skin), if one of them dies he will be resurrected after some minutes, making them almost impossible to defeat, even if their body gets completely disintegrated by a powerful attack. Tsukuyomi can summon up to 1.000.000 of them at any time. If he additionally summons Obake no Yamas, kappas and Kitsunes, while Amaterasu can additionally summon copies of the Blade of Kusanagi, the ghosts, kappas and Kitsunes will grab the swords if Amaterasu summons them and ride the ogres, resulting in an extremely effective army of cavalry and armed foot soldiers created in a matter of seconds and that resurrects or can be re-summoned at any time.

Fury of Wolves: Tsukuyomi howls once, before suddenly charging at the enemy and viciously and mercilessly attacking them. Despite the look that Tsukuyomi gets out of his mind when using this technique, in fact he perfectly controls himself. A foe that does not realize that will either react only with defense, and Tsukuyomi will attack their guard many times before suddenly delivering an unexpected attack that directly strikes the foe behind his defense, or he will react by counter-attacking, thinking that Tsukuyomi will not defend, but that will just be what he will do, surprising the foe and leaving him wide open for other attacks.

Wrath of Tsukuyomi: Tsukuyomi's ultimate attack. He activates the soul energy in his body, concentrates it around himself, creating an icy blue shield around himself, and then liberates it all at once, resulting in an explosion that razes the land around himself instantly, although allies and Amaterasu will not be harmed. This covers the size of a country. However, if Tsukuyomi further adds his godly energy into the shield, it becomes much stronger. If he uses it at full power, although even like this the attack will not leave him exhausted, the resulting explosion can destroy a sun.

Amaterasu's techniques:  

Godly Body: As Amaterasu is a god, her body is not like a normal wolf's: all normal attacks are unable to affect her in any way, direct or indirect, as physical attacks will bounce off her fur and any indirect attacks will be cancelled out in a golden aura around Amaterasu's body. There are only a few techniques and a few beings that can harm her, although she may look like her body is a normal wolf's. Unlike Tsukuyomi, however, a weapon can touch Amaterasu a few times before breaking, although it will only give the user of the weapon a bit more time, but in the end the result is the same. In other words, no one that has the abilities needed to fight a god can effectively attack or defend himself from Amaterasu and Sakuya.

Legendary Power: Amaterasu's energy level is totally incomparable even to powerful beings like the Avatars. In fact, she has got an energy level somewhere between Megatron's and Yami's: it is not totally infinite, but still very high. Therefore, Amaterasu is able to fight for an entire century without showing any signs of exhaust.

Wolf God: Amaterasu can profit from the advantages that she has as both a wolf and a god, and combining her special abilities and senses, she creates a field of perception around herself in which she immediately becomes aware of any other being's presence, and through her senses she can analyze the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of these beings and even find out about their weak points to develop strategies to beat these foes. Many times, this ability has allowed Amaterasu to win a battle before it even started.

Judgement Mirror, Ocean Beads, Blade of Kusanagi: Amaterasu has in her possession three legendary items known as the Judgement Mirror, the Ocean Beads and the Blade of Kusanagi. She acquired these items through the journey that she took through the world while her brother was fighting on the Ezofuji peaks. The Judgement Mirror is a round plate engulfed in flames (it can be seen on Amaterasu's picture, resting on her back) that Amaterasu can use for attacking and defending purposes, and to control fire with it. The Ocean Beads are one hundred magical pearls with special runes on them that form a chain by being connected together with an indestructible magical flow, which Amaterasu uses for long-range whip strikes or to shoot them at her foe (the pearls remain connected to each other and come back after having hit their target). Finally, the Blade of Kusanagi, a legendary sword that possesses the magical ability to create a bond between it and the target: as soon as it touches something which Amaterasu wants to attack (it can be a foe or his weapon, shield, armor, etc.), it will create a special bond which can only be dissolved by Amaterasu, if she willingly does so. If the bond is active, the effect of the sword's movement is automatically passed to the target, in a similar way to M's Hydra Sword. For example, if Amaterasu would be fighting a very evasive and protective foe, she would trick him and land a single attack on his body, and even if it is just a scratch, the bond will be made. Amaterasu's slashes will then affect the spot where she has touched the foe, inflicting serious wounds no matter the distance. By touching the skin in front of a foe's heart, and then stabbing the air, Amaterasu can easily kill any foe, even if they use power-up techniques or manage to see through her attack patterns. The bond can also be made on as many objects and beings as Amaterasu wants, and she can temporarily switch them off for any reason. The Blade of Kusanagi also contains a special bead that is charged with an infinite amount of electric energy, which Amaterasu can manipulate at will. Amaterasu is also able to use the mikatsuki-tsurugi swordfighting style to defeat even the strongest foes with ease.

Wolf Swordfighting Style: Both Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu use a special sword fighting style as they can't wield a sword in their wolven forms with their paws. Instead, their sword is on their back, looking as if it was tied to it, and thus avoiding to raise unnecessary suspicion by travelers by travelers and other people that might see them. When they use their swords, they will move according to their wielder's body movements and mind control. This is what makes the wolf swordfighting style absolutely unique: if the wielder of the sword that he is carrying on his back concentrates on the sword while moving his body according to the attack he wants to make, the sword will move equally. For example, a slash can be made by moving the shoulders and head in a swinging motion in the direction the slash has to happen. The sword will then flip forward and slash the foe in the same way. By stepping forward, a stab can be made, a front flip in the air is to planet the sword into a foe's body to finish them or to attack from above, and a spin will trigger a whirling blade attack. Each of these attacks also have the power of a wolf inside them, making them incredibly effective and often sending the target flying even if it blocks the attack. A foe that doesn't know about that kind of fighting style is very unlikely to survive an encounter with someone as skilled as Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, as even someone that knows every trick of it will have a hard time.

God of the Sun: As Amaterasu is the God of the Sun, she is able to use all the techniques that are related to the celestial body, like Daybreak, Solar Beam, sun Storm, Solar Flare, and many others. She can also summon the day at any time, and even increase the sun's intensity, decide the length of the day, possibly even engulfing a planet in a never-ending summer, and use Fire and Sun magic.

Human Transform: Gets engulfed in a swirl of light, and transforms into a human. in this form, Amaterasu is known as Sakuya, and she still possesses the skills that she can use as a wolf, minus the Wolf Swordfighting style, and Wolf God, although she still can use the Ocean Beads (they become green and change their form, being known as Exorcism Beads), and the Blade of Kusanagi.

Wolf Howl: When Amaterasu wins a battle, she howls at the sky in victory. This howl also replenishes her energy and heals any wounds that she may have received in the battle. If she uses it before or in a battle, it will power her up and create one hundred white clones of her made out of sunlight. These clones are much weaker then Amaterasu, and dissolve upon being lightly hit, but they still can be a good help, especially if Amaterasu is fighting against foes that try to outnumber her.

Magic trail: As Amaterasu moves, she leaves a trail of vegetation behind herself, whose size depends on how fast she is moving. if she jumps, she will create a wave of vegetation upon impact, resulting in a small circular area around herself getting covered in bushes and grass. None of this uses up any of Amaterasu's energy. This has no real influence on the environment or even in a battle, apart of that there will be a bit more flora around, and Amaterasu can suppress this effect if she wants, but when she is not in battles, she likes to use that trail to show that she is a god, and no ordinary wolf.

Ame no Iwa Ya: Summons a special stone formation covered in sand, earth, and mud with only a single entrance that has a boulder in front of it. This cavern can be used to protect herself or any allies in or to trap a foe by creating it around them, as it is very resistant to damage despite its looks, and the boulder at the entrance can only be moved by Tsukuyomi or Amaterasu.

Yaoyorozu Kusanagi no tsurugi: Summons up to 8.000.000 copies of the Blade of Kusanagi, that have less cutting power and lack the additional effects of their original, but Amaterasu can control them to fly in the air with her powers, and send them flying at their foes for an endless bombardment of swords. She can also use them to battle up to eight million foes at once in sword battles.

Yokai: Dogu: Amaterasu's only summoning technique, which she can use like Tsukuyomi. She summons up to four Dogu, powerful spirits in stone armor. Dogu are able to teleport around, tank even very powerful attacks with close to no damage on their bodies, and use their swords either to attack directly or by throwing them like boomerangs, controlling them with their minds, and even summon tornado-shaped mass of spinning blades to slice the enemy up.

Kendo: Nichirin no Tsurugi: A sun beam shines on Amaterasu's body, and then her Blade of Kusanagi gets engulfed in differently-colored flames and shines with a bright light. Amaterasu then does a horizontal slash in front of herself, sending an energy fang at their foe that is covered in bright differently colored flames and shines with a bright golden light. It is as hot as the sun, and able to cut through almost everything without getting slowed down. If Amaterasu directly slashes the target, physically connecting with their body, it will get engulfed in bright flames and shine from within before being burnt down to nothing, as even its ashes get fully consumed by the fire.

Gate of Ishaku: Amaterasu places her right front paw or hand on the ground, and than a huge door comes out of the ground and opens itself, shining with a bright white light from within. As soon as the ones that Amaterasu wants to step through have done so, the gate will close again and disappear. Someone that tries to get through without being allowed so will simply come out on the other side, while the ones that are meant to step through will find themselves in a big empty black space with a second gate, which, when stepping through it, will bring them to the place and time that Amaterasu wants to. It is a better but slower version of teleport, as Amaterasu can use it to journey through time as well as space.

Celestial Brush: Amaterasu's tail is known as the Celestial Brush, because its tip is coated in ink. This allows her to influence the world by drawing different things. Few foes are able to defend against the powerful techniques that she can draw instantly, yet alone against the combined power of her weapons, her godly powers and the Celestial Brush. Amaterasu's abilities are:

-Sunrise, which she can use even in case a foe somehow manages to block her godly powers, which only happened once. By painting a circle into the sky, she can make the sun arise, or intensify its beams.

-Rejuvenation, a technique that allows her to create and repair different objects, ranging from a simple thing such as an armor to living beings and even entire planets with everything on and in them.

-Power Slash, Amaterasu's preferred technique. By drawing a line into the air, everything that this line covers from Amaterasu's point of view will get cut in the same way as the line goes. It is also one million times as powerful as a physical slash, which means that it can cut through almost anything without fail. although Amaterasu can not accidentally cut any allies. If used against flying projectiles, Power Slash can also make them turn around, flying back to the user of the technique instead.

-Greensprout, a technique that allows Amaterasu to create Water Lilies on any water to stand on, make vines sprout from any vegetation that she can see, either to grab foes or herself to move around, and to make any withered vegetation bloom. If she draws a line on the ground without meaning to cut it, a trail of plants will be created instead, while dots will make trees grow out of the dotted spots very quickly.

-Cherry Bomb, which allows Amaterasu to create special bombs to damage foes and clear paths. She can create small bombs, or even ones whose explosive power is equivalent to a nuke.

-Waterspout, with which Amaterasu can channel and control any water at will. Amaterasu can also create rain by using a technique called Deluge that can range from a simple drizzle to a real deluge, and create huge Maelstroms in a sufficient amount of water.

-Crescent, a technique that summons the night upon being drawn on the sky or further darkens the atmosphere if it is night already.

-Galestorm, the technique to manipulate the winds, turning them into any direction and making them have any desired power, from a small breeze to a hurricane. Amaterasu can also infuse some of her soul power into it to create a green wind that heals any allies and cancels out or blows away any foe's techniques. Additionally, Amaterasu can summon a tornado around herself to protect herself from attacks and attack the foe at the same time.

-Inferno, the power to manipulate and channel fire at will. Amaterasu can also create a fire ball, called Fire Burst, that can become as hot as the sun if Amaterasu wants it to, for a brief amount of time.

-Veil of Mist, which summons a thick mist for some time that also slows down the time flow for any beings other than Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, allowing them even to outrun teleporting foes and other fast-moving enemies and easily land some powerful attacks, like Cherry Bomb. With Mist Warp, a subtechnique of veil of Mist, Amaterasu can disappear into the mist and blow it anywhere to reform there, which results very effective for travelling.

-Thunderstorm, the ability to channel and manipulate electricity at will. Amaterasu can use this in combination with the Blade of Kusanagi to send sparks at her opponent, or summon a Lightning Bolt by the technique of the same name that will not harm her though.

-Blizzard, with which Amaterasu can manipulate ice at will. She can even create a blizzard, as the name implies, that can freeze over entire countries. 

Summon: 100-year incarnation Shiranui: Actually, Amaterasu's full name as a wolf is Shiranui Amaterasu Okami. Her wolven body, before being reincarnated as a god on Core Planet, was a heroic being that has journeyed through core Planet, helping the people and defeating evil beings of legendary power, much like GhostRider. After finally falling before Shinu (by that time, he wasn't a member of the Aduran Commando), the wolves' body was buried like a human hero's, and got reincarnated as Amaterasu one hundred years later. however, Amaterasu can summon her former incarnation, which makes Shiranui appear as a half-ghost with the same powers as she had before dying, plus a few more that she learned in the realm of death, in Hades. Shiranui is able to use a few darkness-based techniques, and even some powerful attacks like Ghost Blast, and although she is nowhere as strong as Amaterasu, she is a great help in battles because she can't die.

Wrath of Amaterasu: Amaterasu's ultimate attack. She activates the soul energy in her body, concentrates it around herself, creating a shining golden shield around herself, and then liberates it all at once, resulting in an explosion that razes the land around herself instantly, although allies and Tsukuyomi will not be harmed. This covers the size of a country. However, if Amaterasu further adds her godly energy into the shield, it becomes much stronger. If she uses it at full power, although even like this the attack will not leave her exhausted, the resulting explosion can destroy a sun.

Transport: Orcamon


"It's okay. I'm strong, I really am. That building was not too heavy to lift off..."

