Core Planet - Existence is only a cycle

Yami, Metatron and The Traveler, Darkness, Light and the Neutrality

Yami, the Dark Commander




Most consider Yami as the darkest and most evil being that ever existed, most say that he is like this because of his looks. Yami takes just orders from M himself, and has close to no respect for other beings, especially humans.
Yami's full name is KageYami Tsukuyomi no kodotai, however only a few know this name, and normally everyone just refers to him as Yami. He is the third strongest being in existence after M and the Traveler, on par with Metatron, and the commander of both the Shadow Legions, the elite army of Core Planet, and the main army. He is a being like Dartz, pure dark energy with some ghost power and a soul, but at an incredibly high concentration rate, millions of times higher than Dartz’s has ever been. He has been given incredible powers and tools by M himself, which makes him completely invincible to anyone but M. This is due to the armor that Yami wears, called the Titan Crystal, which is crafted by M himself. When it was created, Yami was fused with it while the titan metal was liquid, making him become a part of the armor himself. On Core Planet, many consider the Titan Crystal as Yami's body, which would be hollow, with Yami being the soul of the armor, however this is not true: Yami is a part of the armor, and his dark body lives inside it, fused together. The armor is like a shell that protects the relatively vulnerable darkness body of Yami.
Yami wields a special sword, called the Moon Blade, which has got a number of special abilities which make it a deadly weapon. In fact, it is one of the strongest weapons in existence, to the point where its power rivals with the one of the Hydra Sword.Apart of being infused with Yami's dark energy, the sword has got a number of abilities that cripple anyone who is foolish enough to stand against Yami. He also has got a longbow with strong arrows of different kinds, and a special shield that contains a spell which attracts and absorbs any incoming energy or spell that could be able to pass by the armor and inflict damage to Yami, making him totally immune to magic. In other words, the only way to possibly  harm Yami is to use a physical weapon and either pierce through Titan Crystal, which is impossible, or to attack the weak points of Yami, which are the parts where there is no armor, like the neck and the elbows. But even a light physical attack that strikes Yami, like a light sword, cannot inflict long-lasting damage to him, as the dark body simply recomposes. Yami's dark powers allow him to drain the energy of everything that he hits with his attacks, enabling him to win a battle with no effort at all, if not to say negative effort, as he will just be stronger than before after the drain. With his unlimited power of darkness, his incredible mastery of swordfighting and his invincibility, Yami deserves the title of the second strongest being that ever existed.
Yami has got access to a wide range of attacks and tricks, including the "Mikatsuki-tsurugi-"swordfighting style. He mainly uses dark, ice and ghost attacks, but also a few other elemental and physical attacks. In compqrison to Metatron, Yami is very defensive and calm during q battle, focusing on crippling opponents progressively with his dark powers and slowly, but safely killing them. His fighting style is also less vicious and destructive than Metatron's, although most of the time the areas that he has battled on are corrupted wasteland that is worse than a desert after a battle.


Basic/Passive Abilities:
Titan Crystal: A passive ability which represents Yami's armor. It has been created out of pure titan metal and a special green crystal that can be forged out of pure magic of very high level combined with a special crystal that is very rare and only on the moon of Core Planet. The resulting crystal has got the ability to store energy up to near-infinite levels. M then combined it with the titan metal and enhanced, sealed and forged it into the Titan Crystal. The result was an armor that can not be penetrated by any means, as even attacks that would normally melt otherwise indestructible Titan Metal will be countered with the armor becoming as cold as the attack is hot to avoid heating and eventually melting even if that would take hundreds of years of constant upheating at highest grades. Aside from self-defending itself, the armor also is designed to protect Yami from special attacks, like electric bolts that would otherwise be conducted through the metal and damage Yami directly, or even special attaks that otherwise ignore physical defenses or even anything else than the target. In order to do so, the Titan Crystal can send out negative energy waves that instantly cancel out any dangerous attack. These counters are due to the enhancements put on Titan Crystal by M.

Physic Invulnerability: Yami's dark body can only be damaged by elemental attacks of tremendous power, or pure light. Any physical attacks just pass through the darkness like through fog, and even if the darkness disperses a bit, it will instantly come back. In combination with Titan Crystal, Yami becomes absolutely invulnerable.
Yami's Destiny Bond: Yami and the Titan Crystal share their destinies, meaning that as long as the armor is not fully destroyed, Yami can not be killed either, and as long as Yami lives, the armor can not be destroyed. The only way to kill Yami becomes to use an attack that kills or wounds him while damaging the Titan Crystal in the same way at the same time, a feat whose execution is impossible except to M himself, as he can lift the Destiny Bond because he was the one that created it.
Recover of Power: In case Yami uses up energy during a fight or even wants to use an attack that uses up too much energy in a single shot, although not even his ultimate attack would require such amounts of energy, he can draw energy from Titan Crystal. In fact, the armor contains a drop of Infinity, an atom of water from the Endless Ocean of Calm, so Yami can use even universe-shattering attacks without expensing his own energy.
Immunity: Yami can not be affected by status changes, like burns, poison, or sleep. His body and Titan Crystal cancel out any of these effects like his shield blocks magic attacks.
Mikatsuki-tsurugi: The Moonsickle-sword fighting style, taught to Yami by M himself. He is one of the few to master every technique of it to the most perfect level, and although he is clumsy because of Titan Crystal, few can hope to hold themselves against him in a swordfight.
Moon Blade: Yami's sword, the Moon Blade, has the ability to inflict heavy drain damage and different status effects to the foe. It can poison, burn, fully paralyze, put to sleep, zombify, confuse, stun, flinch, incapacitate, reduce defense or attack power, disable the brain or muscles, and countless others.
Spa Techniques

Yami has got a few techniques at his disposal which are not meant for direct combat means, but quite interesting. He has got the power to shape his dark energy into solid, liquid or gaseous masses, but as it takes him some minutes to do this, he doesn't use it in battles, or only before or after it, for example to shape a castle. However, Atollos has taught Yami some special techniques, which the shadow legions refer to as the Spa techniques, because Yami uses them to create hot springs and thermal baths with different effects, mostly healing ones. He mainly uses them to let his troops recover after a fight.
Hot Spring: Creates a hot spring which can warm up water and gives it healing abilities. A living being hat enters the water relaxes, while its energy reserves and its stomach get somehow refilled. At the same time, any smaller wounds that touch the water get healed, and the steam that gets inhaled by the being contains minerals and gases which calm it down while strengthening it up.

Mud bath: Same as the hot spring, but side from water, much soft soil comes out of the ground as well. This creates a mud bath in which there are many minerals and nutritients that can even heal mortal wounds. Also, the relaxing/energy refilling rate is much higher than the hot spring's.

Thermal bath cavern: Like the hot spring, but additionally, a cavern with a waterfall and some benches is created. Yami uses this to create a place to stay for longer than one day.

Hot spring steam: Creates some steam like the one that evaporates from a hot spring. The steam has got healing properties on a low level and also refills the energy of the ones that inhale it.

Signature attack

Ruinic Dragon Seal: Yami's signature attack, which only he, M, Atollos and a few dragons are able to use. Yami has sealed the soul of a very powerful godly dragon, called Tridesastrus, the three-headed god of the burning skies, into his body. When he uses this technique, he combines his abilities with the dragon's most powerful attack, Dragon Ruins,  to use this incredibly powerful attack. A circling Seal appears around him, and a glowing circle above his head at about 300 meters of altitude. Then the seal starts flying vertically up towards the glowing circle, and when they touch, a great explosion of pure white light happens. When it dissapears, a great golden dragon hovers behind Yami, and the Seal reappears on the ground around Yami and on the dragon's forehead. Then the dragon shapes a white energy sphere in his mouth, and the same happens on the six points where the Seal Star and the circle touch each other. Finally, the dragon sends the energy beam at the enemy (or enemies), and the six smaller beams also fly towards him/them, in irregular trajectories, usually flying up and down. Often the beams also fly through the ground, creating large craters, but they are not stopped. Then the beams strike the enemy, and after a few seconds, the main beam from the dragon's mouth crashes into them as well, creating an incredibly large dome-shaped explosion of pure light, which covers an unbelievably large area as long as it is not sealed, otherwise it looks like a white shining pillar. Normally, the main beam is aimed at the toughest enemy, while the smaller ones crash into the surrounding area. The technique takes quite a while to set up, but it can destroy about 95 % of the universe along with any enemy that is hit by the attack if it is not limited, what Yami usually does to avoid the destruction of the planet.
Other Techniques 
Black Hole: Creates a black hole out of great amounts of pure dark energy and ice compressed into a small sphere at maximum one meter away from himself, which then starts to attract every form of energy in reach, including its source. Yami is the only one immune to it, but the influence can be countered with great amounts of energy. What- or whoever touches the black hole starts to lose energy at an incredible rate while getting frozen up, unable to flee.
Chill Vortex: Creates a tornado out of darkness and icy water. In order to keep it in its good form, Yami also creates a column of gravitative energy inside the middle of the vortex, which holds it together. If enemies get too close, the vortex will suck them in, drowning, freezing and hitting them with ice along with draining their energy at a rapid rate.
DarCloning: The same as darkness morphing, but applied to something else than Yami. In most cases, Yami uses it to encase his non-darkness-element foes in a layer of dark energy, which forces them to make what Yami wishes, while draining their energy at the same time if they're not dead already. He can also use this technique to heal any wounds on his allies' bodies, and even give them new limbs if they lose any in battle. This results very effective for the Shadow Legions as they are made out of darkness as well, while flesh beings are a bit scared when they get a left darkness arm instead of a normal one. 
Dark Aura: When Yami touches an enemy, he can send some dark energy into their body, which then engulfs them like an aura and rapidly drains their energy. The dark energy is also manipulated in a way that it converts absorbed energy into new dark energy, to increase the draining rate very rapidly.
Dark Aura Sphere: Concentrates a great amount of aura energy into his hands, which he shapes into claws and puts them into a position as if he was holding a sphere at his side. Between the hands, a dark Aura Sphere is then formed, which Yami tosses at the enemy. While the sphere itself has got great destructing power, the dark thoughts of Yami are in there as well, and even being close to the sphere shocks an enemy when they get in touch with these feelings. 

Dark Counter: If Yami somehow gets struck by an enemy's attack (this can also be on the Titan Crystal and not only his body), he immediately uses Obscurity Kick if it is a close-combat attack, or he shoots a Shadow Sphere from his hand at the enemy if he is at a distance, who then can't dodge the attack since he is busy with his own attack. The counter attack has got about 500 times the power of the recieved attack.

Dark Fire Spin: Creates a vortex out of black fire, which is in fact dark energy that has absorbed fire energy, gaining its properties. Whoever touches the fire gets consumed by the black flames, while their energy gets drained.

Dark Strings: Releases multiple threads from his elbows, which then pierce through the enemy and imobilize him. Yami can also make the enemy move in the way he wishes, but he doesn't master this as well as the Puppet Master's Puppet Strings technique. On the other hand, is dark threads can also drain an enemy's energy and pass it on to him like through a cable at a rapid rate.

Darkness Morphing: A technique similar to the Obscure DNA Clone technique, with the difference that Yami applies it on himself. This offers him multiple possibilities, such as increasing his size, or shapeshift into a tree to hide himself, although usually, Yami uses it for combat means. It is with this technique that Yami uses Shadow Tail.

Dark Quake: Stomps the ground, sending a special dark energy into it. This covers a large area and then mixes up with the materials that lie in the ground. Then, Yami can manipulate the energy-infused land at will until the energy is used up, mainly creating large earthquakes and fissures.

Dark Ring Beam: Creates a ring of black fire, out of which he shoots a ring-shaped beam at the enemy. Even if the latter were to avoid it, he would end up trapped in the middle of the ring, leaving him open for other attacks.

Fly: Yami uses his dark energy to hover or fly at great speeds.

Death Fog: If Yami gets touched by a sword on any part of his darkness body (like the unportected parts where there isn't any armor), a thick fog comes out of the body where the darkness disperses beforeit recomposes. This fog forms into a hand which can catch the enemy's weapon or body part, which has been used to land the blow, immobilizing the enemy. After that, the fog travels along the weapon or body part to the enemy's neck, and chokes them. Yami can freely move at the same time, as the fog can stretch while remaining connected to his body.

Earth corruption: Infuses dark energy out of his body into the ground or into earth-based attacks, turning it into corrupted soil, which then falls under his control. This results very effective as a counter to enemy attacks based on earth, or even on enemies consisting out of earth, like golems, as well as an enhancement to his own earth-based moves. If it is applied on the environment, it turns into complete wasteland, with dark energy leaking out of fissures and dead trees all around, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of Yami's dark and earth attacks as well as the Shadow Legions's performance in battle.

Ghost Devourer: Sends out a ghost-formed energy, which cannot interfere the living world and cannot be damaged by anything, but devours dead foes (or allies), leaving no trace of death. When there are no more dead bodies around, the energy returns to Yami and gives him the energy, body and abilities of the consumed bodies. This technique is performed passively, meaning that everytime someone or something dies, it will come out. Hades Phantoms: Draws souls from Hades, where the dead go when they are killed. This technique has been taught to Yami by M himself, and actually allows Yami to resurrect any friend (or foe, if he wishes to do so for any reason) if neither their body nor their soul is too damaged. If the body would happen to be disintegrated beyond the possibility of holding a living being inside, instead a phantom (or ghost, spectre etc.) will appear under Yami's command, and if the soul is too damaged or completely destroyed, the body will arise as two undead creatures, a skeleton and a flesh zombie, which then are under Yami's command. They are infused with dark energy, which keeps them together and gives them great power, and can even be used in combination with DarCloning.

Hydro Corruption: A technique that is basically the same as Earth Corruption, but applied to water. Yami likes to use this to create strong water attacks by just drawing moisture from the surrounding soil, but it can also be used (after the water is uncorrupted again) to create a fountain from which the army or other people that are with Yami can drink.

Iceberg ring: Summons a ring of icebergs around a location, whose size and temperature depends on the environment. In combination with Infinity Freeze at maximum level, the icebergs reach kilometers into the sky and are so cold that everything within 2 kilometers gets frozen up.

Ice Spears: Summons many icicles of varying size depending on the environment above his head, which he then sends flying at one or many enemies.

