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Ultimate Existence M


Before reading this page, I recommend that you first read about the story of M. These are the descriptions of his forms, from number 1 to 9, which includes his ultimate form.

M is the ultimate being in existence, as he is the oldest, strongest, wisest, and best of all in every other possible way. He was born when the universe still was very young, and has taken an important part in the long history that shaped the universe into what it is today. Through countless battles, close to never ending evolution and the mastery of innumerable challenges, he changed and brought himself to perfection until he became what he is today. After re-emerging from the realm of death, he was the ultimate existing being. He is everywhere, as he has become an omni-existent being, but the body which he usually controls when he shows himself is located at Core Planet, a planet inhabited by all those who are the most similar to him, even if they couldn't be possibly compared to him.

Most beings consider the mastery of infinite power as the ultimate power, however M's power level is even above infinity, as every atom of the blood which flows in his veins when he is at level 3 (at all the other levels above 3 he possesses that power as well) has been replaced by an atom from the waters of the Endless Ocean of Calm. In order to obtain this amount of power, M created a clone when he was in the Endless Ocean of Calm, and replaced the blood with the water before absorbing the clone into himself and gaining the energy that way. His power level could possibly be analysed if infinity was counted as the value 1 Mastermind has in a clone of his level 3 form 8 Kilos of blood that replace all the normal blood in his veins, which means that, his blood having 5 times the density of water, he has*10^21) atoms of blood. He has that many times infinite power, meaning that, as he can be at many places at the same time, he could send an attack of any power level, a fire beam for example, from that amount of places at the same time. However, he doesn't even need to do so, as a single big beam is already enough to destroy everything. He could send an attack to blow away an entire universe if he wanted to, and his power lose would be equal to zero. The same goes for any other attack, even at their strongest possible level, and that is already like that with a single atom of blood. M is in the level-8 form, which he can not change. However, he can create clones of himself which then have the same powers and abilities as he has in any of his other forms. Attention: The explanations written below are referring to M's previous forms that he has progressively acquired through time, as the clones can be influenced by M and for example given powers which M never had in the according form for himself.

M, Level 1: Psimon

The form in which M was created and stayed for almost an entire universe's existence time period. Psimon possessed great powers, and psychical supremacy with his energy. He wasn't able to upgrade his form until he had to become a cyborg in his second form, as his right arm and leg were badly injured.  

Psimon's powers are limited, and relatively weak in comparison to his greater forms. He still is very powerful though, with a move pool and abilities built around his psychic powers which are a result of his origins that lie in Avalon the nation of Spirit. He is relatively balanced in concerns of attack and defense, and even able to effectively fight darkness-based foes on which psychic energy would normally not have any effect. He is still very weak against them though.

M, Level 2: Metal-Psimon

The second stage of M's evolution, which he took when he had to change his right arm and leg for mechanical ones. This gave him a lot of new powers and possibilities, and as he went on training, he also developed his other powers even further.

Metal-Psimons powers are way higher than Psimon's, and although they are not much higher than Psimon's in terms of offensive power, his stamina is many times higher than Psimon's, allowing him to use his attacks many times without needing to recover. He also got many defensive abilities and physical offensive ones thanks to his mechanical parts, which also serve as a storage for his energy.

M, Level 3: Mastermind

When Metal-Psimon upgraded his right arm and leg to make them reach their ultimate level, he took that third stage of evolution. Once again, his powers were incredibly increased, and with the harsh training that he followed, he reached a stage of power where few were able to resist him then. Mastermind used that form to fight single opponents that were no match for him.

Mastermind has a boost in terms of power, offensive and defensive abilities to Metal-Psimon. His offensive and defensive abilities and basically everything else also increases a lot, making that few foes remain a challenge to Mastermind. His powers are all-round, but excel in a one-on-one fight.

M, level 4: Mastermind Soulwing

By drawing power from the twenty-eighth bird monsters that Mastermind has beat when saving Earth from them, he gained the ability to transform into his level four form. In this form, up to fifty-six wings grow from Mastermind's back, allowing him to fly physically instead of hovering with psychic powers, while every pair of wings grants him special abilities from the bird monsters. Mastermind took this form to defeat opponents with devastating area-covering techniques, so he mainly used it against armies.

The temporary evolution to Mastermind Soulwing gives Mastermind another great boost in terms of stamina, attack, defense, speed and agility. His wings allow him to fly physically, although he does not need them in the normal case. However, he thought about them as handy in case that he somehow has his psychic powers blocked. They also served as a tool for the use of devastating wind-based attacks. The abilities that he gained were area-covering, making Mastermind Soulwing an ideal option for fighting lots of small and relatively weak opponents at once.

M, Secondary evolution level 4.1: Master-Sealer level 1

A secondary evolution that Mastermind did not use often. It allowed him to concentrate more on sealing arts by focusing the main techniques on defense. But, as there were few able to resist Mastermind's Star Seal, he did never need that form.

Master-Sealer was thought to be used for very short amounts of time, to quickly and effectively seal a foe away. he doesn't differ from Mastermind in appearance, with the exception that he has a faint glow of green light around himself. His powers were completely focused on weakening, binding, and of course sealing, while offensive abilities were sacrificed in exchange for higher sealing power.

M, level 5: Red Condor

The fifth-level evolution, where Mastermind combined his body with the Red Condor's to reach an incredibly high level of power. M used that evolution as a last resort against foes that were too strong for him in a battle against Mastermind or Mastermind Soulwing. The Red Condor possesses physical strength and defense that is only second to Magna-Mastermind's, and is much faster even than Mastermind. No one apart of Master Twang ever survived encountering that evolution form of Mastermind. 