Orcamon is the strongest member of the Aduran Commando, and therefore most wrongly see him as a transport animal, but in fact Orcamon is a fully approved member of the Aduran Commando, not just a supporter. Orcamon basically looks like an Orca from Earth, but he is much bigger. Also, he isn't tied to the water as normal Orcas, as he can create a bubble of liquid round himself to float around on dry ground. Orcamon often passes as a transporter because he always insists in carrying as much weight as possible to train his muscles whenever he has to move. He binds big crates full of highly compressed and heavy metals and other stuff on his back, as well as wearing some super-highly compressed lead bracelets around his fins, which makes him look like a simple animal that is supposed to carry the stuff of its owner like a donkey. However, Orcamon doesn't really care about his image as long as people just talk about him, even if once, someone dared to kick him when he was floating by. In short, Orcamon sent him to the Moon with a single sweep of his tail after telling him who he was. Since this feat of strength, and then, Orca was even wearing the weights, no one has ever stood in his way. Orca actually never has had to get serious in battle, but if ever he would, he could take the weights off, becoming dozens of times faster and stronger.

Orcamon is a head-on fighter that does not hold back or even play with an opponent instead of quickly and effectively finishing them off, but he does not apply a berserker-like style either. Instead he always fights powerfully and analyzes the foe at the same time to avoid committing any faults. He can also transform into his greater form if necessary, the Sea Monster.

Pact of the Seas: Orcamon has made a pact with Umi as she has done with every other being in her waters. Therefore, Orcamon will always have the water surrounding him changed to his advantage if he is in the sea.

Lead Bracelets/Heavy Charge: Orcamon has got heavy lead bracelets around his fins, and transports some heavy crates by tying them to his back with a special belt. This slows down his movements a bit, although he still moves much faster than a normal Orca can do, but in exchange he gets an incredible physical force behind his attacks. For example, if Orcamon would tackle a foe, that would mean that he would not only crash into him with his full body weight, which is already very high, but also with the weight of the lead bracelets and the crates, resulting in enough power to tackle a mountain into space. Orcamon can also open the belt and drop the bracelets around his fins to become much faster and gain a serious advantage in battles as his speed easily compensates for the lost weight. Orcamon also possesses the psychic ability to teleport the bracelets and crates to himself if ever he would lose them in a battle.

Surf: As a sea inhabitant, Orcamon has no problem with freely swimming in any water. He especially likes to strike the water with his back fin, casting a small tidal wave before swimming on it and surfing into his foe, tackling them as the wave washes over them.

Dive: Orcamon can freely dive in the water. He can breathe underwater in contrast to normal orcas, gaining a serious advantage as he can stay underwater for an indefinite amount of time.

Mist: Engulfs himself in a thick mist, keeping his body humid to avoid drying out if he somehow is unable both to enter any water and create a water bubble around himself. He can also cover wide areas with the mist, reducing visibility by a lot.

Aqua Speed: Orcamon is able to move at incredible speeds in the water, as he is a water being after all. This doesn't really apply to his Water Bubble, but if Orcamon is in open waters that are deep enough for him to swim in, his speed rises a lot. And that is by taking his lead bracelets and the crates on his back into account. If he gets rid of them, he becomes able to swim at blinding speeds, ten times faster than sound speed.

Hydration: As long as Orcamon's body is humidified, he is completely immune to status effects like poisoning, paralysis, freezing, and naturally burns. Indirect effects such as Body Possession, Illusions and Petrifying will only work for a short amount of time as well. Additionally, Orcamon will constantly regenerate any wounds that he receives, including even entire limbs.

Aqua Hull: Orcamon's skin and flesh constantly absorbs small amounts of water out of the air or the surrounding water, turning itself very resistant to damage. If Orcamon is entirely covered in water, that will provide him an additional defense, making him almost invulnerable in the water. This effect is even doubled if the water surrounding Orcamon is salty.

Heavy Tackle/Extremespeed: Orcamon swims towards his foe, tackling them. If he is wearing his bracelets and crates, the attack is slow, but incredibly powerful, while without the additional weight Orcamon is able to move at incredible speeds, surprise tackling the foe.

Slam: Slams his back fin or body on the foe. If he is wearing the lead bracelets and the crates, the power of the attack is dramatically increased. A single tail sweep can effortlessly send a human-weighed object or being flying into space.

Bite: Bites or crunches his foe with his powerful jaws, which are powerful enough to crush diamond and grind it to dust.

Bubble Transport: Creates a bubble of liquid around himself that is created from the water vapor in the air. This allows Orcamon to move around at land as well, hovering in the air about one meter above the ground.

Deep Dive:  Aquatic pressure doesn't apply to Orcamon, so he can go as deep as he wants, easily escaping any foes that either can't dive too deep, or would blow up if confronted with a decreased pressure on their bodies. By disappearing deeply enough into the water, Orcamon can become absolutely invisible for his foes, and gains a serious advantage if they try to follow him. A foe that would be able to dive deeper than 500 meters and did so to chase Orcamon wouldn't be able to escape again that easily, as Orcamon can use his sonar to see underwater and sneak attack his foe while they are barely able to move and see anything in the water, yet alone notice Orcamon, evade his attacks and counter them or escape.

Hydro Blaster: Charges either a large amount of water or his soul energy into his mouth, compressing it and, if it is soul energy, turning it into water, before blasting a stream of highly pressurized water at the target with enough power to wash mountains away in some seconds.

Poison Bite: After Orcamon has fought for some time, his analytic abilities permit him to create a poison that is highly effective against the foe who he is fighting. This even includes robotic and spiritual beings that have no real living body, or any body at all. By biting them at their weakest spot, like the spine of a human, Orcamon cripples the foe, if not killing him straight away, and injects the poison into them with his teeth. if not treated in seven hours, the poison kills the being it has been injected into.

Transformation: Sea Creature: Orcamon possesses the ability to absorb incredible amounts of power from the sea and convert his soul power to transform into an incredibly powerful being called the Sea Monster, or Sea Creature (although it is 100 times as big as it is seen in comparison in the picture). To activate this technique, Orcamon first has to swim to the seafloor, where he will progressively transform and only reappear after one hour, making many enemies think that they have defeated him. This transformation also activates automatically if Orcamon is somehow defeated, resurrecting him inside the Sea Creature's body which rests on the seafloor in Core Planet. In this form, Orcamon grows to titanic size and becomes incredibly powerful, but is much slower than in his normal form. However, this is no real problem to him, as he compensates for that with the incredible reach and power of his attacks, being able to crush a mountain with a sweep of his fins. He can also leave the water and walk on land without needing a water bubble around himself. In this form, Orcamon has the following techniques in his movepool:

Parasite Skin: The Sea Creature's body is covered with parasites, mussels, and other beings from the seas that have all grown proportionally to the Sea Creature in comparison to Orcamon. This means that a single parasite is already 150 times as big as a human. The mussels additionally protect the Sea Creature from attacks, and the parasites attack everything that is on the Sea Creature's body. Also, every time the Sea Creature moves or shakes itself, many parasites will fall off and either try to return to their carrier, attacking everything n their way, or they will begin to search for nutritients, killing many foes without the Sea Creature even having to do anything.

Sea Creature Hide: Like Orcamon's Aqua Hull, the Sea Creature constantly absorbs water to strengthen its skin. But even without any water in the environment and without taking the mussels on its body into account, the Sea Creature's skin is incredibly hard. Even a nuke would not leave a scratch when exploding at point-blank range on the sea Creature's body. This makes the Sea Creature the most defensive member of the Aduran Commando, if it is supposed that Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu have to fight a foe that can damage them. And, even if a foe somehow can damage the Sea Creature's skin, its size makes a wound become a scratch in most cases. For example, if a foe would be using a sword that is so sharp that it can cut through the Sea Creature's skin, slashing through its hide would barely be noticed as the Sea Creature is so big and has a very thick blubber and flesh hide. Also, in case a wound is to deep or the Sea creature has to leave the water, stepping into the hot sun, to avoid being overheated or wounded its body can be cooled from within, freezing any blood that may come out of the wound and cancelling out the effect of the sun and any fiery attack, allowing the Sea creature even to step into an active volcano without being damaged.

Titan Tank: The Sea Creature's body has got a special unique organ that replaces the heart, the lungs, the liver, the stomach, and many other organs, and it possesses four of them, which is also the explanation to it being able to move such a big body so easily. This also has the effect that the Sea Creature is nearly impossible to kill, because even if a foe somehow manages to destroy one of these organs the Sea Creature will not die. Instead the lost organ will be regenerated like any other body parts, making the Sea creature near-impossible to be defeated. This ability also absorbs 95% of any pain that the Sea Creature may suffer, allowing it to tank even powerful hurting attacks without flinching, and instead it will continue to advance towards its foe, ignoring the pain.

Seafloor Smell: As the Sea Creature and the beings that it carries come from the Ocean's floor, they are covered in foul-smelling ooze and sludge, along with dead algae, plankton and other beings and things, which in total creates a horrible smell of putrefaction and rot that covers entire countries around the Sea Creature, sickening foes and often making them faint in the horrible smell. In the Sea Creature's mouth is also a large amount of methane hydrate, which is frozen methane mixed with water. If the Sea Creature then breathes through its mouth, the methane becomes gaseous and covers a wide area before the Sea Creature with the additional horrible smell of rotten eggs. The methane can also be set on fire with the Sea Creature's Spark and Phosphor Fire techniques to make a Flame Roll that destroys everything in its way, turning entire islands to burning hells in a split second.

Power Absorb: The Sea Creature constantly absorbs large amounts of soul energy, magical power and other forms of energy from the surrounding environment, adding them to its power. This ability allows it to turn cities into deserts after a few minutes while becoming unbelievably powerful at the same time. Also, any kinds of compressed energy will be absorbed much more quickly, weakening any energy attacks that strike it and sometimes even fading them out before they can even get near! The Sea Creature suppresses this ability on Core Planet but does not hold back when it has to destroy everything in its way.

Endless Energy: The energy level that the Sea Creature possesses both as stamina and as Soul Energy are gigantic, almost on par with Megatron. Combined with Power Absorb, the Sea Creature becomes able to fight almost endlessly.

Spark: Surrounds its body with electricity, before tackling the target. This can also set the methane that the Sea Creature can breathe out on fire.

Ice Breaker: Encloses its upper body with ice, possibly to protect or to freeze any foes on it, while the parasites and mussels are unaffected. The Sea Creature then shakes its body, breaking the ice and sending chunks flying at every direction absolutely unpredictably. If a foe is enclosed in the ice, he will get shattered along with it. The Sea Creature can also tackle a foe with the ice surrounding it, making this ability an excellent offense and defense at the same time.

Phosphor Fire: Surrounds its body with a fire that consumes large chunks of phosphor, which therefore is almost impossible to put out and can even burn underwater. The Sea Creature then sends these chunks flying at the target or the sky to fall down again in a catastrophic rain of inextinguishable flames. This can also set the methane that the Sea Creature can breathe out on fire.

Heavy Tackle: Tackles its foe with its body. This technique is unbelievably powerful due to the Sea Creature's huge body and weight, making it close to impossible to be stopped.

Mega Sweeper: Sweeps the ground or the air with its claws or fins, either physically attacking the foe or creating air perturbances that manifest in the form of invisible whirlpools in the air and slicing winds that shred the foe to pieces. The Sea Creature can also use this to effortlessly deflect any attacks thrown at it.

Hyper Divebomb: Either jumps up or lets itself directly fall down on the target, crushing everything beneath itself. If done while jumping, the attack also produces a big shockwave that razes the surrounding environment, turning an entire country into a desert while the Sea Creature will be unharmed.

Stomp: Stomps the target with its mighty feet. It can also produce shockwaves and earthquakes.

Bite: Bites or crunches his foe with his powerful jaws, which are many times more powerful than Orcamon's, able to tear an entire city out of the ground and crunch it to pieces.

Sea Walk: The sheer size of the Sea Creature allows it to walk in most waters without having to swim. This implies nearly all areas where boats and ships that aren't transatlantic/-pacific ones will be, although the Sea Creature can lie down to hide itself.

Aqua Speed: The Sea Creature can swim incredibly fast in the water despite its size, easily and elegantly avoiding attacks and advancing with almost the same speed as Orcamon does. If swimming at high speed, the Sea Creature also creates many powerful shockwaves that manifest in tidal waves spreading from its location towards all sides and creating powerful underwater waves.

Mist: By transpiring, the Sea Creature automatically creates a thick mist around itself, even if it is underwater. The mist also absorbs any noises, if they come from the outside or the inside is meaningless, making the area that is covered seem like it disappears in the mist. It has already happened often that an area suddenly got covered in thick mist, and when it disappeared, only devastation was left.

Soul Explosion: Creates a powerful explosion of soul energy around itself. This creates large shockwaves if used on the ground, and blasts away any foe that is near or on the Sea Creature, sending them flying into space.

Tidal Wave Storm: Either slams his fins into the water, shakes them, or produces a Soul Explosion around itself, creating multiple titanic tidal waves that spread towards all directions and, in the case that they are produced with Soul Explosion, are so powerful that they wash over entire planets.

Titan Slash: Slashes the target with its hands, which have incredibly powerful and sharp claws, able to cut through diamond effortlessly. It is usually used against big targets.

Meteor Smash: Hits its foe with an incredibly powerful punch, sending even the strongest enemies into space and far beyond. This attack got this name because the Sea Creature used it once to destroy a giant meteor that was flying towards it with a single punch.

Headbutt: Headbutts the target with unbelievable power, sending any foe flying away or at least sliding back on their feet. The Sea Creature can also engulf the target in purple flames when connecting by infusing soul energy into its head for additional damage.

Ocean Roar: Takes in a deep breath, before unleashing a tremendous earth-shattering roar. This also creates many shockwaves and makes the Sea Creature radiate great amounts of soul energy, creating huge tidal waves.

Sea Titan Beam: Charges soul energy into his mouth, combines it with the energy in his body, and then blasts a sea-blue beam at the target. He can even infuse the beam with methane to make it inflammable. It is a technique that is all-rounded, as it can be relatively weak, and become powerful enough to destroy half a planet. The Sea Creature is also able to regulate the dispersion of the beam to make it cover larger or smaller areas at different concentrations.