Infection: When the enemy dies by a dark Aura attack, the dark energy leaves the enemy, splits up into many dark energy pieces of the same size and power that the energy that Yami has infused into the enemy, and starts flying towards other enemies to enter the bodies and drain their energy like a Dark Aura attack. When there are no living enemies around, the Ghost Devourer will absorb the dark energy to give it to Yami.

Infinity Freeze: Absorbs the thermal energy in the environment, making the battlefield become incredibly cold after some time. Combined with Night Haze, it becomes much stronger.

Light Ray/ Heat Wave: Usable after the activation of Night Dome. As mentioned, the Night Dome absorbs any light and heat that is inside the area and that would otherwise come in from the outside. Yami can see how much energy is stored into the dark matter, and he can release powerful waves of light and heat out of it, which are formed out of the energy that the Night Dome absorbs. However, he just uses that when only enemies are within the dome, as the effect of powering up in darkness would otherwise be cancelled out for as long as he would send energy.

Meteor Storm: Creates a strong magnetic force field, which he can put everywhere he wishes, ignoring physical obstacles. The field attracts every metallic object within its wide reach, and even pulls metallic meteors and satellites towards it, giving the technique its name.

Million Shadow/Ghost Blades: Summons one million swords, scimitars, fencing foils and daggers that hover in the air behind him. Then, Yami can control them to fly at the enemy to overwhelm him or her with sheer numbers and a small trick: the swords can dissolve, turn invisible or become  temporarily intangible at Yami's will, making it unpredictable for an enemy to know which blades are to block, which are to be dodged, or if there are any hidden blades around in the first place. Even if he manages to dodge or block enough weapons not to get lethally wounded, Yami can simply send them back again at him, andrepeat the procedure until the foe is either too exhausted to continue, or gets killed by one of the weapons.

Moon laser: Fires a beam out of his hand, which has got the gray colour of the moon. The objects touched by the beam are heavily damaged, but it dependson how full the moon is when the beam is fired. It starts as a small beam, but when the moon is full, the attack can destroy entire countries.

Moon Storm: An attack that only works when there is a full moon in the sky, or the technique Silvermoon (which only M can use) is used. Yami raises his sword, pointing it at the moon, then starts attacking the enemy (or enemies)  at undodgeable speed, applying various techniques of the mikatsuki-tsurugi-swordfighting style and easily taking out an army. If Yami is in good condition, this technique is as strong as M's "Demonic Slash, Final cut of the Hydra" technique, although its effect takes on slower.

Night Cloud of Living Darkness: Creates a cloud out of highly compressed dark energy, which then acts as a living being and starts attacking everything around. It can shift its form at will, making limbs, claws, fangs and pretty much anything else that is possible and impossible spout from totally random spots of its body, often creating chimaeric beings for some seconds. Yami can also control the cloud and make it fly at the location where he points his sword at, or he can simply set it free for some time, turning it into a bloodlusting monster that randomly attacks everything around.

Night Dome: Raises both his hands above his head, and creates a lot of dark matter into the air that then takes the shape of a big dome that covers wide areas. He can even engulf a planet into it. The dark matter out of which consists the dome then starts to absorb the light and heat that comes into contact with it, turning the area that is in the dome into a pitch-black frozen desert. However, Yami and the Shdow legions are able to see in the darkness, and their combat performance increases drastically while they are in the dome, to the point that one soldier of the Shadow Legions becomes as strong as Yami is in his normal state, without taking Yami's infinite energy into account though. Naturally, Yami himself becomes unbelievably strong in that area, and so do his attacks. His combat performance is increased to the point where he could fight on an even level with M as long as they don't use techniques that need more energy than Infinity, as those would use up Yami's infinite power from Titan Crystal, making him vulnerable to M's attacks, or M's techniques would be able to overwhelm Titan Crystal and destroy Yami. However, against a foe that can't cast a technique that has got more than double infinity power, Yami will always remain victorious, and in the dome, he is invincible even without Titan Crystal, and able to move at Zero Speed without any time limit.

Night Haze: Creates a thick mist on the selected area, darkening the battlefield and making it impossible for his enemies to see anything, while he is unaffected by this effect. Mainly, Yami uses this before entering the battle, to prepare the battlefield to his advantage.

Nightmare Counter: If Yami gets caught in an illusion, or is about to do so, the technique instantly activates automatically, creating two special ghostly entities that act independently of Yami. The illusion then takes effect as it would do in a normal case, trapping one of the two entities instead of Yami. However, the being that is casting the illusion will find itself in it as well, and when it tries either to escape it or break the illusion, as is expected from an illusionist in such cases, nothing will occur, either putting the illusionist in a state of panic or making it realize that something goes wrong. A half-visible entity will then appear in the illusion at some distance from the illusionist and near Yami, walk towards the target that finds itself unable to move, and draw a dagger in the process. Finally, the entity stabs the target with the dagger, trapping it in the illusion while Yami can escape it. Or, to be more precisely, he will not even get caught in the illusion, instead he will see through the caught entity's eyes for a short amount of time. The illusion's manipulation also has got some side effects: the illusion will fall under Yami's control, but it will not drain any energy from him to continue working, and it will last on for as long as Yami doesn't willingly stop it, even if it is a limited-time illusion, in which case it will enter an infinite loop, starting over and over again. The caught being will also be stripped entirely from its abilities and powers, like a metallic body or the ability to use an illusion-escaping technique, and finally it will constantly suffer a terrible pain from the moment where it gets stabbed with the dagger as if its blood was boiling and the bones covered in spikes. Finally, it will not be able to damage itself in order to finish the illusion, which will actually never end except if Yami wishes to do so.

Night Slam: Yami slams into his enemy with great physical force. He can also liberate a darkness blast on the impact, which further increases the damage of this attack. The Titan Crystal greatly increases the power of the impact due to its weight, and in total, the attack is able to turn a mountain row into dust.

Past confrontation: If Yami looks at his foe, he can trap them in an inescapable illusion where they meet their family, their friends and other people they know. The people are all like zombies, dressed in rags and with white skin, and they accuse the foe trapped in the illusion of different things, depending on their life. For example, someone having fled from his home will be accused to have abandoned his family, to have failed to protect them and to have been selfish and egoistic. They don't listen to the possible replies thet the foe gives them, instead they continue accussing him, pointing their skeletted fingers at him and repeating like a chorus in a monotone voice: "It's your fault... it's all your fault..." Some may lose their senses and start running away, or even attacking the people in desasperation, and when the illusion ends, they will lie on the ground, crying uncrontrollably, making an easy prey for Yami or his men.

Oblivion: The very same technique that M uses, he has taught it to Yami. By slashing the enemy, he directly attacks their soul, sending them to Hades. If the attack misses, or is performed from a distance in the first place, the enemy will get caught in an illusion which makes his soul experience deep fear, even if they normally don't feel such a thing or haven't ever known it before. The intensity of the illusion depends on the distance from which the attack was used, its effect becoming minimal at the radius of one kilometer.

Obscure DNA Clone: Some dark energy crawls from Yami's elbows to the ground, where it shapes into a being that Yami has seen somewhere. Yami can also shape it into an imagined creature, which he creates in his mind first, and the replication has got the same powers and abilities as its original, or the ones that were accorded to it by Yami's mind if it is an imagined creature. If the darkness removes the DNA from a dead enemy's body first with his Ghost Devourer technique, Yami doesn't have to memorize the abilities first. The dark clone's maximal energy depends on the amount of dark energy that was used to create the clone, but as he can draw energy from the environment, his energy doesn't get lower over time.

Obscure Premonition: Sends out an invisible wave of dark energy, which then travels away from Yami and picks up something heavy, like a rock or a tree, which turns invisible as well. Then, it travels back to the battlefield and strikes the enemy unexpectedly with both its own power and the object. Yami likes to confuse his enemies by "predicting" that they will soon be struck by a certain object while the energy is picking up the same.

Obscurity Kick: Kicks an enemy, usually at the stomach, while releasing an explosion of dark energy from the foot to blast the enemy backwards while they get engulfed in a dark aura that drains their energy. Usually, Yami kicks the enemy against a wall or some other obstacle to attack him again.

Obscurity Storm: Amasses special storm clouds above the battlefield in spirallic formation, with Yami being under the center of the spiral. Once the clouds are in place, a strong thunder is heard, and dark drops start falling. The drops are made out of dark energy, which starts draining the energy of everything that comes into their reach. In combination with Infinity Freeze, the drops become Dark Ice, which also slowly drains the enemy's bravery and his will to fight.

Ruins summon: Creates a mass of half-destructed buildings on a location with the stone and the clay that lie in the ground. This is a technique mainly used to lay an ambush or to distract enemies, but Yami also likes to battle in such locations.

Shadow Eye: Even harder to perform Past Confrontation, this technique only works on direct eye contact with the enemy. Yami traps them into an illusion that is almost inescapable, in which the enemy sees himself confronted with his worst fears, which he may not even know, while many red eyes looking like Yami's are watching him. This attack destroys the soul of strong foes, as actually the enemy ends up wanting to die instead of the attack striking his soul. Yami uses this attack if an enemy is somehow too strong for him to use direct techniques like Oblivion.

Shadow Pulse: Releases a pulse of dark energy from his hands to blast enemies or himself back. Used from a close range, this technique can detonate an enemy, instantly killing him.

Shadow Shield: In case it results necessary (for example, to protect some allies), Yami can create a dome-like shield around himself or something else, which absorbs attacks and physical objects.

Shadow Sphere: Shapes a sphere of ghostly energy (the color varies with the user), which is then sent flying at the enemy. Consisting mainly out of dark and ghost energy, the sphere can also be infused with different elements, like fire or electricity. When it touches, it explodes, liberating the compressed energy into the surrounding environment, corrupting everything in its path.

Shadow Stab: Infuses dark energy into his sword while stabbing the enemy, draining the energy that the enemy would need to make the touched body parts function. Even when the sword is removed, the dark energy sticks to the enemy's body, killing the stabbed body part.

Shadow Stomp Wave: Stomps the ground and sends out a circular wave of destructive dark energy out of his body. Everything that gets touched is blasted backwards, while their energy gets drained.

Shadow Titan Laser: Shoots a laser of unbelievable power out of his hand. Apart from greatly damaging the enemy, it drains his energy at the same rate that the beam is using up energy, which is then added to Yami's energy, meaning that as long as it touches an enemy, Yami will not tire by this attack. At full power, the beam can easily destroy planets.


Shadow Tail: Grows a tail on his back, which is created out of some dark energy from his own body, which crawls down from his unprotected elbows to his back, where it shapes into a tail. Often, Yami uses this to fight an enemy that tries to sneak behind him.

Shadow Trap: Creates a spike, a snare or some other trap out of darkness, which is then hidden in the ground. As soon as someone steps on that spot, the trap appears and attacks. Alternatively, Yami can send the trap directly at the enemy under the ground.

Soul Frost: Fires a beam of dark ice with a special energy at an enemy, which freezes on contact. Apart from draining the target's energy, the special energy enters the enemy's body and makes his soul feel cold. This is a terrible experience, and while most enemies just die because of the energy drain and the cold, the stronger ones will just stay trapped in the ice, not thinking of leaving it because of their fear which paralyzes them.

Tentacula skulls: Yami can send some dark energy into dead enemies before they get consumed by the Ghost Devourer, which will then not be consumed. The dark energy will then hide in the corpse without doing anything until someone approaches too much. Then the dark energy will form into tentacles which will immediately break out of the corpse and entangle the target. Finally one of the tentacles crawls up to the enemy's neck and chokes them. Usually, Yami uses this before leaving a battlefield in which there has been no winner, to ambush the soldiers that want to bury the corpses.

The Nine Of Ice: Yami summons a small sphere made out of highly compressed ice whose temperature is at absolute zero (minus 273 degrees). The sphere then flies at the enemy, who instantly gets covered in ice, while a Blizzard whirls around him like a tornado. The enemy will then get impaled by four icicles that come out of the groud, then he will get shattered along with the ice by four big ice cubes that are formed in the blizzard, and finally, the ice sphere will shatter and he will get frozen up again in an almost inescapable spherical ice prison. This technique is one of the strongest ice techniques that exist.

Soul Harvest: Against weak enemies, Yami can use a variation of Ghost Devourer, in which he sends out a few hundreds of Ghost Devourer energies, which then fly at the enemy (or enemies, as Yami mainly uses this against armies) and devour them living. This way, Yami gains much more energy, and can easily deal with enemies that try to overwhelm him with sheer numbers.

Teleport: Yami disappears and instantly reappears somewhere else. If an enemy is within the line of teleportation, he gets heavily damaged as if Yami had run through them with his sword.

Time Stop: By concentrating hard for some seconds, Yami creates a powerful wave of special negative energy which drops the surrounding environment's kinetic energy to almost zero when it is released, making everything look like it's frozen in time while the colours of everything get inverted to their negative side like on a photograph's negative. This just applies to other beings than Yami, who can continue moving around at normal speed to attack enemies and kill them with ease. Also, Time Stop just applies on physical movement, like attacks, beings and objects, the mind will continue to work at normal speed, making the enemy see everything like Yami does. Yami only uses this against strong and fast foes, as it consumes much energy, and Yami doesn't want to waste any. Even if his power level is enough to mantain the technique for many billions of years, the effort/output ratio is too low for him, and he just uses it against foes that result too fast.

Void Flame: One of the most feared techniques that Yami posesses. By using this technique, Yami summons a special dark fire, called the Void flame, which is actually not hot, but it instantly drains immense amounts of energy, including even creation energy, without bothering with defensive abilities or armor. After being exposed to the flame for three seconds, the enemy's soul gets ripped out of the body and is sent to Hades, even if the enemy is normally invincible or immortal. Even if the soul would somehow escape from Hades, Yami can easily destroy the body in the meantime, making it impossible for the enemy to live again. In fact, this is one of the very few techniques that are actually able to affect M and Atollos, as the contact with the Void Flame would send them to Hades, although they can instantly escape, and have got no body to destroy while they are gone. Additionally, the Void Flame can't be put out by any means except by interrupting the energy flow that Yami uses to create and maintain the flame. However, this technique has got some drawbacks: Yami needs quite a bit of energy to keep the Void Flame technique up, although that isn't a real problem to him because of his unbelievable reserves of energy, his Hades Phantoms technique just works if the Void Flame is put out again, and even if he can kill phantoms with the Void Flame, he can't call them back from Hades, and he must concentrate a lot to perform it, meaning that he can't activate it in a challenging battle. Still, this technique is so feared because Yami has been known to kill people with it that were immortal. As a side note, due to a sealing technique of M put on the technique, Yami cannot use it to kill any being that is loyal to Core Planet, even if he would somehow get possessed and forced to use the technique.