The Red Condor has got a totally insane amount of stamina and demonic energy: it is millions of times higher even than Mastermind Soulwing's. This means that if he would start a fight at full power, he would seemingly never tire, although a battle against him is mostly short due to his incredible physical power, almost unmatched speed and agility, and abilities, which are a combination of Mastermind's and the Red Condor's. The only downside of this transformation is, apart of the much higher power drain that holds the transformation, the complete loss of psychic powers in exchange for the demonic abilities that the Red Condor possesses. Like Magna-Mastermind, the Red Condor is suited best for fighting single, very powerful foes.

M, Secondary evolution level 5.1: Aduran, Fourth Sun

One of Mastermind's secondary evolutions that he developed when he already had gained access to his sixth-level form. By using it, Mastermind seemingly transforms into a fireball of titanic size, in other words a sun. But in fact, only his outside looks like a sun, as the body that is protected beneath the flames looks like a red and orange planet with six eyes, one at what is he north pole on a planet, one on what would be a south pole, and one on the center of each of the four quarters of the circle that would be an equator on planets like Earth. Under the layer of fire, Aduran can attack foes through it by blasting attacks out of any part of his body. It was an attempt of gaining omnipresence, but Mastermind did not succeed. However, it was a first step.

One of Mastermind's useless transformations, it was more an experiment than a form that would serve some goal. It boasted great physical and elemental defense due to the all-consuming fire and the hard skin as well as the big size that made otherwise dangerous wounds look like scratches. The downside is that, apart of letting himself crash into a foe, Mastermind loses all physical attacking possibilities, being forced to rely on psychic and elemental powers alone. The gain in size was compensated as well by the loss in agility, which made Aduran a too vulnerable form. Mastermind never forgot about it though, and M even named the ever-burning sun of Core Planet Aduran in memory to this form.

M, Secondary evolution level 5.1: Magna-Mastermind, Spirit of War

One of Mastermind's most powerful evolutions, it was his favorite form for fighting big and strong foes. With it, Mastermind gains a spiked armor crafted out of Titan Metal, and a heavy club that he could wield single-handedly with no problem. That club actually is a transformed version of the Hydra Sword, and has the same abilities. Magna-Mastermind's techniques are focused on causing massive damage with high area coverage, like explosions and big projectile attacks. Even as M, this remains one of his favorite forms to transform his bodies into when fighting.

Without any doubt this was Mastermind's, and is M's favorite form. The speed, agility, offensive and defensive abilities, all fit into a small and handy body, were the ideal form for taking on any foe, preferably big ones, although Magna-Mastermind's powerful physical attacks and area-covering elemental abilities combined with high-precision psychic powers turned him into a perfect all-round fighter which would defeat any foe without much problems. Magna-Mastermind is known never to have been even touched by a foe.

M, Secondary evolution level 5.1: Dark Mind

A secondary evolution of Mastermind that he used very rarely. He surrounded himself with a black aura, and his body turned much darker as well, because in that form he gained dark powers in exchange for his psychic powers. But as Mastermind had always been a being of psychic powers, he preferred his other forms to that one. Although he liked that Dark Mind also had a slight effect on his mind, bringing forth the evil in him and allowing him to fight without caring about others. 

Dark Mind was, like Aduran, an experiment with unsatisfying results, although Dark Mind was used a few times as opposed to Aduran. The power of darkness to bring forth the evil side in a being was a fascinating thing to Mastermind, which was purely evil and therefore only saw an increase of his already present state of evil mind. The risk of hurting someone which he would intend to spare became to big though after a while, and Mastermind dropped that form. The few times it was used were remembered by others as nightmarish, almost surreal times, in which Dark Mind had destroyed and ravaged big areas with ruthless, uncontrollable evil.

M, Secondary evolution level 5.2: Master-Sealer level 2

Like Master-Sealer level 1, this is a form that Mastermind used very rarely. In fact, he only used it once to see its power, but he never applied it in battles. As M, this form became completely useless.

Master-Sealer level 2 was basically a much more powerful version of Master-Sealer level 1, looking just like it and having the exact same powers, but with much higher sealing ability. Interestingly enough, this form was the only one at a relatively low level in which Mastermind had been able to use Golden Star Seal, one of the strongest mass sealing abilities in existence. Aside of Master-Sealer level 2, only Unua and the higher forms were able to use this ability. However, the Golden Star Seal was way too overpowered to be used constantly, as the simple Star Seal and the Silver Sealer were generally sufficient already to seal away most beings with ease. the Golden star Seal resulted to be useless later as well, as M's sealing techniques were widely overpowering it already.

M, level 6: Gali, Sphere of the Soul Music

Mastermind gained this form when fighting the Dark Creature, which until that point had been the most powerful existence in the physical world - at that point Atollos had been residing in Hades, which doesn't count as a part of it, and by that time he had been a tad stronger than it. After having defeated Master Twang, which had been the Instructor of Mastermind until that point, the Dark Creature wanted to absorb Mastermind as well, but in the heat of the battle Mastermind used his fear, anger, and sadness to transform into this form, which was then added to his repertoire. With an incomprehensible and unearthly kind of playing music and even modulating attacks into it, Gali became Mastermind's most powerful visible form, even though he was more an illusion than a being of flesh and blood. With it, Mastermind had achieved the first step to his first omnipresent form, Unua.

Gali's ability to use music to attack was one of Mastermind's favorite forms, to the point that he kept it even as M. Able to damage the foe with it, drag him into a powerful illusion, defend and affect everyone who hears it, Gali was able to defeat almost every foe, as it did with the Dark Creature with incredible ease. Gali can even create a special dimension distortion room on the battlefield that further increases the power of music and also has many other effects. M kept this technique as Music Dimension.