Death Clutch: Grabs someone with its claws, before delivering different attacks at him like Mega Sweeper, Titan Slash, Meteor Smash, Headbutt and Sea Titan Beam. It will eventually throw the body away. It can also grab objects and throw them at its opponents for wide-range projectile attacks.

Ocean Apocalypse: Begins spinning around itself like a drill when it is underwater, and then either rotates on the spot, creating a powerful maelstrom, or drills its way towards the target, creating a whirlpool around itself before crashing into the target with tremendous power. If the Sea creature additionally radiates soul energy out of its body, the whirlpool will gain a golden color and rip through the target with much greater power. However, the attack becomes really powerful if the Sea Creature charges a Sea Titan Beam in its mouth, unleashing it at the target when impacting, and also uses Soul Explosion at the same time. If used like this, it is the Sea Creature's ultimate attack.

Darkness Mage: Midna, Shadow Realm Princess

(Imp form, Humanoid form)

Midna is one of the most mysterious beings of Core Planet, and even though she is a member of the Aduran Commando, few know much about her. Most do not even consider her to be an inhabitant of core Planet, because she doesn't reside on it. In fact, Midna is the Princess of the Shadow Realm, a black world that used to be the place where certain beings were banished to. Each of these beings had committed terrible sins, mostly endangering the entire planet. However, the Shadow Realm got forgotten when the universe was recreated, although it was not affected by Atollos' Phoenix technique, being a separate dimension. Every connection was then lost to the Shadow Realm, which continued to exist independently of the other world, until Maraha from the descendants of Tsukugami appeared there for a brief amount of time, before telling some of the most skilled scientists and mages of Core Planet about his discovery, which then proceeded to developing a magic gate that would permit them to travel between the two worlds. They eventually succeeded, creating a special mirror that, upon being directed towards a large rock, creates a portal into the Shadow Realm, or as it is known by the inhabitants of it, the Twilight Realm. However, M took the Mirror from the scientists, and placed it on a large tower in the desert to prevent anyone from freely using it and disturbing the people of the Twilight Realm. It was only after many years that he sent Tsukuyomi through the portal to talk with the natives there, as he was able to talk and understand their language. Eventually, the two worlds became used to the presence of each other, and M recruited the Princess of the Shadow realm to the Aduran Commando as a sign of friendship - and because the Princess, known as Midna, was a powerful being and a great addition to the Aduran Commando. Nowadays, many inhabitants of the Shadow Realm inhabit Core Planet as dark beings, even Yami once was one of them, one of the most powerful kings of the Twilight Realm before he died and got resurrected and recruited by M, becoming even more powerful. Midna is known as the Dark Side of Princess Zelda from Asgard, and a powerful mage and healer that usually stands back in battles, although she is very skilled in swordfighting as well.

Midna uses mainly dark magic and a special artifact known as the Shadow Crystal, of which she wears a part on her head when in her imp form. The Shadow Crystal grants her incredibly powerful techniques of all sorts, allowing her even to transform into her released form by lifting the sealed power of the Shadow Crystal, becoming a giant spider-like being named the Twilight Titan that possesses much greater power.

Shadow Crystal: The crown-like stone that Midna wears on her head when in her impish form is called the Shadow crystal, and an ancient artifact created by the people in the Twilight Realm to be their king's or queen's crown. Actually, the Shadow Crystal has no power of its own, but it gains different properties when worn by someone that depend on the soul of the wearer. In the case of Midna, who even wears the Shadow Crystal in her humanoid form but has it invisible to avoid uncovering it to the foe from the beginning on, the Shadow Crystal is able to absorb any form of energy that comes near Midna, and dark energy from an even greater distance. The power then adds to Midna's energy. Additionally, the Shadow Crystal enhances any of Midna's attacks and Midna herself, making the spells unable to be influenced by indirect means, such as a spell being taken over by another mage, or Midna's body being possessed by a foe. If Midna changes her attitude, the Shadow Crystal also gains other properties, however they always change because on Midna's head the Shadow Crystal also adapts to a foe to give Midna maximum advantage. No one except M knows everything what the Shadow Crystal is capable of, it is even said to have a will of its own...

Darkness Body: Midna's body is, as she is a being of darkness, fully immune to psychic attacks, and other kinds of energy are also absorbed when coming near her. Simply shaking Midna's hand would mean a great loss of energy if she does not suppress her ability. Also, any spells that would somehow allow a foe to bypass her dark body to attack with psychic abilities or other attacks without having them weakened will not work as the Shadow Crystal cancels them out.

Dark Aura: Adds to and concentrates the dark energy in her body, creating a dark purple and black steam-like aura that comes out of her. Whoever gets in touch with Midna while she has the black aura around herself, or even the trail that she leaves of it when moving, will suffer a terrible headache while getting his energy drained at a much higher rate than Midna is capable of with Darkness Body, which then adds to Midna's power. If she touches a dead foe, the dark aura will possess the corpse, turning it into a lich that loyally fights under Midna's commands.

Immortality: Midna is completely immortal. Killing her in the normal world would only make her reappear in the Twilight Realm while her body dissolves into dark particles along with the Shadow Crystal. As a side note, in the Twilight Realm no inhabitants can die, as any elemental attacks fade out instantly and physical attacks can not harm its inhabitants, while a visitor can die easily by being attacked physically, if he has a body that is vulnerable to physical attacks, that is. The Twilight Realm is therefore known as the only place where M's powers do not reach, although Midna is perfectly aware of that if he wanted he could destroy it as well with ease. No one ever mentions it though.

Imp/Humanoid Transform: Midna can transform into her impish form at will, and very quickly as well, allowing her to avoid attacks with ease. Imp Midna is also much faster and trickier than the humanoid Midna.

Blade of Twilight: Midna has in her possession a sword of legendary power, known as the blade of Twilight. This ghostly sword, said to be forged in Avalon where M came from, was in fact a present that she got from Maraha under the command of M himself. The Blade of Twilight has the power to strike a foe regardless of any defense that they may possess, even flesh and bones will not protect them. The blade knows where to strike for maximum damage, and even moves on its own to attack the soul of a foe. The soul part that has been struck by the blade of Twilight will then be consumed by the sword, and the foe will lose the control of that body part to the sword. the Blade of Twilight can actually be easily countered with any form of dark energy, but as the Shadow Crystal absorbs such, there is no effective counter.

Control: Midna gains control of the bodies whose soul the Blade of Twilight consumes, allowing her to force a foe to hit himself or even commit suicide. Once a foe is dead, his soul will be fully consumed by the Blade of Twilight, turning the corpse into an undead puppet under Midna's control.

Twilight Queen: With Midna being the queen of the twilight realm, she possesses the ability to freely manipulate the Twilight Realm. She can move things around, change anything, create and destroy, without limits. This ability, passed down through the generations of kings and queens, contributed to the Twilight Realm's great differences in physics, such as the partially inverted or inexistent gravity, the strange architecture and landscape, and the inhabitants.

Black Teleport: Freely teleports around for small distances. If she wants to cover wider distances, she has to use Twilight Warping.

Twilight Warping: Turns her body into shadowy particles that dissolve in the air and reform somewhere else. Midna can keep the form of Shadowy particles for as long as she wants.

Dimensional Portal: Summons a portal that allows her to enter the Twilight Realm. She can also take someone with her, but foes and their attacks can not pass through the portal.

Twilight Grasp: Midna can radiate soul power from her hair to turn it into a hand-like structure. by touching a foe with that hand, she can temporarily paralyze them to have them left wide open for other attacks. She can also cast her spells from that hand.

Summon Minions: Summons some of her subordinates from the Shadow Realm. They are immortal as is Midna, endlessly being resurrected in the Twilight Realm if killed. Most twilight Dwellers, as the inhabitants of the twilight realm call themselves, also have shapeshifting abilities, and are all-rounded and powerful warriors.

Black Bomb: Charges much dark energy into her hand, shaping a black ball in it, which she then throws to the ground or at the target to create a powerful explosion of darkness.

Shadow Ball: Shapes a shadowy ball of ghostly and dark energy between her hands and sends it at the enemy.

Dark Fang: Waves her hand, sending a black and red energy fang at the target. It can cut through most materials with ease and absorbs the energy of anything it gets in touch with.

Black Magic: Points her hand at the foe, infusing dark energy into their bodies. That dark energy then immediately begins to absorb the foe's energy, converting it into more dark energy to increase the draining rate. When the foe's energy is completely drained and his life signals have completely stopped, the dark energy either detonates, destroying the body, or takes control of the corpse, turning it into an undead puppet.

Twilight Field: Places her palm on the ground, and labyrinthic patterns such as the ones on her hands and arms start spreading on the ground, glowing with a green color. The ground between the lines also turns pitch black. When the field is big enough, Midna taps the ground once with her right hand, and the patterns shoot green energy beams vertically upwards, while the black parts of the ground become holes that reach down to the planet's core. Midna can maintain the field for as long as she wishes it to do so, and move around as well, either leaving the area as is or making the field move with her.

Reflection: Creates a black dome around herself that stops physical attacks.

Night Shield: Creates a black shield with dark energy that absorbs the energy of everything it comes into contact with. Combined with her Reflection, she becomes very hard to get hit.

Shadow Wave: many invisible waves spread out of Midna, cancelling out any other technique in their way and blasting foes away.

Sword Shot: Swings her hand, sending out a white transparent entity with a sword that flies towards the target while slashing the air around itself repeatedly with its sword like a charging berserker. If any of the slashes connect with a foe, the entity will stop its flight, and an area of approximately five meters in radius with the entity being in the middle will become a zone where everything gets sliced up by invisible slashes. A foe that gets directly hit by the entity will then find himself near the center of the zone and is therefore unlikely to survive the attack.

Shadow Clone: Creates a shadowy clone of herself or someone else with dark energy. That clone is an exact copy of the being it was created from, but it doesn't lose any energy over time, as it draws energy from the environment or other beings. Midna also will know everything that the clone does, which makes it a useful technique for spying.

DarCloning: Uses dark energy to change someone or something. She can regenerate lost limbs by replacing them with dark versions of themselves, shapeshift a Shadow Clone, and even turn a harmless insect into a mutant dark insectoid dragon.

Nightmare Counter: If Midna gets caught in an illusion, or is about to do so, the technique instantly activates automatically, creating two special ghostly entities that act independently of Midna. The illusion then takes effect as it would do in a normal case, trapping one of the two entities instead of Midna. However, the being that is casting the illusion will find itself in it as well, and when it tries either to escape it or break the illusion, as is expected from an illusionist in such cases, nothing will occur, either putting the illusionist in a state of panic or making it realize that something goes wrong. A half-visible entity will then appear in the illusion at some distance from the illusionist and near Midna, walk towards the target that finds itself unable to move, and draw a dagger in the process. Finally, the entity stabs the target with the dagger, trapping it in the illusion while Midna can escape it. Or, to be more precisely, he will not even get caught in the illusion, instead he will see through the caught entity's eyes for a short amount of time. The illusion's manipulation also has got some side effects: the illusion will fall under Midna's control, but it will not drain any energy from him to continue working, and it will last on for as long as Midna doesn't willingly stop it, even if it is a limited-time illusion, in which case it will enter an infinite loop, starting over and over again. The caught being will also be stripped entirely from its abilities and powers, like a metallic body or the ability to use an illusion-escaping technique, and finally it will constantly suffer a terrible pain from the moment where it gets stabbed with the dagger as if its blood was boiling and the bones covered in spikes. Finally, it will not be able to damage itself in order to finish the illusion, which will actually never end except if Midna wishes to do so.

Ghost Blast: Concentrates on the enemy, and an explosion of ghostly and dark energy happens then inside their body, draining half their energy. If used twice, the foe will die instantly, but Midna can not use this on enemies that have equal or more power than herself.

Dark Matter Bomb: Shapes a tiny black sphere in his mouth or at the tip of his beak and places it on the ground. The number 100 then appears above the sphere, and begins counting down until it reaches 0. Then the sphere explodes in an absolutely soundless detonation of dark energy that engulfs everything in its range, which is equal to a planet's size.

Death Wave: Sends out three invisible waves that cover a large area. With each wave, the foe loses some of his speed, until he is completely immobilized by the third one. As the heart can't beat anymore, the foe then dies, and after some seconds, when the wave's effect wears off, he falls to the ground.

Evil Wind: A dark weakening wind blows around Midna, cancelling out all techniques that are near her and weakening foes. She can also send the wind anywhere she wants, easily taking out multiple foes at once.

Soul Ripper: Forms her hand into a claw, and then stabs the foe's body with it and rips out their soul, killing them instantly.

Poison: Sends a black sphere flying at her foe. While flying, the sphere develops a poison that is especially designed to inflict as much damage as possible to the target. Even if struck by a counter attack, the sphere will not be destroyed, but disperse instead, and reform after a few seconds to fly at the target once again. It also homes on them and evades any obstacles in its way.

Summon: Undead Puppets: Summons an army of undead puppets which she creates with her Dark Aura, Blade of Twilight, Control, Black Magic and Soul Ripper techniques. The puppets endlessly come out of the ground, being remotely controlled by Midna to attack anyone in their way. She can also channel her spells and soul power through them to attack from a range. She can even make them blow up by overcharging them with dark energy, resulting in devastating kamikaze puppets.

Transformation: Twilight Titan: Uses the Shadow Crystal to transform into the Twilight Titan, which is the form seen in the last picture of the link. Despite being relatively small, the Twilight Titan is incredibly powerful, the most powerful being in the Twilight Realm since the death of the king that later became Yami. but in exchange for the power, Midna becomes unable to talk with allies as the Twilight Titan is only designed to fight.

Eight Arm-Legs: The Twilight Titan has eight arm-legs like a spider, but it can use all of them both like arms and legs. It is no problem for it to walk on two of them and use the others for attacking, which makes the Twilight Titan very effective in battles.

Levitate: Apart of walking, the Twilight Titan can also levitate at will and to any height. While levitating, it can use all eight arm-legs to fight.

Polearm Spear: Creates a polearm with a spear-like pointy end out of dark energy to fight. The Twilight Titan is extremely skilled with that weapon, which it can wield single-handedly with great speed, and is easily able to fight against many foes by summoning more polearms to wield.