Zero-Movement: Moves at an incredible speed, which the eye is unable to follow. It is even faster than teleportation, actually it takes no time at all, but uses up much energy, although that is no problem to Yami. 

Zero Wave: Sends a wave covering a large area out of his body, which is made out of negative energy. This counters energy attacks with the exact equal amount of negative energy, and weakens enemies, making weaker foes faint instantly. It has no effect on the non-living environment though.

Metatron, the God's Messenger

"I am the voice of my master, and the holy messenger of Core Planet. And I have come to eradicate evil."

Metatron, whose true identity is known to close to no one, is the contrary of Yami: he is kind-hearted, good and holy, and uses his powers to execute justice instead of using it for his own goals. He looks like an armored angel with twelve wings on his back and multiple more spouting from his legs Few know though that Metatron is in fact the evolved form of Megatron, the Archphoenix and leader of the Aduran Commando. Megatron once was the most powerful archangel in existence, and the subordinate of one of Earth's gods under the name of Metatron Archangel, before Earth got destroyed by M's Ragnarök during the Oblivion phase. Metatron somehow survived the technique, a feat that before had only been done by Atollos, and M took him to Core Planet, healing his wounds. He soon saw that Metatron had nearly uncontrollable powers at his disposal, powers that equivalled those of a god. After healing the wounds that Megatron had recieved by Ragnarök, he put a seal on Metatron's powers, limiting them to one millionth of the power that he posessed back then. Shortly after, Metatron awoke, and M gave him the new name Megatron. Training under Atollos as a member of the Aduran Commando, Megatron began to live well among the other beings of Core Planet, and M decided to reveal to him the truth about him. After that, he offered Megatron a higher rank when he transformed into Metatron, which he enabled him to do by releasing the seal, and eventually gave him a drop of Infinity as he had given to Yami, with the difference that Megatron stored it directly into his body. This makes him absolutely invincible, as any attack, physical, magical, elemental or other will be countered with an equally high amount of energy whose element consumes the attack. In other words, Metatron's body can not take any harm, and there are no attacks that have less energy than at least double infinity to overcome the counter blow plus enough energy to kill Metatron, or to say, nothing except M's most powerful attacks, that can ever put a single scratch to his body, ranging from a simple dagger to a soul-crushing Oblivion attack.

Metatron's techniques are area-covering and mostly based on the elements. He also likes to summon different deities, including even M, to strike his foes with devastating power.

Metatron Basic techniques:

Energy Tunnel: Creates a tunnel in front of himself that reaches to his destination. Inside of the tunnel there is no air resistance and no gravity, meaning that Metatron can move faster then light once he is in that tunnel. He can also change the course of the tunnel, and constantly move around inside of it, voiding all attacks while shooting his own with minimal risk of getting damaged. If he runs through an enemy with this technique, it has fatal results for them, while Metatron will not get harmed. The same goes for attacks, although Metatron usually avoids them.

Power Pressure: Radiates energy from his body. Metatron constantly radiates a bit of it, and can normally suppress it, but in a battle, the radiated energy creates a strong pressure that instantly faints his weaker foes, while weaker techniques will fade out or get weakened in their flight. This energy also knocks away any other forms of energy that are in the atmosphere, poison gas, and others. As etatron can constantly radiate this energy, few foes are able to even reach Metatron, as the energy pushes them away while Metatron doesn't even move! If Metatron is in the air, and radiates the energy near some clouds, they will discharge their energy in the shape of giant sparks that fly towards random directions and make it seem as if Metatron was standing on a platform of sparks.

Seal Blocking: Casts a seal on the foe that prevents him from using abilities that metatron chooses. As long as this effect is active, the foe will not be able to use the technique(s) that was/were blocked, as if he didn't even know of them. This technique also instantly cancels out the effects that the technique has created, including damage, powering up, and status changes.

Soul Sealer: Seals the soul of a victim into a near-inescapable seal. From there, Metatron can download all the abilities and properties of the being, and draw energy from it. If someone has got full power, and can break free of seals, he could probably manage to escape the seal, although Metatron will probably have destroyed the body before that can happen.

Fly: Flies freely in the air with his wings. He can also hover with his powers.

Sky Claws: Attacks the foe with his claws, which are very sharp and powerful. With a single swipe at full power, he can send a planet flying away through the universe.

Soul Wind: Casts a gentle breeze, which heals any allies. Foes get blown back as if they were struck by a hurricane, and they will not be healed. this way, Metatron can find out who is his friend and who is his foe. An attack thrown at him also gets infused with a part of Metatron's soul, making it much more powerful, while Metatron gains control of it and can redirect it at his foe.

Cancel Out: Metatron's body emits an energy that is just as powerful as the attack it is used against, and it also posesses the exact abilities that are needed to collide with the attack. When the collision happens, Metatron's energy overpowers the other one and keeps going towards his foe.

Wrath of God: Crosses his arms in front of himself while lowering his head, then spreads the arms out and raises his head, looking at the sky while roaring. This liberates an unbelievable energy that paralyzes his foe in fear, while the radiation of the roar and the energy can shatter planets like glass.

Blade of Skies: Raises his arm with his fingers straightened, pointing them at the sky, then lowers them as if he was doing a karate chop at his foe. The sky above his head glows with white light, and when his arm is lowered, a titanic sword descends from the sky, either spinning around its axis or rotating vertically. Upon impct, the sword liberates a lot of wind energy and light that leaves no trace of a foe.

Regeneration: If Metatron suffers any damage, although that can only happen by a physical attack that can overpower his energy pressure, he can regenerate the wound, or even entire body parts. Even a lethal attack can not kill him if he heals in time.

Phantom Trick: Moves very quickly, creating afterimages of himself in various positions. They all look just like the original Metatron, and confuse the foe, allowing Metatron to easily land a powerful blow in hand-to-hand combat. Alternatively, Metatron can create phantoms of himself without moving, that surround the enemy while Metatron moves around in these illusions, making him virtually impossible to get hit except by a lucky strike.

Ultima Attack: Turns on the spot, and disappears while turning, until he totally vanishes when he faces his foe again.From then on, he moves around by using Energy Tunnel constantly with unbelievable speed, becoming undetectable to his foes while he can move around, attacking them without even reappearing while he does so. The only thing that a foe may possibly hear is the constant foot-tapping when Metatron appears out of the Energy Tunnel for less than a thousandth part of a second, although even a being with fast senses like Takeo would barely be able to see Metatron, and it is almost impossible to strike Metatron while he uses the technique due to the insane speed at which he moves.

Shadow Force: Suddenly vanishes, leaving no trace behind. He becomes totally invisible and undetectable by any means, as if he had vanished into a separate dimension. Whenever he wants, he can then reappear behind the foe to land a devastating unblockable hit, or he can escape the battle instead, although he never had to use that.

Oblivion: The very same attack that M uses as well. By striking the enemy either with his sword or with his hand, he directly attacks their soul, sending it to Hades. If the attack misses, the enemy gets caught in an inescapable illusion instead, which makes him experience deep fear, while any red eyes are looking at him from all sides, surrounding him. This effect has a maximal range of one kilometer.

Angel Eyes: A special ability that Metatron was taught by M, although he renamed it. The technique is in fact the same as M's "Hundred Eyes". By looking at something, including objects, living beings and even attacks, he takes full control of the target for as long as he wishes. He can also enter the object or being to control it once he has looked at it, but usually, Metatron prefers to command the being or control the object from a distance to attack his foe. He could take control of an ally and enter his or her body to disguise himself and attack an unsuspecting foe with devastating blows, or he could take full control of any foe that attacks him, to use them against other foes or to make them get hypnotized by Akuma or someone else to join the Core Planet army.

Seraph Feathers: Flaps  quickly with his wings, releasing many feathers from his wings. He controls these feathers with his mind to send them flying at his enemy to slice him up, as the feathers become extremely hard and get cutting edges like swords as soon as they are released from Metatron's wings.

Magic Immunity: As Metatron's body contains incalculable amounts of soul power, there is no spell that can harm him. The same goes for his attacks, meaning that even a weak fire attack will consume a water counter spell without even losing any of its power.

Supremacy Kick: Kicks his enemy with his legs, which normally are concealed beneath some wings. His kicks have got even more power than his arms, but are a bit less accurate.

Aduran Sword: Summons a special sword whose blade becomes sun-hot when anything touches it. Therefore, it has no sheath. If Metatron uses it against swordfighting foes, he can melt their blades on the first clash.

Titan Beam: Points his palm at the foe, and sends out a giant beam of tremenduous power. It has got the same power as Yami's Shadow Titan Laser but doesn't have the drain effect.

Restore of Power: Metatron never tires, no matter what he does. His attacks are not strong enough to use up infinite power.

Angel Gaze: No matter the foe, Metatron is able to analyze a foe in a single second, reading through all of their memories, their body and soul, after what he combines all of these into a data base that explains everything about the foe, including weak points and every technique that he knows. Metatron has already analyzed countless beings, except M, which was the only being which he never managed to apply this technique on. He once tried on a simple clone of M which contained a minimal part of him, and immediately suffered such a strong headache that he was just a few steps from death. He had to rest for some days before recovering from that shock, and never tried it again.

Enchantment: Adds effects to the environment and the objects that are around, including the foe. This ability is incredibly multifunctional, as he can use it not only for offensive or even battle purposes, but also to do multiple things outside of a battle. Here's a list of some possibilities that he can apply with this technique.

-He can enchant things, objects and beings with his energy or other techniques. As an example, he can use this to make rocks levitate to block his foe turn a rock into a landmine by infusing it with explosive power and Earth energy. He can also infuse them with dark energy or poison, which he especially uses on his attacks or on his foe's before redirecting them at him.

-He can create golems or animate normally inanimate objects with his energy, and give them some abilities that he can choose, and optionally provide them with artificial intelligence, or take them under his mind control.

-He can change the appeareance of something, disguising a friend as a foe, a powerful Demon Flame as a relatively weak Fire Blast or even as a completely different attack or thing, like a Seraph Feather or a bush, turn an ally into a seemingly inanimate object, like a tree, make things invisible or disguising them as something normal, like quicksand, a pit, trap or swamp area.

-He can change the physical shape of an object, such as making spikes grow from under the foe's feet or their sword, or turning the foe's weapon unable to do any damage, such as a blade becoming blunt or a mace very light, and turning them both into glass versions of themselves that shatter with the first clash. He can also grow spikes from a knight's armor on the inside to stab them to death with minimal effort.

These are just a few of the near-unlimited possibilities that this ability offers. In combination with his other powers, metatron then uses it to destroy his foe with superior tactics and strategy.

Star Seal: Casts a star seal to seal something. Unlike the Soul Sealer, this technique is absolutely inescapable to anyone that can not counter it, which basically are just M, Yami, Metatron, the descendants of Tsukugami and the Aduran Commando, although the last two would eventually lose against Metatron in a battle of endurance and stamina.

Silver Sealer: Has got the same effect as the Soul Sealer, but covers a large area instead of just one being, manifesting in a large silver circle that absorbs anyone standing on it. With this, Metatron can take out an army with no effort while gaining the abilities and power of the sealed beings. The land that is left after the Silver Sealer is completely sterile, as any microorganisms get sealed away along with everything else.

Fire Techniques:

Fire Blast: Sends out a powerful fire that creates a fiery explosion upon impact, incinerating everything around.

Star Flame: Shapes a bluish white flame in his hand or mouth, although he prefers to use the former, and then sends a stream of starfire-hot fire at his foe. There is no water that can put out such fire, that is so hot that it would actually melt wood before burning it, although the incalculable heat that is radiated by the fire already incinerates everything before  the main fire can even get near!

Ikarus Wings: Spreads his wings after infusing a lot of fire energy into them, making them look as if they're set on fire, although they do not burn. He can use these wings for defensive purposes, or combine them with other attacks, like Seraph Feathers.

Nova: Waves his arm at the target, and then an apocalyptic detonation of light, heat and nuclear energy happens at that spot. The detonation razes the surrounding environment in an instant and just leaves a titanic crater where it happened, although that does only happen at minimal power, as Metatron can make this technique powerful enough to erase a solar system from space. Here is some information about a Super Nova, which is Metatron's technique at medium power.

Weakening Fire: Sends out a crimson fire ball that drastically lowers the foe's speed and drains some of their energy.

Flame Dance: Waves his arm, and makes many flames appear floating around him. By waving his arm at the selected target, he then sends the flames there, incinerating it. The flames also home on a moving target and move very quickly, evading obstacles and shields to deal their damage.

Dark Hug: Creates a ring of shadowy flames around himself. He then  waves his arm at the target, and the ring dissolves in the air and reappears around the foe, before closing itself, entangling, burning and draining the target's energy.

Gas Dragon: Some gases appear around the enemy's feet, before catching on fire and shaping into a dragon's head with a long neck. Before the dragon appears, the gases are not visible and can't be detected by any means other than special analysis. If the enemy doesn't avoid the gases before they catch on fire, the technique can't be escaped anymore due to the wide area that is covered. The enemy gets caught in the fire dragon's mouth, and lift up into the sky, where the dragon then explodes, hitting the enemy point-blank and heavily damaging him with the fire. Even if the foe survives the explosion, he will fall down from the sky, left wide open for any attack, and eventually will crash on the ground.

Aduran Beam: Fires a super-hot beam of highly compressed heat and solar energy whose energy comes directly from Aduran, Core Planet's sun. The beam is able to split continents in half with a single movement, and can be controlled by Metatron to destroy large parts of a planet in a matter of seconds. if the attack hits Metatron himself, his wings will reflect the light towards all sides, blinding his foes, while Metatron is unharmed.

Eruption: Raises his hands above his head, and summons a pillar of magma from the planet's core that rises up and makes the ground erupt beneath the foe's feet. If there are any volcanoes, caldeiras or deep fissures around, Metatron can summon the eruption from there instead.

Magmastorm: After having used Eruption, Metatron waves his hands, creating a catastrophic tornado of lava, into whichhe infuses some Gaia power (the orange and brown energy). he can also make a thunder strike the tornado from above to further make the technique destructive.