M, level 7: Unua, the Final Aura of Soul Essence

Unua is Mastermind's ultimate form, an area-covering presence that is comparable to the omnipresence of a god. Having no body to damage, Unua is completely immune to physically existing attacks, although special attacks aimed at the Soul can still hurt him. He is able to use any of his techniques in the area that he covers or can perceive (this depends on the technique), and with the constant restore of power through the sealed beings he is able to fight seemingly endlessly, never tiring. This made Unua become the ultimate existence in terms of power, even better than Atollos.

Unua's character was arrogant, self-centered and sure of victory, and so were his attacks. Without bothering much about life Unua completely devastates a foe after playing around with them for a while, not even having to bother about defense since his foe can't damage him in most cases. He also likes to send his clones and substitutes into battle to get the illusion of being physically present as he doesn't want to return to a lower level. His pride was in the end what allowed Atollos to cast Phoenix, his ultimate technique.

These are Mastermind's forms. However, there also is Atollos to be mentioned, who was the soul of Mastermind's second body (more about this is written in the story page)

Atollos, level 1: Psimon

Atollos was created from the DNA found in a bone of Mastermind-Psimon. therefore, his first form was called Psimon as well. In this form, Atollos has got the same powers, abilities and basic techniques at his disposition as Mastermind/Psimon has. As their ways split after that, Atollos has from there on gained different powers than Mastermind.

As opposed to the Psimon that became Mastermind, Atollos-Psimon was interested in the world and had a more peaceful and slightly childish nature, as he was created and grew up in completely different circumstances than Mastermind-Psimon. He was just as powerful as Mastermind-Psimon though.

Atollos, level 2: Atollos (V.1)

A human-like creature. Atollos took this form to show himself to the humans, and trained for many years under different humans on Earth. His powers increased greatly, although not at a comparable level to Mastermind's, as he couldn't use sealing techniques.

A completely inoffensive form of Atollos, as it was focused on being as human-like as possible. The excessive power that Atollos produced in this form were stored away for future occasions. By watching, hearing, interpreting and acting in accordance to that, Atollos learned to create the perfect illusion of a human, becoming as close to one as a non-human can be.

Atollos, level 3: Behemoth-Atollos

A great and really strong form that Atollos won when he fought for innumerable years in the shados of Hades' Hell. He got sent there by Satan himself, as he had helped God in a fight which was known to the humans as Armageddon against the evil. In Hades, Atollos didn't die, but had to struggle hard with himself to survive. there, he also got purified from evil, and fused with the good part of Mastermind's soul, which still was with him.

Behemoth represents Earth and all the land-living creatures, especially reptiles, and is a male creature of tremendous power. As Mastermind found a way to force the DNA of the Red Condor to fuse temporarily with him, Atollos managed to come to an accord with Behemoth's soul after he defeated him in a great fight: Behemoth's soul would live on within Atollos, and Atollos would fuse with Behemoth's body to become stronger.

Behemoth-Atollos is a being of incredible physical power and defense, unmatched even by the Red Condor's own strength. As his powers are built around the Earth, Behemoth is able to maniplulate it in every way to create entire continents, heat up the earth to make it become lava, create explosions of Earth energy or Earthquakes, and many others. Combined with the finesse and intelligence of Atollos, Behemoth-Atollos is a nearly unbeatable foe to face when it comes to a battle of power.

Atollos, level 4: Ziz-Atollos

When Atollos fought in Hades to survive, he encountered, shortly after Behemoth, the second legendary being, Ziz. Ziz was angry with Atollos for having killed its greatest enemy, the incarnation of Earth, and challenged him into a fight. Atollos defeated him an came to the same accord with Ziz as he had done with Behemoth.

Ziz represents the sky, the birds, and is neither female nor male. He has got great powers, and is at the same time the one standing between Leviathan and Behemoth to stop their constant fighting, and the rival of both. When Atollos combined his body with Ziz's, he gained more power, but had to leave the fusion with Behemoth in order to fuse with Ziz. However, he kept Behemoth inside him, and was able to take on any of the two forms: Behemoth or Ziz. This form is level 4 since Atollos drew power from both beings, even if he only had fused with one of them.

Ziz is, much like Behemoth, a rather mindless being with titanic power. Its powers are based on the wind and the air, allowing it to control the weather, create tornadoes and hurricanes out of thin air, and flying faster than the wind. It was a bit more strategic and calm-minded than the berserker Behemoth, however, strategically using its abilities to defeat a foe instead of charging head-on.

Atollos, level 5: Leviathan-Atollos

The last enemy that Atollos had to fight in Hades before escaping. Leviathan had gained great power in Hades, as his rivals were now gone and no one was there anymore to stop him. Atollos challenged him into a fight, as he knew that Leviathan knew how to leave Hades, although she never had done so. If he would win, he would get her body to fuse with her as well, and she would tell him how to leave Hades. If he lost, Leviathan would get Behemoth's, Ziz's and Atollos's body to gain more power, which was the only thing she wanted. When Atollos won the hard fight, he allowed Leviathan's soul to stay in his body to escape from Hades, as this was impossible if the soul was alone, without a body.

Leviathan is a female creature that represents the sea and the fishes. It is the rival of both Ziz and Behemoth, and wants to show to the latter that water shall triumph over Earth eventually. Atollos gained great powers by fusing with her, and also unlocked his level-6 form, in which he would use his powers to merge with the three creatures instead of one.

