Core Planet - Existence is only a cycle

The descendants of Tsukugami

The "descendants of Tsukugami" is the name given to the few special creatures that M (the Mastermind part of him) has chosen as his direct subordinates, making them his equivalence to the Aduran Command. They are more powerful than nearly every other being on Core Planet, and have amassed great powers and wisdom. They became loyal servants of M for different reasons, and work directly under his command as generals. They usually reside somewhere on Core Planet, everyone following his own wishes, but they are always ready when time comes for them to serve M. Only Yami is more powerful than the descendants of Tsukugami, and not binded to M or Atollos with a direct contract. None of them has ever tasted defeat since he possesses the title of descendant of Tsukugami.

The descendants of Tsukugami usually all wear a special coat created by M that completely changes their form and makes them look like humanoids, although most of their body is hidden beneath the coat and a straw hat anyway. The only thing that remains unchanged in color and shape are the wearer's eyes. A picture of Takeo and Shinu having some tea in Asgard while wearing their coats and straw hats is seen beneath this paragraph. Takeo is the one of which the back side is seen. Eclipse's, Alpha's, Seiklus's, King Drakon's, Shinu's, Leviathan's and Maraha's size and shape are also changed to allow them to use the coats. They are unique items, and although some beings on Core Planet recognize the coats despite that the wearer is disguised with it as they have already seen a descendant using it previously, they are extremely useful, especially for spying missions.

The descendants of Tsukugami being very special and precious beings for M, he has given them all the privilege of immortality: even if they should die, they have the ability of leaving Hades and re-enter a body on the living world, preferably their own. Although it never has been necessary to use this ability, every member of the descendants of Tsukugami has this final trump card in their sleeve, and they can use it at anytime.

First descendant - Eclipse, the Golden Dragon

(Normal form, Dragon Emperor)

Eclipse is a giant golden dragon of tremendous power. As the last descendant of the dragon's imperial race, the golden dragons, many had thought that Eclipse is just an abnormal dragon. However, as the last descendant, Eclipse is the true emperor of the dragons, and his powers are accordingly great. Eclipse never claimed to become the emperor, as his way of life is rather lone and not at the command of anything. Eclipse possesses a fortress that hovers in the skies above Core Planet, from which he stays watching the planet. The fortress itself is made out of a multiple blocks that are put together like puzzle pieces, and they consist out of a stone-like material that is by itself as hard as steel, but M has given Eclipse a piece of Infinity, an unbelievable amount of pure energy, which has enhanced Eclipse's fortress to the point where it has become indestructible except by the most powerful attacks in existence. It is also impossible even for ghosts to enter the fortress, as there are no doors or entrances, and the walls are stopping any intruder. The only one able to move inside the fortress is Eclipse hiself, who also can open large doors in the walls to enter and exit the castle. Only the ones that are allowed to enter by Eclipse himself are actually able to penetrate the fortress. Should someone decide to try and enter it without Eclipse's permission, there are several mechanisms and weapons hidden in the castle that can effectively fight any enemy. For example, an entire army of near-indestructible and very strong warbots is resting inside the otherwise deserted special chambers of the fortress and behind every wall in the fortress except the central chamber, which is the place where Eclipse usually stays. He can also make the blocks out of which the fortress is made move around to open deep traps that make intruders fall out of the fortress, or crush them. As a side note, every block has got some labyrinthic patterns on each surface, into which countless information is saved. Eclipse can save information into or load it from the blocks, and is the only one able to read the code. Finally, the greatest battleship in existence, the Levathan, which is sealed into its own dimension due to its size, is accessible through a single warp portal which is hidden somewhere in the fortress. It is the ultimate trump card of the army of Core Planet, as it can easily destroy planets with its powerful cannons, and transport countless troops inside it.

If it is necessary, Eclipse himself can enter the battle as well. This is normally the case when M commands him to Core Planet for some mission in which the fortress is not needed or cannot be used. He is a very strong fighter, which stays calm and objective in battle, analyzing his opponent's skills and abilities before striking with devastating blows. If the enemy results too strong, which never has been the case before, Eclipse will know it soon enough and flee, or enter his superior form, the Dragon Emperor, depending on the foe he is fighting, although he never had to resort to any of these in battles before.

Eclipse has got access to a wide movepool, and knows how to use it. His signature technique is Eclipse's Final Dragon Blast. Here are some of his techniques:

Golden Dragon Armor: Represents Eclipse's dragon scales, which are near-impossible to damage. They are trillions of times as hard as diamond, and their sides are very sharp, able to cut through steel with no effort at all. They also reflect light, often blinding the enemy.

Fly: Allows Eclipse to fly freely in the air. He likes to start flying from the beginning of the fight on to see how his enemy behaves and which wide-range attacks he uses.

Dragon Claw: Attacks with his powerful claws. They are sharp enough to slice through diamond as if it were paper, and Eclipse's arms are very strong as well, meaning that Eclipse becomes able to slice through just about any material.

Dragon Slam: Slams into his enemy with his whole body, which is big enough to bury a city beneath.

Dragon Knuckle: Hits the enemy with the back of his fist.

Dragon Bomb Dive: Concentrates a lot of dragon energy into his body while flying before divebombing at the target. On the impact moment, he liberates the energy, razing the whole landscape around.

Dragon Wave: Emits some waves of dragon energy from his body, which can blast away anything that is too close.

Titanic Beam: Fires a sea-blue beam of pure energy from his mouth, which can become powerful enough to destroy a half a continent.

Mega Laser: Fires a weaker version of Titanic Beam from his mouth, which moves a lot faster.

Soul Blast: Shoots a blast of soul energy from his mouth or from between his hands, which causes great devastation depending on Eclipse's soul condition. It takes some time to set up, but it can be used infinite times without ever tiring Eclipse.

Suika Cast: Shoots out a great amount of water and then a whirlwind beam into it, creating a catastrophic vortex. If there is already some water, Eclipse can also simply shoot the whirlwind beam into it instead of creating some first.

Inferno: Shoots a sphere of super-highly compressed heat out of his mouth, which creates a dome-shaped explosion of fire, light and heat on impact, burning incredibly wide areas. The sphere is so hot that it could fly to the bottom of an ocean by evaporating the surrounding water.

Sacred Fire: Creates a fire spin of sacred flames around his body, before tackling the enemy and engulfing him in the fire, which damages an evil enemy much heavier than a good one. For example, someone that has been purely evil, and not as strong as Eclipse, will be eradicated in an instant.

Fire Bomb: Shoots a small sphere of fire at the enemy, out of his hands or mouth.

Ocean Sphere: Creates as much water as there is in an ocean, before compressing it into a small sphere, which glows sea-blue and ice-white. This sphere can then be shot at he enemy, decompressing while flying and creating a giant wave, or small parts of it can be separated from it to attack the enemy with a near-never ending stream of attacks.

Hydro Blaster: Shoots a stream of water at high pressure out of his mouth. It is strong enough to wash an entire mountain away, leaving only a crater.

Ice Island: Creates a big iceberg with many small ice spikes that erupt around it, covering large areas and quickly lowering the temperature. The iceberg may also have metals or minerals from the ground inside.

Frost Jaws: Creates a very cold sphere in his mouth, before biting the enemy and then sending the sphere flying at him, freezing him up.

Lava Whirl: Summons some lava that comes from the center of the planet and erupts in a circle around the enemy, encaging and burning him.

Wind Sphere: Shapes a sphere of highly compressed air in his mouth or between his hands, which is then sent at the enemy. While flying, the air decompresses and creates a strong wind whose destructive power is equivalent to a megaton bomb explosion.

Rock Levitate: Levitates many rocks that come out of the ground to tackle the enemy with them, encase them in a rock prison or send them flying like a barrage at the enemy. If the technique is performed under the ground, it becomes more powerful because of the harder rock types that can be found there.

Crystal Wave: Sends out a wave of white-hot liquid crystals that engulf everything and then cool down, encasing the enemy in a prison of crystal that is near-impossible to break free of.

Crystalification: Like Crystal Wave, but instead it is used as a beam on a single foe.

Black Bomb: Concentrates dark energy in his mouth or between his hands, then throws the sphere shaped energy at the target. As soon as the sphere touches something, it blows up, destroying everything around and draining its energy.

Dark Beam: Sends out a beam of darkness that turns the atmosphere dark. This way, it becomes impossible to see the next attack, unless it is a light energy attack.

Dragon Fire Breath: Spits a stream of super-hot flames at the enemy, which even burn through steel. The flames also have the special ability to consume any form of energy that is in their path, excluding negative energy, which makes the attack an excellent counter to any attack.

Doomsday: Summons a special virus which flies into an enemy's body and starts destroying it. The virus is able to adapt to any condition, even a non-organic body, and can reproduce itself out of almost every material existing. Against an organic body, it attacks the DNA code and destroys the blood circulatory systems, meking the enemy die slowly and unavoidably. When its job is done, the virus autodestroys himself, a mechanism implanted by Eclipse to avoid the infection of any allies.

Tree Monster Growth: Summons some seeds into the ground, which grow at abnormal speed and turn the environment into a jungle. Then, the biggest tree, which stands in the middle of the forest, starts entangling and crushing any enemy in its reach, and the smaller trees do the same. It takes some time to set up, but the result is worth it.

Silvermoon: The entire battlefield becomes as if it were night, and a silver-coloured full moon starts glowing above it. Eclipse feels much better in the moonlight, is much stronger and faster and gets higher defense. Overall, his combat performance is greatly increased.

Ghost Fist: Attacks an enemy with a punch that passes by physical defenses and inflicts heavyy damage to the soul. It may even shatter it, instantly killing the enemy. The actal drawback would be the vulnerability after the attack, but Eclipse has changed the technique in a way that during the attack, his body turns intangible as well, and after it, he turns back to normal, inflicting heavy physical damage as well when he pulls out the arm out of the transperced enemy, as his arm has recovered physical tangibility.

Power Rage: In case that the enemy is somehow stronger than Eclipse, or has got a too hard defence to pass by, Eclipse can use his dragon powers to enhance his muscles and give them five times the power that they had before. If used as Dragon Emperor, Eclipse becomes able to throw a planet across the universe with one arm. The drawback of the technique, that usually was designed for Ninjas under the name of Ura-Renge, is nullified by Eclipse's dragon muscles, which are more resistant to damage than a human's.

Thunder Storm: Summons strong winds that carry big clouds towards the battlefield. Once they are in place Eclipse can control them to send thunders and rain out of them to attack the enemy, becoming able to bombard entire countries and eradicate all life on it in minutes, while the rain conducts the electricity to further enhance the effectiveness of the electric bolts. It takes too much time to set up on a simple battle, but Eclipse likes to summon the winds at the start of a greater battle or if a battle gets challenging and too long. His dragon eyes also allow him to see any possible target on which a thunder can be sent, and he can send perfect-precision thunders at it from wide distances to avoid accidents.

Thunder: Sends a thunder from above at the enemy. This attack can be used out of a clear sky in difference to thunder storm, has got no set-up time and can be used from higher distances, as Eclipse can only summon the wind for Thunder Storm near his person, while a single thunder can be activated even through a portal or something similar. The drawback of the technique is the relatively long cool down time that is needed (about five seconds), meaning that a non-OHKO attack or a missed thunder can alert the target.

Thunderbolt: Creates an electric energy bolt which is then sent at the enemy. it flies at great speed and is therefore almost unavoidable, and can also be used continuously.

Thunderbolt Trick: Shoots a thunderbolt out of any electric machine or metallic object that is in the environment. This can be used to easily kill armored enemies, as the attack can be used from inside their armor or the helmet, killing them effortlessly.

Thunder Tackle: Gets surrounded by an electric energy sphere and then tackles the enemy with huge force, also electrocuting them as they touch the sphere.

Morphose: Dragon Emperor: If an enemy results too strong for Eclipse, or is able to manipulate dragons and dragonkind, Eclipse can transform himself into his special form, the dragon emperor, which liberates all the power that is stored into his body and brings forth the true nature of Eclipse as the emperor of all who have dragon's blood in their veins.

Reign of the Dragon Emperor: A technique that takes place when Eclipse transforms. While he is transforming, a big crystal palace wit many dragon-formed gargoyles and statues comes out of the ground under Eclipse, who then completes his transformation and lands on top of the castle, which is known as the Dragon Emperor Fortres. The walls of this castle multiply the incoming light by ten times and reflect it towards every direction, and are almost indestructible. Every entrance is also protected by a special energy that burns anyone trying to go in that has got no dragon's blood in his veins, but the energy is under the full control of Eclipse, as is every other part of the castle. Finally, the Dragon Emperor Fortress constantly emits special waves that are invisible, and make every dragon or dragonkind being that gets in touch with the wide-range wave immediately fall under Eclipse's absolute control. This way, he can dispose of just about any dragon enemy, simply ordering him to suicide.

Summon: Army of the Million Dragons: Useable when Eclipse is in his Dragon Emperor Form. He summons one million dragons from the Dragon Emperor Fortress, tat then attack and overwhelm just about any enemy in numbers and power, as every single dragon is powerful enough to fight alone against thousands of human foes. The dragons also are under Eclipse's absolute control, but even without it they would do just about anything for the Dragon Emperor. When Eclipse transforms back to his normal form, the dragons retreat into the castle, and fallen ones will simply get resurrected that moment.