Shadow Crystal: Like for Midna, the Shadow Crystal will be present on the Twilight Titan's head, and maintains its energy absorbing abilities, as well as cancelling out the influence of any indirect attacks on the Twilight Titan and its spells. However, it will gain some additional abilities: the first is that it becomes able to fight with the Twilight Titan, by sending darkness waves and lightning bolts on its own at the target and teleporting the Twilight Titan around, among others. Second, it can take full control of the Twilight Titan for brief moments to help its master, which it will never use to the Twilight Titan's disadvantage as it is in the Shadow Crystal's interest for Midna to win the battle. And finally, it can establish a connection to the Twilight Realm to talk to someone that is there, usually to ask for reinforcements.

Darkness Body: The twilight Titan's body is, pretty much like Midna's, fully immune to psychic attacks, and other kinds of energy are also absorbed when coming near it, although the Twilight Titan's absorption ability is higher even than Midna's due to the much greater amount of darkness. The same applies to the Polearm Spear weapon. Any spells that would somehow allow a foe to bypass its dark body to attack with psychic abilities or other attacks without having them weakened will not work as the Shadow Crystal cancels them out. This means that the Twilight Titan can not be harmed by any foe below a certain level, and even if its foe is strong enough he has to be able to overpower the Shadow Crystal and the Twilight Titan's efforts to avoid the attacks.

Dark Aura: Whoever gets in touch with the Twilight Titan while it has the black aura around itself, which is actually a part of it, or even the trail that it leaves of it when moving, will suffer a terrible headache while getting his energy drained at a much higher rate even than Midna is capable of with the combination of Darkness Body and Dark Aura. If it touches a dead foe, the dark aura will possess the corpse, turning it into a lich that loyally fights under the twilight Titan's commands.

Immortality: Like Midna, the Twilight Titan is completely immortal. If a foe somehow manages to defeat it in the normal world, it would turn back into Midna, who would reappear in the Twilight Realm.

Darkness Control: As Twilight Titan, both Midna's mind which controls the Titan and the Shadow Crystal have full control of dark energy, which means that they both can draw dark energy from the environment and manipulate it along with their own to use attacks such as Ghost Blast, Dark Matter Bomb and Death Wave. This also includes the Twilight Titan's ultimate attack, Twilight Bomb, which has the same power as Dark Matter Bomb but blows up immediately and can also be sent as a projectile at the target. 

Army Backing/Cavalier: Medu, Magic Horseman


(Normal form with Exodus and Evil Shade, Silver Dragon)

"No one to stand in my way... this is so boring."

Medu is one of the best horsemen in existence, and once was the commander of the Cavallry in the Core Planet army. However, due to an unknown reason, he was banned from there, but shortly after, M gave him the title of Aduran Comando member. Since then, Medu has created an army of his own, and leads it with the best results for Core Planet. Some believe that he is jealous about Kyro Akima, the commander of the main Core Planet army, but Medu just says that he prefers to control an army instead of battling alone and passing hours to do something that an army can finish in minutes. Nontheless, Medu likes to battle as well, and the fact that he lets his subordinates do most of the work is just because he wishes to take the challenging enemies for himself. Medu's techniques are built around his army and his magical abilities. He uses strategy to attack as perfectly as possible, and usually uses his great power to attack when the battle is already going on for some time. he always takes the best foes for himself, although he would never order his men to spare a leader if they cn kill him to leave them to him. The horse that he is riding, called Exodus, is one of his most prized possessions, which he got from an evil necromancer which he once killed on his journey. Exodus is an undead horse that contains an Afrite Demon (Fiery four-legged demons), which makes it both immortal, as the demon just controls the bones but has no destructible body of its own, and extremely dangerous, because the fiery nature of the Afrite demons manifests in the horse's corpse as well. This is also the reason that Exodus's hooves are burning. Medu himself is a noble man that believes in the purification that light brings upon the world, much like paladins. He tries to hide his light-elemental nature, however, by wearing a black cloak, known as the Evil Shade, which turns his light-elemental techniques into dark ones. naturally, Medu can remove it at any time, in which case he will look like this. He also can transform into his superior form, the Silver Dragon, if he needs to.

Evil Shade: the cloak that Medu is normally wearing. It converts his light attacks into dark ones, which is the reason that most attacks have two names and descriptions: as long as he wears the Evil Shade, his personality is slightly more evil and aggressive, and his attacks are dark, while he will be able to use light-elemental ones if he takes the cloak off.

Armored Body: Medu's body contains tremendous amounts of energy, and his skin is infused with it as well, making Medu's body become harder than diamond while staying flexible like normal skin. Medu therefore usually does not wear any armor.

Light/Darkness Blade: Summons and uses his sword, which is either pitch-black if Medu is wearing his Evil Shade, or white and shines with a bright white light if he takes it off. Depending on its element, the blade also inflicts light or darkness damage when connecting with the target, and it can send the energy through the foe#s armor or sword in either case to inflict damage even if it is blocked.

Charging Attack: Charges forward with Exodus, attacking the foe with his sword. He usually uses this to jump over an enemy's fortifications or defense and strike the surprised foes  in the jump, or to run past his foes, simply holding out his sword or slashing the foes with it to attack a lot of them at once.

Tackle: Tackles the foe either with Exodus or by himself.

Holy Beam/ Dark Beam: Sends a light/darkness beam from his sword or palm. if used at point-blank range, it has devastating effects.

Shining Blast/ Dark Bomb: Shoots a light/darkness blast from his sword or palm, which explodes upon impact and engulfs the environment in a light/darkness dome caused by the explosion.

Purifying Sphere/ Black Hole: Shapes a light/darkness sphere of highly compressed light/dark energy at the tip of his sword or between his hands, which then inflicts heavy light damage on/drains the energy of the foes very quickly. He can also throw the sphere for a medium-range bomb attack, or stab the foe with the sphere at the tip of his sword for heavy damage.

Spike Stab: Stabs the foe with the spikes that are concealed if he wears the Evil Shade for light damage, usually flinching them.

Petrification Gaze: Medu has the ability to turn any material into stone at will and to completely petrify living beings by looking into their eyes. If he looks at any body part of them but not into their eyes what is in his field of vision will get petrified instead. He can not petrify himself however, even if he looks into a mirror while using this technique. Once he has even slightly petrified something, he gains control of the process and can revert or stop it if he wishes, as well as making it continue.

Rejuvenation/Daemonicum Regenerate: Medu can regenerate any damage that he receives on his body, even entire limbs, as well as the wounds of other beings. If he is wearing his Evil Shade, he can regenerate his energy as well by absorbing some of the environment.

Gatlink Soul Blaster: Shoots green beams from his hand at a rapid rate, destroying a mountain with about 20 hits. The beams are extremely effective and don't consume too much energy, but they only work against a foe that has a soul which can be attacked.

Gatlink Volcano Beam: Shoots many lava beams from his palm in rapid succession, burning everything away.

Undead Horns: Makes Exodus stab his foe with its horns, which are powerful enough to pierce stone and shatter it effortlessly.

Hellfire Trail: When Exodus moves, it leaves behind itself a flaming trail of Hellfire where it puts its feet on, although it can suppress this ability if necessary.

Immortality/Resurrection: If Medu is wearing his Evil Shade when killed, this will hold back his soul from entering Hades and put it back into the body, which means that Medu will only be dead for some moments before standing up again no matter his wounds. If Medu took the Evil Shade off or had it ripped away from himself, his body will be engulfed in a sacred fire that resurrects him after a brief amount of time.

Psychic: Medu can telekinetically control any objects in the environment regardless of their size and weight. His powers aren't enough to possess a foe, but he can still manipulate their bodies.

Death Grab: Grabs his foe, usually by the head, and then either trails them behind himself in Exodus's flaming footprints, grinding and burning them to death, or attacks them from a close range before throwing them away.

Sudden Kick: Normally, Medu uses his hands and sword to battle from a close range, but he may also attack the foe suddenly with a kick, sending them flying. He can use this when he is riding Exodus or when being on his own.

Exodus Attack: Exodus is no normal horse that simply obeys Medu's commands without a will of its own: it can actively participate in battles, striking foes with its horns, stomping them to death, biting them, tackling them and kicking them with its front- or hindlegs without Medu having to order it what to do. It may also refuse one of Medu's commands or move on its own, for example to avoid an attack to which Medu reacts in the wrong way, although that only happened when Medu was training with Exodus and suggested different situations in case he would be too aggressive when wearing his Evil Shade. This gives both Medu and exodus a serious advantage in battles, especially against other horsemen.

Transformation: Silver Dragon/Dragon Lich: As he was a member of the Core Planet army, Medu once defeated ten thousand dragons in their lair, absorbing their powers into his body and sealing them away. If he releases the seal, both he and Exodus transform into dragons, Medu becoming a magnificent Silver Dragon and Exodus an undead Dragon Lich, which looks like a skull dragon but can still fly. By transforming, Exodus gains the ability to use Dark Beam, Dark Bomb, Black Hole, Fly, Undead Horns and Death Grab on its own, while Medu, who then stops riding Exodus, gains the following abilities while keeping the old ones, becoming able to use both the light and dark versions:

Dragon Scales: The Silver Dragon has an incredible defense, with very hard scales that are additionally enhanced with Medu's soul power to become almost indestructible while staying very light.

Fly: Freely moves in the air with his wings.

Dragon Gaze: Turns everything he looks at into stone. It works much quicker and has a higher area covering than Petrification Gaze because a dragon's eyes are able to see a wider area at once. Silver Dragon can also use this continuously.

Ice Beam: Shoots an ice beam from its mouth, freezing everything over.

Great Blizzard: Raises its head, looking at the sky, and a huge blizzard then strikes the selected area, turning everything into a snowy desert. Few beings can survive this attack.

Ultra Ice Beam: Shoots a high-powered ice beam from its mouth. The cold of this ice beam can even freeze the air, making the beam leave a trail of frozen air when flying. It can also slightly correct its flying course to strike enemies that want to just avoid the attack. Who- and whatever gets even near the beam gets frozen immediately, while the beam itself could even freeze Durian over.

Tail Sweep: Sweeps the ground or the air with its tail, sending anything it touches flying. Silver Dragon usually uses this when flying, scraping the ground under itself with the tail or flicking a foe away with it.

Stomp: Stomps the ground with huge force, creating an earthquake and squashing foes like rotten fruit.

Slash: Slashes the foe with its sharp claws. If the attack is performed in the air or misses, a slicing wind is sent at the target, which can cut down entire forests with ease.

Absolute Zero: raises its head, charging a lot of bluish white energy into it, while a huge blizzard that is many times as powerful as Great Blizzard begins to happen around. The energy in Silver Dragon's mouth then gets converted to a seemingly compact sphere which it then sends flying at the target. In its flight, the sphere will freeze over whatever gets near it, and explode when crashing into the target, freezing entire planets over.

Spy: Death the Kid


"Why do I have to spy on humans? They are barely better than ants in my eyes. But if my orders are so, I will do as I am asked."

Death the Kid, the most human-like being from the Aduran Commando, is the best spy of Core Planet, and one of the strongest as well. He looks basically like a human kid, as he is quite small, but his appeareance is something which can't be relied on. Kid has in his possession some of the most special weapons of Core Planet, which are a pair of pistols that look normal at first, but apart of being thousands of times stronger than a normal pistol would be, they can transform into two human-like girls, and therefore are able to fight on their own. When in their weapon form, their bullets are infinitely available, they can pierce even through a 10-meter-long cube of steel, and can explode upon contact, making them more than lethal weapons. Kid can also infuse some of his own power into the guns before shooting, increasing their power or adding elemental damage to the physical one. Apart of that, Kid uses different tools and weapons which he has copied from the human world and increased their power to fit his needs. His humanoid figure, human-looking weapons and trained behaviour make him an ideal spy for almost every place, even on Asgard or Earth. It is widely speculated on Core Planet if Kid is the son of the Reaper itself, due to his name and his Death Cannon and Reaper Scythe Arm techniques. No one is absolutely sure about it though.

Here's a video showing a 1-vs-2 battle that shows the way Kid is battling (one of my personal favorites). He mainly uses his guns to attack foes along with different weapons that resemble human ones, such as grenades and knives, and also battles at close ranges with great skill. He never plays around with a foe, trying to finish battles as quick as possible. His incredible speed helps him a lot with that as well. Kid's specialty is Soul power. His advantage is that, as soul power is basically infinite, but its power widely limited, as he can combine it with Resonance of Souls to create powerful attacks without tiring.

Twin Thompson Guns: Kid possesses two pistols known as the Thompson Sisters Liz (Elizabeth, the older sister) and Patty (Patricia, the younger one) when they are in human forms, here is a picture. They can work together as a team, with one sister holding the other one that is in pistol mode, but their true potential is only shown in Kid's hands: by infusing his own power into them, or his purple soul power, he can change the bullet's properties, adapting them to any situation. The bullet's default program is to absorb slight amounts of Kid's soul power, compress it and fire it to create purple energy shots that travel at bullet speed and explode when impacting for heavy damage. If shot at low distance, or even point-blank range, the bullets create black explosions with red sparkles that are much more damaging than normal shots because the bullets can convert their kinetic energy into extra power.

Supreme Speed: Kid is able to move at incomparable speeds. While the speed at which he walks when he is on Core Planet is already faster than the maximum running speed of an average being, if he gets serious he can easily outrun even teleporting opponents, scanning through their move to find out about the selected location to reappear before moving there and simply waiting for the foe to reappear in his front wide open and ready to receive a head shot at point-blank range.

Neverending Power: Kid's stamina and soul power level is as high as are the ones of Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, which shows that he truly is a god or at least a super organism. He seemingly never tires, and has the ability to use his soul power to replace his body energy, which basically allows him to battle endlessly as long as he doesn't exceed a certain effort rate.

Life Force: The power that holds Kid alive is equally huge to his stamina and soul power. He can even take hits that would kill other members of the Aduran Commando and survive, although it would be barely. In fact, he seemingly never dies, which is also due to his lineage.