Leviathan was the most intelligent of the trio. Her speciality being the water, she was unmatched in it, swimming faster than any fish and overwhelming the foe with a combination of raw power and the use of her aquatic movepool, which included whirlpools, tidal waves, geysers, fish swarm attacks (Leviathan is the queen of the sea after all), and water blasts. Trying never to let her guard down even if the victory is certain, Atollos had a hard time beating her even with the combined power of Behemoth, Ziz and himself. However, after defeating her, Atollos became almost unbeatable.

Atollos, level 6: Atollos (V.2), The Ocean Sentinel

When Atollos left Hades, he entered the Endless Ocean of Calm for the first time. Behemoth's, Ziz's and Leviathan's souls had left him and he was completely drained of his power, as hades was a place of evil nd death, the opposite of himself. In the Ocean, he soon recovered, and developped his new form, a fusion of himself, Behemoth, Ziz and Leviathan together. Normally this would have been impossible to do, since the three souls rejected each other, but since Atollos was lone, he was able to do it. Remembering what the great Ocean of Calm had done to him, he named himself the Sentinel of the Ocean.

The Ocean Sentinel was Atollos's favorite form, due to the breathtaking combination of raw physical power and defense beyond belief as the reptiles such as dinosaurs and the other earthy beings harnessed it (Behemoth), the elegance, grace, speed, agility and bursting energy of the greatest birds (Ziz), the limitless and absolute domination of the seas and intelligence of the fishes (Leviathan), and the wisdom, wiseness, psychic power and soul and mind mastery of himself (Atollos) that made the Ocean Sentinel become an equally grace- and powerful being with no weakness and a seemingly unbeatable defense. It is said though that Atollos preferred this form to the others because of its beauty, because it reflects the harmony that he is seeking to create. It is also said that the Ocean Sentinel is the physical representation of Atollos's soul, as Atollos put all of his will into it when creating the combined form.

Atollos, level 7: Atollos (V.3), Mysterious Creature

Atollos on level 7. He had the same basic abilities and powers as Unua, but differed by a lot for the rest. Atollos preferred to use his level-6 form though. Like Unua, it is an area-covering presence without a body to damage.

Atollos only used this form once during his fight against Unua. Due to their equal genetic codes both Mastermind and Atollos had the same final forms even if they had taken completely separate ways as they evolved. Atollos's abilities were much more defensive, allowing him to withstand and even reflect Unua's attacks, although there was one big difference between them: Unua/Mastermind was constantly restoring his energy while Atollos had a set amont, which he used up. If Links had not liberated the uncountable sealed spirits under the control of Mastermind, the latter would have won with ease.

The merging of Atollos and Mastermind into the perfect, final organism in existence has created their final level, the level-8 form:

Level 8: M

The fusion of Atollos and Mastermind lead to the creation of M. He is an omnipresent being with the abilities of omniscience and omnipotence that apply to every place at every time, however it applies only to the dimension that M is currently in. However, M at level 8 is not the ultimate form of power, which many do not know. There are two M minds in existence, one for Mastermind and one for Atollos. They can split at any time to enter different dimensions or existence levels, but this has a dangerous side effect: as the Mastermind M (who calls himself M, while Atollos continued to call himself like this, keeping the name) has had his soul split in two, the good and the evil side, which then had both reached the highest possible level of good and evil, respectively. When Atollos (whose soul is 100% good) fused with Mastermind, the latter recuperated the good side of his soul, making him reach the highest possible levels in both good and evil in one body, a feat that is impossible to achieve in normal circumstances. This also led to a side effect that sometimes had dangerous consequences: M’s soul had to be balanced between good and evil, which means that for every good deed that M achieves he has to do something equally evil as well. And if he does too much good or evil, the evil or good side of his soul takes over, depending on what he has done, and do as much evil or good as is necessary to balance it again. This side effect can only be nullified by Atollos, if he fuses with M to compensate for M’s good deeds, which would then have to be outbalanced, with his good soul, absorbing the evil that is needed, or by giving some of his infinite goodness to outbalance an evil deed. The former case usually happens. This is also the reason that Ultimate M, the ninth level of evolution, is only good.

Both M and Ultimate M share the same abilties and techniques, although Ultimate M has one more ability: the Awaken: Ultimate Dragon M of the Endless Sea ability. More on that technique is written below, in the Ultimate M part.

M's abilities:


Omniscience: M knows everything about everyone at every time, as long as he is inside the dimension that he wants information of. If he leaves that dimension, the wisdom that he has will stay, but will not be updated until he re-enters that dimension. That problem doesn't exist in the case of Ultimate M.

Omnipotence: M has got all abilities in existence at his disposal, including signature and special abilities that would otherwise be unique. If he wants to use some ability that requires something special, like a pair of wings to flap, he simply grows some to the Substitute(s) that should use that attack. If he uses that attack through himself it takes effect as if he would have fulfilled the requirements.

Omnipresence: In the dimension that M is in, he is present everywhere, in, on, below, above, at the side of, in front of and behind everything. Ultimate M is present everywhere in every dimension as well.

Supreme Absolute Immortality: Even if M would have a body that could be touched by attacks, he can't be damaged by any means, as he simply lost the possibility to be damaged by killing his own death. This also applies to any substitute under the direct control of M (if he has taken control of them by direct means. This excludes forcing that substitute to move, psychically controlling them, and similar).

Immunity: M is not only completely invincible and immortal, but also fully immune to any kind of indirect effect. This includes physical and psychic control, hypnosis, illusions, poison, paralysis, heat and cold, and others. By thinking of it, M can also make himself, his substitutes or his attacks immune to any influence from outside, like a wall blocking the path: instead of being stopped or slowed down by it (= being influenced) the substitute/attack will simply fly/walk/run through it without being slowed down. it will not leave any hole inside that wall either, although that can also be changed if M wishes it. This means that both M and Ultimate M are fully immune to any outer influences, and completely unstoppable as well as completely invincible.