Demon Flame: Summons a destructive fire by looking at the targetted location. The fire engulfs everything that stood at that location the moment Metatron defined the target, meaning that if even if a foe escapes Metatron's field of vision, if he has been in that field when Metatron defined the target he will be engulfed in flames as well, while there will be an empty space with his shape where he has stood at the moment of definition. The demon flame will then burn until everything that has been defined as target is completely eradicated. Alternatively, metatron can also send the Demon Flame as a sphere flying at his foe, and the sphere will explode upon impact, setting everything ablaze. In this case, the target is defined as everything that is touched by the fire.

Fiery Ritual: Raises his hands, and makes an invocation in an ancient language. He has to prepare the technique for about three minutes if he wants to use it at full power, so he usually uses it before a battle or when the enemy is busy. Alternatively, he can interrupt the invocation for less power. After finishing, a red cross appears in front of the enemy's eyes, while everything else becomes pitch-black. This is an illusion that the enemy's soul experiences. In this illusion, they get tied to the cross and then fall into a lake of burning magma and sulphur, which actually burns their soul, ignoring physical defense. At the same time, their body gets burned in the same way as the soul does in the illusion. The more Metatron has charged this attack, the longer the illusion lasts, and the more damage is inflicted to the enemy.

Inferno: Shapes a diamond-like structure (two pyramids whose ends point at opposite directions) of hyper-compressed crimson fire, and throws it at the foe. The fire moves at bullet speed, and detonates upon impact, creating a terrible dome of fire that can cover the size of a continent. The fire is much hotter than normal fire, and can even evaporate water before being put out by it. It looks like this.

Hel: Metatron raises his right hand to the skies, says a few words that can't be understood by the foe as a strong wind blows from the back of Metatron to their direction, and then points his palm at the foe. Metatron then says something along the lines of "I call you down from Zephyr to judge the living and the dead, Hel" before sending a red and white flame-like cloud at them. That fire is even more hot than an ancient  fire dragon's life flame, and can't be put out by any means. It consumes everything in its path, including other forms of energy, fire, negative energy, water and any protective technique thrown at it. It incinerates everything that it gets near of, and sends the soul of a disintegrated foe to Hades, if their soul survives the al-consuming fire, that is. The flame doesn't cover a large area, but its destructive power is enough to burn a planet to nothing, as even the ashes get consumed.

Tiamat Flame: Raises both his hands, pointing them to the sky in a praying position, and calls forth the spirit of Tiamat, the mother of all dragons, which appears as a half-transparent spirit entity. Tiamat being the ultimate dragon, she once was the highest power of fire, which is one of the four elements. The Tiamat entity then enters Metatron, who points his palms at the target and sends out an insanely powerful version of Inferno that is made out of the same fire as is Hel. The resulting explosion erases entire solar systems from the universe with ease.

Water/Ice Techniques:

Ice Beam: Fires a powerful icy beam at his foe, freezing him up under a thick layer of ice.

Blizzard: Summons a powerful blizzard that sweeps over a large area and heavily damages the ones that aren't used to cold, possibly freezing them up.

Hydro Pump: Shoots water at his foe with very high pressure, able to hit a hole through a mountain. Metatron can shoot this attack either from his palm, index finger or from any water sourcein the environment.

Water Moon Fang: Raises his sword or palm with the fingers straightened to do a chop, which then begins to glow with a dark blue aura in which there are some bubbles. A circle of bluish glowing water then appears around the foe's feet and freezes their feet to the ground, immobilizing them. Then, Metatron slashes the air or does a chop with his hand horizontally, sending a big water fang in moon sickle shape at the foe, which glows with the bluish aura as well. The fang can cut through almost anything without even being slowed down.

Whirlpool: Raises his hand, and then places it on the ground or into some water. Below the target or around it if it is in the water or under the ground a whirlpool then starts, and its great power sucks the target in, which then gets hit by many rocks that are picked up by the whirlpool, and possibly drowned or suffocated if they can't breathe under water or ground.

Tsunami: Flies up high into the air, and below him whare he has stood before the ground starts cracking, creating a fissure that extends to the left and right below Metatron. Out of the fissure then comes a lot of water that starts heading towards the foe as a giant Tsunami. It is close to impossible to evade the attack, as Metatron will attack a foe that tries to jump over it, and since it reaches vey far to the left and right, it is very hard to run around it in time. The Tsunami itself has got enough destructive power to wash a continent away, and can even become stronger by carrying different materials in it, like mud or rocks.

Mud Water: Summons a wave of muddy water. It is much weaker than Tsunami, but once it calms down, everything that it washed over is trapped in a thick layer of mud that then starts to dry, creating a very solid mass.

QuickFreeze: Quickly lowers the environment's temperature, encasing the target in a block of ice. he can then attac the block, shattering it along with the foe.

Hydro Cannon: Sends a blast of highly compressed water at the foe. It has got enough water and power to was over an entire continent if it is decompressed.

Icy Rain: Summons a cold rain of water and ice. If used with low power, it often demoralizes the foe's troops, while it can flood countries at full power

Hydra Blaster: Points his palm at the foe, which is then engulfed by some dark water that comes out of the air. The water takes the form of a Hydra's head, and takes the colours of Hydras. Finally, Metatron's arm looks like a Hydra's head with a part of its long body. This water Hydra is then sent at the enemy with such power that it can transperce a mountain range without being slowed down.

Reaper Tide: Summons a sudden cold wave of icy water that engulfs the enemy from all sides and either makes them suffer a heart attack because of the sudden cold, freezes their brain or drowns them. Even if they survive all these attacks, they can barely move in the water, allowing Metatron to finish them quickly.

Summoning Technique: The Kraken: Metatron raises the right hand while pointing the left on the ground, and below him the ground erupts and turns into a crater that quickly fills with water. The water in that lake then begins to bubble as if it was boiling, and then a giant head of a Kraken comes out of the water. The summoned Titan then releases multiple tentacles out of the water that entangle, crush and hit any beings around the water. Occasionally, one of the tentacles may also take one of the beings and carry it into the Kraken's mouth to eat it. Although Metatron usually does not need this technique, as he can easily dispose of any foe that the Kraken can do as well, he likes to back up Core Planet's army or block a foe's way with this technique.

Poseidon Wave: Flies up into the stratosphere, and raises his hands, pointing them at the sky. Below his feet a circular crack then appears on the ground, and suddenly it bursts open, and a pillar of water comes out of the crack, flooding the surrounding environment. After a minute, the water stops flowing, and turns into a giant replica of Poseidon, who raises his spear and points it at the target. After that, he decomposes again and turns into a giant tidal wave that washes over the opponent and either drowns himor sends him flying away.

Neptun Storm: Raises his right hand, pointing it at the sky, where many dark clouds start to gather. A cold storm wind then blows over the battlefield, and Metatron disappears from sight. The clouds then start to liberate their rain and also create huge sparks, flooding the battlefield in a few seconds. Out of the darkness that is created with the clouds blocking the field of vision then comes a gigantic whale being, which is Neptun, a supreme water spirit. Neptun then takes a deep breath, and shoots a blue beam of  incredible power at the target, completely eradicating it with enough power to destroy planets. The beam also has got the ability to transform into water as soon as it has lost enough power, with which Metatron could flood planets in few seconds.

Boreas Freeze: Raises both his hands, pointing them at the sky, where many large clouds start gathering. These clouds shape into a titanic humanoid being, and many ice crystals start flying from that being towards the target, freezing it up under thick layers of near-unbreakable ice. The being then raises its arm, and creates an ice spear in its hand, which it then throws at the target, shattering the ice and the target together.

Tarphon Ocean Wave: Metatron looks at the sky while grinning, then he suddenly vanishes instantly. Out of the ground then come unbelievably huge amounts of water, while a spirit-like entity appears above the water. That entity represents Tarphon, the highest being of water and therefore master of the seas, one of the four elements. The Tarphon spirit then waves its hand, sending a tial wave at the target that has got as much water as there is on an entire planet to wash away everything that is in its way. It can even turn planets into nothing but mud with minimal effort, and easily extinct a star.

Energy techniques:

Thunder: Points his palm at the target, and then a powerful thunder strikes the foe from the skies. It is difficult to avoid due to its size and splash damage that creates a big crater, and because of its speed.

White Spark: Points his index finger at the target, and some white energy sparkles on it. Then a white thunderbolt in the typical zigzag shape of sparks is shot out. Apart of dealing high electric damage, the attack is actually meant to slice through the target to cause heavy physical damage with its sharp edges.

Magnet Pull: Points his finger at a target or at a place, and the pointed spot then becomes a strong magnetic field. Metatron likes to use this after summoning his sword, or when fighting an army, to pull his foes towards the sword or towards each other, making them unable to move.

Chain Lightning: Sends out a long lightning bolt that jumps from the target to every other thing that is near the target, and so on. A single Chain Lightning could easily defeat an army.

Energy Cannon: Shapes a sparkling sphere of lightning in his hands, and aims it at the target. The sphere is then either directly sent or thrown at the target, and can inflict heavy damage to the inner body parts without bothering with physical defense. Although, if the foe has a metal body, the Energy Cannon will inflict even higher damage, as the metal conducts electricity and spreads the electricity over the target's body.

Spark of Rainbow: Points his index finger at the target, and begins shooting many White Sparks at the target. Every single of these sparks has got a different colour out of the rainbow spectrum, and a different effect that is casted upon the target upon contact. A red Spark for example would additionally inflict a heavy burn on the target, while a blue one has the effect of a Water Moonsickle Fang. Also, every single of these sparks is about five times as powerful as a White Spark.

Thunder of Rainbow: Summons a spheric black cloud above the target, on which sparkles a lot of bluish energy. metatron then points his index finger at the target and makes multiple thunders of different colours bombard the selected spot with continent-erasing power. The thunders have also the same effects depending on their colour as have the Spark of Rainbow attacks.

Zero Laser: Points both his palms at the enemy, and sends a titanic sea-blue beam that washes away even the toughest foes and disintegrates everything into nothingness.

Thunder Storm: With his telekinetic powers, Metatron gathers many dark clouds over the target, until there are enough. There is no limit of the clouds's number, mass, covered area, and power. Once metatron considers the clouds to be sufficient, he stops gathering them and unleashes tremenduous devastation on the area below the clouds with a non-ending bombardment of thunders. Every thunder also has got physical power, which means that it could easily pierce through a house, even if that house is protected from electric currents.

Thunder Apocalypse: An attack that is basically the same as Shinu's Apocalypse Thunder. Metatron stomps the ground with his feet, summoning a mass of storm clouds full of electric energy above him. He also flaps some of his wings to charge the clouds with additional power of different natures, then he makes them gather and compress a bit and enlighten the surrounding environment with an explosion of light. The clouds sparkle with so much electricity that it is seen sparkling on the outside of the clouds as bluish-white energy, before sending a single giant thunder down that can turn a country into a crater. If Metatron infused any wind energy into the clouds, that energy creates a cyclone that then compresses the clouds into a single sphere of incredibly dense energy, and Metatron then releases it, making it fall down on a selected location. Upon impact, the cloud first liberates the electric energy that can't be hold inside, while the cloud descends into the ground until it is halfway in. Then it detonates, liberating the amassed energies as well as the electricity, slicing wind and enough water to flood the Earth into the environment that gets absolutely destroyed, leaving no trace behind of the location where the Cloud Bomb fell at, along with the whole planet if Metatron applies it at half its maximal power. Metatron's variation of the attack is even more powerful than Shinu's.

Thor Skies: Metatron looks at the sky, where  large storm starts to brew. Then, huge hurricane-like winds blow over the country, ripping many trees out of the ground and spreading devastation. On the clouds a star  is then shapedout of energy, and once it is complete, it sends a pillar-like thunder bolt vertically down to the ground. Upon impact, the pillar transforms into a human-like structure of energy, that wields the mighty hammer of Thor, the Mjöllnir. After that, the energy delivers one hundred energy blasts at the opponent from a very close range, leaving them crippeled and paralyzed on the ground, if they somehow survive the attack.

Wrath Of Zeus: Metatron looks at the sky, pointing his hands in a praying manner at them, and says some words in an ancient language. In a few seconds heavy rainclouds then appear, totally blocking the sun, and a terrible deluge-like rainstorm happens, while an apocalyptic bombardment of giant thunders strikes the planet with seven times the power and duration of Thunder Apocalypse. Few have ever witnessed the technique, and even less could ever describe the details of it, as the ones that stood too close to the impact zone, which can be up to seven planets at a time, were eradicated as was the main target.

Nature Techniques:

Nature Flow Control: Places his palms on the ground, into some water, or waves them in the air. This way, he gains absolute control over the element he got in touch of, for example he could summon a forest out of the ground, or create a lake by multiplicating the water of a single drop.

Leaves Storm: Raises his hands with his fingers put straight, and many moonsickle-shaped leaves out of natural energy appear between his fingers. He then throws the leaves at the target, making them expand by letting it absorb the natural energy in the environment. The leaves also home on the target, and create a trail of slicing wind that strikes the foe once the leaf has cut through the target, inflicting extra damage that is even harder to avoid than the original leaf.

Poison Spikes: Waves his hand at the target, and many poisonous thorns and vines come out of the ground, entangling the target and poisoning it badly. Even if the target was immune to that poison, it will still be entangled and wide open for incoming attacks.

Super Leaves Storm: Summons many leaves that are like the ones from the Leaves Storm technique, around him and in the environment. Then he points his finger at the target, and the leaves fly there, slicing it up multiple times. Once they cut through, the leaves make a U-Turn and fly again towards the target, until their energy is completely exhausted. They also can't cut up each other, as they are energy and not material, so a collision of leaves will simply make them fusion into a larger one.

Tree Prison: Five trees rapidly grow from the ground around the foe's feet, and entangle him. They then grow hammer-like branches and thorns with poison and attack the foe with them.

Tree Mastery: Places his palm on the ground, and within three seconds lots of trees grow out of the ground around the target. Metatron can use these trees to trap the target in a dome, immobilize it with branches, or attack them. He can even fill the dome with offensive natural weapons, like poisonous flowers, tree branches that rip the ground to pieces and create dangerous swamps, trees that send Leaves Storms at the foe, dangerous thorns that cover any structure, vines that attack and immobilize the target, and huge hands that throw things at it.

Crystal techniques:

Crystal Wave: Sends a wave of white-hot molten crystal at his foe. After a few seconds, the crystal cools down, encasing the enemy in an inescapable crystal prison. The drawback of the technique is that it is very unlikely to hit a foe that is in good condition, but it can easily encase them if they are unable to move.