Resonance of Souls: Kid's main power for battling is that he can send his soul wavelength to the Twin Thompson Guns, which send it back to him intensified, and so on. Like this he creates incredibly powerful waves, which he can use to shoot pure compressed wavelength bullets at his foe for damage that is equivalent to being hit with a nuke.

Scanning Eye: Kid can scan through a foe and his visible movements very quickly, and is able to see one's soul as well, which makes a powerful combination. Kid can analyze a foe's behavior in battle, see if he has the ability to use soul power, and check his soul wavelength before even starting to battle, all in an instant. He can see the foe's soul size as well, which determines his strength, especially about soul attacks, and notices if the foe ever activates any power and how he channels it. For example, if he would meet an unknown foe with the ability to use soul waves in combination with dark energy, which basically is ghost energy, Kid would know that before the battle, deduct from it that the foe is able to use dark, ghost, and soul energy, and in combination with the size and wavelength of that foe's soul, estimate which abilities and techniques he will most probably use in battles. Once the battle begins, Kid then can effectively counter the foe's attacks, adapt his pistol's shots by infusing light energy into them to hit through the foe's attacks easily, and inflict maximum damage. being able to use ghost-type techniques, the foe will then most probably try to become intangible or invisible to sneak attack while avoiding the bullets, so Kid charges his pistols with a lot of soul power and awaits the foe's next move. As he can see souls, neither sneak attacking from the ground or while being invisible will work because the soul can't be concealed by dark or soul energy, so Kid will simply have to wait if the foe becomes intangible and attack as soon as the effect wears off, or shoot him straight if he sneak attacks while being invisible, to put the fight to an end in few seconds to minutes.

Supreme Perception: By combining his Scanning Eye and soul power, Kid can create a field around himself in which he can sense the anything and anyone's presence even if his foe is behind him, invisible, hidden or anything else. Therefore, it is impossible to sneak attack Kid even from a range.

Adaptive Shot: The bullets shot by Kid's Twin Thompson Guns can be adapted by Kid to match any situation he is confronted with. He can change their element, their properties like if they explode or pierce through the foe, if they create smoke explosions or if they spin in their flight. He uses this often to analyze a foe's reactions to certain elements and attacks while confusing them at the same time.

Fireworks Guns: Shoots special projectiles from his guns, which create firework-like explosions when impacting. This is extremely effective against dark-type and ghost or undead foes, because of the light and fire. This can also be applied to Kid's Grenades and Cluster Grenades.

Cluster Blast: Overcharges a bullet with soul power, before shooting it. When connecting with the target, the bullet explodes into may blue particles which are attracted by the target and stick to it before blowing up. used at point-blank range, it is incredibly powerful, blasting a foe's head away with a single shot.

Skateboard: Kid created a skateboard-like object for himself, copying it from humans, which allows him to fly and hover by using his soul power. It can also be used like a normal skateboard. He can make it appear and disappear at will with his magic.

Tornado Flip: Sends his skateboard flying at the target while making it spin around its axis like a drill. This can cut through stone with ease despite its weak look.

Skate Block Board: Uses his skateboard to block incoming attacks, either by holding it with his hand or by doing a trick. As his skateboard is made out of extremely hard metal which can additionally be infused with Kid's soul power, it can take a lot of hits before being scratched.

Soul Trick: Kid temporarily converts his body into soul power, becoming energy for a few seconds. he can avoid being struck by attacks like this. The Thompson Sisters can do something similar as well when fighting, by transforming into pistols and therefore temporarily becoming energy. 

Reaper Scythe Arm: Transforms one of his arms into a scythe's blade to attack. It can cut through everything that can be damaged like butter, giving the technique its name. There is close to no effective counter to it, and non-material shields will not work either, no matter their resistance. This means that the only thing able to block this attack is a defense of Titan Metal, or M's own invulnerable body.

Death Bombardment: Raises his hands, holding the Twin Thompson Guns or pointing his palms alone at the sky, and sends incredible amounts of highly compressed dark energy with red sparkling soul power into the sky. After some seconds, the energy then rains down again in the shape of giant pillars of destructive dark energy with red sparkling soul power, which Kid can even use to control the flight of the pillars. This can reduce entire continents to craters.

Grenade: Uses grenade-like bombs, which Kid created for himself. They are much more destructive than normal human-crafted grenades, and are also charged with soul power for greater damage. Like the Adaptive Shot technique, Kid can change the properties of the grenades, making them become smoke bombs or create atomic explosions. There are also three types of grenades: the normal one, one that is magnetically charged and sticks to anything it touches, and one that remotely blows up, letting Kid decide with his mind when they should blow up. Kid can also combine the sticky and remote grenades.

Cluster Grenade: Uses grenades like the normal ones that he uses with Grenade, but when exploding these grenades additionally send many smaller grenades flying that also explode when impacting. These grenades are called Lv.2 by Kid. he can also use Cluster Grenades Lv.3 that explode and split into smaller grenades, which in turn split as well. He can also use Lv.4, and so on without a limit.

Death Fighting Style: Kid is an incredibly skilled martial artist for all kinds, including kung-fu, karate, ninja arts and different species' fighting styles, like the orc's and elf's ones. He is very strong as well despite his appearance, but prefers to use elegant techniques instead of punching and kicking a foe insanely, although he he can apply these these as well naturally. He can easily win in a one-vs-ten battle against ninjas without using his Twin Thompson Guns. As an expert in all of these, Kid combined the different fighting styles and martial arts with his own weapons and abilities to create what he calls the Death Fighting Style, which he always applies when in close combat.

Ninja Weapons: Throws ninja knives (Kunai) or stars (Shuriken) at his foe. Kid learnt these from ninja on Earth, and took them to the next level with his Death Fighting Style and Supreme Perception abilities. This means that he can throw Kunai and Shuriken with much greater accuracy than the most skilled ninja, and by infusing them with different energies, he can control their flight and add to the damage that they cause.

Human Tools: Kid has various tools at his disposal, which are copied from the humans, aside of some that he got on Core Planet. Most of them are incorporated in a special multifunctional Swiss Army Knife that includes things like a picklock that can open any door, an automatic screwdriver, a mini drill, and a laser, among many others.

Laptop: Kid has a special laptop from Core Planet at his disposal. For anyone else, it looks like a small box, but it is an Asgardian camouflage technology. Kid can unfold the box anytime he needs it to turn it into a paper-thick laptop that contains various programs for Internet surfing, system hacking, virus creating and manipulating, data storage, and various others.

Map System: Kid also possesses a special map from Asgard's labs, which looks like a piece of simple paper but is in fact an electronic paper that constantly scans the environment with invisible waves to create an accurate map system that even shows the position of important things like guards, cameras and targets.

Despair Blade: A weapon that Kid only uses if he gets serious in battles. The Despair Blade is an invisible sword that is very sharp. It also contains a special demon, which can be ordered by Kid to use a technique called Despair Scream, in which case the sword will become visible, looking like the sword in this picture, and the mouth on the blade screams very loudly, making the blade vibrate very strong. This means that the effect of a single attack is raised a lot since a successful stab will not leave a linear hole but rip the flesh around it apart as well, causing terrible damage. And even if the sword is blocked by a foe's sword that will not break by the vibrating blade, the vibration passes through the other blade and heavily shakes the foe, making them feel dizzy. Kid uses Despair Scream very rarely though, as he wants to avoid unnecessary attention in most cases.

Turtle Finger: After analyzing the foe, Kid will know their weak spots. With Turtle Finger, he then attacks these spots with very high speed by tapping them with his finger. These are not very hard hits, but they will leave any foe paralyzed and defenseless if applied successfully.

Dark Energy Blast: Shoots a pitch-black lightning bolt from his finger. It is covered in red sparkles made out of soul power, which allows Kid to control the course of flight of the bolt. He can also shoot this attack from his Twin Thompson Guns.

Black Thunder: Points his finger at the target, and then a pitch-black thunder strikes the foe from the sky. He can also use this in close combat, triggering the attack whenever he gets in contact with the target.

Activation: Fallen Angel: Uses Resonance of Souls and absorbs the intensified wavelength to grow himself blood-red wings from his back. These wings allow Kid to fly and can also be partially reabsorbed to use the soul wavelength without having to prepare them with Resonance of Souls first. Like this, the wings serve as a stroage for soul waves. Kid can also grow wings of simple soul power without intensifying it first, but as the primary objective of the wings is to store powerful energy it would only be useful if Kid has to fly away very quickly.

Activation: Execution Mode: Kid uses this rarely, and only if he gets serious in battle. He activates the entire soul power in his body, beginning to float and raising a lot of dust around himself which spiralsin a field around him. A foe that can see souls would notice that his soul is growing to proportions that signalize danger. By using Resonance of Souls and absorbing the super-intensified soul wavelength into his body he becomes incredibly powerful, growing six black spikes, named Black Needles, three from each of his upper arms and fusing his arms with his Twin Thompson Guns, turning them into arm cannons (here is a picture). Usually his next move is immediately Death Cannon. He keeps all attacks and abilities that he had previously, but will be unable to use his tools, Laptop, Reaper Scythe Arm, Ninja Weapons, and Map System because he can't use his hands to hold and use the objets. He can still use his Grenades and Cluster Grenades though by shooting them from his cannons or simply letting them fall out of the gun barrel.

Heavy Smash: Used in case that the foe gets too close. Kid smashes them with his arm cannons. He can also use this to block attacks effortlessly.

Death Cannon: Kid's ultimate attack, which he can only use when in his Execution Mode. Lots of purple and black energy begins to sparkle on his body, concentrating on the Black Needles on his upper arms and connecting them to his arm cannons, while he releases many invisible waves of Soul Power that blast anyone and anything away within a small range. He continuously uses Resonance of Souls, creating hyper-intense soul wavelengths which are charged into his Black Needles until they are fully charged, which is announced by one of the Thompson Sisters. Kid then proceeds to charge the accumulated wavelength into the cannons, which manifests in several rings surrounding them and two energy balls that form in front of it. The Soul Power meanwhile stops to send waves outwards and shapes into two energy skulls that protect Kid without interfering the charging process. Finally, the cannons are fully charged with the energy, which can be noticed because the rings going from the Black Needles into the cannon disappear, and the sparkling purple and black soul power stops as well, concentrating on the two energy spheres formed at the tip of the cannons. The Thompson Sisters will count the time down until the cannons are ready to fire, after what the cannons become normal again with the spheres being fully absorbed into them. Kid can then fire his two cannons at will, sending a yellow blast or a black beam at the target. The power of this attack can vary, depending on the Wavelength intensity level and the Noise Ratio while charging. In the video that shows Kid's fighting style, he uses his Death Cannon at 0,3% of its full power, creating an explosion. If used at full power, it can destroy planets. The long charging time needed for Kid to prepare the attack is compensated by the fact that he tires much less than other members of the Aduran Commando do for using an attack with equal power, because his Resonance of Souls allows him to have a much higher effort/output ratio.

Camouflage: Tsubaki Forestchild


"Nature must be protected... although it can help itself, by creating beings like me."

Tsubaki is a half-humanoid plant, which means that she roughly has got the same shape as a human, howeverher skin is leaf green, on her head spouts a bonsai-like tree, and she posesses most of the characteristics of a plant. She can also move and act like a human, a combination that makes her very special amongst the beings of Core Planet. Having got her powers increased on Core Planet, and being forced to develop her combat skills, Tsubaki learned for example how to root herself in order to survive even in the hardest landscapes, and how to make herself look like a simple tree. But her unique ability that she gained after training psychic powers for a long time was to control the nature power, a near unlimited power source that could be drawn from everywhere. As nature power includes warmth, gravitation, light and magnetism as well as wind and of course, life power that lies within every living being, Tsubaki has literally got control of the entire surrounding landscape, able to control nature powers to replenish her own energy, use it against a foe or create it out of thin air! This way, even if Tsubaki is not born to be a warrior, she has got the skills to finish off most of the foes that stand in her way with no problems at all. M offered her a place as an Aduran Commando member after he searched her for many days. In battle with the other members, Tsubaki mostly acts as a supporter of the team, manipulating the energies to the team's advantage and sneak attacking the unsuspecting foes.

Roots: Tsubaki can root herself into the ground at any time, which usually happens as soon as she stops moving standing on soil. The roots absorb nutritients and energy from the soil and replenish Tsubaki's energy.

Tree Camouflage: Tsubaki looks like a tree when standing still, due to her wooden body. Her hands look like branches, and her face disappears into the wood, making her impossible to be distinguished from a tree with the naked eye.

Magic Wood: The body of Tsubaki is like wood, but much more resistant than the normal kind. This makes Tsubaki very endurant, although her defense is not as high as the one of most other members of the Aduran Commando. She relies more on trickery and avoiding than tanking.

Tree Travel: As a replacement of teleporting techniques, Tsubaki can disappear into a tree by physically touching it, becoming a part of it. She can access the tree's memory and wisdom, but most important of all, she can move freely around from tree to tree like teleporting, reappearing wherever there is vegetation. She can also create trees to come out of if there are no trees around. As long as she remains in physical contact with a tree, she can apply this technique, so this includes a tree's roots as well. 

Tsubaki Power: Tsubaki's most useful ability, and what she mainly applies when battling. She is able to create and control natural energy, which is the power that is inside every living being and which also is responsible for natural laws like gravity. Natural power includes light, warmth, magnetism, gravitation and life power, which are basically all the founding energies that also create the elements and most other kinds of energy. By being able to use these energies to her advantage, Tsubaki has got near-unlimited possibilities at her disposal, which can also be used for fighting. For example, she can manipulate the landscape, control the energy of a foe's elemental attack, nullify gravity for a foe, sending him flying into space with a single punch, move energy around to help allies and tire foes, enhance allies's attacks with supplementary energy, steal a foe's sword with magnetic power, and countless others.