Elemental Avalanche: Attacks a foe with stone-shaped energy bombs, and every sphere contains a different element. Upon impact, they explode and create large and devastating elemental explosions, overwhelming the enemy with size, power and numbers.

Fiery Bombardment: When Eclipse as Dragon Emperor gets hit by an attack that actually is still able to damage him in this state, he enters a new state in whichhe liberates all of his anger, creating an aura of fury around him that lets the enemy flinch in fear and regret of his deed, before proceeding in attacking every enemy around with Fire Bombs, Infernos, Dragon Claws, Dragon Slams, Dragon Bomb Dives and Soul Blasts in a random way. Eclipse also enters this state when an ally is killed or when something else happens that enrages him.

Silver Creek, Moon Eye: A technique that Eclipse copied from Yami's and M's eye illusions. By looking into his foe's eyes, he traps them in an illusion where they find themselves in a forest at night with a big silver full moon. Near them there is a small creek that glows silver in the moonlight, and in total everything looks very idyllic. However, after some time the moon turns dark, and obscure creatures come out of the forest and the creek.The sudden change affects many enemies, and their shock is amplified by the illusion to the point where they might die because of it. If they survive this, they will have to fight against an endless stream of monsters and their worst fears, and if they're killed in the illusion, they will die outside as well.

Wing Flap: Flaps with his wings, sending an energy-infused wind at the target, which is able to turn a mountain into sand. Can only be used while he is in his Dragon Emperor form.

Flying Slam: A combination of Dragon Bomb Dive and dragon Slam, Eclipse can only use it when in his Dragon Emperor form. He concentrates a lot of energy into his body while flying and then slams into the enemy with full power, liberating the energy on impact. This move is very useful to counter an attack or to safely attack an enemy, as the energy blasts the target and Eclipse back, inflicting serious damage to the foe.

Eclipse's Final Dragon Blast: Eclipse's most powerful technique, and signature move, he can only use it when in his Dragon Emperor form. He first concentrates an incredible amount of pure energy into his mouth, and then shapes a sphere out of it, which is sent flying at the target. It looks like a Soul Blast at full power, but actually is much mor powerful, enough to make entire planets disappear in instants, leaving nothing behind but empty space.



Second descendant - Takeo Makeno from the Demon Mountain

(Normal Takeo, Morrworm skin Takeo) 

Takeo Makeno is the second closest being to Mastermind after Atollos, and the second descendant of Tsukugami. His origins are widely unknown, as he was found by Mastermind in person as a baby lying in a basket abandoned in the highest mountain pass of the Demon Mountains. Mastermind took the baby with him and gave it to a couple in Asgard. Over time, Takeo showed that he had great powers slumbering in his body, and as he grew older he became known as the Lightning Bolt due to his incredible speed and agility when they were playing. When the couple died, Takeo was already an adolescent boy, and his speed was such that his senses had changed, making everything around himself look like if it was decelerated for him. One day, the village was attacked by some bandits, and this was, as many people later said, the point where Takeo's true powers awakened. In fact, Takeo was a half-demon from another world altogether. He had been found by some people on Core Planet, which had recognized his powers and sealed them away before abandoning Takeo in the hope of killing him. Mastermind had unconsciously broken parts of the seal when he had touched Takeo in the Demon Mountains, and under the fear and the anger that Takeo felt when he saw that the bandits were slaughtering the villagers, the seal was fully removed and Takeo killed the bandits in a split second without even knowing. Full of fear, he fled from the village and was intercepted by M, who told him the truth about himself and offered him a place in the world where he belonged. Takeos powers were so impressive that Mastermind took him as his disciple, and gave him the second place of the descendants of Tsukugami. Today, Takeo is a being of incredible power, defense and intelligence, but the incredible ability that gave him the place that he holds today is his unrivaled speed. After mastering it, Takeo learned how to blitzkrieg an army in the blink of an eye, with minimal effort and no risk of even getting scratched. With the mastery of the Mikatsuki-tsurugi swordfighting style, the Moonsickle Water Sword that Takeo forged and his incredible battle abilities, Takeo is easily able to defeat even the strongest foes.

Takeo's movepool includes the mastery of mikatsuki-tsurugi, some instant-attack techniques and many strong offensive techniques. He doesn't bother much with defense, as he can evade every attack with his speed and reflexes. And, even in case that an enemy is somehow able to land a blow despite Takeo's speed, he still has his Impenetrable Skin ability.

Impenetrable Skin: Takeo's skin is infused with the blue blood of Morrworms, a rare worm that lives on Core Planet. Takeo killed two of them when he once rested in a cave and the worms suddenly him, and he had to swim for three days inside of the lake of blood until it eventually flowed off through the ground. However, his skin had been infused with the blood of the worms since it had been soaked into it for three days, and it turned his skin thousands of times harder than diamond. Takeo was the only one known to have ever killed a Morrworm because their speed allowed them to outrun a foe and kill him in an instant, but Takeo was faster with his abilities. Today, Takeos skin becomes blue as soon as something touches it, and it can reflect any light attacks and is fully immune to most physical weapons.

Moonsickle Water Sword: Takeo has crafted a sword, the Moonsickle Water Sword, for his own, which possesses a deadly ability: Every time that Takeo stabs or slashes anything with his sword, its blade becomes much bigger, depending on the speed at which the attack is performed. By combining this with his extreme speed abilities, Takeo can behead an army with a single horizontal swing if he does it fast enough. Takeo also masters the mikatsuki-tsurugi swordfighting style to perfection, with the exception of the ultimate technique, because he hasn't got a creature sealed into the sword. When he is not fighting, Takeo transforms the Moonsickle Water Sword, as well as the five other swords in his possession, into a staff that makes him look like a simple traveler in combination with his straw hat and his coat.

Demon Speed: Takeo can move at unbelievable speeds, even being able to outrun a teleporting opponent, and his senses come to the same level as soon as a projectile is thrown or fired at him. For example, if an enemy would shoot at him, at the same moment Takeo's senses would become faster the nearer the bullet is, to the point where the bullet almost stands still in the air, and Takeo can move "normally", catching the bullet in his hand and throwing it back at the same speed. This demonic speed also has got great effects on Takeo's techniques, as a sword slash performed at almost light speed can create slicing winds and even cut through atoms, creating many explosions, and a hand jab will have fatal effects on the foe, while Takeo won't use up more energy than if he would move normally.

Instant Kill: Within a single instant, Takeo runs behind an enemy, kills them either with his sword or with another technique, and returns to the location where he stood before. The enemy will not even realize his death before Takeo is back.

Aqua Run: Takeo can walk on the water, as he simply has to move on the water before gravitation can pull him downward, and at extreme speeds, water appears a solid object, as the molecules move much slower. If Takeo moves at normal speeds, he can of course dive in the water.

Takeo Style: Takeo has developed a special fighting style, known as the Takeo fighting style, which combines the abilities of his swords and his own speed to create a powerful, effective and yet simple fighting style. Takeo included different moves that he adapted into this style, such as the Multiple Teleports technique that basically is teleporting around the field, confusing the foe, before delivering a finishing strike, which he changed to a technique called sprint-dance or Flash Step, in which he rotates around himself while making short but incredibly fast sprints towards opposed directions to become invisible to normal eye-vision to approach his foe slowly before attacking without even stopping the sprint-dance. He can also use this to avoid any incoming attacks. Other techniques that are included into the Takeo Style are the Phantom Step, which is much like the sprint-dance a technique in which the user moves around quickly, but in that case he creates a phantom of himself by repeatedly running through the same place while taking a position that makes the foe think that he is moving around normally (as Takeo will, for example, dash around while lifting his arm a bit every time that he runs through the illusion so that it seems as if he is standing still while raising his arm), striking them and returning to the illusion so that the foe is completely confused. 

Turtle Finger: After briefly looking at the foe, Takeo knows what weak spots he has to strike with simple finger jabs to completely cripple the foe and paralyze them to the point that they can't even move a single finger.

Hand-to hand combat: In case a battle results too easy to use the sword, Takeo can also fight the enemy with hand-to-hand combat at unbelievable speeds. His speed greatly enhances the power of each hit and even allows Takeo to use his fist against a blade to hit against its sharp side without getting cut, or to shatter it with a single punch on the flat part, while a single hit will send even big and heavy foes flying, if they are not transperced that is. His hands also create powerful wind waves due to the insane speed at which Takeo attacks, which means that a punch thrown at a foe can blast them away even if they are not touched by Takeo's fist, and other beings standing too close to Takeo will also get sent flying, even if Takeo doesn't aim at them in the first place.

Counter: In case that the foe somehow lands a hit on Takeo, something that is a feat by itself, Takeo instantly counters the hit. He usually attacks so fast that, if the hit would be able to damage him or make him feel pain, he would land the hit and be able to retreat even before the pain can reach his brain.

Mirror Blade: Takeo can de- or even reflect bullets, beams, drones and other projectile attacks with his sword without any danger. As soon as the projectile touches the sword, its power is perfectly reversed, and sent back to the foe much like a mirror reflects every image sent at it.

Demon Sword: Takeo can swing his sword at such speeds that it cuts through the air, sending slicing wind blades at the enemy if he slashes, or wind needles if he stabs. As it is performed at supernatural speeds, the foe can not evade the demon sword attacks even if he evades the original attack. Combining it with mikatsuki-tsurugi, Takeo overwhelms every foe that stands in his way before they even realize that he has drawn his sword.

Demon Senses: As a half-demon, Takeo has inherited the senses of a demon, making him able to hear, see, smell, taste and feel much more than even elves.

Moon Sickle: Takeo swings his blade while infusing much energy into it, sending a Moonsickle-shaped energy and wind fang at the foe. The fang grows in size as it approaches the target, and can slice through the hardest objects, including diamond. Takeo can also send out multiple fangs in rapid succession, overwhelming the foe.

Demon Moonsickle Fang: Takeo infuses energy into his sword like for a Moon Sickle attack, but he adds some dark power and demon energy to it, turning the fang that is sent out into a deadly blade that is much bigger than a normal Moon Sickle Fang and absorbs the energy of anything it passes through. When the foe is hit, the fang detonates, creating a sphere of fire, dark power, demon energy and light that can destroy countries.

Golden Ascension: Takeo jumps vertically up, as a beam of golden light shines from the point where he kicks off of, and engulfs him totally, blinding his foes and casting terrifying shadows of him on the surrounding area. Takeo then throws hundreds of punches and kicks at his foes that fly or jump as well to follow him, kicks off them to fly even higher or propel himself towards another foe, sending his foes flying down to the ground in defeat. It is not as destructive as Demon Moonsickle Fang, but able to destroy thousands of foes with ease.

Master Warrior Gaze: Usually used when Takeo is at the peak point of his Golden Ascension, and still has foes above or surrounding him. He lifts his eyes to the sky, holding his hands behind his back like the wings of a bird, before attacking his foes with a devastating series of punches, kicks, Turtle Fingers, and a wide variety out of the Takeo Style techniques at such speed that it only lasts half a second. Then a blinding explosion of light radiates from Takeo's body, blasting all the foes around him away into all directions and covering the ground with corpses and defeated or paralyzed foes. Only a small spot below Takeo is not affected, as Takeo lands there. Most times, Takeo then leaves, stepping over or around the bodies that lie scattered on the ground while putting his straw hat back on and transforming his swords back into the wanderer staff. No foe that has seen Takeo ever using this technique has ever been able to take it.

Demon's Wrath: If a foe kills or wounds somebody that Takeo knows and likes, or seriously wounds Takeo, the demonic senses automatically activate and take control over Takeo's body. From there, Takeo fights at full speed, focused on his instincts and channeling his fury through his attacks, making them become devastatingly powerful. Takeo stays like this until his target is dead and mutilated beyond recognition. If he gets dragged away from the target by a friend, he may calm down after a while as well.

Six Blades: Normally Takeo doesn't have to use the five swords other than his Water Moonsickle Sword, which he gained from the four most powerful sword fighters that he ever defeated, while the fifth one, the Green Demon Blade, is a gift from M to Takeo. The swords are:

-The Green Demon Blade, which is a gift of M. It is a short sword with a green, very big flat side with a dragon engraved on it, that cuts with such power that it has the same effect as swinging the Water Moonsickle Sword: using it makes it send out green energy fangs, while its blade can cut through steel like it can through air. Takeo mostly wields it with his left hand as a second weapon.

-The Ghost Walker, which is a short sword that Takeo usually uses to finish his foes. Takeo gained it by defeating its previous wielder, the Death Messenger, which was an assassin believing that the Ghost Walker was a gift from Death to kill as many beings as possible, a goal which he tried to reach so hard on Core Planet that M ordered Takeo to defeat him. Takeo had to defeat the death messenger twice in order to truly defeat him, as the Ghost Walker resurrected him once. The Ghost Walker is very special in two ways: one, it makes the user become a bit more invisible every time that he kills a foe with it, and gives him the lightness and partially also the intangibility of a ghost, enabling Takeo to walk through walls. These effects reach their highest level at nine deaths, which Takeo has achieved since long. These effects only take place if Takeo holds the sword in his hand though. The second effect is that, if Takeo has killed at least nine souls with the Ghost Walker, Death will instantly resurrect him at the cost of all the killed souls, and it also resets the Ghost Walker's effects to zero.