Crystalification: Works just like Crystal Wave, but is smaller and fired as a long-range beam. The probability of hitting is also much higher than Crystal Wave since the attack moves much faster.

Crystal Prison: Waves his hand at the target, and traps it in an inescapable crystal. Emprisoning the target instantly kills it, and leaves behind a never-rotting body in which even the soul is stuck, as the crystal doesn't let any kind of energy through, including soul energy to which the main soul is entirely binded.

Wind techniques:

Tornado: Summons a tornado, whose size depends on the used energy, and sends it at the target, controlling it at will.

Cyclone: Casts a powerful cyclone around himself by flapping his wings, which protects him from incoming attacks and can be used in combination with a tackle.

Aero Blast: Sends out a beam-shaped absolute vacuum that has got unbelievable destructive power due to the high suction that it creates as well as the incomparable frequency of spins that the vacuum effectuates. This allows it to rip through pretty much everything that can be damaged, with the destructive power of multiple nuclear bombs.

Air Blade: Waves his hand at the target, sending out a wind fang that is in fact composed out of one million super thin wind fangs that overlap each other, appearing as a single fang. On impact, the fangs begin spreading out and cut up the target from all sides as well as the environment.

Winds of Armageddon: Metatron raises his right hand, in claw shape as if it held some spherical object, and holds it in front of himself. A gentle wind then blows over the battlefield, and for some seconds every kind of noise completely disappears. A titanic dragon of compressed air then shapes behind Metatron, takes in a deep breath and sends out a gigantic Aero Blast-like beam, whose front part has the shape of a dragon's head. That beam is a combination of a trillion Air Blade techniques that spiral around the center of the beam like a tornado. It has got so much power that it can effortlessly shred a planet into molecular pieces.

Light Techniques:

White Laser: Blasts out a quick beam of purifying light from his hand. It is very effective against dark elemental foes and undead, and has got a high radiative damage rate, illuminating the landscape around for some seconds.

Seraph Wings: Spreads his wings, which send out a bluish glow from every single feather. Then, each feather sends out a small blue light beam that travels very fast and is hard to avoid due to the sheer numbers.

Light Storm: The same as Seraph wings, but the beams that are sent out have a golden colour and are much bigger, moving much slower than the Seraph Wings beams. However, they cause much more destruction, as a single beam can destroy a city with ease.

Morning Beam: Points his hand at the place where the sun appears in the morning (on Earth, that would be the east, while it's the west on Core Planet), and a warm beam comes from that place, even if the sun is actually in the sky or somewhere else. The light heals Metatron's allies and blinds his foes. Also, if it is night time, the sun will immediately rise.

Blade of Judgement: Raises his left hand with his index and middle finger straightened, and whispers something. Then he suddenly points his hand at the target, shouting: "Fall down from the skies, purifying blade of Heaven!", and a giant white sword descends from the sky, either spinning around its axis or vertically, or straight with the tip pointing at the target. Upon impact, it releases three powerful waves of pure light before disappearing again. The waves of light can kill any undead being instantly, while the sword itself is powerful enough to kill even a Restless Soul.

Heaven's Hand: Points his palm at a weakened target, and sends a wave of pure light at it that disintegrates the body into microscopic particles, leaving no trace behind. Cast upon a good soul, this attack will send it straight to Hades, while an evil soul will be disintegrated like the body.

Angel Hand: Metatron places the palm of his right hand on a foe's forehead, and a golden balance appears behind the foe, judging their good deeds against the evil ones. If the good deeds dominate, the foe will live, but if the evil ones do,the foe's death appears behind them and delivers them a killing scythe slash the beheads them and destroys their soul. There is no being able to resist that technique, not even M, but he can not die by this technique as his death does not exist anymore to kill him.

Light Fist: Clenches his fist, and infuses such amounts of light energy into it that it glows with a golden colour. Then Metatron delivers a single punch at the foe, releasing the energy in the process with such power that it instantly disintegrates the foe and his soul. The released energy continues to spread, and has a burn-like effect on touched targets, although the destructive power of these waves can't be compared to Metatron's punch.

Spark of Life: Smiling, Metatron takes a feather from his wings and charges it with a combination of Soul Energy and Light. He then throws the feather at the foe like a dagger for a perfect-precision attack. Upon impact, the feather releases the charge of Soul Energy and Light, creating a putifying explosion, and then returns to Metatron.

Soul Flash: Like for Spark of Life, Metatron takes a feather and charges it with Soul Energy and Light. But instead of charging it normally, he gives it such an amount of power that the feather is clearly overcharged, and just about to explode. Metatron then throws the feather up into the air (the tremenduous amount of energy that is contained in the feather actually makes it become as heavy as a stone and eliminates the resistance of air), where the feather blows up in light and soul power that take the form of four golden spheres that crash into the foe, dealing damage that could be compared to a heavy burn, dealt with light. The explosion of light is alrady enough to kill undead foes.

Purification: Metatron calls down a purifying light from Heaven that crashes into the targetted location like a giant laser. Metatron can also move that beam around, cleaving entire continents in half with ease. He can also make the beam come from his chest.

Darkness Techniques:

Shadow Ball: Shapes a shadowy ball of ghostly and dark energy in his hand and throws it at the enemy.

Shadow Ball Enchantment: Throws a special Shadow Ball at the enemy. That Shadow Ball actually has got a tiny bit of Intelligence in it, AI, which he uses to analyze a foe while hiding in the darkness, absorb other forms of energy by intentionally colliding with them, shapeshift into unsuspicuous objects to sneak attack the target, and many others. Metatron can also control the Shadow Ball, making it move at a desired place, and even look through it to see events that are happening somewhere else.

Black Hole: Opens his hand, concentrating a great mass of dark energy into it, creating a Black Hole-like black sphere that absorbs the energy of everything that is nearby. A foe that gets sucked into it gets disintegrated, being converted into energy that is absorbed into the black hole.

Bloodnight Fang: Waves his hand, sending out a black and red energy fang that can home on a target, ignore any object except the target, become invisible and absorb other forms of energy it comes into contact with, making it a lethal weapon. Metatron can send out a fang from each of his fingers, to a total of ten fangs that tear through everything.

Black Magic: Points his palm at the foe, infusing dark energy into their bodies. That dark energy then immediately begins to absorb the foe's energy, converting it into more dark energy to increase the draining rate. When the foe's energy is completely drained and his life signals have completely stopped, the dark energy either detonates, destroying the body, or takes control of the corpse, turning it into an undead puppet. This attack is the one that Metatron uses the least, as he dislikes the effect that it takes.

Night Shield: Creates a black shield with dark energy that absorbs the energy of everything it comes into contact with. Metatron doesn't really need this to defend himself, but to stop a foe's attack on any allies or objects instead.

Shadow Clone: Creates a shadowy clone of himself or someone else with dark energy. That clone is an exact copy of the being it was created from, but it doesn't lose any energy over time, as it draws energy from the environment or other beings. Metatron also will know everything that the clone does, which makes it a useful technique for spying. However, he can not clone something and give it infinite power, like himself, Yami, and M.

DarCloning: Uses dark energy to change someone or something. He can regenerate lost limbs by replacing them with dark versions of themselves, shapeshift a Shadow Clone, and even turn a harmless insect into a mutant dark insectoid dragon.

Gravitation Control: One of Metatron's most useful abilities against airborne foes, he can control gravity to pull them to the ground. This even applies to techniques that his foes use, so Metatron could use this to pull a beam attack to the ground, where it would deal no damage at all. By increasing gravity, he can also immobilize his foes with ease, while he is unaffected by it.

Nightmare Counter: If Metatron gets caught in an illusion, or is about to do so, the technique instantly activates, creating two special ghostly entities that act independently of Metatron. The illusion then takes effect as it would do in a normal case, trapping one of the two entities instead of Metatron. However, the being that is casting the illusion will find itself in it as well, and when it tries either to escape it or break the illusion, as is expected from an illusionist in such cases, nothing will occur, either putting the illusionist in a state of panic or making it realize that something goes wrong. A half-visible entity will then appear in the illusion at some distance from the illusionist and near Metatron, walk towards the target that finds itself unable to move, and draw a dagger in the process. Finally, the entity stabs the target with the dagger, trapping it in the illusion while Metatron can escape it. Or, to be more precisely, he will not even get caught in the illusion, instead he will see through the caught entity's eyes for a short amount of time. The illusion's manipulation also has got some side effects: the illusion will fall under Metatron's control, but it will not drain any energy from him to continue working, and it will last on for as long as Metatron doesn't willingly stop it, even if it is a limited-time illusion, in which case it will enter an infinite loop, starting over and over again. The caught being will also be stripped entirely from its abilities and powers, like a metallic body or the ability to use an illusion-escaping technique, and finally it will constantly suffer a terrible pain from the moment where it gets stabbed with the dagger as if its blood was boiling and the bones covered in spikes. Finally, it will not be able to damage itself in order to finish the illusion, which will actually never end except if Metatron wishes to do so.

Ghost Blast: Points his finger at the enemy, and an explosion of ghostly and dark energy happens then inside their body, draining half their energy. If used twice, the foe will die instantly. In opposition to Megatron, Metatron can use this on enemies that have equal or more power than himself. Metatron, M, the Traveler and Yami are the only beings that can not be harmed by it.

Dark Matter Bomb: Shapes a tiny black sphere in his hand and places it on the ground. The number 100 then appears above the sphere, and begins counting down until it reaches 0. Then the sphere explodes in an absolutely soundless detonation of dark energy that engulfs everything in its range, which is equal to a planet's size.

Death Wave: Sends out three invisible waves that cover a large area. With each wave, the foe loses some of his speed, until he is completely immobilized by the third one. As the heart can't beat anymore, the foe then dies, and after some seconds, when the wave's effect wears off, he falls to the ground.

Earth/Stone Techniques:

Earth Power: The ground beneath the target's feet starts inflating, then a fissure opens and a lot of earth energy and lava comes out of it vertically upwards, blasting the enemy away and inflicting heavy damage. If the target is too heavy, the fissure continues to open and lets more energy leak out. After half a second, the energy is such that it lifts rocks from the environment as well.

Levitating Rock: Uses magical power to make a rock hover above the ground. He can use this to create a trap, a barrage, or deliver a heavy kick into the rock to send it flying towards the target.

Quicksand: Turns a part of the ground into a quicksand pit, while leaving no visual evidence of it being created or existing. An unsuspecting foe that taps on the pit instantly gets sucked into the ground and is buried at 500 meters depth.

Earthquake: Creates a powerful earthquake that can destroy entire cities in a matter of minutes.

Earthquake Storm: Creates many earthquakes that happen simultanously. If something is standing directly above the epicenter or at the point where the earthquakes meet, it is unlikely to survive/endure the attack.

Rock Crush: Summons four large rocks that come out of the ground with the target in its center, and these rocks then crush the target between them.

Magic Rocks: Gives the rock the magical ability to change its weight while enabling it to think a bit. The rock always acts to Metatron's advantage, like making itself very light when Metatron kicks it and then very heavy when crashing down on the foe for maximal damage.

Meteor Storm: Summons a catastrophic rain of meteors that fall from the sky, turning it red because of the flames they get engulfed in when entering the atmosphere. After some time, Metatron can also call down a super-huge meteor that falls down like the others, but also explodes upon impact with the power of 100 A-Bombs, razing the entire continent it crashes down on in a split second.

World Funeral: Metatron raises his hands, and the target falls into a bottomless abyss that opens beneath its feet. After some seconds, it disappears in a swirling lava whirlpool that is in the abyss, getting mutilated and corrupted in some seconds. Metatron could even bury a planet in a swirl of lava that he summons instead of letting it fall into it.

Wake of Gaia: Raises his right hand with the palm pointing forward, and the ground beneath the foe explodes, liberating lots of brown and orange energy that shapes into an earthern being with four legs, a human-like face and a tree growing from its back. It is a representation of Gaia, the god that created the titans. That respresentation then jumps up into the sky and crashes down on the target, liberating the orange and brown energy on impact and turning planets into dust with ease.

Stream of Styx: Metatron points his palm at the foe, which suddenly gets engulfed in a black cloak-like shadow. He finds himself swimming in a black stream in a canyon that reaches high up into a clouded sky with a silver full moon. A being then appears from far away, maneuvering a small boat with a paddle. Once it comes near the target, it reaches out and grabs the target with irresistible force, pulling it into the boat and then paddling it up into a deep cave where the stream flows into. The foe finds himself unable to move, and once he is in the cave he has to go out of the boat, passes by a giant three-headed dog called Cerberus and gets punished for everything that he has done in his life. In fact, the ferryman that takes the foe is Charon, who brings the deceased souls to Hades, and with this technique, Metatron inevitably drags the souls into the same.

Psychic Techniques:

Psychic Power: Metatron's psychic powers are very strong, and allow him to do things that others couldn't even dream of. He can easily pass by physical laws and modify an object's properties with no effort at all. As Metatron's brain does not need to rest, he possesses literally unlimited powers that are second only to M's.

Mind Reader: By reading a foe's mind, Metatron immediately knows about every slight detail that is possibly worth knowing, and of course, he knows what the foe is thinking, planning, wanting, and others. In other words, the split second that is needed for Metatron to read a target's mind, provided it works well, will give him all the information that he needs.

Psychic Cut: Swings his hand with the index and middle fingers straightened, and sends out a light yellowish glowing psychic blade to slice up the foe's inner power. This technique ignores physical defense completely, and focuses on "cutting" the mind, which can have even greater results than a sword stab through the target's head.

Psybomb: Concentrates a lot of psychic energy into his hand, making it manifest in the shape of a yellow glowing ball, which he then throws at the enemy. The Psybomb has the same effect as the Psychic Cut, to damage the foe's mind, but it also has the effect of an EMP grenade, damaging an electronic machine's hardware and software beyond the possibility of repairing, making them useless.

PSI-Fire: Creates a special psychic energy that reacts with air and makes a fire. Metatron can summon this into a foe's body or create a fireball in his hand with it.

PSI-Thunder: Psychically controls electric energy that is in the air to compress it and create a dangerous electric sphere, which he can control with his mind to fly at the foe. He can even take control of thunder bolts, for example if they were shot by a foe, to use them to his advantage.