Forest Creatures Summon: Calls some forest inhabitants to fight at her side. This includes every being that lives in forests, like bears, reindeers, wolves, and many others. She gains a serious advantage when fighting on Core Planet due to the special and strong beings that inhabit the forests there, like werewolves, gnomes and forest spirits. She can also support these beings with Tsubaki Power.

Poison Vine Attack: Grows some vines with poisonous thorns on them on any vegetation standing around or on herself, or makes them come out of the ground. These vines then proceed to attack the target, poisoning it and inflicting physical damage with their sharp thorns as well.

Flower Powder: Waves her hand, or makes a plant agitate itself to liberate some special powders that have different effects depending on which flower it is casted from. Tsubaki herself liberates a special powder that puts foes to sleep and heavily intoxicates them, killing them while they sleep.

Petal Storm: Waves her hand and summons many petals that appear in the air or come flying from any flowers in the environment, before sending them at the target. Each petal is extremely sharp and can cut through the target like a knife, but the main advantage is their sheer numbers, which allow them to create a barrage of attacks that completely overwhelms a foe.

Leaves Storm: Summons many moonsickle-shaped leaves out of natural energy that appear on any plants around and around Tsubaki . She then sends the leaves at the target by waving her hand at the target, making them expand by letting it absorb the natural energy in the environment. The leaves also home on the target, and create a trail of slicing wind that strikes the foe once the leaf has cut through the target, inflicting extra damage that is even harder to avoid than the original leaf.

Thorned Arm Attack: many thorns grow from Tsubaki's arm and hand, before she punches or slaps the foe with it, flinching them very often. It can also be used for defensive purposes, especially against close combat foes which attack with their bare hands. Alternatively, Tsubaki can also make he thorns grow from any tree's branch and make the tree attack the target, or she can grow the thorns on her entire body to tackle the foe or defend herself.

Nature Seed: Throws a seed at the target that is about half as big as a human fist. The seed also glows with a green color because it's charged with natural energy. As soon as the seed gets near the target, it grows itself some vines, with which it binds itself to it and starts draining its energy into itself. after some time, the seed will then use the accumulated energy to turn itself into a giant tree which takes the foe with it in its vines, if he is still alive, that is. Otherwise the tree absorbs the foe's body for a bit more energy.

Solar Laser: Charges a lot of solar energy into her hand and then fires a big solar beam at the foe. She can also make any tree in the environment that has leaves charge the energy and use the attack instead of her.

Power Drain: Points her hand at the target and starts draining its energy into herself. She can use this as an attack, or through Tsubaki Power.

Forest Awakening: Places her hand on the ground, and sends great amounts of natural energy into the ground. With the other hand, she then drops a few seeds that turn into fully-grown trees after a few seconds. grass, bushes, fungi, and other vegetation also spreads rapidly, creating an entire forest in seconds. Tsubaki can also use this to enlarge an already existing forest, and even cover an entire planet in forestial vegetation.

Tree Giant: Absorbs a lot of energy into herself and then enters a tree like she would do for Tree Travel. Once she is inside the tree, she releases the absorbed energy along with her own, turning the tree into a giant monster known as the Tree Giant. You can see a picture here. The Tree Giant has got Tsubaki's abilities, although he is much more powerful, and can look like a normal overgrown tree if he doesn't move. The wood he is made out of is so dense that he can't burn even if he would be walking on the sun, and it is equivalently hard. It also possesses the ability to absorb the energy of the environment and of fallen foes to grow stronger and become bigger. The Tree Giant will keep the stored energy even once Tsubaki transforms back, giving it to her. This means that Tsubaki becomes stronger every time she uses this transformation, and with enough power, her Smash attacks could even affect entire planets.

Smash: Smashes his fist down at the foe, burying them into the ground like a nail. The sheer power of this attack makes it barely withstandable.

Throw: Grabs a foe or an object and throws it. This can be used to gain some distance or to bombard someone or something with deadly projectiles.

Stomp: Attacks the target with a powerful stomp attack. Once grown enough, the Tree Giant can destroy entire continents with a single attack.

Forest Beam: Charges a tremendous amount of natural energy into his mouth, and even absorbs natural energy from the environment, and then shoots a white beam of incredible destructive power at the target. This attack is unbelievably strong already if the Tree Giant is relatively small, but if he is big enough he can effortlessly blow up multiple planets with it.

Ultimate Nature Wave: Some say that the Tree Giant’s ultimate technique is Forest Beam, others that it is Ultimate Nature Wave. In fact, the former is the Tree Giant’s ultimate destructive ability, while the latter is his most powerful creating technique. By stomping the ground lightly, the Tree Giant releases two waves of natural energy: one that washes away any negative influence, destructive energies etc, while the second charges the ground with so much natural energy that it creates a forest, plain, jungle, or whatever kind of vegetation is appropriate to the kind of environment. While the first wave manifests like a strong wind that washes away every kind of negative influence such as a field of dark energy, the second can be seen because a wave of flowers and bushes comes out of the ground at the spot where the wave is. Like that, the Tree Giant can cover entire planets in vegetation within a few minutes.

Scout: Phirone Phoenixson

"Death? I do not fear that. I do not even know that. But I know what it is... for others."

Phirone is a half-phoenix humanoid, whose past is widely unknown. Some believe that he is the son of Aduran, others say that he is a disguised demon. But what everyone knows is that Phirone is one of the most curious beings of Core Planet: even if he has been seen lying dead on an occasion before he became a member of the Aduran Commando, he stood up shortly after, not even noticing the mortal wounds like several sword slashes and burns that covered his body. M recruited him shortly after. It was discovered that Phirone is close to invulnerable because his body somehow regenerates even the most mortal wounds. Even deadly poison, super-corrosive acid and other lethal objects could not inflict long-lasting damage on Phirone's body, making completely immortal. Unlike other members like Midna and Medu, which are immortal as well, however Phirone actively abuses the power of his ability instead of having it used as a defensive ability in case that an enemy manages to kill him: he profited from this in multiple occasions, sometimes making himself look dead, before standing up and delivering a deadly strike at an unsuspecting foe that has his back turned on him since he thinks that Phirone has died. At one of the most famous events, the fight against the berserker on some other planet, he stabbed himself, making himself look dead for a while, before standing up again. The berserks that were very superstitious all knelt before Phirone, thinking that it was a god come to them to punish them, and Phirone said to them that they should join the ranks of Core Planet, what the berserks did without hesitating. Phirone gained the ability not to lose his senses when receiving mortal wounds when he became a member of the Aduran Commando, and began to use several suicidal techniques that couldn't harm him though. He also trained his powers as a phoenix, that allowed him to fly in the air with fire wings that he could grow from his back, making him an excellent spy and scout on many occasions. He is kind-hearted, though, and doesn't like to battle, so he usually stays back once his work is done. 

Phirone Power: Phirone is completely immortal because he is partially a phoenix and partially an angel. After training on Core Planet for a long time, Phirone managed to turn this technique into an ability that makes him never die or even lose consciousness no matter how powerful he is attacked or by what. Even disintegrating his body will not be of any use, as he will simply be reborn from his ashes. Many enemies have lost hope when they attacked Phirone with a seemingly killing attack, before seeing him getting back up no matter his condition, before walking towards them with a grin on his face and attacking them once again as if nothing had happened in the first place.

Fly: Freely flies in the air with his wings.

Illusion Immunity: Phirone is completely immune to illusions of all kinds and levels. Although the use of an illusion will still drain energy from the user, Phirone will never be affected by it, but he will notice if ever a foe tries to cast such on him. This also applies to hypnosis and non-physical body possession.

Sacred Fire: Surrounds his body with some sacred flames that cannot be put out except by very cold water. This flame also burns away every wound on Phirone's body and replenishes his energy, making him emerge in perfect condition.

Fire Blast: Shoots a powerful fire blast at the target, which explodes when impacting and incinerates everything in its path with its heat radiation.

Phoenix Flame Cluster Bomb: Shoots a fire blast at the target that looks just like a normal fire blast, but when touching something the flame will not explode into heat. Instead the flame will split into multiple smaller flames which scatter around and continue to burn for seven days without being ever put out by anything.

Phoenix Tackle: Surrounds his body with fire (which can be Sacred Fire) and then rams into the foe, burning them and sending them flying.

Damocles Blade: Summons two blades, one above his own head and one above the foe’s. The blades also look equal and move in the same way. Both blades then inevitably stab the foe and Phirone at the same time, draining their energy until one of them faints and eventually dies, or until Phirone stops using the technique. But, as Phirone is immortal, this technique will only kill his foe, while he will simply regenerate the lost energy with his Sacred Fire.

Black Thunder Field: Raises his hands above his head, and then huge black clouds gather above him in a few seconds. A single pitch-black thunder then falls out of the clouds, striking the ground in front of Phirone’s feet, and two seconds later the area beneath the clouds is bombarded with an apocalyptic rain of black thunders. Phirone may also get struck by the thunders, but will not be affected by it.

Judgment Hurricane: Raises his hands above his head while folding them, and then jumps while spinning around himself. A big tornado with some small thunder clouds around it is then created, with Phirone being at its center, while an incredibly large hurricane blows from behind him, taking the tornado with it and reducing whatever is in its path to rubbles, with the exception of Phirone himself.

Magma Wave: Briefly raises his hands, pointing them at the sky, while the ground starts cracking along a horizontal line behind himself. Then a lot of magma with different materials from the underground comes out of the crack and shapes into a Tsunami of fire that washes over everything, engulfing it in a deadly flow of flames. Phirone is also touched by the attack, but stays unharmed.

Voodoo Puppet: Phirone points his hand at the target, and then a thin light string comes from his index finger and connects to the target's heart (or chest if it has no heart). After that the string’s other end also connects to Phirone's heart. Whatever happens to the latter will then also happen to the foe that is connected to him with the string. Phirone will then pull out a thin sword that looks like the ones that are used for executions. He usually ends the battle quickly after having applied this technique by stabbing himself through the heart. He can also apply this technique to other beings that will be connected together instead of himself, and there is no limit to the number of beings connected to each other or Phirone by this technique. Phirone usually uses this technique to link many enemies together to each other and/or himself before using his area-covering techniques such as Black Thunder Field, Phoenix Flame Cluster Bomb, and Snow Avalanche.

Snow Avalanche: Raises his hands, and then giant boulders as well as huge chunks of ice and much snow is summoned on a wide area above him. These materials then fall down, burying everything beneath them, including Phirone, although he will not be harmed by it since he is immortal.

Phoenix Awaken: Clenches his fists and slightly bends forwards. Then suddenly his body catches on fire, which leaks out of his body, and that fire also rapidly grows in size, eventually engulfing Phirone totally. The fire then shapes into an eagle-like being, which is in fact a phoenix. Once in this form, Phirone gains the following abilities:

Rising Phoenix: Can only be used if Phirone has also used Phoenix Awaken. He flies up diagonally towards the foe, and screeches loud like a hawk. A powerful heat wave then radiates from the phoenix, incinerating everything around. Usually the phoenix uses Flying Fury Slashes directly after this.

Initiation: Stops flying around in the air, and stays at the same spot while occasionally flapping his wings to stay at the same position, while looking at the foe calmly. Then the sky starts to turn orange, then red, and after some time a tremendous screech like the scream of a hawk is heard, however this scream is many times more powerful than a normal hawk's, causing earthquakes and volcano eruptions while the ground starts to crack open and lava comes out of it. At the same time a powerful wind starts blowing, like a hurricane, and some tornadoes also shape while the sky is covered with reddish glowing thick clouds, out of which also comes much rain like a flood, although the rain does not put out the lava because they are both summoned by the same attack, and therefore consist out of the same energy, and many thunders (both normal and black ones) crash down on random locations. Then, a rain of flaming comets and meteors starts happening, and every meteor also explodes when impacting into the ground, creating large craters. Basically, everything looks like the end of the world. Finally, an incredibly large phoenix that is created out of flames from the phoenix that is Phirone shapes directly above the latter, and blasts a powerful flaming beam of solar energy at the target before flying down itself and crashing into the target in an apocalyptic explosion of fire. This ability is the phoenix's second strongest ability after Nova.

Sonic Blasts: As the phoenix flies at a certain minimum speed he creates many sonic blasts which heavily damage whatever the phoenix flies by.

Flying Fury Slashes: Divebombs at the foe, viciously at tacking them with a series of beak stabs, claw slashes, and wing hits. Just before touching the ground the phoenix will then re-arise and fly up into the skies to avoid giving the foe any chance to strike back.

Phoenix Divebomb: Flies up into the air and then divebombs at the foe headfirst, crashing into them with as much speed as possible. He can also infuse extra fire energy into his body to create an explosion of flames when impacting.

100% Phoenix Fire: Flies up into the sky and breathes out many flames that engulf his body and make him seem even bigger than before. The flames then suddenly change colors, making the bird look like a flying rainbow in flames. The foe can't see it, but the body of Phirone that is inside the phoenix flames also becomes rainbow fire for the duration of this attack. The big phoenix then viciously attacks the foe with a series of Flying Fury Slashes that he will not even stop if he reaches the ground level, as he will then simply stand on it and continue the attacks.

Nova: Phirone's ultimate attack, which he can only use when in his phoenix mode. he flies up very high, and then stays hovering in the air while flapping his wings calmly. A very analytical foe or someone with a good vision will also notice that during the phoenix's flight the fire covering him moves around a bit faster than before and also grows a bit. The phoenix then looks down at his foe with a serious and furious gaze, before x-crossing his wings in front of himself and then suddenly spreading then out, as his body explodes in a giant sphere of flames. Once these vanish, the phoenix will re-emerge, being much bigger than before, with his wingspan becoming about ten kilometers when his wings are spread out, and the rest of his body also grows proportionally. This bird is even bigger than the one that appears when the phoenix uses Initiation. That giant phoenix then divebombs at the target, exploding in an even bigger sphere of flames and light that razes the surrounding landscape in hundreds of kilometers, while the heat wave emitted by this attack can even set a paper ablaze that is ten thousand kilometers away from the explosion's center. After the explosion, which can destroy entire countries in an instant, the phoenix will re-emerge unharmed from the crater that has been created as a result of the divebomb and the explosion, although he will then have his normal size again. Phirone can also infuse the entire energy in his body into the attack to destroy half a planet, but he will then faint and stay unconscious for at least one day.