-The Luminus, a blade that once was the legendary arch angel Lucifer's. Takeo killed him after he fell from the sky, as he had been rejected from it by the other arch angels. Lucifer swore to take vengeance and rule the skies, which would be possible for him as he was in fact one of the most powerful of them. He began to execute random innocent people on Asgard, doing what in his eyes was justice, but was eventually stopped by Takeo, who defeated him in a raging battle of incredible speeds. The Luminus is a seemingly normal sword, which shines with a blinding light once being drawn, and is as light as a feather for Takeo, while others will not be able to lift it no matter their physical power. With it, Takeo can defeat foes that are as fast or even faster than him, surprising them as he can swing the blade effortlessly and much faster than any sword can be swung, attacking with unblockable speed and transpercing his foe in an instant.

-The Dagger of the North Swamps, a dagger that Takeo obtained when fighting the lone eremite of the North Swamps, which are located in the north region of Core Planet near the arch of Yamato. Despite being so near the pole, the place is not frozen over, but warm instead due to the Geysers that are there. Outside of the swamps there is nothing but cold though. The eremite killed everyone that entered the swamps, wanting to keep it for himself, and not share it with travelers for whose life he didn't care. Takeo killed him with his speed, and avoided getting in touch with the Dagger that the eremite used, although it once scratched him, although it was luckily the side that was not poisoned, but frozen. The dagger unites the cold of the northern lands and the poisonous nature of the swamps: the back side of the blade is purely made out of ice that freezes what it comes into contact with, while the front is a metal infused with a poison that can kill almost all living beings, and allows the blade of the dagger to pass through most materials. Stabbing a foe with the dagger both poisons and freezes them, killing them in a few instants.

-And finally, the Dark Heart sword, a completely black sword that drains the life force of whatever it touches (except Takeo) and gives it to its user. This means that a foe will never be able to block it with his hands, or use it against Takeo as both actions implicate physical contact. Takeo acquired this sword after defeating one million demons with only his left hand and without the use of his sword(s), by combining their corrupted souls and infusing them all into a blade of the demon's commander, which then turned black and became the Dark Heart sword, also named the Hollow Blade. By finishing off foes with it, Takeo drains the rest of their energy and adds it to his own to heal possible wounds and restore his energy.

Takeo can also combine these swords to fuse them into a single one, named the Godblade. This sword is double as big as Takeo, has the ability to extend like the Moonsickle Water Sword, can send out cutting energy fangs like the Green Demon Blade, resurrects its user and makes him become totally invisible and immune to physical attacks like the Ghost Walker at its maximum level, is as light and shines like the Luminus, and freezes, poisons and drains the life force of any foe it touches like the dagger of the North Swamps and the Dark Heart sword. By combining these blades and then using Demon Moonsickle Fang, Takeo can destroy planets with ease.


Third descendant - Kyro Akima, the white demon of Durian

Kyro Akima is the third descendant of Tsukugami, although he is the first to have been named so by M. He is the vice-devil of all seven Hells (Night, Darkness, Desperation, Abyss, Death, Hades, Durian, with Night being the hell next to the surface), with M being the devil himself. Just a few ones know this, however, and therefore Kyro is thought to have been the true devil since ever. In fact, Kyro was a simple demon of Durian, ignoring that the blood of the Hell's royal family flows through his veins, while an impostor demon called Dorenamon was the devil by title. When M took over Hell, he fought with Kyro and discovered the last descendant of the devil's family in him, after what he gave him the title of vice-devil. Kyro learned many things on Core Planet, not only about fighting, but also about living. He wields the great hammer of Hell, Durogûn Il Durian, which makes him a near-invincible foe, but also a good king. He reigns in an intelligent and good way, not relying to tyranny like his precessors did, but to an equitable way to avoid any problems. Until now, this has worked very well. His soldiers are a part of the main rmy of Core Planet, and he controls as a sub-commander the ground-troops. If the situation calls for it, he will not hesitate to enter the battle as well and strike the enemy with devastating power.

Kyro uses mainly his hammer, Durogûn Il Durian, but also can use many techniques that are only known to the inhabitants of Hell and that have much greater power than normal dark-type moves.

Durogûn Il Durian: Summons and uses the hammer of the seven hells, Durogûn Il Durian, a weapon which can only be used by the descendants of the devil's family, the royal family of Hell. Kyro wields the hammer with incredible skill and is strong enough to wield it with a single hand, while others wouldn't be able to lift it even with both! The devastating strikes of the hammer have the concentrated power of all seven Hells inside them, and Kyro can even infuse heat into the hammer to make the attacks stronger. No one except M has ever survived the sight of Kyro as an enemy wielding Durogûn.

Fire Immunity: Once Kyro has summoned Durogûn Il Durian, his body becomes totally immune to heat. Even a bath in lava can not harm him anymore. This ability is very useful for when Kyro attacks enemies with area-covering attacks of heat like fire wave that normally would burn the user as well, but in this case Kyro stays unharmed.

Fire Wave: Hits somewhere with the hammer after infusing fire energy into it. From the impact point the fire energy will then spread, setting everything on fire.

Fire Bomb: Shapes a lava and fire ball in his hands or on his hammer and then throws it at the enemy or hits him with his hammer. On impact, it creates a huge explosion of pure heat, which is ten times as strong as Fire Wave.

Flame Body: Engulfs himself in fire or lava, setting everything near his person on fire that is very hard to extinguish due to its high temperature.

Meteor Rain: Summons a rain of meteors from space that can become destructive enough to destroy entire cities.

Deflect Hit: In case an enemy manages to get close enough to attack Kyro in close combat, Kyro can deflect the attacks easily with his hammer or his backhand, a technique that he trained a lot.

Slam Hammer: Holds his hammer in front of himself, then runs and slams into an enemy and immediately hits him with the hammer, sending them flying backwards.

Crush: Hits an enemy with a vertical hammer strike, which is powerful enough to break through almost every defense, including blocking swords and armor. Even if an enemy survives the hit, he will get stuck in the ground because of the huge power of the attack that slams him into the ground below him.

Stab: Stabs an enemy with his hammer. The attack is actually not meant to impale the enemy, but instead it throws them backwards with huge power, often making them fly into some obstacle. The stab can even crush an enemy's lungs or heart, instantly killing him.

Hell Ring: Summons a ring of black fire around a selected area, either for protection or to encage an enemy. If Kyro stands in the middle of the ring, he can also make him move in the same way he does.

Teleport: As a demon, normally Kyro would be unable to use psychic moves, but he managed to develop a teleporting technique that is based on darkness, which results verry practical for confusing his enemies.

Daemonicum Regenerate: In case Kyro gets wounded, he can instantly regenerate the damage on his body.

Hell Flute: Dark Symphony of the seven Hells: Kyro takes out a small flute-like object made out of bones and begins playing a melody on it. Through a special ritual, he then summons the Legions of Hades, which basically are the souls of the million most powerful people that have ever lived. These souls also gain a certain physical ability, and get resurrected as corpses that look like zombies, but aren't mindless and slow. Instead they are powerful, fast and dangerous. While Kyro is playing the melody, the corpses keep resurrecting, endlessly coming out of the ground around him, even if they are destroyed in a battle. the corpses then proceed to attack the foe, each in their own way, but still teaming up. The few that have seen Kyro using this technique say that even if the technique wasn't directed against them, it makes them shudder, and they think that they are in a nightmare.

Eliminate Fatalo: If Kyro knows the name of an enemy, he can scream it and hit the ground with the hand or the hammer, sending a special wave against the targeted foe that has the exact equal amount of energy as the foe has got in his body. The energy collides with the enemy and kills him in an unblockable way.

Hell Flame: Summons a hell flame straight from Durian, creating a fire that spreads much faster than normal fire and that is also near-impossible to put out. It takes a lot of energy to summon it however, so Kyro doesn't use this too often.

Ultimate End of Seven Hells: Kyro raises his hammer and concentrates the whole power of all seven hells into it, before delivering an incredibly powerful blow at the target, blasting everything away and disintegrating entire planets in a gigantic fire and darkness detonation. Kyro's power is not used up for this attack, but he can only apply the technique once every five days that it takes for the hells to recover.


Fourth descendant - Umi, the soul of the ocean

Umi, the fourth descendant of Tsukugami, is one of the most interesting beings of Core Planet. In fact, she has got no body of her own, but still calls herself female, and favourably takes the form of an elfic girl when it appears somewhere. Actually, Umi was a normal water-elf that had lived a peaceful life, until she had fallen in love with a human boy. Her family couldn't tolerate this relation, and hired a ninja to assasinate the boy. After having done the murder, however the ninja felt deep remorse for having destroyed the life of the elf girl when he saw her crying as she heard of the death, which had officially been qualified as suicide. When she heard this, the elf meditated to send her soul to take possession of the lake in which her family was living, and mad at her parents, she destroyed the whole lake with the power of the water. When she then tried to reverse the meditation process to return to her body, she realized that her body had been killed by herself, and her way back was now blocked forever. Her soul was deeply ashamed for the deed, as she realized what she had done in her uncontrolled rage, and she retired into the deepest parts of the lake, until one day some human children came to swim inside the lake, and Umi's joy of living came back again. She had retired from the world for a thousand years, and throughout this time her soul had fully merged with the lake. She then used her powers to evaporate the entire lake's water, and dropped herself above the mediterranean sea, merging with the water there and taking possession of all the salty water of the world. From then on, she controlled all the water, until M appeared and took her to Core Planet after replacing the oceans with new water that wasn't under the control of Umi. He gave her all the water of Core Planet in exchange of her loyalty, and even made her the fourth descendant of Tsukugami because of her power and loyalty that she gave him. She became much stronger on Core Planet than she had ever been on Earth, and is now one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Umi's abilities are all about the manipulation of water. Her signature technique is Ocean Floor.

Meditation Powers: Umi's kind of power completely differs from other beings, as she has no body in which she could store her energy. Instead she creates energy by simply concentrating on it, and immediately uses it. This does not only mean that Umi gains a serious advantage on foes that use energy-draining and health-sapping attacks, as these can't harm her in any way, and only possibly counter her attacks, but also that Umi never tires, no matter how much she battles.

Invincibility: As opposed to beings that have a compact body which holds their soul inside, Umi's soul cannot be influenced in any way, as it isn't at a certain place. Instead her soul is everywhere in the water that is under her control. This means that all attacks can only strike the water that Umi uses to attack her foes, and possibly decompose her clones to gain some time, but in the end, it is impossible to land a damaging blow. This is also the reason that Umi doesn't even need to focus on defense even against the strongest foes.

H2O Control: Umi can make the water move around freely with her psychic powers.

Ocean Call: Umi does not only control the water of Core Planet, she also has made an accord with all the beings that live in there: in exchange for them to live in an undisturbed, controlled environment, which would be Umi's water, they would always come when Umi calls them to protect the ocean. Therefore, when Umi calls for help, every single water-based being of Core Planet, ranging from the smallest plancton to the greatest whale, will come to help her in battle, making an almost indestructible army as they cooperate with the water they swim in, which also is their element.

Temperature change: Umi can change the temperature of the water she controls at will, as long as her energy allows her to do so. For example, heating up the entire ocean is hard, but mainly, Umi just applies the technique on small parts of water.

Water change: Umi can change the consistence of the water she controls at will, making it salty or filling it with different chemical substances. She can create the objects or draw them from the environment.

Evaporation: Raises the temperature of the water to the point where it evaporates. Strangely enough, Umi can even make the entire ocean evaporate if she wants, but without heating it up. In fact, she just makes the water evaporate with psychic powers instead of physically heating it up, as there is no need to do so in that case.

Rainstorm: Usable after Evaporation, or when some of the water evaporates. Makes the water rain down again like normal rain, except that Umi can control the movement of the drops as well.

Dynamo Charge: Converts energy into electricity, which then is in the water. Apart of battle purposes, this can also be used to power electric machines.

Skin Entrance: Makes some water enter the enemy's body, through the skin or by making him swallow some. Once inside the enemy, the water can be used to mix up with the water inside the enemy if it is a living being to drain him of it and so killing him in seconds, it can explode from the inside, or it can rust up and short-circuit a machine enemy.

Tsunami: Creates a giant tidal wave which washes entire countries away.

Whirlpool: Creates a big whirlpool which sucks in anything that is in the water, sending it to the ocean floor.

Aqua Well: Creates a funnel-shaped hole in the ocean that looks like a frozen whirlpool. The bottom of the funnel reaches to the ocean's floor, creating a dry spot there. This is very useful to trap enemies or killing beings that swim in the water, along with others.

Freeze up: Like Evaporation, this technique changes the ocean with psychic powers, but instead of evaporating the water, it freezes it. This can be used to encage enemies, to create icebergs or icicles that still are under Umi's control, and many others.

Compression: Compresses water to create a high-density water sphere. Umi can even compress a whole ocean into a fist-sized sphere, whose destructive power when using Aqua Bomb is enough to destroy planets.