Godly Body: With his body being charged with energy to incomparable heights, M is incredibly dangerous: pointing the finger of one of his substitutes at something while he is directly controlling that substitute will, in combination with some anger related to that object, disintegrate it instantly. An evil gaze and other similar moves can have the same effect. Also, if M directly controls a substitute, touching that substitute's body in a battle will result in the transfer of incredible amounts of energy that destroy the foe from within, disintegrating that foe instantly as well. Finally, M constantly radiates energy that covers a wide area around his substitute, or the entire universe if he is not controlling one. That energy exerts an insanely heavy pressure on any foe that enters it, to the point that most will faint after few seconds to minutes. That means that even approaching M with hostile intentions is complete suicide.

M's Spirit/Soul: M's Soul is as big as the entire universe, showing that he exceeds in spiritual battles even without the power from the Endless Ocean of Calm. A foe with the ability to see spouls would only sense M's soul though, as he cannot see it since he will always be standing inside the covered area. Ultimate M's Soul is twice as large, but since it can't go any further than the limits of the existing universe it covers two dimensions instead.

M's Mind: As opposed to a normal living being, both M and Ultimate M can think of an unlimited amount of things at the same time, and even focus on them as much as is necessary. In this, M is more powerful than any computer could possibly be. That incomparably high ability to think also is an indice to the power of his psychic abilities.

Dimension/Time Traveler: Both M and Ultimate M can travel in time without a problem, and send someone to any time and place that they desire. M can also travel from one dimension to another, but Ultimate M can't since he is already present everywhere.

God Step: M and Ultimate M can move their substitutes to any place in the universe by simply making them take a step forward. They use this technique along with regular teleportation techniques when battling inside a body to create the illusion that the substitute is going forward, while in fact making him move to somewhere else, which can be behind their foe, or the other end of the universe. Also, the God Step can be used as a moving technique in which the user moves really fast instead of being teleported. This has ftal effects if one of M's substitutes uses this to move through a foe, which would get ripped apart completely.

Hydra Sword Tsumunagi: Summons the ultimate sword in existence, the Hydra Sword, also known as Tsumunagi. It is a legendary blade that can oly be wielded by M, Atollos and Ultimate M, and has to be sealed away into its own dimension due to the incredible amount of damage that it would cause to any other dimensions with its sheer presence. Crafted out of pure Titan Metal and other highly valuable materials by Mastermind, it contains the legendary one-hundred headed Hydra known Orochi by M to become stronger than any other existing blade. The sword and the Hydra have evolved along with its possessor, and when Mastermind became M the Hydra Sword became the strongest weapon that could ever possibly exist. Actually, the sword's edges are blunt and round on purpose, and they have small holes on the edge through which M can channel different energies that sharpen the blade better than any normal sword could ever become, aside of giving it elemental abilities. Nontheless, a hit of the Hydra Sword is usually not meant to cut but to crush, as the Hydra Sword is an incredibly heavy sword and therefore gains the properties of a heavy warhammer or mauler. But the ability that made the sword become so strong is the one to crush the soul of a foe when getting in touch with it, an ability that Mastermind didn't use as he usually wanted to seal the soul away instead, and that M doesn't need since he is strong enough already. However, if it is used a single touch of the Hydra Sword can heavily damage the soul, which is a shock of such power to the target that it may die because of it. Other abilities that the Hydra Sword has include an enhanced version of the ability of the Blade of Twilight of Midna from the Aduran Commando, which enables the Hydra Sword to slash up a foe from a distance as long as he is inside M's perceptive field, making the attack almost inescapable, and the liberation of Orochi for a brief amount of time.


Forms of Tsumunagi: This ability requires Tsumunagi, the Hydra Sword, to be summoned to battle first in order to be useable. M can then change it to any existing weapon such as a hammer, a trident, a bo staff, a pistol or a bazooka. No matter what weapon Tsumunagi turns into, it always will be distinguishable from other weapons as long as it's not changed by an illusion by its blue and white lines and its black and white surface into which the lines are carved, which look slightly similar to the ones on the Hydra Sword. Also, Tsumunagi's power stay the same no matter what form it takes, effectively making it the most powerful weapon in general in existence.


M's Nightmare Counter: Works much like the normal Nightmqre Counter, but is far faster and more effective. Trying to cast even a low-grade illusion on M or Ultimate M will result in getting caught in an inescapable illusion of torment and excruciating pain and suffering. M's Nightmare Counter can also even counter someone else's Nightmare Counter ability, while the other one will be unable to do so.

M's Counter: This ability is actually a part of Godly Body: touching M's directly controlled substitute with a physical attack will result in instant transfer of energy at an unbeliievable rate, disintegrating the one who touched him in an instant. Alternatively, M can instantly counter-attack any technique thrown at him, either from a range or in close combat no matter its speed and how fast it is executed.

M's Mikatsuki-tsurugi: M masters the mikatsuki-tsurugi swordfighting style to a level that can not even be called supremely perfect, and is completely unrivalled in it. He is able to kill a foe with a non-enhanced leaf and no effort at all, while a sword or even a simple wooden stick becomes a weapon that is more dangerous than the most powerful legendary blades on Core Planet. Needless to say, with the Hydra Sword in his hands, M becomes so dangerous in sword fighting alone that the sheer thought of it makes the strongest warrior drop his weapons and cry like a newborn baby.