Scientist: Akuma Cyberbrain


(Normal form, Cyber Mode)

"You say that it's impossible for me to know your name? I even know what you ate this morning."

Akuma is one of the relatively few scientists on Core Planet, and although he is a human, he forms part of the Aduran Commando because of his specialty: his Cyberbrain, which is one of the most developed computers in existence. Cyberbrain is a special machine that is located in Akuma's personal lab, and it works like a replacement of a brain for Akuma. In fact, Akuma has implanted a special chip into the brains of every being under his command that instantly sends any information that the being carrying the chip may think of to Cyberbrain, which decides whether it's useful or not, and if it is, it is sent to Akuma, which possesses a miniature version of Cyberbrain instead of a normal brain. This technology, inspired by M's omnipresence and omniscience, allows Akuma to find out about events without even being there, and even to find out information without moving at all. Additionally, Cyberbrain gives Akuma abilities that are thousands of times beyond those of a normal human, and is used in combination with most of his body that is made out of metal as a replacement for Akuma's flesh to make him become stronger and more resistant to damage. Akuma is therefore considered as a non-human being, allowing him to access Core Planet. He is not as effective in battles as are most of the other members of the Aduran Commando, but with his great intelligence gathering techniques and different scientific discoveries that can be used in battle, he easily makes up for this. This even comes to the point that apart of Megatron and Neko Majin Z, every member of the Aduran Commando has got a chip of Akuma's in their brain, although these are modified versions of the ones that Akuma has inserted into his subordinates (more information on these chips is below, in Akuma's Brain Chips technique). Instead these just allow Akuma to exchange information with the other members like with phones that were once used on Earth. This way, Akuma can act as both a strategist and messenger when in wars, sending the messages of Megatron to the other members and allowing them to strategically overwhelm any foe. he can even develop strategies, propose them to Megatron and then transmit them to the others if Megatron accepts them, which he generally does as Akuma is incredibly intelligent to the point that he has never made a mistake ever since he got the Cyber Brain. In case that he gets serious in a battle, he can also enter his Cyber Mode, and summon a number of beings to help him in battles.

Akuma's techniques are built around his scientific discoveries which he uses to fight, his extremely analytical mind, and Cyber Brain. He rarely enters the battle himself, instead he lets the others do the work, although he sometimes participates to have some fun as well.

Cyber Brain: Akuma's human brain is replaced by the Cyber Brain, which is an extremely powerful and intelligent computer. Made out of learning AI, and having analyzed Akuma's personality before having a miniature version implanted into Akuma's head, the computer replaces Akuma's brain and adds innumerable advantages to it. For example, the Cyber Brain constantly looks at, analyzes, compares and inerpretates everything through the eyes of Akuma, the beings that have a Brain Chip in their head, and different devices such as a radar and an electronic library. It can even decide what is useful and what is not (it doesn't make any faults in this as its thinking ability is incomparably higher than a mere human's), before adding the collected data to a constantly growing database, to which Akuma can freely access at any time. Aside of analyzing new things, the computer also updates itself and other technological devices automatically. By controlling a division of robots and automatons it can even interfere the physical world, mostly by repairing, adding, modifying or removing different mechanical parts of itself and other machines. It even asks itself  complicated questions of any kind, from mathematic to philosophic to scientific, and then finds the answer to it. In other words, Akuma constantly becomes more intelligent even if he sleeps. With this ability he also analyzes the foe constantly before and during the battle, often winning them before they even start.

Akuma Armor: Akuma's body is covered and partially is a part of an extremely hard metal, which works like an armor. It replaces most of Akuma's flesh body, in fact this makes him immortal to attacks that would kill other humans, as he has no more vital spots to be struck, and in case that he somehow gets defeated, his spirit remains inside the armor or returns to Cyber Brain, from where he can take control of various replacement bodies that are ready for him to take. Due to his armor Akuma is also immune to poison, burns, and similar techniques, and as his electronic body consists out of far too much high-tech to be vulnerable to electric shocks that disable the systems, hacking, viruses, and others, Akuma's defense is way higher than the one of simple mortals.

Brain Chips: One of Akuma's most useful techniques. He has developed a special chip that works much like a mini-computer, which he can insert into anyone's head and into other machines and electronic devices through a simple operation. There are different kinds of chips: for example, Akuma's robots, automatons all have the basic chip implanted into them, which controls their body through Cyber Brain, supports them with information, regularly sends synchronizing mails to Cyber Brain with various data, and has a few other functions which can be useful. Like this, Akuma could insert a chip into a new robot's head (they have a special slot designed for this), update some information about fighting and engineering into it from Cyber Brain's database, having a brand-new engineer/soldier robot at his disposal. The members of the Aduran Commando all have a modified chip in their heads which doesn't allow Cyber Brain to control them, but instead permits them to exchange information with it and each other, and even talk to each other like humans do with mobile phones.

Brain Possession: Akuma can instantly take control of any being or object that has a Brain Chip implanted into it if that chip allows Cyber Brain to take control of the being/object. The chips are also modified in a way that nothing and no one is able to possess the wearer of the chip by other means than physical ones (this also applies to the other members of the Aduran Commando). This way Akuma can control any robots or beings that have the chip, and even fully possess their body with his spirit.

Upload/Install: Adds or modifies any data or program that a Brain Chip contains. he can freely upload information into the very high capacity of the chips, but only modify the information if the chip allows him to use Brain Possession on that being or object, or if the wearer of the chip willingly accepts these changes. For example, Akuma can add automatic aggressiveness or an infrared vision program to a robot under his control to allow them to effectively attack foes or have an infrared vision field instead of the default light-sensitive program. Akuma can also use this to add mechanical parts to a being's or machine's body, or modify them, and add the necessary data for the being to understand how to use these parts.

Download: Downloads any data from a Brain Chip, adding it to Cyber Brain's database, although this happens automatically with a certain interval. Akuma can even use this to download information on the being's or machine's body, and copy their abilities, such as elemental manipulation or psychic energy.

Delete/Uninstall: Deletes or uninstalls data or programs from a Brain Chip or Cyber Brain. There will always be a special compressed backup database in case that Akuma accidentally deletes something that he still needed.

Area Scan: Sends out a special plane-shaped device that can fly around and even move underground or in water to reach its destination. It will then proceed to scan a selected area for some specific thing or simply to collect all the data about this area. Cyber Brain can also send these devices out on its own.

Data Copy: Copies all the data from one Brain Chip to another, or into Cyber Brain. With this data, Akuma can even create a clone of the being that the data was copied from, or turn someone into someone else. Another possible use of this is to copy the memories and other data needed into another chip before making the chip inside the being's head take control of that being and faint it. While that being can then be stored somewhere Akuma then proceeds to modifying the Brain Chip that he has copied the data into, before switching the chips and having a modified being instead of the old one.

Hack: Hacks into other mechanical or electronic devices. Akuma's superior intelligence and Cyber Brain allow him to effortlessly hack and even take over any other systems.

Teleport: Freely teleports around with a special device that is implanted into the Akuma Armor.

Fly: Freely flies or hovers in the air by using his boots, which have rocket-like propulsors at their bottoms.

Brain Phone: Uses a Brain Chip to communicate with its wearer as if they were having a conversation with a mobile phone. Naturally this gives the Aduran Commando a great advantage as there is no visual evidence that they are interacting with each other, while Megatron can order the others around during a battle and strategically defeat a foe. Akuma can talk to anyone that has such a chip implanted into his/her brain.

Interference: Akuma can sense any signals in the environment, and even manipulate or stop them, and add his own. Like this he can effortlessly defeat a foe's remotely controlled machines and all kinds of electronic devices before taking control of them with Hack.

EMP Grenade: Throws a special grenade, which creates an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that completely disables any mechanical and/or electronic device in an area of 50 meters. This has no effect on the wearers of a Brain Chip however, nor on any of Akuma's subordinates, Cyber Brain or Akuma himself.

Kinetic Blaster: Akuma has added two special devices into his robotic palms which can emit powerful pulses of kinetic energy, blasting everything in front of Akuma away. Akuma can also grab a foe's head and then blast them at point-blank range, detonating their head and killing them instantly.

Snipe Down: In Akuma's shoulders are some special miniature cannons which can shoot small but very effective bullets like snipers to kill foes without Akuma having even to move. The cannons can also act as autocannons, continuously firing while aiming at every foe in their reach with perfect precision.

Close Combat: Although not being too skilled in close combat, Akuma is powerful enough to take on many foes. He also constantly gains an advantage as he can read though the foe's movements and intentions by analyzing him, while finding out about his weak spots at the same time. After fighting a foe for some time, Akuma will even know where to strike with a simple light finger jab to defeat a foe effortlessly by striking their nerves or other weak spots.

Akuma Cannon: Raises his right hand, and then the metal of the Akuma Armor on his forearm starts changing and turns into an arm cannon, with which Akuma can fire high-powered energy blasts, beams, and destructive bullets or bombs.

Spy Wasps: Sends out a swarm of small wasp-like robots which are remotely controlled by Cyber Brain. They work just like the other robots do, recording data and sending it to Caber Brain. They are focused on absolute stealth and spy purposes, which make them ideal machines for spying. They can also change their shape slightly, camouflage themselves or even become invisible to avoid being seen. They can also hack into other electronic systems while maintaining their camouflage, and stealthily steal information that is immediately sent to Cyber Brain.

Death Scan: Sends out some miniature helicopter-shaped devices which have the shape of a cube, have five propellers on five of their surfaces, while the sixth, which usually is pointed at the ground, has a laser lens on it. These devices then form a line and shoot their lasers into the ground from above, or horizontally or vertically depending on what Akuma orders them to do. Then they systematically scan the selected area with their lasers by shooting them together, forming a laser wall that destroys whatever is in that area.

Digitalize: One of Akuma's most useful abilities: by pointing his hand at something or someone, it gets digitalized into ones and zeros, which are the language of electronic devices. These ones and zeros then get absorbed into a special storage system that looks much like a floppy disk from the humans, but is way more developed. Whatever is absorbed instantly is classified and stored into a sophisticated folder system inside the disk (for example if Akuma would catch some marine lifeforms they would be transmitted into Existence Forms > Aquatic Forms > Salty Water > Fish, where there would be a virtually generated environment that looks like the sea for the fish to swim in, although they will not be able to influence that environment, themselves and each other unless Akuma changes these settings), and Akuma is able to use the digitalized being, object, energy or whatever is digitalized like simple computer data, which can be read on most of Core Planet's electronic systems. This ability offers Akuma innumerable possibilities: for example, he can digitalize an attack thrown at him to defend himself, and even re-summon it to attack his foe, he can catch foes and fragile objects and beings for experimental analysis, he can carry around otherwise heavy or unmovable objects, he can he can create copies of digitalized things, for example if he wants to experiment with a being that will most probably die during these, he can even modify the data of an object to completely change its behavior, abilities, personality, physics, or others, like changing a physical dangerous virus to an electronic one that has the electronic equivalent of effects of the physical virus on living beings. He can also create objects, beings, and others from scratch with some programs that are also on the disk, and even transfer his thoughts into the program which will then shape the thoughts into data which Akuma can then modify. However, this ability can only be applied to a certain extent on the physical world, as otherwise it could have incalculable effects on it. In a computer-generated environment there will be no problem however, and by sending them into Cyber Brain Akuma can even use the data to make virtual experiments, like trying the effect of nuclear radiation of different intensity on certain lifeforms, sending virtual attacks at beings, and putting up entire mazes and complex structures for the beings to use.

Summon: Akuma Helpers: With his Digitalize ability and through technical work, Akuma has created himself a number of beings that can support him, mostly digital ones as they are way easier to make and much more effective. He has an incredibly wide selection of them, having created thousands, but he usually sticks to a few ones, which are the strongest. However, he can easily summon them all at any time to create an army of obedient and powerful robots and half-digital beings that is extremely effective. His favorite are: Mace-Skeith (digital), Scythe-Skeith (digital), Innis (digital), Roamer Magus (digital), Vengeance Tarvos (digital), and DestructionFortress (robot). Each has different properties, and are able to overcome most foes with ease, although they are weaker than Akuma if he enters his Cyber Mode.

Update: Cyber Mode: As opposed to the other members of the Aduran Commando, Akuma's transformation technique does not mainly serve battle purposes. Instead he can use it to switch between the physical world and the electronic one. Like this, Akuma becomes able to enter the digital environments, meet the beings that he has created, create, modify and delete on the place itself, and many others. In a battle, the technique engulfs the battle area in a dome of ones and zeros, beyond which everything becomes pitch-black. The limits of the dome can also not be influenced by any means from the outside or the inside, and the foe is not able to leave the zone, however Akuma can. Akuma's techniques become way stronger inside this dome, and as he can freely manipulate time and space inside the area he gains an incalculable advantage on his foe, as he can even upload game-like programs that he created in the past to fight his foe in a strategy or chess game, which have the rule that the loser will die in real life, and as a last resort Akuma can even cheat on these games or shut them down. It is said however that there exists an effective way to counter this ability, however no one except Akuma and M are said to know it, as Akuma has created this technique in the first place and M is omniscient. Beings that are less intelligent than Akuma have no possibility of somehow finding out about this counter, and even a being of Akuma's intelligence or a more intelligent but not omniscient one would have a hard time in finding out about it, and that is most probably while at the same time fighting Akuma with loads of disadvantages on one's side.

Messenger: GhostRider

"Evil... my path leads through the destruction of evil. You better not stand in my way... because I ain't going to stop."