Aqua Bomb: Decompresses water very fast, creating highly destructive explosions. Umi can also make water explode by splitting the atoms, but in this case the water disappears forever.

Aqua Hand: Shapes a hand out of water, of varying size. A small hand can choke an enemy for example, or a big one can crush a whole army instead.

Hydro Cannon: Shoots water at a target out of any water source or reserve with great pressure. The power of this attack can easily turn a continent into mud if there is enough water.

Water Pillar: Shapes a pillar that comes out of water and rises into the sky. Umi likes to use this to look at some place that is far away if there isn't any water around theere, or to trap an enemy into ice, then making a pillar come out of the water under the cage and finally freeing the enemy from the ice, leaving him on a tower that is too high to jump off.

Hydro Cloning: Creates water beings that can shape into pretty much anything. Umi uses this technique mainly to go somewhere, or when there is a meeting to which she goes as well.

Water Giant: Compresses and shapes a lot of water into a giant, which is basically a much stronger version of her water clones. The giant has got great destructive power, and is almost invincible due to his consistence. Physical attacks just pass through, and elemental attacks that decompose him will not work because he just reforms. It is like fighting against the ocean itself: it is simply futile and impossible to win.

H2O magnet: Attracts water that is around. This can be used to reassemble a decomposed water clone or water giant, or to add water to take under Umi's control.

Aqua Aura Sphere: Creates an Aura Sphere which also has got water around it. It explodes when thrown at the enemy, and the water can also entangle or drown the enemy after the hit.

Muddy Water: Takes much mud from the ocean's floor or from the ground and makes a tidal wave with it that buries everything under a thick layer of mud. Once it hardens, there is no escape from it, and some have been known to stay halfway buried into mud, unable to move, and died slowly and painfully.

Water Tomb: Sends a water wave of super-cold water at a weakened enemy to finish him off. Killed enemies are buried in the ocean, where they get eaten up by the microorganisms.

Ocean Floor: Creates a water-dome in which the water pressure is so high that just about anything that is inside the dome gets crushed instantly. It could even engulf a planet and turn it into a tiny sphere of ultra-compressed material, along with anything that was on it.


Fifth descendant - Akuji, the Hell demon


(Normal form, Released form)

Akuji, the fifth descendant of Tsukugami, is one of the most terrible demons that were ever created. Some believe that he is the king of all demons, others think that he is the devil himself, who has come from Hell. However, Akuji is less strong than Kyro, and he once was a demon in service of Durian, but he was one of the very few demons to escape, and the only one to survive the attacks of other beings of Core Planet. He has adapted to the new conditions, and built himself a castle located somewhere in a deep forest, from where he reigns over a small village which is located near his castle. The people of this village are all undeads and zombies which are completely obedient to Akuji. M has given him the status of the fourth decendant of Tsukugami in exchange of loyalty, and has given him total immunity to light. This is a great advantage for Akuji, because as a demon from Durian his greatest weakness was light, which is now eliminated. Akuji is a great help for Core Planet, and since he is the only demon that is immune to light, many have fallen in astonishment upon realizing this.

Akuji uses the following techniques, of which many are secret ones only kown in Durian and the other hells.

Possession: By touching an enemy, he turns him into a mindless zombie which then is under the full command of Akuji. He can also enter a foe's body and possess him that way, making him do anything that he wishes.

Dark Laser: Sends out a laser of darkness which goes at darkness speed, which is one of the greatest existing speeds possible, trillions of times higher than light speed.

Dark Bomb: Shapes and throws a bomb of pure darkness, which drains the energy of anything it comes near of. Upon impact, it releases the dark and the absorbed energy, creating a large explosion.

Night Bat Swarm: Releases a swarm of vampiric demon bats that attack any foe in a range and drink his blood once they killed him. They have poisonous fangs, and their bodies are full of epidemics that are passed to whoever touches them. A killed being then becomes animated by the darkness that is passed on to them by the bats' bite, and they turn into mindless zombies under Akujis command. The bats can even attack entire villages and turn it into zombies in few minutes.

Bat Cloud: The demon bats are trained in a way that they instantly fly towards Akuji in case someone tries to attack him, to take the hits and counter them to protect their master.

Bat transform: Akuji can transform into a demon bat at will, becoming one of many for his enemies. The bats also know who is Akuji, and protect and hide him if he is in bat-form. Akuji likes to transform into a demon bat before attacking a village with his subordinates.

Starblaze Blast: Shapes and throws a sun-hot sphere of pure fire at an enemy, which also explodes on impact, setting everything in a large range on fire. If the attack is not concentrated and limited to a small radius, it becomes powerful enough to set entire planets ablaze and incinerate them in seconds.

Night Coffin: Traps an enemy into a coffin-shaped block of darkness, in which it is impossible to move. The enemy will panic, as the darkness will also cut the air from the outside and drains his energy. Some stronger enemies may resist for some time, but in the end, somebody that can not break out of the coffin with an attack coming from the outside will simply die in terror and panic.

Shadow Sword: Shapes and uses a sword out of darkness. Akuji is a good swordsman, able to fight on an even level with most beings of Core Planet, but his sword drains the energy of the foe through the other swordman's blade or directly on contact, quickly weakening and killing the foe.

Dark Rain: Sends a dark energy into the stratosphere, which then turns into multiple pillars of darkness and rains down on a huge area, causing devastation with darkness bombardment that is almost impossible to be undone, as the unbelievable powers of darkness settle themselves into the area after the technique took effect, turning the battlefield into a cratered wasteland with darkness energy coming out from everywhere.

Invisibility Cloak: Turns himself invisible by concealing himself under his special cloak. No spell can hit him while he is invisible, and the cloak is also immune to it. Only physical contact can reveal the location of Akuji while he stays invisible.

Dimensional Cloak: Conceals himself into his cloak, becoming invisible, and then turns on the spot, disappearing into a separate dimension. An enemy will get very confused as he doesn't see Akuji disappearing and thinks that he may still be there, while Akuji can see into the dimension and reappear anywhere else. This technique also replaces the regular teleporting technique.

Attack Digitalize: Waves his hand at an attack, making it disappear into an alternate dimension (not the one in his cloak) from where he can re-summon it anywhere else. This technique results very effective against enemies that dodge other attacks, and he can use it for his own attacks or an enemy's.

Hellfire Bombardment: Shoots a sphere of compressed fire from Durian into the stratosphere, where it decomposes and decompresses, turning into many small meteors of hellfire that rain down on a huge area, setting everything on fire.

Hell Barrage: Shoots a sphere of hellfire out of his mouth, that turns into a barrage of meteors that set ablaze everything in front of Akuji, overwhelming any enemy.

Sound Wave: Sends out a strong wave of sound that ignores physical obstacles. It doesn't deal damage, but deafens an enemy and makes him lose his balance by hitting his vestibular system. This leaves even th e strongest foe crippled on the ground, making an easy prey for Akuji.

Mirroir Movement: Mimicks the attack that a foe has used last, but he can also combine it with his own techniques to make it more powerful.

Spreading Darkness: Sends out some darkness that covers a large area on the ground and sucks in any enemy that stands on it. Hi body then gets fully consumed by the darkness and adds to Akuji's power.

Invocation: Releasing Seal: Akuji's powers are limited during the day because of his element, darkness. In order to survive, Akuji has therefore created a seal which makes him neutral to both light and darkness. By releasing this seal, which loks like a five-edge star on his forehead, he becomes much stronger in the darkness, but remains immune to light. The drawback of the seal release is the great power consumption that is created by his superior form, therefore Akuji just transforms when he needs it.

Heart Ripper: Once Akuji has transformed, he can apply this technique. he jumps forth at great speeds, impaling an enemy with his clawed hand, and right after it he rips the heart out of the enemy's chest, showing them their death.

Ghost/Dark switch: Once Akuji has transformed into his superior form, he becomes able to switch his secondary element between ghost and darkness to take minimal to no damage from incoming attacks. His immunity to light added to this ability, Akuji becomes almost impossible to be hit well.

Soul Consume: Once a foe is dead, Akuji can rip the soul out of the corpse and eat it to become stronger. He can also recreate the soul once eaten, but changed in a way that is favourable to him, to reinsert it into the corpse and create a loyal subordinate.

Pulsing Sphere of New Moon Light: Akuji's ultimate attack, which he uses if an enemy results too strong for him to beat with his normal attacks. Akuji points his finger at the sky, and themoon begins to turn darker and smaller, while a sphere of dark and shining mysterious energy that looks like moonlight is formed at Akuji's fingertip. When the moon disappears completely, the sphere is the only light source on the battlefield, and it is approximately as big as Akuji's fist. Akuji then throws the sphere at the enemy, releasing a shockwave of blinding light and engulfing darkness upon impact, blinding and deafening the enemy apart of greatly damaging, if not killing him. If the enemy survives the hit, which is unlikely to happen, the battlefield will remain dark until Akuji has finished the fight, otherwise the light energy will leave the corpse and reform into the moon directly.


Sixth descendant - Dragon Alpha, the war dragon

Alpha is a demon (he looks like a dragon and is therefore called so by mistake) that was once created by the gods for a very special purpose: he should stay hidden somewhere on Earth, which then was the planet on which most wars and battles took place, and when a war with a pre-decided minimal number of fighters in total should take place, no matter where or why, Alpha, as was the name of the demon, should awake to finish the war by just killing everyone for the gods not to be disturbed by the sounds of fighting. After the gods lost their power, Alpha still continued finishing wars when any took place, until he was found and taken away by M. On Core Planet, he was liberated of his duty towards the gods, and he swore eternal loyalty to M as a sign of gratitude for having freed him. In exchange, he learned many things on Core Planet and from the people there, and became stronger than he had ever been before on Earth. Today, he is the sixth descendant of Tsukugami, and one of the strongest beings of Core Planet.

Alpha dominates the battle mainly because of his size: with a height of four kilometers, he is one of the biggest beings of Core Planet that can not change its size. His sense of battle, his incredible defense and attack given to him by the gods, have just become stronger on Core Planet, making him a near-invincible monster. He still interferes wars on different planets when he has got some time, because Core Planet is taboo to him, as he lives there. But even so, he won't refuse a challenge. Normally, he stays in the Alpha Dragon Fortress, his home, though, where he rests and waits for some action.

Dragon Alpha can use the following attacks, which are mainly focused on attacking many small enemies at a time:

War perception: A passive ability of Alpha, which is his special sense for wars. On Core Planet, he has developed this ability to the point where he can feel wars going on on other planets, which results very useful in some cases. Before Alpha was liberated, he could only fell wars on Earth, and had to interfere them, while now he can choose freely.

Impenetrable Dragon Hide: Dragon Alpha possesses a super special dragon hide that is almost impossible to even lay a scratch on. The gods have enhanced the already extremely hard dragon scales by drawing magic runes on each one, which grant him a wide array of powers, such as draining an enemy's power as soon as the scale gets touched, further hardening his dragonhide and making the scales stick together to avoid weapons slashing through the slits between them, along with countless other abilities. This makes Alpha the most defensive descendant of Tsukugami, even surpassing Eclipse's Golden Dragon Armor with his enhancement. Additionally, even if an enemy manages to remove the scales and attack the flesh, it will heal very quickly again, sometimes even trapping the blade in it and disarming or blocking the foe. Finally, the scales can't be fully removed from Alpha's body, only lift off his skin.

Fly: Alpha's wings allow him to fly freely in the air. Despite his size, he is very fast, agile and elegant.

Claw Crush: With his huge claws, Alpha is able to easily turn a village into dust with a few attacks. Enemies get crushed by the huge weight and the wave that comes from his hand upon impact on the ground.

Foot Crush: Stomps the ground with his huge feet. A single of these stomps is enough to create a lake-sized crater.

Dragon Divebomb: Divebombs at a location, turning everything to dust beneath his body. If Alpha aditionally infuses his body with different energies, he can create explosions of titanic size, turning a country into a fuming crater.

Alpha Kick: Used against enemies that are big enough. Alpha kicks them, sending them flying away with incredible power. Normally, Alpha then can fly after his foe, further tackling him in the air or using other attacks while their guard is down.

Alpha Crunch: Crunches his foes with his powerful jaws, which are powerful enough to crush granite with no effort at all.

Alpha Roar: Roars with much power, unleashing a terrifying sound blast that can easily shatter all the glass in a city at minimal effort. With just a bit more effort, Alpha can shake entire continents, create landslides, tsunamis and earthquakes.

Hell's Cross: Draws an x-formed cross on the ground at his feet when he lands. He then uses the cross to insert the Alpha Sphere of Shadows into it, preventing it from escaping the targeted area.

Heaven's Fire Ring: When Alpha has drawn the Hell's Cross on the ground, a ring of gases descends from the skies, and Alpha breathes a flame at the ring, setting tha gases on fire and blocking the escape way of most enemies, even flying ones as the gases' heat reaces up high into the sky. generally, Alpha imprisons himself along with his victims, although he can easily step through the flames without getting damaged.