PSI-Spark: Turns some of his psychic energy into electric energy, creating sparks in the air where he converts it. By summoning some energy into a foe's brain, and then turning it into electric energy, Metatron can mess with their functions, control them or kill them straight away. This replaces a regular body possession technique, as Metatron does not need to hypnotize the target first, as that form of remotely controlling someone around is much less likely to be noticed, as even the target thinks that it still has free will, and as Metatron does not need to concentrate constantly on the control of a single target, becoming able to control multiple at once.

PSI-Freeze: Uses his psychic energy to push any form of heat away from it, creating a very cold space. Metatron could even freeze a foe from within with this.

PSI-Magnet: A psychic variant of M's Red Condor shield, this allows Metatron to cast a psychic field that magnetically absorbs every from of energy, giving it to Metatron or some other target.

Steel Techniques:

Metal Wings: Metatron turns his wings into steel for a short amount of time, while still being able to fly with them. He can combine this with many other techniques, like Seraph feathers and Morning Beam.

Phantom Sword: Makes a slash as if he was holding a sword, and the target Metatron is thinking of gets slashed in the same way, no matter its distance towards Metatron.

Illusion Attack: Summons a sword which has a moon sickle on its hilt, and does a slash with it. The time during which the blade is moving slows down, making it seem as if the blade was moving very slowly. There are also a lot of afterimages created by the blade, and if it is touched by someone, he falls into a deep illusion instantly, while the physical power of the slash could cleave a planet in half. 

Trump Card: Points his palm at the target, and suddenly a card with a star seal on one side and some beast creature on the other comes flying out of his sleeve into his hand. Metatron then throws that card at the foe. The card homes on the foe, and flies by every defense with exceptional skill to deal unblockable damage at the foe's weakest spot, blowing up as it touches the targeted spot. Aside of dealing enough damage with the explosion to turn a village into a crater, the card has two additional effects from which Metatron can choose which one to apply, or both if he wishes to do so: cancel out any powering-up effect that the foe has applied, and making him forget about using it for the rest of the battle, or giving Metatron full control of the body part that the card touched, also giving him the option to destroy it.

Super Techniques: Metatron has been given special powers by Atollos that he will use as a last resort in a battle. Their power is incomparable to most of Metatron's other techniques, and even if the energy consumption would normally be far superior even to Metatron's infinite energy, he never tires by using them. But because of their unconceivable power level, they are barely controllable for Metatron, so he only recurs to their use if there is no other possibility.

Grave of the Behemoth: Metatron gets on his hands and feet, while trembling strongly. Then he lets out a terrible roar, and mutates into a titanic being that is a cross of Behemoth and him, with the four legs and the body of behemoth and the wings, armor and face of Metatron. With incomparable power, the fusion then stomps the ground with its front legs, creating a fissure that easily splits a planet in half. The magma and underground gases then come to the surface, spreading destruction, while the fissure splits and continues spreading towards all sides with very high speed. Additionally, the gases that come out of the ground, as well as the petroleum, catch on fire and add to the destruction with their heat. Finally, the planet which Metatron-Behemoth has previously stomped his feet on explodes in a gigantic super nova and sends rocks, lava, fire, and other materials flying into the universe. Every single of these chunks is filled to its max with an explosive mixture of natural and earth energy, which gives a meteor that is house-sized the explosive power of 1.000.000 H-Bombs, enough to erase a planet with few hits. The attack destroys a solar system with minimal power, and a large part of the universe with its highest energy. The chunks can also fly through other dimensions with their energy charge and cause devastation there as well.

Winds of Ziz: Metatron's wings and face transform into the ones of Ziz, and he flaps the wings three times very fast, creating an energy-infused wind of tremendous power. The energy in the wind transforms into innumerable needles, blades, fangs, and other cutting things that can't be seen though as there are so many and because they consist out of air as well. Many feathers also drop from Ziz's wings to add to the destructive power, as they have cutting edges that can easily cut through almost everything. These winds then blow outwards to every direction with Metatron-Ziz in the middle of it, shaping a giant sphere of destruction. The feathers, winds, and cutting air blades shred entire planets to pieces while barely getting slowed down by it. The first wind wave shreds the planets into big pieces, of which everyone is about house-big. The second wave turns these pieces into dust, leaving almost no trace of them in the universe. And finally, the third one finishes these pieces, shredding them into their smallest parts, even smaller than atoms. As these parts can not exist by themselves, they disappear from the universe, effectively leaving nothing behind where a planet has been before. at full power, the winds have no problem of turn

Flood of Leviathan: Metatron raises his head, looking at the sky, and then suddenly flies up. Once he is very high up in the clouds, his legs fuse and turn into a long blue tail, while his arms disappear into his body, and his face gets long, sharp fangs. The clouds also gather around Metatron while he transforms, and start liberating a deluge-like rain. As a fusion of Metatron and Leviathan, the being then takes in a deep breath, and blasts a stream of water at the planet, flooding it in few seconds. All life gets eradicated in a few instants, as even fishes and other beings that can breathe underwater or swim get fried alive by the giant thunders that rain down from the clouds, electrocuting the entire sea. The water also floods the planet entirely from within, and turns it into a muddy mass that then detonates with extreme power, and the chunks fly away into space. Every single water drop in the mud also can multiply itself upon contact with dry earth, and upon crashing into other planets, the water does so, flooding these planets as well and thus making a chain reaction that turns the universe into mud in about one day.

Sentinel of the Ocean, Wings of God: Metatron's supreme ultimate attack. He only uses it as a last resort or against a foe where it is clear that nothing else will have any effect. Although Metatron will not take any lasting damage from the attack or even die from using it, it is so powerful that even a being like him has got some problems controlling it. Using it more than three times in a day will make him lose control the fourth time, although Metatron never even had to use it once since he learned how to use it. When activating the technique, Metatron looks up at the skies, raises his hands in a praying position and murmurs a prayer: "Almighty powers of heavens, I call you down to help your humble servant. Sentinel of the Oceans, Endless light Atollos, descend upon me and eradicate my foes... WINGS OF GOD!" While screaming that last sentence, Metatron spreads his arms to his left and right and stops flapping his wings to fly, but he continues to hover in the air. A white explosion of light then happens, and suddenly a wave of water washes over the place where Metatron is hovering above of, flooding it in a second. When the light disappears, an enemy that could resist being blinded by it would see Metatron transformed into Atollos at his Level 6 form, with a blue and white aura around him, with a star seal on his forehead and one on his feet. These seals are to channel the otherwise uncontrollable energies. The Atollos-Metatron then flaps his wings for the same effect as Winds of Ziz, stomps the Star Seal that he is standing on, sending a giant beam through it right into the ground for a Grave of the Behemoth attack, while the water that has flooded the place takes the same effect as Flood of Leviathan. Finally, the fusion charges an indescribable amount of white energy drawn straight from the Endless Ocean of Calm into its mouth (it can do that, as Atollos is a part of the fusion), while the star seal from its forehead projects a bigger version of itself in front of the fusion's mouth. Then the beam is fired through the star seal pentagram, and starts to glow blue, green, and white, while a red eye appears on the front of the beam and many runes like the ones that surround the Star seal appear on the energy ball at the front. The beam also releases many waves while flying that instantly destroy anything that might be left around, while it can destroy just about anything by itself, excluding only Enhanced Pure Titan Metal. Overall, a single of these attacks is far more than enough to kill all life in existence, with the exceptions of Metatron, Yami, and M.

The Traveler, the Mystery of Core Planet

(Normal form, Traveler Armor)


Without any doubt, the Traveler, or as he is known as well, the Wanderer, is the most mysterious being of Core Planet. No one knows how he came to Core Planet, when he did, and how, who and what he is, and what his goals are. He rarely appears among the other inhabitants of Core Planet, almost never says anything and leaves again, disappearing without leaving any trace. it is absolutely unpredictable where he will appear next, and despite many expeditions and search missions, no one has ever discovered anything about where he might live. These reasons combined together gave the Traveler his name. There are many rumors about him, as there are on any mystery, like the one that the Traveler is one of the many bodies that M uses to appear in the physical world, or that it is some shapeshifting being. The only thing known about the Traveler, which was revealed by M, is that his power level is high, if not to say incomparable. Despite never having served M, and therefore not being the third one next to Yami and Metatron, the Traveler is more powerful even than Yami and Metatron together, his power level being quite a bit higher than the one of them both combined, making him the second most powerful being in existence. The reason of his tremendous power is unknown.

The only time that the Traveler has been seen battling was during the Oblivion Phase, when M wanted to destroy the universe with his Ragnarök. The Traveler appeared on a planet near Earth that was populated by a powerful race of dragon mutants, on which coincidentally some beings of Core Planet were as well to kill some beings before the destruction of the universe by Master M. It is told that the Traveler just looked at them briefly before turning away and beginning to summon big black spheres that engulfed different parts of the planet and left only empty space behind. The dragon mutants then noticed the Traveler and attacked them, but the beings that witnessed the fight said that words failed to describe the events that then took place. They said that roughly, the Traveler killed all the dragon mutants with a few techniques, which involved very fast movement, titanic tidal waves, deafening noise and attacks whose destructive power razed the planet's surface. They fled in fear after recovering from the first shock, and saw that once they were far enough, they had turned around just in time to see the planet disappearing in a blue shining pillar of energy that completely engulfed the planet, leaving nothing behind. Since then there have been occasional sightings of the Traveler, but nothing concrete. It is said that he is constantly roaming the mountains, the pole, the seas and oceans, and even the Moon of Core Planet in different forms and appearances.

The Traveler can use a wide variety of techniques, but what makes him truly outstanding is his unrivalled mastery of both Soul Energy and Psychic Power. Only M masters the use of these powers more than the Traveler does, who is able to produce, manipulate, and even absorb any amount of these energies completely freely and seemingly limitless. His body consistence suggests that he is physically weak, but his abilities, which include the manipulation of kinetic energy, easily compensate for that.

Main Abilities:

Shapeshift: The Traveler is able to shapeshift at will, which is one of the two reasons that he is spotted so rarely on Core Planet. He is able to shapeshift due to his mutative DNA, which makes his shapeshifting ability much more effective than most others: by changing into something or someone he does not only acquire the form and physical abilities of that thing or being, but also any elemental abilities, instincts, and properties that the thing or being may have. He has full control of the process and can change any aspects that he wishes to bring this technique to perfection, which by itself makes him far stronger than most beings of Core Planet. His favorite form is an exact replication of M's previous form, the Mastermind one, for unknown reasons, but it enforces the idea that the Traveler actually is M's reincarnation on the new universe, with Yami being his evil side Mastermind and Metatron being the reincarnation of the pure Atollos. It is even supposed that M has had a hand in this, showing the Traveler the form that he had before becoming what he is today to bring the rumors up that he has been reincarnated in Yami, Metatron and the Traveler himself, but nothing was ever proven.

Mutating DNA: The Traveler's DNA is not like a normal being's: like the Yrr, the amoeba that live in the waters of Core planet, he stores memories and wisdom into his DNA instead of relying to his brain. Therefore he never forgets anything, not even the most mundane detail, that he has ever seen, heard of, smelt, felt or tasted. This means as well that his brain can fully concentrate on a fight when he is in it, as the cells know what to do by themselves due to the DNA that contains the necessary information. The Traveler uses this as well for his shapeshifting abilities.

Limitless Power: The power level of the Traveler is incomparably high, even surpassing the one of Metatron and Yami combined by a large margin. This is due to the Traveler's incredibly high level of psychic power and his giant soul. He does not rely on physic power since his psychic abilities allow him to control the physical world with such perfection that he could easily lift an entire city without any muscles, by reducing its weight with his psychic abilities and controlling his arm to do the rest. As his brain can totally focus on the production of psychic energy, and is much more powerful than the most developed technology in existence, he never tires either.

Titanic Soul: The Traveler's soul is absolutely gigantic, covering as much as an entire planet. In comparison, the soul of Eldin/Death the Kid from the Aduran Commando has about one meter radius when he enters his Execution Mode, which is when he shows his true ability, and the intensified power of his wavelength is then enough to destroy planets. This means that if the Traveler would use the entire power of his soul wavelength without even intensifying it with a technique such as Resonance of Souls, the results for his target would be fatal no matter its power. It is not known though if the Traveler even is able to use a technique such as Resonance of Souls, which is very likely as he has shapeshifting abilities and mutative DNA, and even if he doesn't know any technique such as these it is only a matter of time before he discovers one...

Reflective Body/Armour: The body of the Traveler can't be harmed by any physical means due to the combination of very dense psychic energy and greatly overpowered soul wavelength. Any attack thrown at the Traveler's body loses all its kinetic power instantly or gets reflected at the foe without fail. If the Traveler activates his Traveler Armor, every physical attack gets completely reflected no matter its power.

Immortality: Due to the Traveler's incredible size of Soul, he is able to resurrect himself in case that he somehow is defeated and dies, as a soul of such power is far stronger than the force of Hades that drags the souls into it. Also, any attack that would somehow be able to damage or even destroy a soul ignoring physical obstacles is completely ineffective as long as it is performed by a soul whose size is smaller than the Traveler's. And there is only one in existence that meets this requirement, which is no other than the one of M himself. Also, his body runs on psychic energy instead of physical one, which means that he cannot die by a physical wound and feels no pain while the sheer amount of psychic energy in his body is far too much to be suppressed or absorbed by other beings.

Kinetic Control: With his psychic powers, the Traveler is able to control any form of kinetic energy completely and without any exception. This ability is also a part of his Reflective Body/Armor ability, and allows the Traveler to finish most foes effortlessly by simply draining their entire kinetic energy, leaving them as if they were frozen. As long as he can sense the location that he is aiming at, which includes his special perception that is due to his soul and psychic abilities, there is no limit to the power of this ability.

Fly: The Traveler can fly and hover freely in the air with his psychic power. He is not very fast, as he doesn't need to move much anyway and generally concentrates more on using the full range of his psychic power against a foe than to move, but in case that he needs to he can use his Teleport or Jet Suit abilities.

Supreme Perception: The psychic energy that is constantly generated in the Traveler's body also gets emitted into the environment, not influencing anything as long as the Traveler wishes it to be this way, but it also allows him to sense everything that is inside the covered area. This means that the Traveler can never be caught off-guard or by surprise as he knows what is going on around him, even if the foe teleports behind him or sneak attacks him from the underground.

Subspace Travel: The Traveler can access the subspace at will, and also drag other beings into it. His powers are much stronger there while his foes become much weaker. In subspace, only M is stronger than the Traveler is.