GhostRider, the final member of the Aduran Commando, is a cursed human that once served the devil, long before Kyro was born. GhostRider freed himself of the contract that binded him to the devil, and became a hero to the people of his land. Whenever something evil happened, he sensed it and was able to interfere before even the cops could come. He punished the criminals and even defeated some of the beings that later attacked Earth, until he got killed by M's Ragnarök. But, while his body got destroyed, his soul that had become very strong entered Hades and continued punishing evil there, until Kyro could no longer tolerate it and threw the soul of GhostRider out of Hell. Once there, GhostRider found himself a new body, which was a skeleton of a man that had been killed by Akuji's raids and set on fire by a lich dragon. GhostRider took control of that fire by infusing some of his soul into it, but he also fused his soul with that fire that had become a part of both his body and his soul. He chased Akuji for some time after seeing that he was doing evil things, but couldn't get him, as Akuji was constantly escaping. Finally, GhostRider escaped the forest where he had been left by Kyro, and collected some items left behind by other inhabitants of Core Planet, including an unbreakable spiked chain and two shotguns that couldn't contain ammunition because of a fabric defect. These items became his equipment, with which he wandered through Core Planet, leaving a trace of fire where he walked through and punishing those that had committed evil. It was just a matter of time until M found GhostRider and offered him the rank of Aduran Commando member as he saw that he was very powerful, but he also ordered him to stop the random punishments on inhabitants of Core Planet. Seeing that it wouldn't lead to anything anyway if he went on like that, GhostRider accepted the offer. The bike that he rides is from Earth, actually it had been his normal bike before he had begun to serve the devils, but during the Oblivion phase, it had been it had been burned and destroyed, but GhostRider managed to repair it, while enhancing it with the materials found on Core Planet. He is the only one that can ride it, as the bike only responds to its masters spirit, and due to the insane speeds that he is able to ride it with, he became the ideal messenger for the Aduran Commando.

GhostRider is able to move around very fast with his bike, and therefore focuses his attacks on speed and trickery to slowly wear his enemies down. Most of his techniques are fire elemental, but he can use a few others as well. He can even transform into his superior form, in which he is known as Legion. 

Flaming Body: GhostRider's body is engulfed in flames as long as he lives, as the flames are consisting of dragon fire and feed on GhostRider's soul wavelength. This also means that if GhostRider changes his attitude, the flames will also change their color and intensity, which he uses for different attacks like Super Flame Blast. He can also control the flames at will, and intensify or weaken them, but they will never be extinguished as long as he lives.

Skeleton Body: As GhostRider's main body is a skeleton's, he has a very small surface for attacks to be placed on. Area-covering attacks, pulses, beams, physical attacks, and most others have much less effect on him than they have on other beings, aside of being way harder to be placed. GhostRider also gains a serious advantage in terms of speed as his body creates much less air resistance and is lighter than most others. His bones are also incredibly hard, almost impossible to break, as they can even resist the consuming dragon fire.

Reassemble: In case that despite being very hard to break apart or be shattered, GhostRider gets broken into pieces by an attack he will simply reform by reconnecting his bones. Any damage that his bones take is also healed relatively fast.

Rebirth: This happens if GhostRider gets completely disintegrated by an attack, and his soul is sent to Hades. Like he already did once way before becoming a member of the Aduran Commando, he leaves Hades (this time by his own will though), re-enters his own body or some other one (if he does the former, he will split his soul and take possession of each molecule that is left of the bones and fire) before using Reassemble to be reborn even from most of the most lethal attacks.

Undead Body: As GhostRider is a skeleton without a nerve system, he will never feel any pain, flinch from attacks, and others. He also ignores the damage on his body if ever any is inflicted as it regenerates quite fast. With this ability, GhostRider easily demoralizes most foes by simply walking through their attacks without showing any signs of weakness.

Hell Bike: Rides his bike, which is engulfed in flames like his body is, although they are of a different nature. The bike can't be used by anyone but GhostRider, as it only reacts to him. GhostRider gains a serious advantage in terms of speed when riding the bike, and he is also extremely skillful at its use, able to perform tricks and stunts and doing things like calculating the distance of a jump in split seconds, as he had been a professional bike stunt man on Earth, and lost all the fear of dying once he arrived on Core Planet and obtained a new body.

Flame Trail: When riding his bike, GhostRider leaves a trail of flames behind himself, while also burning the ground and carving a small river. If he rides faster, the trail becomes bigger and the river deeper. At a certain speed, the flames may even become blue, and inflict way more damage on what they touch.

Friction: By driving on his front wheel and placing the back wheel on a foe before accelerating, GhostRider creates a lot of friction on that enemy's body, ripping them apart and spilling their remains behind his bike.

Drive Radiation: When driving fast enough, GhostRider creates many sonic blasts around himself that travel outwards like waves, blasting everything away with incredible power. They are almost impossible to dodge as well as they travel too fast and there are too many.

Styx Barrage Ride: Rides his bike very fast, and behind him then a brown wall appears. It seemingly has no limit in height and width and stays at a certain distance to GhostRider as if it was dragged by him. It has no effect on non-living objects and inoffensive ones such as simple trees though. Once GhostRider has crashed into or driven past the target, the brown wall crashes into it and then falls down, crushing them beneath it with incredible force. After that, the wall turns into a muddy river which flows into a hole in the center of where the wall has crashed on, and whoever falls into that hole before it closes again after the water has flown into it entirely will find himself in the river Styx, where Charon, one of the most powerful demons of Durian, lifts them into his boat and rings them straight into Hades with irresistible force.

Hell Ring: Creates a ring of flames around something or himself. In the latter case, the wall follows his movements, setting everything around him ablaze and burning it to ashes in seconds.

Fireball: Shoots a small fireball from his palm, which grows while flying and explodes upon impact in a massive explosion of flames that can melt stone.

Hellfire: A ring around GhostRider suddenly explodes in sun-hot flames that last for two seconds before vanishing, leaving nothing behind but complete destruction and emptiness as everything in their range gets burned to less than ash.

Solar Kick: Kicks his foe with astonishing speed, and then a fiery explosion happens on GhostRider's foot, incinerating the foe. Alternatively, he can create some flames around his leg before kicking the foe with it.

Chain Whip: Uses the heavy spiked chain which is normally wrapped around his body. He can effectively use it as a whip, as a lasso, a grappling hook, and others, and also create some blue and white flames around it that damage what comes into contact with it. If he slams it own at his foes with full power, he can even split them in half clean due to the chain's insane weight, despite that the chain itself isn't even sharp at its sides. The spikes at its sides also add to the damage.

Shotguns: Uses his two shotguns which normally wouldn't work as there was a fabric defect when they were created, however in GhostRider's hands they become fiery versions of themselves and do not need to have a storage as GhostRider directly fires his energy from their barrels after converting it into molten metal. These shotguns are far more powerful than the ones used on Earth, and GhostRider has changed their way of function so that they shoot a single powerful fire ball made out of molten metal instead of a scatter-shot that is fired by default. However, as the entire power that would be otherwise split into the many small bullets is concentrated Kid's Twin Thompson Guns in terms of raw power output.

Super Flame Blast: Lets out a loud cry, as a powerful wave of heat with some flames radiates from him, spreading outwards and sending everything flying if it stands too close to him. Used from point-blank range, this attack incinerates even before the enemy can get blasted away.

Lava Gun: Charges much fiery energy into his shotguns, and then fires one or two lava beams from them, incinerating every foe with ease and burning holes through them in split seconds.


Gaze of Punishment: Used against foes that have a soul and are not holy or good enough, it is GhostRider's most powerful technique against a single foe next to Gaze of Oblivion. GhostRider grabs them, looks into their eyes, and says "You have done evil, now it's time for revenge. It's too late to regret. You have wounded and killed many, feel their pain." The target which is being looked into its eyes then will be trapped in an illusion-like condition, where they are reminded of every evil deed that they have one in their life. The pain, sadness, fear, and other emotions and conditions that the target’s victims have felt as a consequence of his deeds are then projected back onto the target, fully consuming its soul and burning their eyes until they look like half-solidified magma, totally black and ashen with some orange, red and yellow fissure-like patterns on them. After that the target falls to the ground dead. A soul that is destroyed this way will not be able to escape Hades by any means but by the help of a demon that is powerful enough, or M.

Gaze of Oblivion: An alternative technique to the Gaze of Punishment, it was developed by GhostRider in order to effectively fight soulless beings such as Fallen Angels, Devils, undead, and others. By looking at a selected location, GhostRider creates a swirl in the atmosphere whose center is the entrance to another dimension. The swirl then absorbs everything that does not have a soul that is in its reach, while expanding a bit. The hole in the middle then sucks everything caught in the swirl into it and consumes itself, disappearing. Whatever ends up inside the other dimension gets engulfed in a storm of energies that tear it apart completely, making it vanish from existence.


Soul Contract: GhostRider possesses a special contract, which he uses only as a last resort, to transform into his more powerful form, the Demon of Gadara, or Legion. By taking the contract out, which is a small scroll in a wooden tube, GhostRider summons the million most evil and corrupted souls that ever came to Hades, and absorbs them into his body, taking control of them. This changes his body completely, turning him into a black demonic being with incredible power. Despite still keeping control of himself, and therefore still fighting for justice and good, GhostRider looks way more evil in this new form, which is due to the corruption of the souls that are stored into his body, which manifest in that form. GhostRider’s techniques also become dark and seemingly evil.


Dark Absorption: Once GhostRider has transformed into Legion, automatically he starts absorbing energy from the surrounding environment at a rapid rate, which manifests in dark fog-like energy that gets absorbed into his body. If Legion touches someone, they also get their energy rapidly absorbed into him.

Leech Drone: Dead or dying beings get the rest of their energy absorbed by Legion, making him stronger. As opposed to Dark Absorption, Legion mustn't touch a foe to use this ability, but it is an active ability, not a passive one like Dark Absorption.

Reaper Call: Raises his ands above his head, and concentrates. After a while, he shoots a dark purple energy blast from his hands at the sky, where it explodes and reveals a grim figure dressed in a black cloak, and wearing a large scythe. That figure is in fact a replication of the Reaper himself, which then proceeds to eliminate the target. Its power is not comparable to the true Reaper, but it still is incredibly powerful, especially since Legion also continues to participate in the battle.

Reassemble II: Any attack that tears Legion’s body apart makes him become chunks of dark energy, which then reassemble to reform Legion with ease. The dark energy is also infused with the million corrupted souls, making it especially hard to damage.

Dark Beam: Fires a black and dark purple beam from his palm, which absorbs the energy of whatever it comes in touch with. When impacting, the beam decomposes into many small dark particles, which then return to Legion, replenishing his own energy.

Death Speed: Legion is able to move at the triple speed of GhostRider’s motorbike’s maximum speed due to the incredible amount of dark energy that is inside his body. With that speed he can easily move behind a foe and finish them off in a matter of seconds.

Burial: Grabs a defeated, but not dead foe by the head or the neck, lifts them up, as some cracks appear in front of his feet. The cracks then open, revealing a seemingly endlessly deep hole, into which Legion then lets the foe fall. After a short while the cracks close again above the foe’s head, leaving him to disappear into the darkness until he dies.

Styx Travel: After having weakened and crippled an opponent with his techniques, or when he finds someone that is in such a state, Legion grabs them by the head, lifts them up, and starts running fast with them, until everything around them is nothing but a flickering mixture of blurred colours. Then everything turns brown progressively, while the sound of the things in the environment fade away, and then Legion stops, revealing that they are standing in a dark brown cave, at a large river’s shore. Legion then lets the foe fall to the ground, as like in his Styx Barrage Ride technique which he can use as GhostRider, Charon the ferryman arrives, taking the body into his boat and bringing them to Hades.

Tornado of Earth: Places his hands on the ground, which then starts to swirl as if it was water in which a whirlpool is happening. A large tornado that consists out of earth and rocks then comes out of the ground, and flies towards the target at huge speed. It also leaves a crater in the ground before Legion, but after having finished, the earth returns into the hole.

Soul Claw: Attacks the foe with his hands, directly damaging the soul, which is a terrible experience for the one that is being attacked. He can also grab the soul and pull it out of the foe’s body, killing them.

Phantom Illusion: Runs around at high speed, creating illusion doubles of himself. He also emits some special dark energy which raises the foe's panic level, until they start randomly attacking the illusions, losing their senses and generally becoming completely mad, unable to stay calm and think rationally.

Dead Kick: Kicks the foe with tremendous power, sending dark energy into them which explodes, draining their energy and inflicting heavy physical damage. The particles of the dark energy then return to Legion’s body, replenishing his energy.

Summon: Black Army: Lifts his hands, releasing lots of dark energy from them and also the souls that he has stored into his body. Each soul then takes some of the dark energy and uses it to form itself a body, creating an army under Legion's commands in a mater of seconds. If Legion uses all the souls that he has stored into his body to use this technique, he will revert into GhostRider though, at least for as long as he doesn’t reabsorb the souls and dark energy.

Hell Eye: By simply looking at a location or a foe without taking the distance into account, Legion can use a combination of Gaze of Punishment and Gaze of Oblivion, which is an attack that creates a swirl into a different dimension, while burning the foe's souls in the range of the attack, before their bodies get absorbed by the swirl and disappear from the world.

Zodiac Pentagram: Raises his right hand, and then a circle with the zodiac inside and some cryptic writings appears on his palm. The pentagram then extends and flies forward a bit, disconnecting from Legion’s palm until it is bigger than Legion himself. If he then shoots a Dark Beam into the pentagram, it is intensified by a hundred times, creating a continuous giant black beam. The pentagram follows Legion’s movements, always facing the direction that he is facing as well, and shoots forward from Legion’s point of view.

Hell Pentagram: Raises his left hand, and then a circle with a five-edge star and some cryptic writings inside appears on his palm. The pentagram then extends and flies forward a bit, disconnecting from Legion’s palm until it is bigger than Legion himself. If he then shoots a Dark Beam into the pentagram, it is intensified by a hundred times, creating a continuous giant black beam. The pentagram follows Legion’s movements, always facing the direction that he is facing as well, and shoots backward from Legion’s point of view, engulfing him in the beam, although he stays unharmed. Legion can use this to take a foe by surprise, and even combine it with Zodiac Pentagram to shoot a black beam that is send backward and forward over and over until Legion stops the use of one of the two pentagrams to shoot a Dark Beam at the target that can easily destroy planets if powered up for long enough.