Alpha Sphere of Shadows: Summons a sphere that is about as big as his fist, and places it into the center of the Hell's Cross. The sphere contains a special energy that attracts anything that contains energy (with the exception of Alpha) like a magnet of terrifying strength. Once the enemies are in the reach of the sphere's other form of energy, which is called the "Alpha energy of Darkness" by the ones that have seen the technique, this energy starts draining the being's energy at a high rate, while transferring it to Alpha, who then uses the energy to annihilatehis foes with his Catastrophe Techniques, although the sphere's powers would already be sufficient to kill an army in few minutes. In case that enemies get out of the reach of the sphere's energies, it can also move inside the Hell's Cross' four arms to approach them.

Alpha Tsunami: Summons a tsunami out of the water that is inside the air, or by spitting it out of his mouth. The tsunami is far stronger than a normal one, but its radius is limited to the area in Heaven's Fire Ring.

Alpha Avalanche: Creates a landslide whose destructive power and reach is far higher than a normal one's due to the dragon power that stands behind the attack. If there are no mountains around, Alpha summons many rocks hat come out of the ground, before raining down on the foe.

Alpha Flame: Spits out a flame of dragon fire, setting everything ablaze within kilometers. The flames are dragon fire, making them near-impossible to put out and able to burn even through stone.

Alpha Power: Raises his hands above his head, and many rocks and earth starts coming out of the ground. The holes created by the rocks reach down to the deepest levels of the planet, making lava come out of the ground as well, which will then fly up along with the rocks. When there are enough rocks and lava, Alpha lowers his right arm, makes the rocks and lava float around the fist and then delivers a punch of devastating power at the ground or the target, sending the rocks and lava flying around and creating an explosion of power upon impact.

Alpha Meltdown: Raises his hands above his head like when he uses Alpha power, but the rocks and lava that are summoned are many times bigger and there are more than for Alpha Power. Once there are enough, Alpha surrounds himself with yellow dragon energy and the rocks and lava, summons a lightning that strikes the dragon energy, charging it with electricity as well, and roars extremely loudly. Then he suddenly dissapears into the ground, and a seal appears around the target, immobilizing it. The area around the enemy then inflates as if it was exploding, and Alpha comes out of the hole, delivering a super-powrful tackle at the foe while incinerating, stunning and electrifying him with his body, the lava, the stones and the electric dragon energy respectively. Even if the foe survives the first attack, a magma fountain then erupts out of the hole that Alpha has created, sending rocks and magma at every direction and devastating huge parts of the landscape. After that, a crater-shaped volcano lake (a super volcano's caldeira) is the only thing left of the landscape where Alpha has come out.

Alpha Quake: Stomps the ground with his foot, creating a super-powerful earthquake. Even foes that jump or fly away from the shaking Earth can not escape the attack, as the Earthquake creates strong friction, sending many rocks flying at every direction.

Alpha Fissure: Used after Alpha Quake. While the ground is still shaking, Alpha stomps it a second time, creating a deep fissure which buries everything around inside it. After a while, the fissure closes again, grinding the victims that just fell in to death.

Alpha Eruption: Raises his hands, and somewhere within the reach of the attack, an underground nuclear explosion with the power of an A-bomb happens, instantly throwing up anything that is above it in a huge explosion. The crater then fills with magma, creating a magma lake, and the of lava and stones that have been blasted straight up fall back down into the lake, melting. Alpha can also make the lake explode again over and over to make it deeper and even more deadly while sending lava projectiles flying at every direction.

Alpha Meteor: Summons a super giant meteor from space which crashes into any location in Alpha's reach. Upon impact, the meteor explodes, liberating radioactive and other highly dangerous substances which raze the land and turn it impossible to live on.

Alpha Tornado: Creates a gigantic tornado that is infused with dragon power, making it dozens of times stronger than any normal one. The tornado lasts for as long as Alpha wants it to do, and also is mentally controlled by Alpha to travel to the location that he wants. 

Alpha Cyclone: Creates a cyclone around his body that protects him from any incoming projectiles, attacks and foes while bombarding the surrounding environment with rocks and earth that is picked up from the ground.

Alpha Thunder: Summons many black clouds at the sky, out of which then a thunder falls to strike the chosen location. Alpha can use this technique from very far away, and once the clouds are set up, he can also bombard the target with thunders without needing the time to set up the technique over and over. The thunders are also much bigger and more dangerous than normal ones and can turn a city into dust with a few hits.

Alpha Heat Wave: Creates a lot of heat inside his body, which he then liberates as a wave of heat that incinerates everything nearby and can even melt rocks into lava in seconds. The technique has got a wide reach, but becomes weaker if the target stands further away from Alpha.

Alpha Snowstorm: Creates a super-cold snowstorm in which it becomes impossible to see anything further than ten meters. Then, Alpha creates rain clouds above the snowstorm, and the drops turn into ice while falling, striking the foes that helplessly try to escape the snowstorm and can't see the hail.

Alpha Apocalypse: With a furious roar, Alpha liberates a wave of dragon energy out of his body that creates all the catastrophes that he can summon individually together at the same time (Tsunami, Avalanche, Fire, Meltdown, Earthquake, Fissure, Eruption, Meteor, Tornado, Cyclone, Thunder, Heat Wave and Snowstorm). As all these catastrophes are created out of the same energy, they don't hinder or cancel each other out but instead can even create combinations of unbelievable power. The combination of all together can easily turn a planet into a field of meteors that float around in the universe.

Dragon Judgement: Alpha roars and sends out a green energy beam into the sky. Once in the stratosphere, the beam splits up into many smaller pillars of incredible destructive power that then rain down on the target, exploding upon impact and  turn a planet into dust in a matter of seconds.

Alpha Seal of Dragon Judgement: Alpha liberates an incredible lot of power that he accumulates when he doesn't fight by releasing the seal. This power is instantly compressed in Alpha's body, who then uses it to attack the foe with a mega-strong Dragon Judgement technique that uses up the accumulated energy as well as half the energy that Alpha has still got in his body and completely destroys the foe, along with the planet. At maximal power, Alpha could even erase a solar system from the universe with this technique.


Seventh descendant - Seiklus

(Seiklus is the smallwhite man between the rocks)

Seiklus previously was the king of the moon folk, which are some extremely small humanoids that used to live on the moon of Core Planet. The original folk used to live on the moon of Earth, but during Ragnarök, they were taken to the moon of Core Planet by M, as they weren't considered as evil as were the humans that time. The moon folk lived very well, and developed new technology based on the winds that constantly sweep the moon of Core Planet. These winds allowed them to use much greater technology than they had ever been able to do on the moon, and by combining it with their magic powers, they created an incomparable kind of technology. But this quick evolution also led to their destruction: becoming proud beyond measure by their discoveries, the moon folk was struck by insanity and began to think that it could reign the skies. Seiklus, who then was just the prince, saw that the skies were their death, and tried to convince his parents of ordering this madness to stop. But it was already too late.

With the time passing, the moon folk had developed machines and instruments that were evolved far beyond what humans would have ever reached, and with their magical artifacts they eventually began to fly up into the skies. Thinking that they would become the absolute ultimate beings with that technology, the moon folk started to build everything into the flying islands that they had created, and they even lifted a new castle for the royal family into the skies. Seiklus, however, refused to participate to this and stayed on the moon's surface, along with very few other, whose eyes had not been blinded. In the meantime, the moon folk extended their influence, and eventually sent some of its islands to Core Planet. Hovering far above the ground, they were close to invulnerable to the other beings of Core Planet, and they managed to hold off the ones that could fly with their magical technology. The royal family eventually forced Seiklus to come to the fortress to see the developpement, and then destroyed all the machines that could possibly bring him back to the moon. They were hoping that Seiklus would eventually understand that they were the incontestable masters of Core Planet with their technology, and the king had become so blinded that to prove his new power, he ripped the King's amulet, the symbol of the moon folk and an ancient artifact of inestimable power, from his chest and threw it on the ground in front of Seiklus's feet, but the latter quickly took the amulet and escaped the flying islandsshortly after, to run and hide on Core Planet, in a valley in Asgard that no one knew. The others of the moon folk that had come with Seiklus from the moon to the flying islands, which basically was everyone but a single girl, named Lina, a childhood friend of Seiklus, which stood behind on the moon, came with Seiklus to hide themselves as well, as they had been terrorized by the orgiastic behavior that the other moon folk had shown. Blinded by the technology and the power that he possessed, the king thought that they no longer needed Seiklus if he refused to live with them, and began to roam the skies with all the flying islands, whose combined size was equivalent to a continent. Then, one day, a terrible storm happened, and even the combination of magic powers and technology wasn't enough to hold the moon folk in the air. They had in fact not considered the much harsher conditions that had Core Planet in comparison to its moon, and so the islands perished in a single day, crashing into the surface of Core Planet, mainly in the far North and on Asgard. The ones that survived were killed by the revenge-seeking inhabitants of Core Planet, and only Seiklus survived out of the entire moon folk. While the others had gone further and further, his small tribe had stuck to the traditional magic and technology, which was approximately as evolved as human technology in the late 19. century. The valley where he lived had been named the Gondor Valley, and everyone that lived there was taught the same by Seiklus: an ancient melody that had before been passed on from generation to generation, whose text said that the moonfolk, like the humans, had been created by the greatest god to live separated from other forms of life, and that their place was the ground: "Plant your roots into the ground, become a part of Mother Gaia, and never look up into the skies." Seiklus learned a great lesson: the dragons were the sky's kings, the fishes the masters of the oceans, the demons the possessors of Hell, and the humanoid ones - like the moon folk - the ones to live on Earth. This way, the last descendants of the moon folk lived on for many generations, while Seiklus lived on without ever aging, which was an ability that he had gained from the king's amulet. Eventually, he was found by M, who noticed that despite his size, he had incredible powers, and was wiser than most beings of Core Planet. He helped him and supported him for some time, and offered Seiklus the rank of seventh descendant of Tsukugami. Seiklus further developed his powers by training with the other members, and the powers that he possesses as former king of a folk that had once roamed the skies make him a very hard foe to face.

Seiklus's fighting style is focused on defense. In his normal form, he is easy to wound if a foe can pass by his shield and strike his small body. Normally, Seiklus analyzes his opponent, his fighting style and movements as well as his techniques, before suddenly striking with a devastating blow that comes unexpected as many beings underestimate him because of his size. He has got access to many techniques that are only known among the moon folk, and knows how to use a sword in fights.

Teleport Shield: Seiklus has got an invisible shield around his body that acts like a shield, however it has got a funny effect: everything that touches the shield, including living beings, objects, and attacks, can get teleported by Seiklus at the desired place. Additionally, the kinetic energy that is used to move the object is used to teleport the object, meaning that Seiklus does not tire by the use of this technique.

Dimension Jump: Seiklus has got access to a special dimension that looks like Earth, but is hundreds of times bigger, named the Seiklus World. In here, Seiklus becomes a hundred times bigger than he is, while foes will stay the same size, making everything look a lot bigger for them than they are used to. In relative ways, a human-sized enemy entering the world would be as big as Seiklus is in the normal world, meaning that he becomes smaller than a common snail, an experience that results in extreme panic for most foes, and sometimes in their death as they get eaten or squashed by some animal. Seiklus has got full control over the dimension, and anything that is inside of it, excluding the foe. While he can move around freely in the world, a foe can not, and is limited to certain areas, beyond which access is simply impossible for him, as he and every possible attack or projectile, and basically anything other than Seiklus himself, will bounce off an invisible wall.

Lilliput Senses: Seiklus's are contraproportionally high to his size, meaning that, as his size is a hundreth of an average human, he has got senses that are one hundred times as good. This means that he can see, hear, smell, feel and taste much more than a human could do, and his reflexes and reactions are equally high.

Moonwalk: Around the body of Seiklus is a special invisible energy radiated by the King's amulet that keeps away the poisonous air from Seiklus at the radius of one meter. This has got the side effect that inside of the spherical energy radiation there is no air resistance and almost no gravity like on the moon, which allows Seiklus to move much faster than his foes, as well as jumping much higher and others. Enemys that enter the Moonwalk sphere will also get completely surprised, and often they fly past Seiklus after a charge that Seiklus just barely dodges them in order not to remove the energy field from the foe's trajectory. As long as Seiklus is on the ground, he can improve his body weight as well by concentrating on the energy and making it push the gravity force into the center of the sphere, which is where Seiklus stands. This concentrated gravity makes Seiklus become very heavy, allowing him to take strong attacks without getting pushed back, or countering a foe's attack with Kung Fu.

Ghost Teleport-Stone: Inside of the King's amulet is a teleport stone that allows Seiklus to teleport around freely. Instead of normal teleportation, howver, Seiklus will turn into atoms that then fly towards the targetted spot and reform there at Seilus's will, giving him an advantage over his foe as he can reappear inside a rock to protect himself, or simply disperse and wait for some time, while being absolutely invulnerable.

King's amulet: Seiklus wears an invisible amulet around his neck that gives him many abilities. It appears once Seiklus uses any of its abilities, and becomes invisible again after that. While it is visible, it looks like a brown chain with a castle symbol and a sword carved into the golden medaillon Only the reigning king of the moon folk can touch it without becoming mad instantly, therefore no one can steal the amulet from Seiklus. Applied in Seiklus's World, the abilities are enhanced a lot. The following techniques (from Vision to Ghost) are abilities that Seiklus uses with his amulet.