Close Combat: M masters each and every single existing combat art to the utmost level, ranging from the simplest street brawler and mindless punch-kicking styles to capoeira, karate, taijutsu and judo to the most complicated styles in existence like the like the Core-Planetarian Never-rising Sun Ninja and Yin-Yang Samurai fighting styles. This even includes signature and otherwise unique styles like Death the Kid's Death Fighting Style. With these abilities, M excels in disarmed close combat to the point that he could effortlessly defeat each and every other combat master in existence if they assaulted him together with his left hand only, and of course alone. He can also add his psychic and other powers to this ability, making him virtually untouchable.

Substitute: M can create an infinite number of bodies for himself in any shape, although he generally prefers to use the ones that represent his former forms, mainly Mastermind. They can live on their own, but have no real will and are limited to keeping themselves alive in case that M would want to use them. This is also the main reason that M uses this ability: to physically be present in the world and take influence that way, without taking control of bodies that ae not his own. He can take control of his substitutes, which are pretty much his puppets, in two ways: indirectly, with psychic or hypnotic control, and simlilar techniques, or directly, by letting some of his own self enter the substitute and letting that self control the substitute like a living being controls its body. That would mean that a part of M's spirit would be pretty much inside that body, although it still covers the rest of the dimension/everything. That state can be best compared to any normal living being that cannot exit its own body, and therefore has its spirit and soul completely inside that body. Entering the substitute or any other body and directly controlling it also gives that body the properties that M possesses, like absolute invulnerability, limitless power, Godly Body, the Hydra Sword and mikatsuki-tsurugi, Close Combat, and others, as long as M wishes to have these abilities copied to that body. They will only remain while M directly controls or at least is willingly present in that body, if he exits it but still wants it to be protected that will have to happen manually (for example, by casting a shield around it)

Illusion: Basically the same as Substitute, but as opposed to that the created substitute is not a really existing being but instead it is an illusion double of M, which he can control like his substitutes. It has no real needs, and disperses when stooped to be fueled by energy. It also has none of M's abilities and can not use any harming attacks, only illusion ones. The illusion is perfect though, and can not be detected except by physical contact, as the object or limb will simply pass through. Most foes desperately try to avoid any contact with M and his substitutes though, so the doubles are almost impossible to be detected, except by willingly taking the risk of getting hit by Godly Body.

Punishment of God: Places the foe in a special illusion that is inescapable and can't be influenced by any means, which means that Nightmare Counters and similar abilities/techniques will not work against it. In that illusion, the target finds itself inside a small empty black room that looks a bit like a jail cell but has neither a door nor a window. The being trapped into the illusion will then suffer a life locked into that cell without ever eating, drinking or sleeping, as the illusion doesn't suggest such needs. Also, the being that is trapped will not be able to kill itself by smashing its head on walls or doing similar stuff. The only result of such an action will be pain, even if it is a lethal action. In other words, even getting its head smashed to pieces will only make the being suffer terrible pain, but neither die nor escape the illusion, which will last for the amount of time that M wants it to do. He normally chooses a century that will pass in the illusion, while only ten seconds pass in the real world.

Fly: Lets his clones fly freely in the air.

Ultimate Psychic: Due to the composition of his mind, M is able to exert multiple psychic attacks at once, and each technique can also be used to a limitless extent of duration and power since M is able to concentrate infinitely hard for an unlimited amount of time on as many things as possible. This makes M become absolutely unsurpassed in a psychic battle, especially since his psychic abilities were his speciality as both Mastermind and Atollos.

Absolute Elemental Mastery: Included in Omnipotence, this ability represents M's supreme absolute mastery of elements. He is able to create, manipuate and destroy each and every single element and energy with more ease than a normal grown-up human would be thinking. This includes any elemental or energy attacks thrown at him by a foe, meaning that he can block them and even send them back by just thinking of it. He could also suppress the flow of energy or elemental power inside a foe's body with the same ease, completely stripping them of these abilities for as long as he wants.

Melody Dimension: Although he does not really need this power-up technique, M kept it to remember his older form, Gali. By casting this technique a circular area of about 100 meters in radius around M becomes completely black, although a living being inside that area can still be seen a bit as if it was glowing from within. From there on every single movement, even a slight finger movement, will result in a wave-shaped explosion of colored light inside the black space along with a sound. Stepping on the ground will send waves traveling along it, expanding, while spreading one's arms will make that being temporarily disappear in an explosion of bright expanding light along with loud sounds. These waves can have different effects on the others inside the dimension, usually they send them flying, but it can also have the effect of a sword slash, poison or paralyze, or do nothing at all. Moving in accordance to a rythm and doing dance-like movements will strengthen the waves, make the light become brighter and the sounds louder. Finally, playing a melody inside that dimension will will bring the effects to a completely different level, making the black space explode in light from everywhere and making thunderbolts crash into the ground and fires enlighten the area for brief amounts of time. A foe that is thrown into such a place will be completely confused, and stay still after some time to avoid creating light, sound and waves while M will move, use his Magic Flute and his other abilities in a way that the sounds become a melody, using the powers of the Music Dimension to the fullest extent. A usual presentation is like this: M takes out the flute, begins to play a soft melody that enlightens the place and makes the sounds in the dimension repeat the melody that he is playing, progressively building up energy while keeping his eyes closed. After some time, the foe will be trying to evade the attacks or counter them without success in most cases, and M opens his eyes out of a sudden, liberating incredible amounts of power into the place and making it completely explode in light and music to utterly destroy his foe. Someone that would only watch without being affected by the waves would still be completely amazed by the presentation.