Soul Ball Abilities:

Black Ball: Summons some black spherical devices that he has developped. These devices have the ability to convert the body of any living being into soul energy which they then absorb. Forms of energy and non-living objects can be absorbed as well with ease. Each ball can absorb a single being, object, or form of energy at a time and can not catch anything that is more than at least 1/10th as powerful as the Traveler. Beings caught in the Black Balls summoned by the Traveler will transform into black-eyed versions of themselves with a black aura around them which are totally obedient to the Traveler and obey every command of him without any question.

Shiny Ball: Summons some silver devices that look like the Black Balls but are silver instead of black. they work just like the Black Balls but don't have the effect of turning what they catch into slaves of the Traveler. Their capacity is also much higher than a Black ball, allowing the Traveler to catch even beings in it that are up to half as powerful as he is. The Traveler can also turn a Shiny Ball into a Black Ball at any time.

Extract DNA: Extracts the DNA code of the being that is caught inside a Black Ball or Shiny Ball, either to create a copy or to incorporate it into himself. The Traveler is extremely skilled at the use of this technique, and can apply it to copy only certain abilities and properties while leaving the rest untouched.

Mitosis: Copies a Black ball or Shiny Ball to create a clone of it along with its content. After the use of the technique both beings will be left with half their energy though.

Explode: Lets a Black Ball explode, using the energy of its content and possibly any properties and abilities that may make the explosion stronger. Black Balls can also explode without containing anything, but the resulting explosion is relatively weak, barely enough to destroy a city. Shiny Balls can not explode.

Control: Mentally controls the content of a Black Ball or a Shiny Ball. The Traveler uses this with beings that are already under his control to make them become even stronger than they already are since he can control them to allow them to attack and defend much better than they already can, and even cast his own abilities through their body by using it as a medium. He also uses this to control someone who he then uses to trick his foes, like by taking control of an ally of his foes.

Drain: Drains the energy out of the content of a Black Ball or a Shiny Ball. He can transfer this energy into other Black Balls or Shiny Balls, give it to allies, send it anywhere into the environment or absorb it into himself. He can even use this to cast his attacks directly without storing the energy into his body first.

Miniaturize: Makes a Black Ball or a Shiny Ball become smaller. This is especially effective when used in combination with Explode near or inside the foe who is unable to see the Balls since they are too small.

Psychic Abilities:

Absolute Psychic Control: The Traveler's psychic powers are incredibly powerful and unlimited, allowing him to effortlessly take control of almost every being in existence. As long as he is moving and doing things, his brain has to focus a bit more on that, but if he stays still, his psychic powers grow to such extents that there are barely any attacks that can even be used without being immediately destroyed or taken control of by the Traveler. His psychic powers are also unstoppable (there is no effective protection against them) and unreplicable (it is impossible to imitate or learn them by seeing them), and they can't be countered by any being except M.

God Will: The Traveler's body constantly radiates psychic energy into the environment, which is also covered by his soul. It has no effect normally, but if the Traveler wants it to, it can have tremendous effects on it. Simply by being angry or even furious, the psychic energy exerts a heavy pressure upon the environment, pushing living beings to their knees and fainting them, if not killing them instantly, while it may even cause natural catastrophes like erupting volcanoes and tidal waves. It may also manifest in a gentle breeze and healing wind if the Traveler is in a good mood. He can control these effects of course and suppress them or use them even if he is not in the adequate mood at will and at any time.

Psychic Pressure: Sends great amounts of psychic energy into the environment, which is even intensified slightly as the area is most probably covered with his soul, and uses it to exert heavy pressure on the environment. This serves both offensive and defensive purposes, as an attack that enters the covered area will fade out extremely quickly, while any beings that want to harm the Traveler will have the full extent of the pressure exerted on their bodies. This can easily kill weaker beings.

Mind Calmness: When standing still, the Traveler's maximal psychic power is doubled as he doesn't need to concentrate on his body to make it move. He can even make his power grow stronger than that by concentrating on it, although in most cases he doesn't even need to use so much psychic power that he has to stop moving, as his power is far more than enough to defeat any foe. It is even said that the Traveler's willpower is so strong that he could accidentally crush a planet like a grape when trying to move it around, but this is just gossip, as the Traveler masters the psychic power too well to make any faults even in hard battles.

Psychic: Telekinetically controls any objects and beings that he can sense. He can even infuse psychic energy into non-living objects to take control of them and move them as if they lived. His powers are so strong that he can effortlessly control the entire non-living universe with this ability, and just by adding a bit of effort to it he could suppress the free will of most lifeforms and take them under his control.

Teleport: Freely teleports around. He can teleport to any place that he can sense, or has ever been to.

Recover: Recovers any damage that he or his allies may have received. This includes even lost limbs.

Hypnosis: Mentally suppresses the free will of a being and takes it under his full control. he can also put a foe to sleep with this technique.

Reflecting Protector: Creates a protective blue shield around himself that protects him against both physical and elemental attacks of any kind, including indirect ones and spells. It also heavily wounds a foe that gets in touch with it, engulfing him in a blue flame that converts his body into stone and consumes their soul.

Disable: Looks at a foe, who then forgets something which the Traveler chooses. This may be the use of a technique, the reason of his presence, or even his identity.

Psyblast: Fires a powerful invisible blast of psychic energy at the foe that causes heavy mental injuries and makes the foe lose his focus for a while.

Confuse: Waves his hand at the target, making it do a few back flips by controlling it with psychic energy before letting it fall on the ground. It may also leave it confused.

Power Absorb: Drains the energy of anything that is inside his perceptive field, adding it to his own. The properties of the drained energy are not changed however, which allows him to replicate unknown forms of energy and the abilities that this energy is or can be used for.

Spirit Abilities:

Soul Pressure: Like his Psychic Pressure, the Traveler can use his Soul Wavelength to create a heavy pressure. This is only effective inside the area covered by the Traveler's soul, which is already more than enough in most cases, and is much more intense than his Psychic Pressure. And that is without taking his Resonance of Souls into account, if he has any.

Spirit Flame: Creates a blue flame that engulfs his body and has the same effect as his Reflecting Protector ability has if someone gets in touch with it: it turns the body into stone and consumes the soul. Of course it has no effect on the Traveler himself. instead he can use the flame to protect himself or send it as a wide-range attack at the target. against non-living objects it has the same effect as a normal fire, however it is able to burn through everything like it does through a sheet of paper, and other forms of energy will get consumed as well.

Wavelength Blast: Sends a high-powered blast of compressed Soul Wavelength at the target. As it gets weaker if it flies for long distances, the Traveler prefers to use this as a point-blank range attack by hitting the foes and then sending the attack at them.

Death Bombardment: Raises his hands, pointing his palms at the sky, and sends incredible amounts of highly compressed soul power into the sky. After some seconds, the energy then rains down again in the shape of giant pillars of destructive soul power, of which the Traveler can even control the flight of the pillars. This can reduce entire continents to craters.

Resonance of Souls?: It is unknown if the Traveler has the ability to use Resonance of Souls. Some say that he must be having it to be able to use spirit abilities of such power, others say that he can't as a magical weapon with the completing ability to use Resonance of Souls is needed, like Eldin's Twin Thompson Guns, and it is absolutely sure that he is travelling alone. However, he may have copied this ability somewhere sometime, and if he has it, he would be incomparably stronger than he already is with his titanic soul...

Physic Abilities:

Hammer Arm: Slams his forearm down at the foe like a hammer, greatly enhancing the power of the attack with his psychic abilities to control the kinetic force, making the attack close to unstoppable. When using his Traveler Armor the attack is additionally enhanced due to the hard metal.

Slam: Slams into his foe with full power, while enhancing the hit with his psychic abilities like Hammer arm. This attack is as powerful as Hammer Arm, but is performed horizontally or diagonally instead of vertically. When using his Traveler Armor the slam is additionally enhanced due to the hard metal.

Close Combat: Fights with a foe at close combat. If needed, the Traveler resorts to this technique, although he prefers using his psychic and spirit abilities. Each of his hits is enhanced by such amounts of kinetic power that even a gentle flick can effortlessly kill a foe. When using his Traveler Armor each hit is additionally enhanced due to the hard metal.

Spiritual Recovery: Uses his soul power to recover from damage. it is just as effective as Recover.

Fist of the North Star: Concentrates for some time, completely focusing on his target, before delivering a single punch at it with tremendous power. The target also gets completely engulfed in some blue flames which are hotter than the sun's core, and is turned into a blazing comet that flies into the sky, only stopping as it reaches the edge of the universe, where it will disappear from existence forever as it leaves existence.

Transformation Abilities:

Jet Suit: Uses his shapeshifting abilities to grow himself two metal rockets on his back which allow him to move faster than light while he keeps full control of his flight. If he also wears his Traveler Armor, he becomes able to move at a centillion times (a centillion is 10^600) the speed that he can fly at in his normal form, making him faster than everything else except M and other beings that are able to use Zero Speed.

Lightning Movement: When using his Jet Suit, the Traveler can use this ability. He uses the metal rockets on his back to move at the highest possible speed, becoming virtually impossible to be perceived. And that is, if he is not using his Traveler Armor, as in the other case there are almost no beings that are even able to sense him with their special perceptive abilities, yet alone counter his attacks. Once he reaches the highest possible speed, the Traveler starts attacking the foe with a variety of techniques, usually by chopping them with his arm, which in that state moves so fast that it can cut through almost everything, which also gives the technique its name. Additionally, the Traveler's fast movements cause powerful sonic shockwaves that manifest in explosion sounds and have incredible physical power, impacting into whatever is in their path.

Arm Shields: Uses his shapeshifting abilities to grow himself two metal shields on his forearms, which are almost completely indestructible if he doesn't use his Traveler Armor as well, and absolutely indestructible if he does. They can have various sizes, from small round shields to big plates that allow the Traveler to hide behind. The Traveler mostly uses them to defend against strong elemental attacks thrown at him if he doesn't want to or can't use his Reflecting Protector, and the Reflective Body/Armor ability is insufficient. occasionally he may also use this to safely attack a foe behind the shields by ramming or divebombing into them with his shields in front of himself. With his Traveler Armor, he uses this ability to cover the few weak spots left, including parts of his arms, legs, and chest.

Absolute Protection: When using his Arm shields, the Traveler gains this ability. He uses the shields on his forearms to block any incoming attack. Despite the great weight of the shields, the Traveler can swing them around effortlessly to block attacks from every direction as his body doesn't work and move physical power. the Traveler can also change the size and form of both shields at will and independently from each other, and even form a sphere around himself which protects him from everything without any fail. He can also change the form of the shields to make them turn into armor that can cover his body and fill the gaps in his Traveler Armor to make him completely invincible.

Chain Guns: Uses his shapeshifting abilities to grow himself two Gatlink cannons on his forearms. Although there are no visible ammunition reserves, the Traveler is able to shoot an infinite amount of bullets with them by controlling them with his mind. The bullets are also much more destructive than normal ones, as they are infused with tremendous amounts of kinetic power and fly at speeds that give them fatal impact power. Actually a single bullet with no enhancements fired by the Traveler's Chain Guns could easily pierce through a planet, creating a large crater where it impacts and digging a large tunnel through the entire planet, coming out at the other side with still enough power to repeat the procedure on a second planet. This is when the Traveler is not wearing his Traveler Armor, and it is unknown how effective the bullets will become if he does. It is estimated that a single bullet can fly across the entire universe, destroying everything in its path. The Traveler can also give the bullets explosive properties and change their form, for example to shoot drilling bullets, and infuse them with elements for extra damage. As a side note, if the Traveler is using his Arm Shields along with the Chain Guns, he will leave a little space in the front for the chain gun to shoot through. Also, if he is using his Jet Suit and fires the bullets while flying, they will become even stronger as on the moment they are fired they already have great kinetic power, plus the one that they get when being shot. The results when used while the Traveler is flying at full speed are said to be epic, even piercing through Titan Metal, although that is not true. However, the devastative power of this attack is such that it could easily leave a lasting dent in the universe.

Million Wasp Swarm Attack: Usable when the Traveler is using his Chain Guns. He points them at the target, and starts firing them continuously, making them rotate while firing the bullets, which also grow four small wings and darts on their flight. The results even if he is not using his Traveler Armor are legendary, as any foe is ripped into pieces by the attack, with every single bullet ripping out a part of their body until there is nothing left of them but atoms that are scattered everywhere. With just a single second of continuous firing, the Traveler can easily destroy a planet. When using his Traveler Armor, each bullet is even more effective, able to destroy many planets, which means that a few seconds of firing would rip large parts of the universe to pieces.

Chain Balls: Uses his shapeshifting abilities to grow himself two large and heavy spiked balls that are connected to chains, which in turn are connected to the Traveler's forearms. The spiked balls are made out of extremely dense metal, which makes them have one trillion tons of weight each, and the chains are completely indestructible. As the Traveler uses psychic energy to move his body, the weight of the spiked balls and the chains are no problem to him, and he can even control the balls themselves instead of swinging his arms to move them around. If he uses his Traveler Armor along with this ability, the spiked balls become even heavier, weighting as much as a planet (to compare: the Earth, which is a relatively small planet, has a weight of about 5,972 thousand trillions of tons), and also grow in size to become as big as a mountain, while they have about one meter of radius in their normal form. The Traveler then uses these spiked balls and the chains to crush any opponent in his way, or strangle and squeeze them with the chains.

Of course I would never use it...

Iron Judgement: Usable if the Traveler is using his Chain Balls. He raises his hands over his head while having both Chain Balls behind himself, and then slams them together vertically or horizontally on the foe, swinging them around or sending one of each side to crush his opponents in the middle. The Traveler also infuses the spiked balls with additional kinetic energy to add to their devastative power, which can easily send the biggest opponents flying while effortlessly killing them. With his Traveler Armor, the destructive power of the balls and chains also improves a lot obviously as their size and weight grows as well, enabling him to effortlessly crush entire planets or send them flying with a single powerful hit.

Arm Cannon: Uses his shapeshifting abilities to grow himself two arm cannons on his forearms which are able to fire powerful energy shots or beams from them. If he fires his attacks by channeling them through his arm cannons, like Psyblast, Gray Beam and Shadow Ball, they also become a tad stronger and fly a bit faster. If the Traveler is also using his Arm Shields, he will leave small holes in the shields to shoot through, or grow the cannons on the shields, depending on their position. They are slightly bigger if he uses his Traveler Armor as well, and the shots that they fire are much stronger than they are in his normal form.