Vision: Seiklus can already see very good with his Lilliput Senses, but with this passive ability, he becomes able to see invisible things, like ghosts, and he even can look through walls and other things within a certain radius.

Fish: Uses his amulet to summon a small orange fish that flies around in the air or in water without any problem. Seiklus can summon an infinite amount of these fishes and control them to overwhelm his foe and pin him to the ground, bite him, or take attacks for him. The fishes also do not exist as individuals, but instead they are bodies created out of energy.

Eagle: Summons an eagle that comes flying down from the sky to attack his foes. Seiklus can summon an infinite amount of them, but unlike the Fish ability, he can only summon one at a time. Aside from attacking his foes, Seiklus can also use this to avoid an attack or to fly around.

Energy: Seiklus raises his hand while holding the amulet, and blasts an attack of pure energy at the foe. It can become very strong if set up for a while, but no matter the power level, Seiklus does not tire by the attack, and the amulet does not lose any of its power.

Beams Rain: Seiklus holds the King's amulet above his head and then jumps up, pointing the amulet at the ground. Then, many Energy beams of multiple elements and power levels are shot out of the King's amulet at random directions towards the ground, causing great devastation. Neither the amulet nor Seiklus use up any energy for this technique, and as long as Seiklus uses this technique, he hovers in the air without falling down.

Claws: One of Seiklus's favourite abilities. By pointing the amulet at the ground, a special circular area of about one hundred meters with Seiklus being at the center of the circle is created, although there is no visual evidence of it. Once the area is set up, a foe that touches a point within that area will get grabbed by a claw shaped out of Earth, then pulled into a mouth that is shaped out of Earth as well, before getting pushed though the ground and then spit out at the limit of the circle. The longer the foe stays under the Earth, the more he gets chewed while being pushed, and the more damage he takes. The claws and mouth are also shaped out of the Earth that is within the circular area. Finally, neither Seiklus nor the amulet use up any energy to set up and use this technique.

Ghost: The last ability of the King's amulet. By splitting up his particles, Seiklus becomes a bit transparent and intangible like a ghost. Any attacks pass through while he is in this state, and he can continue acting like in his normal state, except that he can't touch anything, and not use any attacks.

Stone locket: A second amulet that Seiklus wears around the neck. It makes his body become as hard as granite when it is touched, something that surprises most foes and breaks their bones on impact. Aside from activating automatically, Seiklus can use that ability at will for any reason.

Mystery Medaillon I and II: Seiklus possesses two special medaillons that give him a very special ability: if he takes them out and throws them into the air, they merge and turn into a shining light that gets absorbed into Seiklus for a limited amount of time. During this time, Seiklus gains a new ability out of many possible that is always to his advantage. As an example, he would get his right arm transformated into a homing rocket launcher when facing flying armored foes. After the time runs out, Seiklus turns back to normal and the two medaillons reappear in the air above Seiklus and split before falling down into his hands. It is not clear what ability Seiklus gets, there hasn't ever been a foe able to survive this ability.

Transformation: Seiklus's last resort in a battle if his enemy results too strong. He raises his hands while holding the King's amulet above his head, and then a spark comes down from the sky and strikes the amulet, covering the surrounding area in light. The ground then starts to shake, and a castle-like fortress built on a tree comes out of the ground below Seiklus, who is standing on top of the tree. When the light fades away, Seiklus is holding a small but incredibly strong sword, and wears a knight-like armor on his body that looks exactly like magna-Masterminds. In fact, the armor that Seiklus wears is a small version of Magna-Masterminds armor, and it is made out of a small amount of Titan Metal that was found by Seiklus on the moon after a meteorite having the ore of this metal crashed into it. Normally such a small amount wouldn't have been enough for anything to be smithed, but due to Seiklus's size, it was enough for M to create an armor, a sword and a shield for Seiklus.

Reign Protector: When Seiklus transforms, he gets the Reign Protector, which is the set that includes the plate, helmet, and shield crafted out of Titan Metal. These items are absolutely impenetrable, meaning that only attacks that are fast enough to pass by Seiklus's reflexes are still able to harm him as long as he wears the Reign Protector.

Moon Fortress: The fortress that comes out of the ground on a tree when Seiklus uses his transformation ability is the moon fortress, the castle where the kings of the moon tribe resided before the epidemy spreaded. Seiklus is the owner of the castle as he is the last one of the Moon tribe. Inside of the fortress there are enough rooms for the entire army of Core Planet to reside in, and the throne room whose doors can only be opened by Seiklus. The rooms that are in the throne room and beyond are only accessible to the reigning king, which is Seiklus, and contain different weapon systems and machines of tremenduous power. Seiklus can use any of them to fight against his foes, and due to the large supply of machines and energy (that is gained by the tree that absorbs energy through his roots), seiklus could fight on an even level even with Eclipse for some time.

Titan Sword: The sword that Seiklus gains when transforming. He is a good swordman, and despite the size of the sword, Seiklus can slash through any material with it. Its cutting side is so sharp that Seiklus must always wear it in his hand, as a sheath would get cut instantly. It is one of the few things known to have cut through Eclipse's scales.

Eighth descendant: King Drakon

King Drakon is the reigning king of the Frozen Mountains in the north of Core Planet, and a member of the Aduran Commando since he was born. M predicted that Drakon would become one of the most powerful kings of Core Planet, and today, few hesitate when saying that King Drakon is the most powerful being thqat ever came from the Frozen Mountains aside of M. King Drakon is in fact so strong that if there would be any need, he could fight against the entire population of the Frozen Mountains and win in half an hour. He usually travels around on the Frozen Peak, the highest mountain, searching a pair of Morrworms to get the same skin as Takeo did, but the aura that he emits already shoos away any foes, including the already rare Morrworms, but King Drakon never lost his hope in finding one of them.

King Drakon possesses a movepool that is focused on the power of the cold, as King Drakon himself is immune to it. He also likes to use his powerful hammer to crush his foes quickly. If a foe is too strong for King Drakon's regular techniques, he can also summon his minions through a teleport portal to overwhelm his foes or at least distract them while he attacks with his most powerful blows.

Megaton Hammer: Uses his hammer to attack his foe. The hammer has the impact power of a megaton bomb, crushing even the most endurant foes like nothing. King Drakon has got the physical force to wield the hammer with a single hand as quick as others use a dagger, and despite what others say, he can wield it in a very elegant way.

Call of Minions: Summons his minions through interdim-portals. These minions then overwhelm the foe with their superior numbers and give King Drakon the chance to strike with his Megaton Hammer.

Blizzard: Raises his hands, and summons a blizzard that lowers the temperature, creates icy winds and hits the target with hail and snow.

Dry Ice: Places his palm on the foe, and sends out a super-cold wind that freezes the foe from the inside. If the dry ice that is then inside of the foe does not kill him, King Drakon can smash him to pieces with a powerful Megaton Hammer crush.

King Fist: Hits the target with his fist, which can cause an earthquake on impact. If King Drakon hits the foe with a single finger, he can impale them or create a fissure in the ground, into which the enemy then falls.

Northern Skin: King Drakon is absolutely immune to all kinds of temperatures, except sun-hot fire. If he is somewhere where it is cold, this defense is increased beyond the solidity of diamond.

Mega Endure: In case King Drakon can not escape a foe's attack, he braces himself, leaving his chest open to take the attack. Then, his endurance is increased to a level for as long as he stays in that position that he can take even continent-shaking punches without getting even pushed back.

Chill Roar: Roars out with a certain sound frequency that chills an enemy to the bone and leaves him crippled on the ground for some minutes, with a terrible headache that creates a feeling as if the eyeballs were popping out.

Divebomb: Jumps high up into the air, and then lets himself fall down by spreading his arms and legs outward with his full weight on a foe. Even if the attack misses, which is already unlikely as King Drakon can control the flight with his arms and legs, the power of the impact creates a crater and an earthquake that strikes nearby targets. Also, projectile attacks thrown at King Drakon while he falls down will be deflected because of his speed, and he can also deflect them with his hammer.

Slam: Slams his foe with his body. The weight of his body and the force of the impact are enough to rip a mountain out of the ground.

The Cold: Casts a spell on the foe that makes his body feel very weak and heavy, barely allowing him to lift a  hand. In addition to that, the foe feels very cold from the inside, and loses his will to fight and even to live.

Fat belly: As King Drakon lives in the coldest region of Core Planet, he needs to beef up to resist the immense cold and the constant famine that is typical in that region. This brings him a great advantage at battles: an attack thrown at his belly will simply bounce off, no matter its power. Physical attacks where the foe crashes into King Drakon will have fatal effects on the foe, as he will bounce off with equal power to that of his attack and possibly crash into something.

Ice Hammer: Summons an icy aura that radiates from his hammer and surrounds it as well as his entire body. The cold aura then freezes up the enemy once King Drakon gets close to them, making them unable to react. King Drakon then concentrates on his hammer, infuses the icy aura into it and hits the foe with a super-powerful crush that crushes the ice along with the foe inside. This attack is much more powerful then Dry Ice because it constantly freezes up the enemy and thus gives King Drakon more time to charge up his attack.

Ninth descendant: The Puppet Master

The puppet master is one of the strangest and most lone beings of Core Planet. No one knows where he came from, and what his name is. The only thing that is sure about him is that his techniques are based on puppet playing with mechanical and organic puppets that he controls with strings that come out of his body. The speciality of the Puppet Master is the creation and the use of highly destructive puppets. He is also the only one that knows how to make and use them the way that his own are. The few that saw him applying his techniques said later that he collected the bodies of his dead foes to make new puppets, others replied that he already used his strings on living foes. Overall, there is almost nothing that is clear about him and his puppets, which is just the way he wants it to be.

Puppet Strings: Releases some black threads out of any part of his body that then either enter the prepared holes of puppets, or pierce through an enemy's arms, legs, and head, without hitting any vital organs in the latter case if the Puppet Master doesn't want it this way. Through the puppet strings, the Puppet Master can then control his puppets, or force the foe to move the way he wants it. He can even force them to use their techniques and abilities. The strings are almost unbreakable, and very elastic.

Puppet Emblem: Once a body has been pierced by the Puppet Strings threads, the Puppet Master uses this ability to carve some patterns into the target's bones and skull. The bone parts that have been carved out then fly away the target, ripping through the skin if it is necessary. Needless to say, it causes excruciating pain on the foe before killiing them by carving the emblem into the skull. Once the emblem is set up, the Puppet Master gains absolute control over the target, and except by physical means, no one can take control over the being with psychic powers or other techniques.

Emblem Seal: The Puppet Emblem technique carves a special seal into the target's skull that ends their life and prevents foes from taking control of the being. This seal, called the Emblem Seal, can also be used to detonate a puppet as soon as it gets destroyed. Aside from this, a dead body that has got the Emblem Seal will have its flesh and blood transformed into a rock-hard material out of which the Puppet Master's puppets are made, and their bones become steel to stabilize the puppet from within. This way, the Puppet Master saves himself the work of preparing a puppet.

Puppet Magic Creation: Magically creates a puppet. Its abilities can be copied from a concrete puppet that the Puppet Master thinks of when he creates the puppet, or they are randomly chosen. the power, endurance, consistence, shape, and other factors depend of the amount of energy that the Puppet Master uses to create the puppet. Alternatively, the Puppet Master can use this technique to turn an object or a living being instantly into a puppet that he can then use.

Puppet Modification: Modificates a puppet, repairing it or adding and removing parts of it. He could add mechanical weapons and limbs to a puppet, turn its skin into metal, remove any unnecessary body parts from it or even fuse it with another puppet.

String Shield: Braids his puppet Strings to shape a shield. Usually, the Puppet Master prefers to avoid attacks, but if the situation calls for it, he can even create a sphere around himself.

Scroll of Storage: Stores his puppets or collected bodies into scrolls. He has got every single scroll in which there is a puppet with himself, and usesthe scrolls either to summon a few strong puppets, or an army of weaker ones - or both.

Summoning technique: Battle Puppet: Takes out a scroll and places it on the ground opened to summon one or two puppets. As soon as they are out of their scroll, he uses his Puppet Strings technique to take control of them, and then he uses them to battle his foes. The puppets can use any techniques that they could use when they were humans, and can be used as a medium for the Puppet Master's techniques as well. To support the Puppet Master, each puppet possesses a special device that is in their chest where a human's heart is, that converts solar, wind and thermal energy into power. As a side note, the puppet Master possesses a similar but more powerful device that absorbs energy from other sources as well, often weakening attacks before they reach the Puppet Master.

Summoning technique: Army of Puppets: Takes out a scroll that is slightly bigger than the normal Summoning scrolls, places it on the ground after opening it, and uses some of his energy to activate it. The scroll then liberates an army of battle puppets that have all got some weapons, including flamethrowers, chainguns, flails, swords, katanas, poisoned daggers, axes, and clawed gauntlets. While the scroll liberates these puppets, the Puppet Master sends out some Puppet Strings and takes control of the entire puppet army, which he then can use to eliminate his foes.

Sword of the Puppet Master: Summons his sword out of a summoning scroll. The Puppet Master is a great swordsman, and likes to use his Puppet Strings technique on the sword as well to fight his foes from a distance, or steal their weapons.