Seven Days of Resonance Links: M straightens his fingers and puts his hands together, concentrating. Some black and red energy sparkles then appear on his arms and hands, curling around his fingers. Then M gets engulfed in a black sphere for a few seconds, and when that disappears a large black Piano with a seat stands in front of him. M then sits down and puts his hands on the keyboard, while the black and red energy creates a link between M's fingers and the keyboard. Once the technique is then set up, M begins to play on the piano, playing a song that has more effect on its own than playing a melody on the flute in the Melody Dimension. M also defines a target, which can be an unlimited number of friends  and foes, and can influence them up to the point that he gets full control of them. Like this a link is created between M and the being(s). From that point on M can control the being's speed, depending on the tempo of the song, their strength by striking different low chords, their defence by using certain combinations of tones at once, and any special effects by striking different high chords. M can also use the piano song to use powerful physical abilities, much like he does when playing a melody on his flute, and even combine this with controlling other beings. The power of this ability is raised to incomparable levels when used inside the Melody Dimension. As a side note, the Piano can be used by any being other than M, and it will even have effects, but no being is able to play a song with a comparable performance to M's.

Doom Blast: M’s version of Ghost Blast. It does not require any physical movement, and will work as long as the target is inside the perceptive area of M. It does not manifest either, except by its effects. By simply thinking of it, Doom Blast is applied on the target, draining a certain percentage of their energy which M can predefine. This allows him to kill a foe with a single attack, or reduce the energy of a foe without even letting him notice.

Magic Flute: Takes out a flute-like instrument crafted out of blue metal, to play a melody on it. The effect that the flute has depends on the melody that is played, and how much energy M puts into it. However, all melodies are like a mermaid's songs due to their supernaturalism, washing away the thoughts of someone that hears it and paralyzing them if they don't have the willpower to withstand the influence, and that is if M doesn't put any energy into them. If M adds energy into the melody's tones however they gain additional properties, such as defensive, illusive, and offensive. For example, M can set up a shield around something, put the target into some powerful illusion, or send them flying with a wave attack. He can also modulate the tones into physical objects that look like music tone signs like they are written on sheets on Earth, or into elemental attacks such as thunderbolts, fire or natural energy, which remain under the control of the melody.

Omnibeam: Sends out a beam that has a few properties that M has too, which are being able to travel through dimensions and time as well as using God Step, being immune to outside influences (this effect wears off once the beam has touched its target), and being able to create illusion doubles of himself to confuse the foe. The beam can have any elemental property that M wants, and will always chase the target with God Step, dimension and time travel until it has hit.

Download:  If he is directly controlling a Substitute, by pointing his finger or palm at the target (which can be any object or being), M turns that being into binary code data before absorbing that code into himself. It works like Akuma's Digitalize Ability, except that the data is stored into M’s mind instead of Cyber Brain or others.

Unmodulated Power: Sends out energy without modulating it first. This action would be very risky for normal beings as they could lose control and possibly kill themselves, but M can still control the energy in a way that he can attack with the raw power of unmodulated energy without taking any risk. This attack has a bit less power than a modulated technique, but works much faster and is too sudden and unpredictable to be effectively countered. Even a foe that would register the attack quickly and not flinch by it would have no time to build up or raise his shield before being hit.

Rain Perception: Creates a heavy and thick rain that covers wide areas, and overlaps in every existing dimension. Every being that is inside or enters the rain is instantly perceived by M and has its identity, thoughts, power level, abilities and appearance analyzed. M usually appears casting this technique around himself to avoid being taken by surprise by some being outside the dimension that wants to sneak attack Core Planet. A similar technique is used by the Ninjas on Earth, known as Ukojizai no Jutsu.

M's Thunder Storm: Once Rain Perception is set up M can charge the clouds with electric energy and send it down in a rain of blue, yellow and white thunders that devastate entire planets in a matter of seconds. The rain also allows M's substitutes to sense where the targets are, and send perfect-precision attacks at them, while the water enters every single hole and drenches everyone in water, allowing the electricity to be channeled through it and further raising the power of the attack.

Cross of Judgement: M raises one or both of his hands, and then a large granite and wooden cross appears on his back for some seconds, before disappearing. Then it appears on the back of the selected target, tying it to it with the arms spread out and leaving it wide open to any attack. Generally the attack executed on them varies in power and danger depending on how much evil compared to good the target has done in its life.

Blasphemous Curse Cross: Points his palm at the target, which has suddenly its arms spread out to its left and right, while its feet get positioned straight beneath the torso, and are perfectly parallel to each other. A black cross then materializes behind the target, showing that its arms and legs are in fact tied to the cross's limbs, which has horrible curses written and many signs of cursing and blasphemous meanings painted on with crimson blood. The target is also binded to the cross's arms with special chains on which magic characters are engraved to make the chains almost indestructible. Binded to that cross the target is then left open completely for M's attacks. Unlike the Cross of Judgement, M does not use this much, in fact he only does when his mind is possessed by his evil side. The Blasphemous Curse Cross is also many times more powerful against sacred and kind beings, to the point that it can inflict excruciating pain and burn the target if it is holy, or on a similar level of good. 

M's Oblivion: M's much more powerful version of Oblivion. He charges some blue glowing energy into his fist, and then the atmosphere turns dark and everything has its colors inverted except for M. His fist then glows with the blue energy, before M delivers a powerful soul-shattering punch at the target. Touching the target results in instant death for it as its soul is completely shattered, and the remains get disintegrated by the blue energy. If he doesn't hit the target directly, the atmosphere remains dark and everything except M has its colors inverted, then the atmosphere further darkens until M and the target stand in complete darkness, however they both can see each other well, as if they were flying in a black space. Then M raises his palm, pointing it at the target, and six blue and white energy spheres appear around his fist. They spiral around it for a moment, closing in on each other,finally colliding in the middle, which is in front of M's fist. Just as the spheres touch each other, a thin blue and white beam is sent flying at the target at very high speed, transpercing it like a spear and flying through before vanishig in the darkness. M disappears then into the darkness, leaving the target alone, which has an illusion casted on it in which many red eyes appear looking at it while strange voices whisper things in the darkness. Any negative emotion such as fear and desperation that the target feels is increased by a tenfold by the illusion, to the point that the target may die out of fear. 