Ultimo Blaster: Charges tremendous amounts of energy into both his arm cannons before pointing tham at the target and unleashing either a single giant blast or a thin but very powerful laser that travels faster than the blast but is slightly weaker. Both attacks have the same destructive power though. In his normal form, the Traveler can destroy a planet with this attack, while the laser would extend across the entire universe if he uses it while wearing his Traveler Armor, destroying everything in its path, while the blast would instantly explode and cover wide areas without harming the Traveler though.

Arm Blades: Uses his shapeshifting abilities to grow himself two sword blades on his forearms or two swords into his hands instead. They are very sharp, able to cut through diamond with ease if the Traveler isn't using his Traveler Armor. If he does, the swords become much bigger and longer, until they are as long as twice the Traveler's body. They also become so sharp that they can cut through the atoms of air when being swung, and they also send out big green fangs when slashing the air. It is even rumored that simply looking at the blades when the Traveler is wearing his Traveler Armor already cuts someone.

Twin Blades Aria of the War God: If the Traveler uses his Arm Blades, he can use this ability. By swinging the blades around with great speed, he viciously attacks the foe, cutting them to pieces as there are few defenses that can support a single hit of his swords. By swinging them the Traveler also creates a melody-like noise that is generated by the blades cutting the air, although it is hard to hear if he is in his normal form, and the melody is not very harmonic. If he wears his Traveler Armor as well, the blades are able to cut through almost everything with absolutely no effort, and they also send powerful energy fangs at every direction. The melody that is created by the blades' vibrations also is much more distinctive and loud than the normal one, and is called the Aria of the War God because no one that was a foe ever survived hearing it. If swung at the highest possible speed, in his Traveler Armor the Traveler also has a new ability added to the blades, which is that the simple touch of them instantly deletes whatever comes into contact with it if it can be cut by the blades, while the fangs sent out also cut through the foe's soul and even their energy, which means that, for example, if the Traveler would cut a foe's right arm with this technique at full speed, the foe would not only lose his physical arm, but also the spiritual limb and all the energy that is inside that arm. He will never be able to recover from it as the arm that contains the energy and the soul is deleted instantly. The Traveler can even make this attack more deadly by combining it with his Jet Suit shapeshifting ability, and using it in combination with Arm Shields will create shields that are covered with super sharp spikes.

Bat Wings: Uses his shapeshifting abilities to grow himself bat-like wings on his back. He can obviously use them to fly physically, although he normally doesn't because he can already fly with his psychic powers, but the main purpose of the wings is both offensive and defensive, as they are very resistant and have no nerves in them, which means that the Traveler can afford to lose them, as he can simply grow himself new ones without feeling any pain. The wings are a part of his body as well despite the lack of nerves, which means that they have the Reflective Body/Armor ability as well and are covered by the Traveler's other protective abilities. In his normal form, the wings are about as big as twice the Traveler's body each, but if he is wearing his Traveler Armor, they grow to the size of a city each.

Dragon Wind of Healing: Flaps his wings a few times, summoning a gentle breeze that turns the air green while petals, leaves, pieces of tree bark and green particles appear and fly in the air along with the wind. It can also blow up some dust and/or create a thick fog if the Traveler wants it to. The materials are all made out of natural energy, and unlike the Traveler's other abilities that he gets when using a shapeshifting technique this one's not meant to be destructive. Instead the wind heals the wounds of anyone the Traveler wishes to heal, including himself, while any elemental attacks and offensive energies quickly fade out in the atmosphere. If he is also using his Traveler Armor, the wind will not only heal wounds and cancel out attacks, but it will also resurrect anyone that the Traveler wants to live, repair way more than just simply wounds, like regenerating entire limbs or disintegrated corpses, and rebuild what has been destroyed. After the use of this ability the Traveler and his allies then emerge in perfect condition.


(Gray) Trigold: Everything that is inside the Traveler's perceptive field can be selected as a target for this ability, which covers an area. On the ground of the targeted area then three gray triangles appear that form a fourth one together, as well as a bird-like form that holds these triangles, looking like this. After two seconds, a powerful gray beam shoots vertically upwards and disintegrates whatever is standing on or flying above the covered area. If used in standard mode, a gray beam which is non-modified power with no strength or weakness will come out, but the Traveler can also use the attack as a light or darkness ability, in which cases the emblem will be golden or black, respectively.

Gray Star Seal: Creates a star seal to seal something into an inescapable seal. His version of the seal is gray instead of M's green, and is less powerful, which means that a foe could possibly escape it as opposed to M's version of the attack. It is still very powerful and effective however.

Gray Beam: Shoots a gray beam out of his palm or eyes at the foe. It has no element and therefore no weakness or resistance. its proximity drains the will of living out of the targeted beings, much like King Drakon's The Cold, while the beam itself has destructive power that can range from very small to continent-devastating.

Subspace Tripmine: Summons a special tripmine from subspace, which is much like a parallel dimension that represents the negative of the dimension it was created for. This tripmine is the negative of a land mine, which can be seen as it physically exists, and which blows up in an explosion and a lot of noise and blasts everything away. The subspace tripmine is invisible and doesn't exist physically, which means that it is absolutely undetectable except by activating it, what happens as soon as something that is targeted comes near it. For example, an animal or a falling tree would most probably not have any effect as they are not enemies of the Traveler, while a tank, a soldier and any other enemy of the Traveler would activate the tripmine, which then blows up in a black dome that sucks everything into it and sends it straight to the subspace where the Traveler's subordinates can easily dispose of them. It also doesn't create any noise by itself, as the sound gets absorbed into the subspace as well, leaving no trace behind after blowing up but an empty crater and the mysterious disappearance of someone.

Subspace Beam: Sends a black stealthy beam flying from his palm at the target. As long as the beam is present, everything around it that can be affected by it gets its colors inverted, allowing the Traveler to find out if the foe is immune to the attack. Upon touching something, this thing gets sent to the subspace instantly while being heavily damaged as well. The beam only affects what the Traveler is targeting though, although other things will have their colors inverted as well if they can be affected.

Subspace Bomb: Shapes a tiny black sphere in his hand and places it on the ground. The number 100 then appears above the sphere, and begins counting down until it reaches 0. Then the sphere explodes in an absolutely soundless detonation of dark energy that engulfs everything in its range, which can become enough to engulf a planet. it works much like Dark Matter bomb, but what is engulfed in it gets sent to the subspace as well after being heavily damaged. The black dome will also not fade out after having reached its maximum size, instead it will stay for as long as the Traveler doesn't remove it willingly, because whatever is inside or enters the black dome enters the subspace, making the dome become total emptiness. However, the Traveler can refill the dome with new matter or put back what has been sent to the subspace by it.

Ghost Blast: Points his finger at the enemy, and an explosion of ghostly and dark energy happens then inside their body, draining half their energy. If used twice, the foe will die instantly. The Traveler could also use this on enemies that have equal or more power than himself, although there is only M, who is immune to the attack. Metatron, M, the Traveler and Yami are the only beings that can not be harmed by it.

Shadow Ball: Shapes a dark blue to black ball with blue sparkles on it in either one of his hands or between both. It is made out of ghost energy, dark energy, soul energy and psychic power, and highly compressed so that it detonates when impacting. The Traveler then throws it at the target for high damage. It is usually the technique that he uses to start a battle.

Thunder Guitar: Summons a special weapon that looks like an E-Guitar of the humans. When being summoned the atmosphere turns dark as if it was night time, if it isn't already, while the instrument itself glows with a brig,ht blue and white light. By charging it with his Soul Wavelength and Psychic Powers and then playing on its strings, the Traveler creates a loud music while unleashing many electric bolts and thunders which crash down around him. The Traveler can also control the impact zones and targets of these electric attacks, and continuously playing the Thunder Guitar in a battle has devastating effects on the landscape and the Traveler's foes. He usually uses it as a ranged weapon, but it can also hold off foes from close ranges by making the thunders crash down around the Traveler, blasting away whoever gets too close.

Contra Mirror Screen: Creates a special shield-like bubble around himself that actually has no protective abilities, although it looks just like the Reflecting Protector. If the Traveler uses any attacks while having the shield activated, the attacks that pass through the bubble will get enhanced so that there is no effective defense to them except a counter of equal or more power. For example, if the Traveler would shoot a Shadow Ball through the Contra Mirror Screen that Shadow Ball will not be able to be absorbed by dark energy, or blocked with a defensive ability such as Protection. Only a counter of equal or more force, which is an elemental attack thrown directly at the Shadow Ball, or avoiding it can prevent it from inflicting damage. The same goes for the Traveler's physical attacks, which can only be countered by a physical force, which is almost impossible as the Traveler is able to control kinetic power and uses psychic energy to power his physical attacks. The Screen also applies to a foe's attacks that pass through the shield if they aren't more powerful than the Traveler's maximum power, but in this case the Traveler also gains control of them to redirect them at his foe. If they are too powerful for the Traveler to take control of, although an attack of such power can only be casted by M, they will simply pass through the shield without changing.

Nova: Points his index finger at a location, and then an apocalyptic detonation of light, heat and nuclear energy happens at that spot. The detonation razes the surrounding environment in an instant and just leaves a titanic crater where it happened, although that does only happen at minimal power, as the Traveler can make this technique powerful enough to erase a solar system from space.

Oblivion Blast: Points his palm at the target, and then suddenly everything but the Traveler has its colors inverted. A black beam is then shot out of the Traveler's palm at the target, which is unable to move. Upon impact, the beam explodes, destroying the target's soul and turning its body into dust.

Hands of the Thousand Gods: Points his hands above his head, and then suddenly everything turns pitch-black. Out of the darkness, a light source in form of a small sphere then appears between the Traveler's hands, which enlightens the Traveler from above. As the sphere grows in size it also hovers higher up, and begins accumulating many small particles that start spiraling around the central sphere slowly, looking like a miniature galaxy. As it reaches the size desired by the Traveler, he suddenly points his hands at the target while the miniature galaxy doesn't move, and then it starts flying while spinning around very quickly, also rapidly extending in size. If it touches the foe or not, it explodes in light after a few seconds, and as the light fades, a new galaxy is hovering in space. A foe that gets touched by the attack will be sent flying as the galaxy extends to its normal size, and have planets and other objects from the galaxy enter his body through the nose, mouth, and even skin. As these objects expand as well, they destroy the foe completely, and even if he survives the attack, the entire galaxy is under the control of the Traveler, who can send planets of it flying at the foe, throw him into a black hole or teleport them into the central sun's core, which is incredibly hot.

Apocalyptic Cannonade, End of World: The Traveler stops moving and looks at the target while standing still and concentrating to get his powers to the highest possible level, usually he hovers in the air above the target instead of standing on the ground. After about five seconds of preparing, he folds his hands, while pointing his index fingers upwards, and raises his hands over his head while concentrating so heavily that the veins on his head become visible below his skin. His hands also start glowing in a bright blue. After that, the Traveler separates them and shapes them into claws before pointing them both at the target and liberating the entire accumulated energy, which is a mixture of psychic and kinetic energy, and soul power into an enormous blue shining pillar that appears at the far end of the universe behind the Traveler. The point of where the pillar appears can be calculated by imagining a straight line that goes from the foe to the Traveler and extends to the edge of the existing universe. The point where the line comes into contact with the edge will then be the point where the pillar appears, and it extends all the way across the universe from one edge to the other, disintegrating everything in its way and engulfing the Traveler and his target in it, although the Traveler will not get harmed by it. the entire universe is also enlightened by the shining blue pillar for some seconds, and as it fades out the target is completely eradicated. The size of the area that is covered depends on if the Traveler is using his Titan Armor or not: if he doesn't, the pillar will be about twice as thick as a planet, while it extends to the size of an entire galaxy if he uses it. There are few beings in the universe that could even come into proximity of the beam without getting disintegrated instantly.

Transform: Traveler Armor: The Traveler uses this when getting truly serious in battle: he summons his armor, the Traveler Armor, from subspace, where it is hidden so that no one can ever find it. In fact, even if someone would find the Traveler Armor, he would be unable to use it as it is protected by a special invisible barrier that is simply impenetrable, even for beings like Metatron and Yami. Wearing the Traveler Armor makes the Traveler become incredibly strong, making him more than a centillion times as powerful as he is without the armor. His soul will also grow proportionally, covering as much as an entire galaxy, and becoming equivalently strong, and his psychic powers become so powerful that he could manipulate the laws of nature themselves. His techniques also become much more powerful. His defensive abilities also improve a lot: the sheer presence of him pushes other beings to their knees and faints them quickly, if not killing them, and any attacks thrown at him fade out in his presence. His Reflective Body becomes Reflective Armor, which reflects every physical attack without fail, and the only possibility to harm him becomes to use an elemental attack of enough power to break through his defense, pass by or destroy his Traveler Armor which is made out of Subspace Steel, the subspace equivalent of Titan Metal, and inflict damage to him to kill him instantly as he can effortlessly heal himself with Recover, Spiritual Recovery or Dragon Wind of Healing if he just gets injured.

Subspace Galaxy Blast: The Traveler's ultimate technique, which he can only use when he is wearing his Traveler Armor. He stops moving and gets surrounded by a blue psychic flame that looks like Spirit flame, but is darker blue, and also has some shades of purple inside. Then he starts to to concentrate, and amasses the entire power in his body like he does for Apocalyptic Cannonade, End of World. However, he also absorbs the entire energy existing in subspace into his hands, which then are surrounded by a dark purple, blue, and black aura, looking like a miniature version of an explosion of a Subspace Bomb. He then looks at what he wants to destroy, and defines the target by doing so. This is done to avoid unnecessary destruction, as the technique is so powerful that its effects would be inestimable if used uncontrolled. After that, the Traveler thrusts both his palms at the target's direction, sending a gigantic golden pillar at the target that appears just in front of him and disappears just behind the target, returning into the Traveler's hands. The golden beam has got as much destructive power as a million Apocalyptic Cannonade, End of World techniques combined, and since it's concentrated to a very small area its compressed power can destroy any being except the Traveler, M, Metatron and Yami. After using the attack, the energy that has been absorbed from the universe and the subspace returns to the Traveler's hands, and he can give it back to the beings it belongs to, or keep it if he wants these beings to die. He can freely choose for each single being. however, the psychic and soul energy that he has used for this attack are lost, and he has to recover it. After a few seconds he will be able to use any attacks again, but he will only have fully recovered from it after seven hours.