Ghost Player: Dissolves his body into molecules. They continue to float around closely, so the shape of the Puppet Player is still half-visible, but as long as the Puppet Master remains like thi, he can't be harmed by any means. After using some Summoning scrols, the Puppet Master often uses this technique to dissolve himself and his puppets to fly through the foe and reform behind him, or he can send out some Puppet Strings while having his entire body but the strings untouchable, to control his puppets while being invincible.

Summoning Technique: Wood Titan: Summons his strongest puppet, called the Wood Titan. This puppet looks a bit like a praying mantis standing on its hindlegs, but is as big as a small mountain. It is made out of near-indestructible stone and magic wood that will never burn or rot, and contains many weapons andmachines with which the Puppet Master then proceeds to destroy the target. Also, unlike the other puppets, the Puppet Master enters the puppet and controls it from within.

Hyper Blast: One of the attacks that Wood Titan possesses. Inside his mouth there is a pentagram looking like M's Star Seal, but it serves another purpose. The Puppet Master channels his energy into the pentagram, which then glows in a green colour, and then a giant green beam is shot out of it. It is strong enough to destroy a mountain range with minimal effort.

Tenth descendant: Shinu Ninetails


Shinu, the tenth descendant of Tsukugami, is a nine-tailed demonic fox, and one of The Nine Demons, the beings that waged great havoc on Core Planet before being defeated by Yami. Shinu is the leader of The Nine Demons, even though the group split up after the fight and every member is now doing other things on his own account. Shinu was a human in a land called Nippon before Earth got destroyed. Nippon was threatened by an army of lesser demons that invaded the land, and in order to hold them off, the human that is now Shinu used an old magical word to call forth a fox-like god into his body to destroy the demons. The drawback of the technique was that someone would have to extract the god from Shinu after the death of the demons, or else Shinu would turn into a fox and lose the control over it to the god. Confidently in the people in his village and hoping that they would help him later, he made a pact with the god and fought off all the demons. But the villagers were thankless and imprisoned Shinu, letting him turn into a fox and losing control with each second passing without even thinking of helping him. And, as the god refused to help Shinu, he could not escape. The last words that he spoke before completely turning into a fox were that he would come back to take revenge. The fox then escaped and fled into the mountains, trying to get back to the gods, but the latter rejected him and menaced to kill him if ever he would dare to come back. With both beings desperate and furious beyond thought, the fox began to slaughter everything that crossed his path, be it planet or animal, human or demon, strong or weak ones. Eventually, the gods could not tolerate Shinu's doing, and sent purifying lightning down from the skies to destroy Shinu. But, once the merged souls were in Hades on Core Planet, the human Shinu took over and escaped the grasp of Hades, being reborn in a demon that just died on Core Planet. He found M, and asked him to let him destroy the Nippon region in exchange for eternal loyalty, and M accepted, after whet he gave Shinu the title of tenth descendant of Tsukugami. Shinus body also changed after he got reborn into the demon, making him half fox, half demon. He has not lost any of the powers that the human mage and the fox-like god possessed back on Earth, and can even call the eight other demons which he recruited directly from Hades to help him in battles. His incredibly evil and bloodlusting mind make him the most spooky and frightening member of the descendants of Tsukugami, and his sheer aura that he constantly radiates is known to have withered entire plains with its mere presence. Therefore, Shinu is known as the exact contrary of the friendly Umi, the Yang of the descendants of Tsukugami.

Shinu's techniques are based on his demonic abilities and great power. Without going berserk in battles, he doesn't need to create complicated strategies and tactics, as long as he is not with the other eight demons. He destroys his opponents with his powers in few seconds if they aren't too strong, but he loves facing the thougher foes to play around with them a bit.

Demon Aura: Shinu constantly radiates an evil aura out of his body, as long as he don't conciously supresses it. This aura can wither plants with its mere presence and flinches foes when they get in touch with Shinu. As soon as Shinu concentrates on the radiation, the energy becomes strong enough to prevent the use of psychic-type techniques, while it makes the atmosphere become thick and heavy, so that most foes are barely able to move.

Human Form: Shinu can take the form of a human whose body he touches or eats. If he just touches the human, he will have to touch him or her again before being able to transform once again, but if he eats the body, it will be added to Shinu's collection, whose forms he can take at will, without a limit. Additionally, His favourite body is the one of a young female priest, which was the first one that he ever used to transorm, and he developed a technique to give the priest his face, or completely transform into her instead. But, although Shinu transforms, he still possesses the powers that he has in his normal form, minus the physical abilities like Bite. His Demon Blade also becomes much smaller, enabling him to use it in his human forms as well.

Slash: Slashes the enemy with his claws. They are sharp enough to cut through diamond like paper, and even if the attack misses, it creates slicing wind that damages the foe from a distance.

Bite: Crunches a foe with his powerful jaws.

Impale: While keeping the foe busy with ther attacks, Shinu buries one to all of his nine tails into the ground, and moves them until they are directly below the target. They then shoot out like spikes, impaling the foe. Even if one of the tails misses, it can still chase after the target, or another tail can bind him, exposing the foe to Shinu's attacks. Alternatively, Shinu can also send his tails directly at the foe, without surprising them by burying them in the ground.

Roar of Demon Wrath: If an enemy makes Shinu furious, the latter roars powerfully, creating a sound radiation that shakes entire planets and instantly paralyzes an enemy on the spot with fear.

Bombardment: Summons a small bomb into his mouth, then spits it at the enemy. Upon contact, the bomb creates a dome-shaped explosion of pure light, energy, and fire that can become strong enough to erase continents from a planet's surface. He can also spit multiple smaller bombs at a rapid rate instead.

Thunder Sword: Shinu wears a nine-bladed sword on his back. When he uses it, he raises it to the sky, holding it with his mouth, and makes a thunder come down from the sky to infuse it with electric energy. He then points it at the enemy and shoots powerful energy beams or slashes him. He uses the sword as a last resort, if an enemy manages to block or evade his other attacks while still inflicting damage to Shinu.

Call of the Nine Tails: Calls the other eight demons to help him. More information on each demon can be found at the Important Characters page.

Illness Mist: Waves his first tail, which contains a deadly demon called Pest Breath (it is one of the 1.000 souls that are within it, the other 999 are humans) that creates toxic gases. This way, Shinu creates a weakening and ill-making wind that can strike entire regions.

Flame Tail: Waves his second tail, which contains a fiery demon called Redhelm like the one that is in his first tail. This demon creates heat when Shinu waves his tail, making the environment become incredibly hot after a few seconds, while Shinu himself is unaffected by that.

Flooding: Waves his third tail, which contains a water dragon like the demons of his other tails. As soon as Shinu waves his tail, the dragon summons incredible amounts of water that is created by the humidity in the air, and from the dragon itself. With this, Shinu floods entire continents in a few minutes.

Ice of despair: Waves his fourth tail, which contains a cold-hearted demon from the Frozen Peaks  like there are other demons inside of Shinu's other tails. When waving the tail, the demon unleashes waves of cold, freezing the environment solid.

Chlorophyll Rain: Waves his fifth tail, which contains a rare nature demon that possesses similar abilities to the ones of Tsubaki from the Aduran Commando, but at a much lower level. By waving his tail, he liberates natural energy that manifests in a green aura with energy leaves in it, and fertilizing substances that make plants grow at very high speeds to his advantage. The natural energy produces leaves and petals out of pure energy that are then sent at the target and can turn a desert into a forest in a few seconds.

Gaia Power: Waves his sixth tail, which contains an Earth Dragon. Upon waving his tail, the dragon unleashes a lot of power that enters the ground and comes out as a small orange and brown beam that opens a fissure, then an entire crater out of which erupts the orange and brown energy along with many rocks and earth vertically towards the sky, obliterating entire cities in few seconds.

Reaper Cyclone: Waves his seventh tail, which contains a bird dragon demon. By waving his tail, Shinu creates a gentle breeze, which is infused with a tremenduous amount of dragon power. This breeze becomes stronger in few moments, creating a gigantic cyclone whose diameter alone is as large as a city. The cyclone is then sent at the target, washing mountains away like nothing and leaving a trail of destruction.

Light of Heaven: Waves his eighth tail, which contains an angel. Shinu uses this technique only if he has to, because he dislikes light. When he waves his tail, it leaves behind a trail of pure light, and the tail begins to glow in a golden light as well. Then, an explosion of golden light is sent out, razing everything around and illuminating entire continents for some seconds. As the light fades away, nothing but destruction is seen around, and those that either survive the attack or were close enough to see it without getting caught in the explosion will be blinded for ten days.

Black Hole: Waves his ninth tail, which has got his twin brother infused into it, who is called Shuni, like his other tails also possess some demon being. After having fought the demons with the help of the fox god, it was Shuni that ordered to imprison Shinu, and this incredible family treason led to the incredible lust of bloody revenge from Shinu. When he waves his tail, into which he imprisoned his brother, the latter feels rage and remorse for his deeds and Shinu's, leading to the creation of dark energy at a very high rate. Shinu uses this energy to create a black hole that destroys his foes.

Split Up: Each of Shinu's nine tails has got one thousand human souls infused into it, which are the people that Shinu murdered on Earth, and Shinu can call them to help in battles. Even if the demons are defeated, their bodies return to Shinu's tails, and he can call them again. As long as Shinu uses this technique, his tails dissapear, and a new one, looking like a normal fox's, spouts out of his back if he uses all the nine thousand humans.

Nine Tails: Uses his tails to attack, entangle or trick the enemy. He can sweep a great radius around himself or use them to protect himself from attacks, and create wind by waving them through the air.

Nine Staves Of Foxes: Shinu created a special artifact for himself after having come to Core Planet. It looks like a panpipe with nine staves, but in fact, it is a recipient that contains the souls of the ancient gods back at the time when Shinu had been a human. With his new body, Shinu trapped the nine most powerful gods into the the staves, and sealed them shut. By using this technique, Shinu takes out the staves, takes control of the nine imprisoned gods and then lberates them to use them in battle. While being rather weak in comparison to Shinu, they can overwhelm a foe with their numbers, and they have no body of their own, meaning that they are totally intangible while still being able to cast their spells and techniques.

Mega Tail: Slams one to nine of his tails on the target. He can easily turn a city into dust with a single tail, while all nine are able to to destroy a large part of a country.

Earthquake: Slams one to nine of his tails or his front paws on the ground to create an Earthquake that can shake entire continents. He can also extend his tails and slam them down at various locations, creating a storm of Earthquakes. This results extremely effective if Shinu creates an Earthquake to the right and one to the left of the target, creating a collision of Quakes around the target.

Apocalypse Thunder: Stomps the ground with his two front paws after standing briefly on his hindlegs, amassing storm clouds full of electric energy above him. He also lifts his sixth, seventh, and eights tails to charge the clouds with additional power, make them gather and compress a bit and enlighten the surrounding environment with an explosion of light. The clouds sparkle with so much electricity that it is seen sparkling on the outside of the clouds as bluish-white energy, before sending a thunder down that can turn a country into a crater. The cyclone from the seventh tail then compresses the clouds into a single sphere of hyper-compressed energy, and Shinu then releases it, making it fall down on a selected location. Upon impact, the cloud first liberates the electric energy that can't be hold inside, while the cloud descends into the ground intil it is halfway in. Then it detonates, liberating the orange and brown energy as well as the electricity, a lot of slicing wind and enough water to flood the Earth into the environment that gets absolutely destroyed, leaving no trace behind of the location where the Cloud Bomb fell at, along with the whole planet. This is one of the most powerful existing electric attacks.

Mega Quake of Armageddon: Jumps up into the sky with tremenduous power, creating a crater and a shockwave when jumping that can already destroy a city. Once he is at his highest point of the jump, he waves all of his nine tails, creating a mixture of toxic gases, fire, water, ice, natural energy, orange and brown power, wind, light and a black hole that absorbs everything and creates a super powerful black bomb that he compresses into a small sphere and swallows it. He then blasts the black bomb into the planet below him, creating an explosion that blasts him away from the planet into outer space, without harming him though, and destroys the planet below him.

Eleventh descendant: Leviathan


Leviathan is the eleventh descendant of Tsukugami, an amphibian being of tremenduous power, and one of the oldest beings that exist. He is even older than Tsuko the Moon Eye from the Aduran Commando, since he is known to have lived since the creation of New Core Planet. But in fact, Leviathan is much older even than that: the Leviathan whose body Atollos possesses to transform into his fifth- and sixth-level forms is Leviathan's mother. Leviathan was born on Earth, by the time when M still was split into two parts and training with Master Twang somewhere in outer space. He was lone out in the world since the second day of his life, and interacted for some time with the humans living on the coastal region near the place where he lived, before he realised that he wasn't someone who could ever become a part of their life, and seeing that he would probably stay alone for the rest of his life, he got to sleep for uncountable years, hoping that he would die someday, but instead he just stopped the internal clocks in his body, and retired his soul into the deepest parts of it. It was only during the Oblivion phase that M found Leviathan while making Umi remove all the water from the oceans sleeping on the ocean's floor, and he took him to Core Planet, where Leviathan rested in the waters until he eventually woke up. M told him about what had happened, and offered him to stay on Core Planet. Seeing that Core Planet was a perfect place for him, Leviathan thanked M many times and offered him to do anything for him. M had already seen that Leviathan was a unique being, and gave him the rank of eleventh descendant of Tsukugami to serve under him. Actually, Leviathan has the potential to be the leader of the descendants of Tsukugami, but he can't do it because, first of all, as he slept for so many time, his wisdom and mind is not on the same level as is Eclipse's and the one of the other descendants. Then, as he was alone until he came to Core Planet, his fighting skill is limited to a tiny part of a "normal" Leviathan, and mainly focused on instincts more than on technique. But even like this, Leviathan's raw power that is far superior to Orcamon's combined with his near-impenetrable defense that is even superior to Eclipse when Leviathan is in water and some of his abilities makes him a foe to face like no other.