Planet Bomb: Points his hand at a planet, which explodes out of a sudden, leaving nothing behind but empty space. The debris that are sent flying by the explosion, as well as the explosion's wave itself can cause lots of damage to the surrounding space before eventually becoming harmless. Alternatively, M can set up a time limit that counts down before the planet explodes.

Nova: Points his palm at the targeted location, where an incredibly powerful explosion of light, fire and heat then happens. M can increase the power of the Nova to the point that it expands until having engulfed the dimension which it is in.

Black Hole: Points his palm at the targeted location, where a pitch-black Black Hole then appears ad starts to suck in everything, including energy, matter and even time. Only M is able to stop, reverse the process, or remove the black hole.

Zero: An explosion of red negative energy happens around M, draining the energy of everything that is inside the radius of the explosion. Without killing though, the energy leaves an enemy simply unable to move and use any abilities on the ground.

Negative Hollow: A black ball of energy is shaped inside M's hands, before he throw it at his target. Everything that either comes into the effect range of the ball or perceive it by any means will be struck by a horrible feeling of emptiness, before losing consciousness and possibly forgetting everything that they have known, leaving them weaker than a newborn. The ball itself can easily devastate planets.

Ragnarök: A gigantic sword made out of light appears above M's head, before flying out of the existing universe, beyond its limits. There it expands to such size that it is longer than the entire universe, before doing a single vertical slash across the entire existing universe. Then every living being falls to the ground lifeless before being disintegrated to dust hat gets blown away. M can spare any beings that he wants though.

Phoenix: An energy wave radiates from M's body, engulfing everything inside the dimension and resetting the "time count" since that dimension is existing to zero. Everything is then restarted from there on, although events can change and differ from the original dimension. It will only start its existence the way it had done the time before that. M is the only being that can never be affected by it.

Hell Gates: Some large red gates appear behind M, and are opened from within outwards by a demonic ugly being. The target is completely paralyzed then as the gaze of that being touches its body. The demon then approaches, takes the target and drags it into the gates, which close. behind those gates is the sixth hell, Hades, where the soul of the target ends up while its body gets burned by he flames that rage in Hades.

Shinra Tensei: M controls the gravity to create an incredibly dense and powerful field of gravity on a spot of his choice, attracting everything towards it no matter their size or resistance. In fact, a bigger object is even less likely to escape this technique than a small and light one. After a few seconds, the collected mass is repulsed from the point where the gravity field has been before, being blasted away with incredible force and destroying everything around. This technique can also be used just to attract or repulse matter. M generally casts the gravity field around one of his clones, or into the target's body for maximal effect.

Mugenka: Shapes a fireball of black and white fire and throws it at the target. It will never extinguish by any means except if M suppresses it willingly.

Ten-no-Mizu, Sky-Reaching Blade: Holds his Hydra Sword into he air, and it suddenly starts to become longer until it reaches the sky. With this sword, M can easily kill a foe at high distances.

Zero Sword of the White Orochi: Infuses negative energy his Hydra Sword and opens the sixth seal Phargar, liberating the body of the Hydra Orochi while still maintaining the control of it through the sword. The Hydra is forced to follow the sword's movements, allowing M to intensify the power of the attacks that he does by a lot and also gaining a huge advantage in terms of reach. If he adds his mikatsuki-tsurugi abilities to that, no foe is able to stand in his way.

Essence Manipulation: One of the most powerful abilities that he gained before becoming M. Essence manipulation enables him to create, manipulate and destroy everything that he can see by messing around with the essence of the concerned object. This enables him to turn an atom of air into a castle, to kill someone by transforming their organs to stone, to create weapons out of thin air to attack foes, and many others. There are close to no limits to this ability.


Level 9: Ultimate M


Ultimate M is the fusion of M and Atollos on their level 8 forms. They already share a body, but by also fusing their minds and turning it into a single, they create Ultimate M, which is the being that usually appears to the inhabitants of Core Planet. Few know that M and Atollos have level 8 and 9 forms, and assume that there is only the being that is referred to as M.

Ultimate M, which is referred to as M normally, is a purely good being, and possesses the powers of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, along with many others. He has the same abilities as M has, with a slight difference: as Ultimate M is the combination of M and Atollos, he has the double maximal energy capacity, and his mind and spirit are twice as strong. Also, Ultimate M is not limited to a single dimension, but is everywhere at the same time. And finally, he gains a new ability known as Awaken: Ultimate Dragon M of the Endless Sea, in which he transforms into a sky-reaching golden dragon that reminds slightly of the Ocean Sentinel. That Dragon, known as the Ultimate Dragon M of the Endless Sea (there are also many nicknames for it, such as Omnipotent Dragon M) contains the full power of the Endless Ocean of Calm, and has a soul of such size that everything including what is not even in existence is covered. His powers are barely controllable even for Ultimate M, as they allow him to eliminate all existence just by thinking of it, leaving absolute emptiness. This form can only be accessed by Ultimate M as it could become dangerous in the hands of M if he turned evil to outbalance things. Basically, there is only one thing that Ultimate Dragon M of the Endless Sea can not do: to destroy himself.