Leviathan's techniques are based on the power of a Leviathan being, and on instincts. Therefore, Leviathan fights in a way that is hard to come by, as it can't be taught to someone, and is very strong. The only problem that he has is his speed outside of the water, as most foes can evade his attacks. But even like this, few can even scratch Leviathan's scales or overpower him in a battle of physical strength.

Leviathan Scales: Leviathan's scales are almost impossible to be cut through. They stick together with sediments and dead organisms that settled all over Leviathan's body, and if Leviathan is in water, the scales react to it by becoming incredibly hard. Even Seiklus's sword could not damage Leviathan in the water, meaning that his defense in the water is even superior to Eclipse's.

Giant Instincts: Leviathan has got senses that allow him so sense things that others can't, especially in water. If Leviathan closes his eyes, he creates an image of the world around him just by feeling the influence f the wind on his body.

Mind Fortress: Leviathan's mind is much harder to read or even possess than most other being's, including Core Planet. If Leviathan concentrates on it, he can create an impenetrable wall around his mind that makes it impossible for any enemy to enter his mind aside of the Traveler and M. Aside from that, Leviathan can also shape his thoughts into a much better and more detailed form to transmit them to someone else.

Titan's Roar: Roars powerfully, sending many sound waves at every direction. If it is performed directly above or under water, the waves additionally create high tidal waves that wash away everything.

Infinity Protection: Creates a dark blue shield around himself that protects him from incoming attacks. A foe that gets in touch with the shield also gets blasted away by a circular wave that comes from the shield. Leviathan uses this against attacks that otherwise could harm him, like energy attacks underwater.

Titan Fangs: Bites a foe with his fangs. His mouth is big enough to swallow an army of ships by accident, and his teeth are sharp and pointy enough to cut through a paper falling on them.

Pressure Slap: Slams his front fin down at the target with titanic power, crushing rocks like nothing beneath it.

Crossed Slam of the Ocean: Crosses his front fins in front of himself, before lunging at the enemy at full speed and hitting him with the side of the fins at the center of the cross. Immediately after that, he chops the foe with his fins.

Energy Pulse: Sends out a strong energy pulse that blasts everything away that is standing near him.

Levia Rocket: Rolls his body up a bit while crossing his arms in front of himself, before spreading his arms out and uncovering his body that begins to glow. Then, every scale on his body releases a small energy sphere that also leaves a trail behind, and the spheres gather around Leviathan, who can then send them flying at his foes.

Oceanic Beam: Amasses a special energy into his mouth, before sending a sea-blue and ice-white glowing beam at the foe. The type of energy used for this attack is unique to Leviathan, and has got a hundred times the destructive power of the energy it takes to be used. If used underwater, it creates powerful waves that crash into the foe with additional power.

Aero Blast: Shapes a sphere of circling wind with some white particles inside in his mouth, before sending a sphere of super-compressed air at the foe. The power of the sphere and its speed  creates a trail behind it that is a vacuum, which then gets filled with the surrounding gas or liquid again, creating a loud noise. When the sphere crashes into the target, the materials that are pulled into the tunnel behind it crash into it as well, causing additional damage.

Leviathanic Titan Blast of Oceans: Rolls up his entire body, forming a ball, and releases many Aero Blasts and Oceanic Beams from every single scale on his body, while surrounding himself with an Infinity Protection Shield. He can keep on releasing beams as much as he wants, being able to create a sky-covering number of them. The beams then start spinning around, creating a horizontal tunnel that is directed towards the target, while the beams enter the centerpiece of the tunnel one after another, until the tunnel's middle part is filled with a white, blue and green glowing staff-shaped energy. The tunnel then gets sucked into the staff-shaped energy as well, that starts spinning around at the same speed as the tunnel-shaping energy spheres did before, creating a horizontal tornado. Finally, the staff discharges itself into a whirling white, blue and green beam whose sheer radiation can blow up continents and raise giant tidal wave, while it creates a tornado around itself that sucks everything into the beam. Upon crashing into the target, the beam will pass through while heavily damaging it, but Leviathan can redirect it at it as many times as he wants, or until the beam's power is used up, although that would be sufficient to drill through and blow up a hundred planets made out of pure diamond. This attack is one of the best attacks in existence, as Leviathan is almost invulnerable while he is using it because of his shield and the fact that he is rolled up, and because it has got unbelievable devastating power, without making it go to waste as Leviathan can control its flight.

Twelfth descendant: Maraha, Time Traveller


(Maraha, and a picture that he brought from the past to prove that he had been there)

Maraha, the twelfth descendant of Tsukugami, is one of the most special beings that ever existed. First of all, he  appeared on Core Planet out of nowhere, said that he came from the future, and said to M that he would later become the twelfth descendant of Tsukugami, although M hadn't even got any plans of creating a group by then. Therefore, some say that Maraha was the one that gave M the idea of creating the descendants of Tsukugami in the first place. Later, when M had already recruited the other eleven descendants and was just waiting for Maraha to take the last spot, the God of Time, Chronos, died, leaving behind his son, which then just was a baby. M took care of the child, and saw that Maraha had the ability to travel through time and space. This also proved that Maraha had truly come from the future. When the child grew up, it was given the rank of twelfth descendant of Tsukugami, and became what it is today under M's command. Maraha's two abilities allowed him to accomplish feats that just a few others could possibly do, as he could simply travel back in time to escape a foe that resulted too strong, and then kill him while he still is young. He can't use these powers deliberately though, as the changing of such events would bring incalculably great changes to the flow of time. Aside from that, Maraha swore never to use these powers against the beings of Core Planet, and he doesn't need to do so anyway.With these and some other abilities that Maraha possesses, no one ever doubts that Maraha is truly one of the most powerful beings that ever existed.

Maraha possesses a very special sword, called the Vanguard Sword. He can summon it from an alternate dimension, in which there is nothing but destruction. This is due to the very special story that is told about the vanguard Sword: It comes from a separate dimension in which it destroyed everything with its tremenduous power, almost completely by itself. The Vanguard Sword is said to be cursed, as its sheer touch cuts anything to pieces, everyone wanted the blade for himself - and did not hesitate to kill others to reach that goal. The vanguard Sword also possesses the ability to absorb different materials, and the soul of its defeated foes to become stronger, as if it had a will of its own. This way, the sword went through the hands of many brutal beings, which slaughtered their foes, only to get their throat cut in their sleep and their sword stolen, until one day a warrior planted the sword into the ground after winning a huge war with a single swing of the sword that beheaded all of his foes with its super high cutting power that created an energy fang. The sword cut its way to the planet's center,making the magma come out of the planet's core to the surface and destroying everything there, while the sword itself absorbed the magma into itself to become even stronger. A few days later, the planet's surface was inhabitable, but the sword still lusted for blood, and developped the magic that it needed to telekinetically wield itself. It flew to other planets, sometimes making itself fall into the hands of unsuspecting adventurers or warriors, or simply killing everyone and destroying the planet on its own. Maraha is somehow the only one that can resist the blade's influence, and take it under his control.  

Maraha's techniques are built around his Time Transmit technique, which he uses to find his foes and finish them off in the past before they can react to this, in case they result too strong. Otherwise, he can also defeat them with his movepool of powerful attacks.

Time Transmit: Instantly teleports himself to the time and the place where he wants to go. Maraha uses this after having found out enough information on his foe's past, to eliminate them while they don't pose a threat.

Memory Check: Reads through the enemy's memory to find out about his past.  This technique even works with amnesic foes, and can not be blocked or countered.

Pressure Power: Radiates a powerful energy from his body that fills the atmosphere, pushes weaker beings down to their knees or even faints them, and greatly decreases the power of any physical or elemental attacks that are thrown at him. Actually, Maraha constantly radiates a bit of this power, if he doesn't suppress it willingly, and it gets stronger if he wants it to, or if he feels any strong emotions, especially anger. This way, Maraha can easily dispose of some superstitious enemies that think that he is a god after "feeling" his wrath. 

Flow of Time: Manipulates the time flow for the target. He can slow down the time for them, make them become really old, or turn them into a baby. He can also send them into another time and space, like the Big Bang or the Oblivion phase.

Maraha Claws: Attacks the enemy with his claws. He uses a fighting style that he was taught by the futuristicc Cyborgs and otherworldly beings that used their claws as means of quick and efficient fighting.

Mega Maraha Claw: Gathers much energy into his claw, and does a powerful slash at the target, sending an energy blast at it. Upon impact, the blast explodes, creating a dome-shaped explosion of energy that can destroy entire cities. The attack can be used from a close range or as a ranged attack, and can also be used through the Vanguard Sword for a much more powerful fang-shaped version.

Summon of Time: Reaches through time and space to take some object from anywhere at any time. This can be a futuristic plasma sword, or a medieval torture machine. He can also use this with other living beings, for example to summon a prehistoric dragon.

Kinetic Blast: Maraha can emit strong pulses of kinetic energy from his hands or feet to blast everything away that is in front of him, or to shoot himself off the ground. He can even use this to fly.

Maraha Wave: Shoots a powerful energy blast out of his hand or both hands together at the target, which explodes on impact and can destroy a mountain with minimal effort. The blasts can take the form of long-range energy spheres, or beams if they are fired with both hands. The beams are five times as strong as the spheres, and can carve deep rivers into the ground even if they do not touch it, due to the incredible energy that they radiate.

Levitation: Emits a strong force that lifts smaller rocks to entire continents from the ground, depending on its intensity. Maraha can use this to levitate himself as well, but he usually uses it to create shields or obstacles of multiple rocks in front of himself. Once the rocks are in the air, he can shoot them at his foe by using his Kinetic Blast.

Vortex of Gravity: Shoots a shadowy sphere at the foe that intensifies his weight by a hundred if it touches him, apart of draining some of his energy. Maraha can also use this on objects other things to intensify their weight for everyone but himself. He could use it at a stone before throwing it at the target with enough power to tear a castle apart with a few hits.

Maraha's Vanguard Sword: Summons his weapon, the Vanguard Sword. The power of the blade is so strong that it could even rival with Yami's Moon Blade, and it constantly grows stronger by absorbing different materials that come into contact with it, as well as the energy and the soul of fallen foes. Maraha could simply put the tip of the blade into a pond of poisoned water, or poison gas, and the blade would instantly drain out the dangerous substances to gain its properties. This way, he creates a sword that becomes more perfect with each second, and it is already powerful enough to destroy a mountain with a single hit of its flat side, or cut through almost anything without any more kinetic energy than the one that is created by its weight.

Vanguard Slash: Slashes the enemy with his Vanguard Sword, sending a black and red energy fang at them. Both the sword's cutting edge and the fang automatically adapt themselves to the target and its actions, such as a fire foe casting a magical shield, in which case the blade and the fang will become icy cold and liquid while becoming temporarily intangible like a ghost to pass by the shield and slash the target regardless of their defense.

Vanguard Zero Beam: Raises his sword, then points it at the target. A bluish sphere of energy is then shaped at the blade's tip, before a giant blue beam is blasted at the target. The beam can adapt to the enemy like the Vanguard Sword's blade and energy fangs do, but it is much stronger than the fang that is rather meant to cut through the target rather than to disintegrate it completely, and it homes on the foe even after having hit for maximum damage. Maraha can also control the beam at will by pointing the blade at the desired target, where the beam will then fly at.

Time Sword, Vanguard destructor: Throws his Vanguard Sword into the air, before quickly casting Flow Of Time on the foe, slowing him down greatly. He then delivers a heavy uppercut at the foe, sending him flying upwards, and jumps up as well, catching the Vanguard Sword in his hands. Immediately after that, he vanishes instantly, before starting to deliver hundreds of slashes and stabs at the foe from all sides, while the latter can not defend himself as time is slowed down for him too much to react. Even a foe that would try to escape Maraha by teleporting after having Flow Of Time casted on him would not be fast enough while teleporting for Maraha in this situation. After having slashed the foe for some minutes, Maraha appears directly in front of his foe, with his blade ready for a mega-powerful final slash, which he delivers with such power that the foe is sent flying into the ground, creating a giant crater. Finally, Maraha dives down at his foe with his Vanguard Sword, stabbing him with all his power and finishing him off. Immediately after that, he vanishes into the future, to check if the foe has survived the attack and to escape him if he did somehow survive the attack, although there are few that could even survive the first slash of the combo.